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Purim 2015 March 10, 2015

In this post: Crafts, treats, and Purim celebrations.


Hello dear ones! This is how we celebrated Purim this year:

  • A Queen Esther craft~ I found this template for a Queen Esther puppet but our brown bag got thrown away. So instead we pasted it onto a paper plate and made it a centerpiece.
  • Decor~ We brought out the Haman and Esther shakers from years ago, the Haman ears cookie crafts, and a lovely vase of flowers with ornaments on it (a peacock, dragonfly, and butterfly).



  • Peacock drawing~ Michael and I made this Purim sign using a peacock tutorial. Peacocks were special to the Persians. They believed peacocks were guardians of royalty. King Xerxes was the king of Persia.




    • Baking Haman Ears or Hats~ This is a beloved tradition of ours. This year we used raspberry jelly in part of the cookies and Nuttella in the others.


    • Watching “One Night with the King”~ an embellished version of the Biblical story of Esther. It’s based on a fictional book.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives!~ Amber Dover

Purim pinspiration:



Ash Wednesday 2015 March 1, 2015

In this post: Our Ash Wednesday craft, a sneaky squirrel, and an inside look at piano tuning.

Ash Wed

Hello dear ones! Up above is the one craft we did for Ash Wednesday. We saved up used matches the weeks leading to Lent. Michael pasted the matches into the shape of a cross. Then he took a white crayon and wrote the verse Genesis 3:19. We also watched a video on the history of Ash Wednesday. The other picture is our chalkboard door. I’m really enjoying it.


Here’s a lesson on the meaning of Ash Wednesday:

We have a very sneaky squirrel that dumps the bird seed out of our bird feeder. He also lives in Chris’ shed and messes up things. Michael says he’s fat enough to eat. Yep, that’s the inner redneck. He didn’t get it from me lol. Anywho, we like to watch the birds and the squirrel as we go through our homeschool day.
Apparently the cat does too…


Lastly, Michael had the neat opportunity to watch the piano tuner in action. My beloved piano of 17 years had never been tuned. Finally, we were able to call someone in. The nice man didn’t mind me taking a picture of the piano’s inner workings. He also let Michael sit and watch him tune.


Well, that’s all. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Easter ideas


Mardi Gras 2015

In this post: Mardi Gras treats, crafts, parade fun, and a lapbook.


Hello dear ones! We celebrated Mardi Gras as a family for the second time. We’ve come up with our own traditions, like decorating a float for our family parade. Anywho, this is how we did Mardi Gras.

  • We began with a Mardi Gras lapbook and several videos on Mardi Gras’ history. I’ll include a link at the end.




  • Michael made a jester mask.


  • Michael and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame because it has the Festival of Fools in it. It’s not the same holiday but the style is similar. I also like the lessons on sin and grace in the movie. Rio and The Princess and the Frog are also good for this time.


  • We had a small feast for supper. We had ham which is a rare treat. We don’t give up anything during Lent, but it was a nod to the history of Fat Tuesday and how people ate all their meat before fasting during Lent. I found the centerpiece at the Dollar Tree.



  • We made a King cake using cinnamon rolls. We put it in the oven while we had our parade.

Here’s Chris braiding his part.



Into the oven!



  • Michael and I made a parade float out of Leeland’s wagon. We used tissue paper and masks. Then we filled it with beads, moon pies, and coins. Teddy played the king/jester and rode in the float.




  • I turned up the jazz music and we had a parade. Michael and I took turns throwing things. We put on masks and beads.





  • Lastly, we decorated and enjoyed our King cake! Mmmmm….we just used the icing that came with the cinnamon rolls and sprinkled it. I couldn’t find purple sprinkles so I used glaze.




You can find the lapbook, videos, and other ideas here:

Mardi Gras on Pinterest

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Mardi Gras past

Another good Disney film to watch for Mardi Gras is The Princess and the Frog. Here are some ideas to give you that New Orleans’ flavor:


Presidents Day 2015

In this post: Presidents Day craft and fun.

Hello dear ones! I’m kind of behind on posts but I hope to catch up soon. This third trimester of pregnancy is kicking my butt. It won’t be long before I hold my second son, so I know it’s worth it. Here’s what we did for President’s Day.

  •  Each day that week, Michael read about a new president.



  • We took out our presidents place mat. Michael quizzed us daily on the presidents because of this!



