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Spring Crafts & Strawberry Picking May 31, 2015

Hello dear ones, I’m quite behind. I’m still trying to get my groove back after childbirth. It’s taking longer than I thought. So this post is going to be a combination of posts. In the past Michael and I did a craft a day, but lately we’ve barely gotten to one craft a week. So these crafts I’m about to show you are the product of several weeks and everything we did this Spring. We also took a field trip with our homeschool group to go strawberry picking. I’ll share those pics at the end. Here we go:


  • Weather crafts and experiments

What better way to start Spring than with a study on weather. April showers bring May flowers after all. So we dug out our weather lapbook from several years ago. Michael gave it a look over then we did a few experiments.

Cloud in a jar~ Who knew that ice, water, and a match could do so much!


Rain in a jar~ shaving cream, food coloring, and water.


Cloud sun catcher~ Michael glued cotton balls onto tissue paper to make this lovely picture.




Hot air balloon mobile~ This mobile did not turn out how we planned. The cotton ball clouds look great but we had trouble with the hot air balloons. To our defense, we only had a picture to look at…no instructions.


  • Sunflower study

Here comes the flowers . Michael filled out this short Sunflower lapbook and then he watched a tutorial on painting sunflowers. We both painted. Here are the links:




Sun dial~ rocks and a pencil in play dough.


Michael planted seeds inside his tire.

  • Hummingbird study

And with flowers come birds. Michael did a short hummingbird lapbook and then he painted this paint by number hummingbird. It was actually for glass painting and I transferred it to acrylic paper.–Speedy-Lapbook



  • Bird House

This was the easiest craft. I just bought a mini wooden bird house from the craft store and let Michael go crazy painting. I’m so for easy these days ;).


  • Earth and Arbor Day Craft& Outing

So then came Earth Day and Arbor Day. Michael did a couple of crafts and then we took a trip to the park for the Spring Fling.

Earth Day craft~ Michael made a picture of the earth in space. He put his prayer for the earth on it. He prayed that the earth would come to Jesus.

Arbor Day craft~ Michael traced a tree’s shadow.

Park Day with our Homeschool group.

The Spring Fling~ Our pediatrician threw this party at the park.

Leeland “enjoying” a tree…ha!


Leeland’s first feel of sand.


  • Strawberry picking in Reynolds’ Ga

Our homeschool group took a long trip to Reynolds to pick strawberries. The kids filled their baskets with strawberries then enjoyed strawberry ice cream.



Well, I hope you’ve been inspired. I hope to catch up on posts soon. I’m actually doing all the writing in car on day trip to the Flint River Aquarium. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Earth Day 2014~ flower pounding and other fun ideas.


Lent Crafts Part Three 2015 March 28, 2015

In this post: Lent/Easter crafts and a lapbook.

Hello dear ones! Well, I’m going to keep this post short. We haven’t done a whole lot lately because we’re hoping the baby comes soon. We did manage a couple of crafts and we planted our garden.


I’m not going to repost all the craft pictures. Simply, Michael made palm branches out of his hand prints. Then he read R.C. Sproul’s “The Donkey Who Carried a King”. We made an Easter Lily that’s leaf says “He is risen!”. And for several weeks we’ve been slowly working on an indepth Easter lapbook.

Lapbook link here:

Lily printable here:

We also did these two printables:

Chris prepped the garden area and me and Michael helped plant. Our gardens usually don’t produce much and especially not enough to feed us. Still, it’s nice to know we are planting something. It’s good for kids to know where food comes from (besides the grocery store!). Planting time always excites me.


Michael planted a few things by Terabithia (his clubhouse).

Planting in the garden…

Well, I hope you have a lovely Holy week and Easter.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Easter ideas on Pinterest:

Lent crafts from this year on this blog:

I AM craft, The Lord’s Prayer chapel, and band-aid prayers cross~

Egg study & Resurrection egg diorama~


St. Patty’s Day 2015

In this post: St. Patty’s food, scavenger hunt, decor, lapbook, and craft. 


