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Life with Baby: Breastfeeding & Baby Wearing July 1, 2015

Hello dear ones, I’m sitting outside at the Picasso Pizzeria listening to two men play the blues on guitar. I’m taking a break from my kiddos, so I can write about them! Irony, right? I am desperately trying to catch up on posts, but I’m only able to write once a week. Life with a newborn has changed everything. I’m not saying this to complain. I know I’m blessed and I’m thankful for my lil miracle. My boys mean the world to me. Life is just…different.


I started this series “Life with Baby” to talk about how things have changed since my oldest was little. I am diving into all kinds of baby trends. Okay, so breastfeeding is not a “trend” per say, but there was a time not too long ago when doctors told women that breastfeeding was bad. Yep, my grandparents would’ve been told that. Now we know that “breast is best”.

God created womens’ bodies to do amazing things. Not only do we carry a being that’s still uploading ;), but we also nourish that child with our bodies once they are born. That’s awesome! My buddy Hannah (you hear a lot about her) is a La Leche League leader. The La Leche League is a breastfeeding support group. Hannah gives me a lot of advice. I’m very thankful for her.


I only breastfed Michael for 3 months, but I want to go longer with Leeland. It hasn’t been easy though. Leeland had a substantial tongue tie. Hannah noticed it and told me. Thankfully we found a surgeon who clipped it for us. Still, there are times when Leeland pulls off or accidentally hurts me. And I’ll admit that every now and then we use formula so I can get a break (& keep my sanity). I try to pump but that doesn’t always go according to plan. I’m doing my best though. Moms can only do their best. Sometimes women can’t breastfeed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their children. If you are able to breastfeed, I encourage you to find a support group. I had so many misconceptions about breastfeeding. Even my pediatrician gave conflicting info at times. Thankfully Hannah and my breastfeeding consultant set me straight. It also helped to talk to other women in my shoes.


Breastfeeding has been different this go around. Breastfeeding in public is more acceptable. I’m learning to use a cover in all kinds of places….even while walking at the aquarium. One of the benefits to breastfeeding is that it’s always available. I can feed my baby anytime anywhere. I don’t have to worry about fixing a bottle or buying formula. A neat fact that I learned is that when my baby feeds, his saliva lets my breasts know what germs he’s been exposed to. Then they make milk that helps fight those particular germs. I hope I wrote that right. That’s how I remember it anyways.


Secondly, I’ve started baby wearing. The wraps and carriers they have today come in all kinds of shapes and patterns. There is an art to wrapping. I do not have that talent. I’ve only found one carrier that I’m super comfortable with and I bought it at Walmart. The chic wrap I bought online was too small and complicated. I had another that worked when Leeland was brand new but not long after. Baby wearing is definitely a new trend. There’s social groups and everything.


So how about you, mom? Have you tried baby wearing? What’s your favorite type? How long did you breastfeed? What got you through the sleepless nights? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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2 Responses to “Life with Baby: Breastfeeding & Baby Wearing”

  1. GodGirl Says:

    So interesting to know how breastmilk responds to germs! So amazing the way God made us… Yeah, baby wearing seems to have really taken off since I had my first boy nine years ago…

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