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11th Anniversary Age of Adaline Date September 30, 2015

In this post: All the details on our Age of Adaline date plus anniversary pictures, and chalkboard door art.


Hello dear ones! I know it’s been a good while since my last post. I promise I haven’t forgotten you. I have so much to share with you and a lot of catching up to do. I wanted to skip ahead and share this extra special date. I hope it inspires you. Here’s how we celebrated our 11th anniversary, our Age of Adaline date (based on the movie).

Lover’s silhouette chalkboard art~ I used the silhouette from a picture of Chris and I. You’ll see the picture on the collage poster board I made. It’s in the middle


Anniversary Collage Poster Board~ I printed out black and white pictures of us throughout the years. I glued pieces of old wall paper I found at Goodwill, onto poster board from The Dollar Tree. I put a poem I had written in the middle.

Here is the poem. You may link to this post, but don’t copy it. Thanks!

The Story of Us” by Amber Dover

“Let everyone see, the rhythm and rhyme of you and me. As we grow old, every storm we can weather. Let us never go cold, because we’re better together. Every kiss is a song, of the sweetest pain. The roses and the thorns; we two remain. I love you.”


My first set for our date.


The set after we went antique shopping.




My Vintage Look

IMG_4627 (2)

I did as many finger curls on my head as I could. I used a peach lipstick. I added a peach belt to a dress I had to give me that 1940’s style. The big necklace Chris bought me the night before from a street vendor, a lady handmade it.

The Agenda


The night before our Adaline date we got in the vintage mood by listening to jazz live at The Loft in down town. I attempted to put victory curls in my hair but it didn’t turn out quite right.IMG_4601






Me reading to the kids when we got back.


Age of Adaline Date (what I got pictures of)

    • Antique shopping

The guys and I went antique “window” shopping (meaning we didn’t buy anything at this place).






Messing around…






We did pay to check out the lunchbox museum.







We finished with lunch at Steak n Shake because it always has a vintage feel. Then my parents got Michael so Chris and I could have some romance.


Here’s my anniversary present: a vintage type writer from either the 1930’s or 1940’s. It works too. We got it at a thrift store.

    • Read Braille



    • Gigi’s cupcakes~ Wedding Cake is an amazing flavor!



    • chili dogs and cream soda


    • Romantic photos






    • Star gazing

We used the star app on my tablet.

    • Speak Portuguese ~We looked up “I love you” and I wrote it on the type writer


  • Poetry and slow dancing I didn’t get pictures of

Random funny pic of Leeland partying with us.


God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Miss Congeniality & Fun with Dick and Jane Date Nights July 2, 2015

Dates June 2015

Hello dear ones! Chris and I had a couple of awesome movie themed dates recently. Enjoy these original dates: Miss Congeniality and Fun with Dick and Jane. Here’s how it went down.

Date Night Disclaimer: These dates are intended for married couples. You may not like my movie choices based upon your own convictions. If that’s the case, then I encourage you to adapt these ideas for the movies of your choice. Ultimately my goal is to inspire others to have a fun marriage.

Miss Congeniality Date Night

We rented the movie Miss Congeniality. It’s about an agent that goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant. So I set a table fit for a beauty queen.

First we got in the spirit of things by watching funny pageant videos on youtube. World peace! Just sayin’.



I found everything at the Dollar Tree. I have trophies, ribbons, and medals for our contests later. I have a tiara and bouquet of flowers for the winner. I used crepe paper for the banners.


The hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we prepared to compete. I’ll admit…the competition was rigged, especially the Evening Gown competition, since my hubby didn’t compete. Ha! I made sure this date was guy friendly. I found a couple of fun things at the Dollar Tree.

“Talent” Competition

Chris was killin’ it on the paddle ball. Once he got the hang of it he was a pro!

I was embarrassingly hilarious as a ribbon twirler. We each chose a song for the other to use. Chris chose an upbeat dance song for me. I know he had to be laughing inside.

Chris won most athletic. He also won Best Kisser, but that’s besides the point. Leeland helped hold the trophy. He’s a pretty good kisser too! 🙂


Then we each tried to play the recorder. I had an advantage since I play the flute, but it was still harder than it looks.


I won most musical.


I found a site that helps contestants prepare for the interview section. First, Chris and I made up funny platforms. Mine was “Save the snails’ Then we asked each other questions.

Here’s the link for questions:


Evening Gown Competition

My evening gowns competed :). The pink evening gown won!


I won Miss Date Night!

Fun with Dick and Jane Date Night

(This is the movie from 2005 not 1977. I haven’t seen the older one.)

You can watch the preview here:

Fun with Dick and Jane is about a middle class married couple. Dick has a great job and he and the wife prepare to live extravagantly when Dick is promoted. Unfortunately Dick is being set up to take the fall as his company crashes, and the owner gets away with the money. Dick and thousands of others in the company are now competing for jobs. This is actually a comedy :). Dick and Jane go through all kinds of crazy scenarios as they try to find work. I have listed activities that go along with the movie.