Hello dear ones! Here’s how we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day this year.

  • As you can see from above, we brought out our usual St. Patty’s decor. I let Michael set things up because I felt like I was going into labor that day (false alarm). You can see our family leprechaun and trap. We had Lucky Charms ready for breakfast, a book about St. Patty’s story, and this year an indepth St. Patrick’s Day lapbook.

You can find the lapbook here:

It has Catholic principles in it. We are not Catholic but we had an interesting conversation about praying to saints etc and what a Biblical saint is compared to the process of becoming a Catholic saint. As protestants, we don’t believe in praying to saints or talking to them at all. Also, we believe all Christians are saints and in the process of being sanctified. Anywho, the lapbook had great info about Ireland and we even learned some Gaelic. We talked about the symbols of St. Patty’s and how it’s celebrated in different places.


Even the dogs got festive! Here’s Annabelle :).

IMG_0637 (2)


  • Michael made this rainbow chain with a pot of gold at the end.



  • That morning, Michael had a St. Patty’s placemat with activities on it. I got this free printable from:



  • Chris and Michael did this St. Patty’s Scavenger hunt that I got from The Dating Divas. I set up clues around the house. Each clue bag had an activity that had to be completed before they could move on to the next clue. They were simple but fun. Examples: Don’t Eat Pete (leprechaun version with Skittles), figure out your leprechaun name, and find all the gold pieces.

Scavenger hunt printables here:




  • Lastly, we ate our traditional Irish foods: Irish stew (beef instead of lamb) and Irish Soda Bread. Chris made the stew while Michael and I baked the bread. This has to be my favorite bread.

Recipes here:



And I leave you with my 36 weeks pics (I’m actually about 38 weeks prego now. We’re praying that the baby comes soon though because he’s already bigger than Michael was at birth).

36 weeks

God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

St. Patty’s on Pinterest:

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Lent Crafts part 2: Egg Study March 21, 2015

In this post: Egg lapbook, crafts, & treat. A unique resurrection diorama. Plus Lent decor and books.

Egg Study

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. We’re enjoying the spring weather and waiting for our littlest to be born. A couple weeks ago, Michael and I did an egg study. It was a great way to gear up for Easter. Here’s how we did it.

  • Egg lapbook~ I used this egg study to make a lapbook:–Two-Day-Study-Series




  • We made egg treats. Our treat is a lil different from what I saw on Pinterest. You take oval crackers and put peanut butter in them. Then you dip them in white chocolate. I didn’t feel like dealing with the mess of chocolate, so we just used frosting with sprinkles. We couldn’t cover the whole cracker so they don’t exactly look like eggs. Still, the treats were yummy :). Nana helped too.




  • We made a stained glass egg and cross craft. I drew a pattern on black construction paper. Michael cut it out and stuck it to contact paper. Then Michael tore bits of colorful tissue paper and filled in the gaps.




  • Lastly, Michael and I put together this resurrection egg diorama. Michael mainly colored the Jesus and cut him out. We had two coloring pages. We shrunk the one for the diorama. Then Michael colored the big page for his dad. I finished the diorama. My inspiration came from a beautiful painting I saw on Pinterest. Links below & details on how we did this.

Coloring page link here:

Painting inspiration here:



I found these plastic egg containers at the Dollar Tree. I used one half to make the diorama. I glued gems to the bottom to keep the egg upright. I modge podged colorful tissue paper for the sky. I used sparkly white tissue paper for the clouds. I wanted a 3d effect so I bunched it up.



I took the Jesus that Michael colored and glued him to a craft stick. I hot glued the stick to the gems and I added purple tissue paper for his robe.


I wanted to make Jesus look like he was in the clouds, so I used more of the sparkly white tissue paper to cover the craft stick. Chris actually helped some too. He punched out tissue paper butterflies. I glued them all around Jesus, since butterflies make me think of new life.


