The High King Lives

Colonial Road Trip Part 4b: Washington, D.C. Monuments June 7, 2014

Hello dear ones!

Well, this is the last post in my colonial road trip series. The pictures really speak for themselves. We saw a lot of neat monuments. I have them labeled in the picture. My favorite monument was the Lincoln Memorial. It was very inspiring. We spent the whole second day walking to the museums and monuments. We had lunch in a museum that faced the Washington Monument. It was awesome to be able to look at it while eating lunch. Everything shuts down at about five. We missed an art museum because they stopped letting people in 30 minutes before they closed. We wandered through an outdoor art exhibit. It was like a park with weird sculptures etc. We happened upon a glass restaurant by an outdoor ice skating rink. It was fun to ice skate under the moonlight in the city. The snow was still everywhere. It was beautiful. We took the moment and just indulged. We had dessert in the glass restaurant and then went ice skating. Michael did good for his first time.

So our plans didn’t always work out. We had to be flexible. God taught me a lot about flexibility on that trip. I had to face my traffic fears as well (since the wreck).  The trip went really well even though it was different than our plans. I’m so glad I had those moments with my family. 🙂 Enjoy the pics below.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Colonial Road Trip Part 4a:


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