First I gave my hubby this invite. The front is a quote from the movie, just in case I freaked you out a bit. The joke is that the couple is so busy that they don’t have time to be together when they are in the mood. They schedule to have sex on Saturday. Again, this date is for married people. Any married couple with kids can understand the quote.



Activities (we only did the first three):

  • Learn some Spanish ~ Dick and Jane’s little boy spends so much time with his Spanish nanny, that he speaks in Spanish all the time. This causes a predicament when Dick gets mistaken for an illegal alien. I love that part of the movie.
  • Sing “I Believe I Can Fly” as loud as you can~ Dick sings this in the elevator when he believes he’s being promoted.
  • Find the best disguises~ When Dick and Jane find themselves on the verge of losing everything despite their honest efforts, they resort to being partners in crime. I do not endorse stealing, but they do have some funny outfits. They get into some crazy situations.
  • Play in the sprinkler~ Dick, Jane, and their son become so poor that they bathe in the neighbor’s sprinkler.
  • Find a distortion machine and make funny voices~ Dick and Jane steal from a rude business man that did Dick wrong. They act silly with a voice distortion device.
  • Walmart Bingo~ Dick doesn’t do so well at being a greeter. You can find this fun game at my favorite dating site:
  • Have Slushees (make sure to pay!)~ The first thing Dick steals is a Slushee. That is the beginning of his slippery slope into crime.

We watched the movie in our van. Our treats were popcorn, cream sodas, and chocolate.



Our disguises 



I think we’d make poor thieves, but that’s a good thing :).



Well, I hope you enjoyed these ideas and they will inspire you to have your own fun date nights. Do you like themed dates? I’d love to hear about your own dates. Please leave me some comment love.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Child like Date June 17, 2015

In this post: A review of Dating Divas’ Inner Child date and Book store scavenger hunt.

Child Like Date
Hello dear ones! Chris and I had our second date since the baby was born. We decided to be like kids and try Dating Diva’s Inner Child date and book store date. I am a member of the Dating Divas club. So I got the Inner Child date printables for free. Paying for membership is worth all the benefits. I highly recommend joining. I’m a big fan of the Dating Divas, and we have used their date ideas plenty of times in the past. Here’s how our date went down:


• Happy Meals: I invited Chris to be a kid with me. We both got kids meals. We compared our toys and shot them at each other.


• The Park: Then we headed to the park. We caught tadpoles, and talked about childhood.





• Coloring: I made coloring pages from our family pictures. Later, we bought a Grumpy Cat coloring book that is awesome!


Link for the date:

• Book store scavenger hunt: Then we went to Barnes and Nobles book store. We did this wacky scavenger hunt. The printables are free here:

We scoured the cook books for a recipe for our spouse.



Then we did a magazine survey. We found it in a little girls’ magazine. We sat at a table and whispered our answers. The survey was what kind of music star we’d be. Chris was a rock star. I was a rock and pop star. It’s funny because one of the questions asked if we liked wearing pink sparkly things. Chris was like “Heck no!”


Chris told me jokes in the joke section. He found a Grumpy Cat book.


I read Chris a children’s’ book in the children’s section.


Lastly, Chris found a poem and read it to me in the poetry section.


We didn’t get to the travel section to plan our dream vacation. We had to hurry home to the baby. This was a great date all around. It reminded me of when we were goofy teenagers. The Dating Divas always have the best ideas. I love mixing it up and making them my own. Have you ever tried on of their dates? If so, please let me know in the comments section.
God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover
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Valentine’s Weekend 2015 Plus 32 Weeks Prego Pics February 22, 2015

In this post: Our Valentine’s get away and The Vow date night, Miriam’s 1st birthday, a Valentine’s hunt, diy scratch offs, and date night bags for kids.


Hello dear ones! Valentine’s weekend started off with a bang. My best friend Hannah’s little girl Miriam, turned one. She had a little party with family and a couple friends. Look at this delicious cake from Publix.


Miriam had her first taste of cake and wasn’t sure if she liked it.


We finished our Valentine’s countdowns. Remember the heart chain and kisses countdown found here:
I also gave Michael and Chris Valentine jokes every other day.

Valentine jokes

I used these Valentine’s printables from the Dating Divas to set up a hunt for Michael. I found goodies at the Dollar Tree and hid them around his room.

Valentine’s Hunt

I found this chalkboard coffee cup at Michael’s Craft Store, for Chris. Michael made this diy scratch off valentine for me with Chris’ help.
DIY Valentines Scratch Offs


My mom and step dad kept Michael on Valentine’s. I sent this date night bag with Michael to open once we were on our date. It included the games “Don’t Eat Pete” and “Valentine’s Monster Bingo”. Links below. I was told they had lots of fun :).
Kid’s Date Night Bag

Don’t Eat Pete game
The printable is included in the date night bag link above.