Lastly, I punched out white paper flowers and cut yellow stems. I rolled them up to make lilies and glued them to the rocks along with felt leaves. Then I punched out the word “resurrection” using my hole punch. I glued it to a white tissue paper banner and glued that to the top of the egg. This has to be my favorite Easter craft we’ve ever made. I like that it’s pretty original too. I had inspiration but the creation is our own.


The diorama looks brilliant when the sun shines.

Other Lent happenings:

I love the season of Lent and counting down to Easter. For our family it is a time of remembering the resurrection and taking a good look at forgiveness and grace. We have fun with decorations, special books, and crafts.

Here are the Easter books we are reading this year. I’m particulary enjoying the author R.C. Sproul. This is our first year reading his books.


We have a fun time decorating. Many of these crafts you may remember from Easters past.

The Lord’s Supper & Jesus praying in the garden


Resurrection set and new life tree (eggs and butterflies)
We actually lost the Jesus that goes to the set, but now that we have the diorama it makes it complete.


We decorate with the usual springy things: eggs, bunnies, chicks, lambs, flowers, and butterflies…whatever makes us think of new life and the resurrection. In the pic below you can see the stained glass chapel we made awhile back.







Our Easter village has grown.


Here’s the stuffed Velveteen rabbit that I made last year for our study on chocolate bunnies. Some decor is just for fun though a majority of it revolves around the resurrection of Jesus.

Many of the crafts hanging up on our armoire are from years past. We’ve got the Peep bunny chain, a Holy week chart, and a tomb craft.


We bring out old lapbooks



We have our Lenten devotions at supper time. You can see some pom pom bunnies and resurrection eggs that we made. Usually we hang the eggs on a tree but I didn’t find one this year. Instead I have them in a bunny dish that I won at a party.


Well, I hope you have a blessed Lent and Easter! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Easters and Lent past:

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Dr. Seuss Day 2015 March 10, 2015

In this post: Dr. Seuss crafts, eats, and a lapbook.


Hello dear ones! Here’s how we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday this year:

  • We read all the Dr. Seuss books we own. Here’s Nana reading Green Eggs and Ham.


  • A lapbook with Dr. Seuss’ biography, a Meet the Artist questionnaire, and a cartoon tutorial.





  • “My Favorite Dr. Seuss Book” birthday cake writing assignment~  I was inspired by this blog:   but I  found the cake printables elsewhere online. Michael colored three layers, put them together, and then added construction paper candles. I printed out the assignment with a nice font.


  • Cat in the Hat hat~ I got the idea from this blog:



  • Dr. Seuss decor~  I found the Dr. Seuss plates at Target last year. I found the quotes online. The truffela tree and Dr. Seuss sign are from our Dr. Seuss celebration 2 years ago:





  • A movie~ Horton Hears a Who.




  • Green scrambled eggs and ham with grits~ for supper.


God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s a regular pic from a school day. Michael drawing a city on his trampoline.



More Seuss inspiration:


Lent Crafts Part One 2015 March 9, 2015

In this post: Band-aid prayers cross, Jesus’ I am statements craft, and the Lord’s Prayer chapel craft.


Hello dear ones! I’m playing catch up again. We did these crafts a couple of weeks ago for the second week of Lent. Enjoy!

  • Band-aid Prayers cross~ I saw this idea on Pinterest except they used a wooden cross with a ton of band-aids. Ours is a bit simpler. We just used cardboard, band-aids, and tissue paper. Each week Michael is supposed to write someone to pray for, on a band-aid.


  • Jesus’ “I AM” statments craft~ I saw this lovely artwork with the words “I am” but it was about self esteem. I changed ours to Jesus’ statements about Himself. I figured it’d be great for Lent.

Link for inspiration:



Here’s how we did ours:
Michael painted seven different color wedges on his paper using water colors.

Michael pasted a circle in the middle of the wedges. Then he cut out 7 smaller wedges of different types of scrapbook paper and pasted it on top of the water color wedges. I printed out Jesus’ 7 “I AM” statements in different fonts and he cut and pasted them on top of the scrapbook wedges.


I liked it so much that I made something similar, in my prayer journal.



