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Spring Crafts & Strawberry Picking May 31, 2015

Hello dear ones, I’m quite behind. I’m still trying to get my groove back after childbirth. It’s taking longer than I thought. So this post is going to be a combination of posts. In the past Michael and I did a craft a day, but lately we’ve barely gotten to one craft a week. So these crafts I’m about to show you are the product of several weeks and everything we did this Spring. We also took a field trip with our homeschool group to go strawberry picking. I’ll share those pics at the end. Here we go:


  • Weather crafts and experiments

What better way to start Spring than with a study on weather. April showers bring May flowers after all. So we dug out our weather lapbook from several years ago. Michael gave it a look over then we did a few experiments.

Cloud in a jar~ Who knew that ice, water, and a match could do so much!


Rain in a jar~ shaving cream, food coloring, and water.


Cloud sun catcher~ Michael glued cotton balls onto tissue paper to make this lovely picture.




Hot air balloon mobile~ This mobile did not turn out how we planned. The cotton ball clouds look great but we had trouble with the hot air balloons. To our defense, we only had a picture to look at…no instructions.


  • Sunflower study

Here comes the flowers . Michael filled out this short Sunflower lapbook and then he watched a tutorial on painting sunflowers. We both painted. Here are the links:




Sun dial~ rocks and a pencil in play dough.


Michael planted seeds inside his tire.

  • Hummingbird study

And with flowers come birds. Michael did a short hummingbird lapbook and then he painted this paint by number hummingbird. It was actually for glass painting and I transferred it to acrylic paper.–Speedy-Lapbook



  • Bird House

This was the easiest craft. I just bought a mini wooden bird house from the craft store and let Michael go crazy painting. I’m so for easy these days ;).


  • Earth and Arbor Day Craft& Outing

So then came Earth Day and Arbor Day. Michael did a couple of crafts and then we took a trip to the park for the Spring Fling.

Earth Day craft~ Michael made a picture of the earth in space. He put his prayer for the earth on it. He prayed that the earth would come to Jesus.

Arbor Day craft~ Michael traced a tree’s shadow.

Park Day with our Homeschool group.

The Spring Fling~ Our pediatrician threw this party at the park.

Leeland “enjoying” a tree…ha!


Leeland’s first feel of sand.


  • Strawberry picking in Reynolds’ Ga

Our homeschool group took a long trip to Reynolds to pick strawberries. The kids filled their baskets with strawberries then enjoyed strawberry ice cream.



Well, I hope you’ve been inspired. I hope to catch up on posts soon. I’m actually doing all the writing in car on day trip to the Flint River Aquarium. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Earth Day 2014~ flower pounding and other fun ideas.


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