The High King Lives

Popcorn and Cupcakes! Homeschool Fun October 29, 2014

Hello dear ones! It’s been so nice to get back to our homeschool group. Morning sickness kept us away for so long. I want to share two funky fun holidays we celebrated: Popcorn Day and Bake a Cake Day. Something like that.


My BFF Hannah hosted popcorn day at the park. We learned about the history of popcorn, had a popcorn treat, and did a neat popcorn experiment. The kids loved it!


Michael helping with the experiment


The kids formed a hypothesis before trying the experiment.


The next week my buddy Rachel hosted Bake a Cake Day (or Cake Day?).

Rachel gave the kids slips of paper with different cake names on them. Then she read a book on cakes. Each time Rachel got to a cake name, the kid would pick a slice of cardboard cake and take it to their seat. The adorable “cake slices” had cake decorating forms inside. The kids were each given an imaginary customer to bake a cake for. Michael got Manny the Magician. The kids then had to figure out what kind of cake their customer would want. Michael planned a magic cake.

IMG_6945 - Copy

After the kids presented their papers, Rachel showed them how to use frosting and fondant to decorate their cupcakes. They had cute aprons and chef hats.



The kids displayed their favorite creation on the table. Then the kids had a “cake walk” to see their work. Rachel brought nifty lil boxes for the kids to take the cupcakes home.


We haven’t been as crafty at home as usual. We did make a scarecrow magnet though. It’s taken all I’ve got just to get school work done.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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