  • The Lord’s Prayer chapel craft~  I was inspired by a pic on pinterest but when I went to look for the chapel template I couldn’t find it. So I drew out my own. I printed the Lord’s prayer in a nice font and Michael pasted it in the middle. Then he used torn tissue paper for the stained glass.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Ash Wednesday 2015 March 1, 2015

In this post: Our Ash Wednesday craft, a sneaky squirrel, and an inside look at piano tuning.

Ash Wed

Hello dear ones! Up above is the one craft we did for Ash Wednesday. We saved up used matches the weeks leading to Lent. Michael pasted the matches into the shape of a cross. Then he took a white crayon and wrote the verse Genesis 3:19. We also watched a video on the history of Ash Wednesday. The other picture is our chalkboard door. I’m really enjoying it.


Here’s a lesson on the meaning of Ash Wednesday:

We have a very sneaky squirrel that dumps the bird seed out of our bird feeder. He also lives in Chris’ shed and messes up things. Michael says he’s fat enough to eat. Yep, that’s the inner redneck. He didn’t get it from me lol. Anywho, we like to watch the birds and the squirrel as we go through our homeschool day.
Apparently the cat does too…


Lastly, Michael had the neat opportunity to watch the piano tuner in action. My beloved piano of 17 years had never been tuned. Finally, we were able to call someone in. The nice man didn’t mind me taking a picture of the piano’s inner workings. He also let Michael sit and watch him tune.


Well, that’s all. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Easter ideas


Earth Day 2014 May 15, 2014

Hello dear ones! We went to the park for Earth day & had a lot of fun. We also did several nature activities. It’s all in the pics. Here they are! God bless & remember the High King lives!~ Amber Dover

PS: The Water Moccasin was dead. He sure scared the mess out of me though.

PPS: Link to next homeschool post, at the end.




Also this week: The 1700’s Week 2


Easter Week & Jesus, Our Passover Lamb Easter Drama May 11, 2014

In this post: Easter crafts, lapbooks, and snacks. Also lots of pictures from an interactive Easter Drama I wrote for our homeschool group, after the main picture. 

Hello dear ones! We took a holiday the week before Easter. We hung out, went to the library, etc….

  • We did a two day study/lapbook on the History of the Chocolate Bunny (links after the collage).  Michael ate a chocolate bunny and I made him a felt “chocolate” stuffed bunny. I read the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.
  • Michael made several foam crafts that I got from Michael’s Craft store.
  • We did an Easter lapbook about the passion of Jesus.
  • We watched The Gospel of John almost every day as we celebrated Holy Week and followed Jesus’ passion journey in the Bible. You can see our Holy Week calendar from last year.
  • I hosted an Easter celebration for our homeschool group. The pictures from the Easter drama I wrote are at the bottom of this post, after the links. I put our snacks in the first collage. I made cauliflower sheep in a veggie plate and bird’s nest with malt eggs. We colored and made several tomb crafts.  The ones in the first collage are what I sent home. The craft we did at the group are in the second collage.
  • We made a Peep banner.
  • Lastly, Michael painted a bird feeder. We researched which colors certain birds like.


Easter snacks

Easter crafts

Below are the pictures from the Easter drama I wrote. It’s actually based on the Passover drama my family does every year. I “Disney Jr-ed” it, so to speak. I made it interactive for the kids in our homeschool group and I added the Resurrection.

Here’s past posts when our family used the play.

This is our first year using it, with a set and all:

Last year we made puppets and read the play at the table:

Here’s how we did it this year:

