The High King Lives

Crafty Monday: Abstract Winter Trees Art & Poem January 12, 2015

In this post: How to paint abstract winter trees, winter poetry, and a speedy winter lapbook. Links included.

The days are chilly and grey. It’s still winter, but now there are no twinkling lights and candy canes. January is a gloomy month for me. But there are a few fun activities to keep us busy. Bring on the winter art!

Our homeschool is in full swing and is finally at pre-pregnancy normal. Okay, maybe not completely so. We’re not doing nearly as many crafts as we usually do, but that’s okay. I wanted to simplify anyways. We only did two art projects last week and I’ve decided to give each it’s own post, because I think they are so cool.

I taught Michael how to draw and paint abstract winter trees by using this site as a guide:


First, he drew the trees in pencil. Then he copied a winter poem that we found here:
We read several of these poems.
Michael traced his drawing and poem with crayons in cool colors. Then he used water colors to paint and it created a pastel resist effect.

Michael filled out this speedy Winter lapbook all week:–Speedy-Lapbook



In other homeschool news:

I read the story of King Inch. It’s a nifty way to remember how many inches are in a foot, and how many feet are in a yard, and how many feet are in a mile. While I read, Michael made a picture book of the story. I found this in a math memory book that I’ve been neglectful of.


In Language Arts, Michael typed his first draft of a letter, and then he wrote by hand his final draft. His letter was instructions on how to build a Lego house. Go figure :).


So, how are you filling your winter days? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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