The High King Lives

Chester Talks to the Birds July 16, 2015

Hello dear ones! I’ve been neglectful of our fur family when it comes to blogging. Let’s fix that. I’ve introduced Chester, our slightly evil cat, before. Winchester is his full name. My hubby Chris put this video of Chester on his youtube channel. This is Chester talking to the birds. He only makes this chirping sound when he’s watching birds. I’ve never seen a cat do this before. It cracks us up!

When Chester isn’t being evil he is sleeping or eating….usually eating my food. If I leave my cereal out for a minute, he will jump on the counter and eat it. Chester doesn’t discriminate. No food is safe from his vicious appetite. He will eat cookies. He will drink hot tea. He will steal your supper. Beware!


Chester has for the most part left the baby alone. But lately the baby’s wiggly arms have tempted him. We found Chester swatting through the crib the other day. Thankfully he is declawed. So now Chester has to sleep in Michael’s room at night.



Remember, Chester is watching you! Always watching… šŸ˜›


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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