The High King Lives

Colonial Road Trip Part 1: Savannah June 3, 2014

Hello dear ones! This series of posts was a long time coming. Back in March our family took a colonial road trip from Savannah to Washington D.C.  I’m finally going to share it with you, starting with Savannah, Georgia;  only an hour from my hometown of Jesup. Savannah is a charming Southern city. It was a pleasure to take my son Michael on his first tour there. I just love the old oak trees that stretch everywhere. We only had time for one day in Savannah. Chris and I spent our 5th anniversary there. We stayed at the Historic Hamilton Turner Inn. This time though we stayed at a Holiday Inn. In fact, that’s all we stayed in our whole trip. I’m a member of Holiday Inn’s rewards program so I earn rewards for my trips.

God called me to Belize after we had planned the colonial road trip. I knew I couldn’t cancel since I had promised Michael. But we did cut back on spending and we took food for snacks and dinner. We had some unexpected expenses as some of our food spoiled in the cooler and other things that happened. But we did try to go cheap. The most unexpected thing was the severity of the weather but I’ll get to that in another post.  For now, enjoy the pictures of Colonial Savannah. We had a blast walking around the old city at night.  We visited Forsyth Park that day and took pictures by the fountain. There’s also a picture of James Olgethorpe the founder of Georgia’s colony. It was great to see in person what we were about to learn about in homeschool…


Lastly, we had pizza at the hotel and enjoyed having cable t.v. 🙂 I found this pretend shaving kit for Michael and I found bath dyes to dye his bath water. Our bath at home is messed up so we only use the shower. It’s always a treat to use a big tub. Michael still plays with his shaving kit.  We would get up early the next morning for a large breakfast at the Holiday Inn’s restaurant (more than a continental breakfast) and then drive about 7 hours to Williamsburg, Virginia. We stopped about halfway in South Carolina. More on that tomorrow…

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Have you ever been to Savannah? What was your favorite site there?

Colonial Road Trip Part 2:


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