  • Michael made this Abe Lincoln mask using a paper plate and construction paper.



  • Lastly, Michael filled out some neat president printables. You can find those here:

Designing a coin


If I Were President

Who would you add to Mt. Rushmore?

Quotes from George Washington and Abe Lincoln


Well, that’s all folks. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Valentine’s Party 2015 & Crafts February 21, 2015

In this post: Crafts, treats, and our homeschool group’s Valentine’s party. Also a character lapbook on responsibility, and conversation heart science.

Homeschool Valentines

Hello dear ones! Last week I said that chocolate is a must for Valentine’s, and I shared our chocolate study. Well, there is another candy must for Valentine’s: conversation hearts.

Link to chocolate study:

Conversation hearts were a big part of our preparations for the homeschool group’s Valentine’s party. Here’s how:

  • “Love never fails” Valentines


I found the printables here:
Then we just poured conversation hearts into sandwich bags and stapled the printables to the top.

  • Mini Conversation Hearts Cupcakes

I used a box cake mix and a mini cupcake pan to make 40 something cupcakes. I put a candy on top of each. This was simple and tasty.

  • Conversation Hearts Science

We did a little experiment with the candies. We put candies in bleach, water, and in vinegar. The bleach completely dissolved and removed the color from the candy. The vinegar and water both turned the color of the candy.

We did this responsibility lapbook for our character lesson. You can find it here:



We did a quick study on St. Valentine’s and Michael colored this scripture page.


Here are the links:
Michael made this guitar valentine for his dad.


Lastly, Chris and Michael put together this Minecraft Valentine’s mailbox while we were at the party.



We had a ton of good food at the Valentine’s party.

My friend Hannah made “Cupid punch”.

My buddy Erin stamped the kids’ hands and faces. Olivia and Everly were covered in hearts.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Check out the study on God’s love from a couple of weeks ago:


Personalized Romantic Candle Holder February 10, 2015

Hello dear ones! A good while back I made this candle holder out of plaster of paris. It sat in my office for a long time. I finally decided to paint it for Valentine’s to go along with my date night plans.

I rented “The Vow” for me and Chris’ Valentine’s excursion. I was inspired by the Dating Diva’s Vow date night. Lord willing, I’ll share more on that after Valentine’s. I used paint, sharpies, and stamps to make my design. The roses are just silk roses from the Dollar Tree. I added them when I was making the candle holder. I personalized this by putting our names and our wedding date. It says “I vow to love you always”.

I found small red and white candles. This will add a romantic personal touch to our date night.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here are some date ideas for Valentine’s!


Groundhog Study 2015 February 9, 2015

In this post: A Lapbook, snack, and craft for Groundhog’s Day.


Hello dear ones! Do you celebrate Groundhog’s Day? If so, what traditions do you have? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. My mom’s birthday is on Groundhog’s Day, so we usually just focus on that. This year I wanted to do more though. It was super simple to throw this study together. Here’s how we learned.

Groundhog Survey

The night before, my hubby got online and asked Facebook friends to share their opinions. Would the groundhog see his shadow or not? We also asked family. Then Michael and I tallied the results on this nifty chart (pictured below). On Groundhog’s day we shared the results and also what three top groundhogs did or didn’t see.

The link for this printable:


We watched two videos on Groundhog’s Day, a sweet cartoon and a funny lesson on the day. You can find them on my Pinterest here:

On Groundhog’s Day itself, I made these cute groundhog pudding cups pinspired by: . I just bought pudding already made. I’m simple like that.


Next, Michael did this quick lapbook on groundhogs from:–Speedy-Lapbook



Lastly, we did this groundhog craft pinspired by:

We used a larger groundhog and we made ours into a square flipbook. I used a brad to move our groundhog from one page to the next. We favor an early spring around here :).

That’s it for our study. I hope you were inspired. Here are other homeschool happenings…

Lego zipline~ my sister found this idea on a blog and shared it. Michael was eager to make his own version.


Michael’s Budget and Pay Day

At the beginning of the school year, I had this great idea to make homeschool like a real job. I bought tickets and made them into school “money”. I put up behavior charts. Good behavior & work ethic mean’t regular pay and sometimes a raise in salary. Bad behavior and work ethic mean’t loss of pay and demotions, plus drawing from the consequence jar. At the end of each month, Michael gets paid. He first puts money aside for tithes and savings. Then he pays a few bills (rent, snack fee, cleaning fee). Whatever is left he can then spend on rewards. Each set of rewards costs a certain amount. Small rewards like sleeping in or picking a movie cost 100 school bucks. Bigger rewards like a day off of school or a special field trip cost about 600 school bucks.