  • We began with the story of Moses. I played the narrator and God. The other moms played Egyptians. The kids played the Hebrews. We imagined that we were slaves. My friend Stacie made one mean pharaoh lol. I just love her faces. Rachel played Pharaoh’s daughter and took pictures for me. Erin was the slave driver.
  • The kids took strips of orange and red tissue paper so they could be the burning bush. Michael played the grown up Moses (we forgot his staff by accident).  The kids helped Michael with telling Pharaoh to let God’s people go. They had a blast shouting out. I used red and blue plastic cloths for the river turning into blood. I felt like a magician pulling the cloth away lol.
  • Then the kids helped with the plagues. They threw fake locusts, paper balls for hail, paper frogs etc… They made buzzing noises for flies. The kids pretended to be Hebrew and Egyptian cattle. The Egyptian cattle pretended to die. The kids put a black blanket over the Egyptians for the plague of darkness. We got really serious for the last plague, as the Egyptians lost all their first born . The “Hebrews” put the blood of the Lamb over their door post. We used cotton swabs and red paint.
  • Now this is cool and was a complete accident on my part but a God thing: I forgot to bring the door post so I had to use the paper for the cross bar. It was perfect because the kids put the blood of the lamb on the door post and then during the Communion, Erin taped it onto the cross. So it looks like blood for the cross and really went well with the theme of Jesus being the Passover lamb.
  • So the second part is about how Jesus is our Passover Lamb. God passes over us and our sin because He sees the blood of Jesus. When we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord, then we accept the Passover Lamb. We’re saved just like the Hebrews were saved from death.
  • Michael played Jesus. He came out and quoted John 14:6. Then the kids sat at the table around “Jesus”. They got to be the disciples. It was so funny because one kid asked if he could be Peter and then a smaller boy asked if he could be God. We acted out the Lord’s Supper and the kids took communion. The kiddos cracked me up all day. A little boy named David asked if we were having beer, when I brought out the sparkling grape juice. Oh way a day!
  • David played the Roman soldier and “nailed” Jesus to the cross. Michael really got into the part  here. I was proud of how serious he was. Then Michael was put into a cardboad tomb. I called the kids to the tomb and we counted down. We imagined an earthquake. Meanwhile, Michael crawled out the back of the tomb and Erin played the Angel of the Lord. So the tomb was empty and the angel talked to us. Then Michael walked out and held up his arms. I pointed to the scars still visible. We shouted and clapped that Jesus is alive.
  • Then Michael stood in a chair with a white quilt on it for clouds. The angel then told us that Jesus would be coming back.
  • So after the play we ate lunch and ate our Easter snacks, cauliflower sheep and veggies and bird’s nests.
  • Then the kids made their tomb craft. They also took home a Resurrection coloring craft. The pictures are in the collage above.



God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1700’s Week 1: Isaac Newton, Johannes Vermeer, Vivaldi, the Tulip King, & a Chinese Dragon

In this post: We learn about the theory of gravity with Newton and we make a color wheel. Origami tulips for the Ottoman empire. A Chinese dragon and the music of Vivaldi. Plus Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting. Also Lego club and garden fun! 

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I’m super behind. Here’s week 1 of the 1700’s. This is how we learn:

  • We read about Isaac Newton in Story of the World Book 3. We did a couple gravity experiments and Michael calculated his weight on different planets. 
  • Michael read a comic called The Laws of Motion. Isaac Newton also came up with the color wheel. So we made our own.
  • Michael started reading “Who Was Paul Revere?
  • We read about Peter the Great from Russia. Michael did a composer study on Vivaldi and listened to his music.
  • Michael read about the artist Johannes Vermeer and did a water color painting of his “Girl with the Pearl Earring“.
  • We read about the “Tulip King” from the Ottoman empire. Chris and Michael made origami tulips. I wanted to make croissants for the time the Ottomans tried to tunnel under the German bakery but failed. There’s a neat story about how that pastry came about.  We never got to it though.
  • We read about the English in India and Michael made a thumbprint peacock, since it’s India’s national bird.
  • We read about China during the 1700’s and made a Chinese dragon. In the story we pretended to take a journey across China while riding the imperial dragon.
  • We were prepping for our garden. So Michael read about the life cycle of a carrot and we planted our own. He found a couple of earth worms to throw in.
  • Michael had Lego Club and he made the lighthouse of Alexandria. The Lego Club is free and you can find it on
  • I didn’t feel well one day, so Michael drew me a picture and made me lunch. I’m so thankful for my buddy. 🙂

Well, links are after the picture. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

The 1700'sWeek1

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