The High King Lives

Blessings in the Moment: Lego Time May 12, 2014

Dear ones, I was so blessed and tickled while doing a word study in my Bible the other day. I found out that “Lego” is a Greek word! It means to connect together parts of speech. I laughed out loud. My lil boy is obsessed with Legos and he is such an excellent builder. Michael has an amazing imagination. I just love how the Lord Jesus will bless me with little things like that, when I come to abide with Him in His word.  I just had to share that “Lego” moment. As you know, I enjoy taking pictures. I post many crafts on here and things that I teach Michael. But Michael’s Lego skill is all his own. I could never build a house. I’m horrible at geometry. I can’t even build a decent house in the Sims 3. I prefer to decorate. Well, Michael has great skill and I want to share some of it with you. Also I have a picture of his new Lego bed sheet set. If you’re new to the blog, Michael had a Lego Movie party for his 8th Birthday.


Enjoy! Be blessed and remember that the High King lives….oh, and hey, He likes to bless us with the little things as well!

~Amber Dover


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