The High King Lives

Deer Study January 28, 2015

In this post: A deer study with lapbook, movie, and craft.

Deer study

Hello dear ones! Last week, Michael and I learned about deer in homeschool. My husband has done well this hunting season and Michael is eager to join his father one day. I wanted Michael to respect and learn about this animal he may hunt…hence, the study.


First, we did this deer lapbook from Homeschool Bits. You can find it here:



Then we made a silhouette of a deer in the snowy woods, using snow paint.

Here’s the recipe for snow paint:


Michael wanted to add trees and it really made the picture beautiful. I had Michael trace and cut out a deer silhouette. Then he added snow paint to blue construction paper. Lastly, he glued the silhouettes and painted falling snow. We used a white crayon to make the moon and to trace the silhouettes for moon light.




Lastly, we watched “Bambi”. I really thought Michael would be having some deer sympathy by the time Bambi’s mom died. I was almost in tears myself. But alas, Michael went on to tell me how doe make a nest for their fawns and that fawns can survive on their own after they are born. Yeah…no tears. He didn’t like the forest fire scene though.

As a bonus, remember our fawn experience about three years ago? A friend had rescued a fawn which was later released. It was amazing to see and pet a fawn up close and personal.

lil fawn

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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