The High King Lives

Wolf Study February 3, 2015

In this post: Wolf study with book, craft, and lapbook.


Hello dear ones! Last week Michael read “White Fang” and we did a wolf study. Here’s how we did it. Michael completed this All Wolves lapbook. I’m including a link so you can purchase your own. I’m really enjoying the lapbooks by Homeschool Bits. They are super easy to put together and can be done in a day.


Wolf lapbook:

Then we made a howling wolf picture using sticks, and a wolf silhouette.

I was pinspired by this driftwood artwork and decided to use it for our wolf:

We pasted the silhouette on top of yellow and blue construction paper.


Michael gathered sticks and then broke them into pieces to fit into a tracing of the silhouette.


Then I modge podged the sticks onto the wolf silhouette on the main paper. You can still see the glue in this picture, but eventually it dried clear and shiny. Michael added glitter to the blue, for stars.



We are planning on watching the White Fang movie once it arrives from Netflix. Well, I hope you were inspired. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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