So this was great except I got pregnant, morning sickness hit, and all these plans fell to the wayside. Well, finally we got back on track and Michael was able to earn pay for the month of January. I helped him write up a budget. He chose what organization he wanted me to donate to for his tithes and offerings. He paid “bills” and put aside money for savings. Lastly, he went to my store and purchased his rewards. He chose “pick a movie” and “choose a family activity”. He had money left over so he put it into savings.


This has been a great incentive to keep Michael on track with his school work. Thanks to my sister Jenn for the idea to use tickets for the fake money. She was a public school teacher for awhile and it’s nice to pick her brain.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


I Stand Amazed Study & Snowflake Fun February 3, 2015

In this post: I Stand Amazed lapbook with link, God’s love Valentine’s wreathe, and snowflake fun with our homeschool group.

Amazed study

Hello dear ones! Last week, Michael and I did a three day study on the hymn “I Stand Amazed”, from the Not Consumed blog. Each day we listened to the song and sang it together. The study comes with a biography of the author, question pages, and copywork. We put ours into a lapbook. Michael read verses about God’s love. This study is perfect for Valentine’s!

I Stand Amazed study:

We used the heart printables and verses to make a wreathe. Here’s Michael writing out his favorite “love” verses.


Our God’s Love Valentine’s Wreathe


We used construction paper, a paper plate, and paper doilies.


Snowflake Fun at our Homeschool group

My buddy Hannah hosted a fabulous lesson at our group last week. The children saw pictures of all kinds of snowflakes, did a science project, ate treats, and were read to.

The Decor

Hannah reading about Snowflake Bentley. Fun facts: Snowflake Bentley was homeschooled, and he was born on Feb. 9th. I was also born on Feb. 9th :).


Michael putting his snowflake molecules together. The kids used marshmallows and toothpicks.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Wolf Study

In this post: Wolf study with book, craft, and lapbook.


Hello dear ones! Last week Michael read “White Fang” and we did a wolf study. Here’s how we did it. Michael completed this All Wolves lapbook. I’m including a link so you can purchase your own. I’m really enjoying the lapbooks by Homeschool Bits. They are super easy to put together and can be done in a day.


Wolf lapbook:

Then we made a howling wolf picture using sticks, and a wolf silhouette.

I was pinspired by this driftwood artwork and decided to use it for our wolf:

We pasted the silhouette on top of yellow and blue construction paper.


Michael gathered sticks and then broke them into pieces to fit into a tracing of the silhouette.


Then I modge podged the sticks onto the wolf silhouette on the main paper. You can still see the glue in this picture, but eventually it dried clear and shiny. Michael added glitter to the blue, for stars.



We are planning on watching the White Fang movie once it arrives from Netflix. Well, I hope you were inspired. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


2015 Valentine’s Decor and Countdown February 2, 2015

In this post: Pinspired Valentine decor, Valentine’s countdowns, and links to past Valentine’s crafts.

Valentine's decorPrep

Hello dear ones! The countdown has begun. Soon it will be Valentine’s. I have plenty to share with you today as our family celebrates the month of love. Some of the decor you have seen before and I’ll share links to older posts. First, I want to share my latest craft endeavors. Most of them are pinspired (inspired by Pinterest). Here we go :).

Conversation Hearts Family Banner
Pinspired by

Heart Tree with hugs and kisses
Pinspired by


How do I love thee countdown (for Michael from me and the hubby)
Pinspired by:


Kiss Me Countdown (for Chris)
Pinspired by:


Valentine’s Cross (a last minute craft ideas of my own)

Now here are some oldies. You may remember this Valentine’s banner from the Dating Diva’s inspired date night last year.

Date Night ideas:



Valentine’s Luminary:


Valentine’s in Paris inspired by That Artist Woman:


Conversation Hearts Centerpiece:

Check out the link below to see what this looked like in it’s glory days lol.

Medieval Felt playset:


I’ve got tons of free Valentine’s printables on my Pinterest:

We have more V-day crafts to come in the future so check back.
God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover