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The 1700’s Week 2: The Revolutionary War May 17, 2014

In this post: The Revolutionary War, Mozart, and also our geocaching adventure with our homeschool group. We’ve got crafts, books, games, & even food. Come hang out! 🙂

Dear ones, we had quite the ride while learning about the Revolutionary War. We met some great characters. Here’s how:

  • First, before the week started we were already watching “Liberty’s Kids”. It’s an awesome cartoon series that follows three fictional kids with differing views as they live through the founding of the U.S.A. Liberty’s Kids really brought the time period to life for us. By the time, we got to certain historical figures in our studies, we already knew them from the cartoon. Michael had so many “aha” moments. I almost cried when Nathan Hale died. Anywho, I highly recommend the series. You can get it on Netflix and I had a friend who bought it at Walmart.
  • Our first morning we had a “Boston Tea Party“.  I laid out Michael’s revolutionary clothes and a handmade “newspaper” of the times. I found various clippings online. I made some delicious french toast muffins. I’ll share the recipe link later.  We had tea of course. We drink it very English like, with cream and sugar.  We played and sang the Liberty Song.
  • I pinned up a Revolutionary War timeline in the living room. The homeschool room just didn’t have the space. I also put up a 13 colonies poster but it’s not pictured.  We only had a week to dive into this so I wanted it everywhere. Michael had wanted to learn about the different wars for awhile now.
  • Michael read several themed books during the week. Here they are: What Was the Boston Tea Party?, Betrayal at Cross Creek, Who Was George Washington?, and at a later time he read Revolutionary War on Wednesday.
  • Chris and I both read to Michael as well: George Washington’s Teeth (I felt so sorry for him), Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, Felicity Takes a Dare, Boston Tea Party (it’s actually about patriotic mice), The Black Regiment, Thomas Jefferson (comic book-esque), and Molly Pitcher.
  • Michael drew George Washington at Valley Forge and Paul Revere from his Drawing through History book.
  • We learned about Celsius and Farenheit and their inventions. We made a thermometer using rubbing alcohol. It didn’t work. I’m not sure what we did wrong.
  • We read about the 7 year war, the American Revolution, and the American Constitution in The Story of the World Book 3.
  • We began a Revolutionary War lapbook.
  • We played a colonial game of marbles. The object was to shoot as many marbles out of the circle as we can. We got to keep the ones we shot out. Whoever has the most, wins.
  • Michael began playing For Crown or Colony, an interactive game online.
  • We learned about Sir Joshua Reynolds and made a 3D version of one of his paintings. Remember this lady because she might pop up in another post ;).
  • Michael did a composer study on Mozart. We watched funny cartoon clips on youtube that had characters singing Figaro. Michael learned how to play Figaro on the piano.  He played musical games online.
  • Our lapbook came with a matching card game for the historical figures during the American Revolution. Michael memorized them through out the week. We began with a set of three and added three more each day.
  • On Earth Day we learned about Carol Linnaeus, a creation scientist that is the father of taxonomy. We learned about the five kingdoms. We also learned about his floral clock, which went well with our wild flower activities for Earth day.

  • We watched a video on music during the Revolution.
  • We learned about Philllis Wheatley, a black female poet during the Revolution. We read some of her poems and I turned it into a lapbook.
  • Michael colored Betsy Ross’ flag and read about her. I turned it into a lapbook too.
  • We watched a video on the history of the song “Yankee Doodle”. We had fun singing it.
  • I made Michael a “powdered wig” by gluing cotton balls onto a shower cap. You can see the process in the pictures below.
  • At the end of the week I printed out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and we read it.
  • We listened to the poem about Paul Revere’s Ride. Michael looked at an interactive map of Revere’s ride.

It was only a week long study but it felt like a month. There’s so much that I had forgotten about this time in history. It was nice to explore it in a hands on way. I felt like the characters were alive. When I learned about them as a kid, everyone felt musty and dead. Mine and Michael’s journey was fun.

Geocaching pics after this first collage…


We had fun geocaching with our group several weeks back. I  got some great pictures. I love the way my son puckers his lips when he blows a dandelion. I just want to squeeze his cheeks! If he were to read this he’d say, “Moooom! You’re embarrassing me!” I gave Michael the idea to roll down the hill. I was about to show him how when I remembered I was wearing white. Yeah, grass stains are not fun. My sweet boy is always bringing me flowers. This time he also gave some to his buddy Olivia. They’re too cute!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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