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Summer Bucket List 2014~ Ninety-two Summer Activities October 18, 2014

Hello dear ones! This is late but here’s what we did this Summer. I hope you are inspired! We didn’t get to everything but we sure had fun. Pregnancy and other circumstances threw a wrench in some of our plans but we’ve got plenty left for next year :).
IMG_6647 with water wall

2.checkers on trampoline

3.shaving cream art

4.ocean diorama

5.shark study (lapbook, crafts, shows on tv.) cube boats

7.make a socktopus

8. shadow tracing


9. read a book

10. pool noodle games (target station or wickets)

11. milk carton boats

12. family car wash

13. picnic

14. night walk @ park (look for bats)

15. play catch with water balloons

16. bowling

17. sidewalk chalk fun


18. water gun fight

19. get an ice cream (play at Sweet Frog)

20. board games

21. living room race track with tape

22. card games

23. cardboard sledding (@  ______ Park?)


24. feed ducks


25. star gaze

26. visit the library or a bookstore

27. Memory lane- eat a treat while looking at scrapbooks and old videos

28. do a puzzle

29. catch/watch lightening bugs

30. play with an old toy

31. make a pillow fort

32. make a homemade video

33. make sock puppets and put on a show

34. play flash light tag

35. play hide n seek

36. dress up and play pretend


37. potion lab

38. digital hot potato (timer on camera)

39. Play Mother May I?

40. Play Red light, green light

41. play Simon says

42. clean the floor with brush skates (watch Pippi Longstocking)


43. dance party

44.paint a tree rock

46.take chalk to ________ park for rocks

47. take sand toys etc for ________ park


48. make a pet rock

49. make fresh lemonade

50. yard work to earn money for yard sale

51. candle light night

52. silly picture day

53. slumber party (Snick 90’s theme)

54. visit pet store

55. visit Target and get a $1 treat

56. balloon tennis

57. cloud watching

58. play store


59. outdoor movie

60. water slide with tarp

61. glow in the dark bubbles


62. ride bikes

63. make a book

64. make a comic book


65. water pinatas

66. make homemade icecream

67. write a play/movie and act it out

68. shaving cream balloons


69. shaving cream Twister


70. Tell jokes

71.use glow sticks to write on the concrete at night


72. Become a bug (magnify bugs and watch them. Pretend to be one.)

73. pillow fight

74. Play Firefly with flashlights

75. learn about baseball (lapbook, movie, & play game)

76. make watermelon star bites

77. Christmas in July

78. snowball fight

79. shoot balloon ninjas with Nerf guns

80. Bug study (Bee crafts, bug movies, & Bee lapbook)


81.Space study (planet lapbook, movie, crafts (planet necklace, footprint rockets), & constellation cupcakes)

82.Dino study (movie, pterodactyl mobile, & dino cookies)

83. Trip to the past: old cartoons & shows, old games, & try candy popular from the past

84. Take the dogs for a walk

85. Play in the water at the park

86. See a play

87. Go to the museum

88. See a movie at Imax

89. Volunteer & donate

90. Visit the arcade


91. Nature hunt

92. Go window shopping at the mall

Well, that’s it.  I wasn’t able to capture every moment but we had a lovely summer with a great big surprise at the end. Lord willing, next year I’ll be able to show you Summer fun with a newborn/infant. 😉

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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    Here’s our summer bucket list from last year. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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