Valentine’s Monster Bingo

Several weeks before, Chris and I had a date night at home. We did these couple quizes and interviews from the Dating Diva’s. It reminded me of Chris’ likes and dislikes. I used the info to plan our Valentine’s date night.
Couples’ Interviews & Quiz

We reserved a hotel room with a hot tub. I decorated the room with Valentine’s decor from the Dollar Tree. I put the romantic candle holder I had made, on the tub. Remember it from this post:
It went great with “The Vow” theme.



We arrived at the Olive Garden real early for dinner. The line was crazy, and we got on the waiting list. We were told it’d be an hour and a half wait. So we decided to go to the store across the parking lot while we waited. Bad idea. The restaurant pager messed up and kicked us off the waiting list. We found this out an hour later when we went back to Olive Garden. They tried to get us back in the system but couldn’t. We were told the wait would be longer, so we decided to just order online. We were told that would only take 20 minutes. Well, the pick up wait was over an hour. We were starved at this point so we got Mcdonalds to hold us over and went back to the hotel to start our movie.


When Chris went to pick up our food he had to wait in line for over 20 minutes. It was close to 9 pm when we finally ate supper.

We had planned on doing these mad libs and vow printables from The Dating Divas. It didn’t happen though. We both had headaches by the time we got our food. We did however watch The Vow which is a very inspiring movie.
Love Mad Libs

The Vow Date Night
We did try to do the chocolate tasting printables. We were both so sick at this point. This could’ve been a great date night but things just didn’t work out. Next year I don’t think we will make plans on the actual day of Valentine’s. Traffic was horrific and the hotel was filled with ummm…other people’s intimate sounds. I really didn’t want to hear all that. Thankfully the movie blocked the sounds out.

Chocolate Tasting



Well, if I’m going to have a bad night I’d rather have it with my hubby than all by myself. At least I had good company for Valentine’s :). This was supposed to be our last big bash together before Leeland is born. Oh well…

I almost want to try this date again on another night. I really want a do over! I hope you’re inspired anyways and maybe you’ll have better luck with your date if you use these ideas. I would recommend going out the weekend before or after Valentine’s but not of!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Date Night ideas:

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PS: Here are some extra pics for you :).

The guys painted my bedroom door with chalk paint. It was a lovely gift.

Here are my 32 weeks prego. pics.


Personalized Romantic Candle Holder February 10, 2015

Hello dear ones! A good while back I made this candle holder out of plaster of paris. It sat in my office for a long time. I finally decided to paint it for Valentine’s to go along with my date night plans.

I rented “The Vow” for me and Chris’ Valentine’s excursion. I was inspired by the Dating Diva’s Vow date night. Lord willing, I’ll share more on that after Valentine’s. I used paint, sharpies, and stamps to make my design. The roses are just silk roses from the Dollar Tree. I added them when I was making the candle holder. I personalized this by putting our names and our wedding date. It says “I vow to love you always”.

I found small red and white candles. This will add a romantic personal touch to our date night.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Christmas Date Ingredients December 15, 2014

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas season. Chris and I had a big holiday date and I want to share the ingredients with you.

I made a list of fun couple activities. I’ll share the list and fonts I used. Also I’ll share links where I got certain ideas and printables. Heads up: most of this date is for married folk.


Christmas Date
*Visit the mall
*Buy stocking stuffers for each other
*Couple pics in photo booth
*Buy ugly sweaters
*Eat at a restaurant
*Christmas light scavenger hunt
*Watch a Christmas movie and play scrabble
*Special treats under the tree
*Dance to Christmas music
*Mistletoe kissing

I used fonts #1 and #8 from this site to make my list look pretty:

I printed the list in green and red and then cut out the words and pasted them to a new paper. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attach the document so you’ll have to type it yourself.  You’ll probably want to customize the date anyways.

We used several ideas from The Dating Divas. I really love their site. A couple of these are for later in the season.

  • Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt:
  • Santa’s Cookies (a game for married folk):
  • Hot Cocoa Love Note (for married folk):
  • 12 days of Christmas:
  • 12 days of sexy Christmas (married folk):

You can see all the date ideas I find here:

and all the dates we’ve tried (a few original to us) here:



We had to switch up a few things. None of the photo booths worked right so we decided to take our couple pic at home by the tree. I have an ornament that I’m going to put the picture in. We decided to get some cute Christmas t-shirts instead of ugly sweaters. I have Olaf and Chris has a minion. We found them in the mens’ section at Walmart (hey it’s comfortable and I am bigger from pregnancy! :P).

I left ornaments in the oven and we had to hurry home to make sure the house hadn’t caught fire (pregnancy brain!). Thankfully the house was fine. Praise God! We then got a box of Krispy Kremes because I had a craving and we drove around the city to look at lights. We found almost everything on the scavenger hunt list. I’m a little disappointed by the lack of spirit on my street. I think I should be the light police and leave notices (Hey, you have 24 hours to get lights up, even one cheap strand from the Dollar store!).

We don’t actually have Scrabble but we borrowed UpWords from my mom. It’s very similar to Scrabble except you can build words on top of one another. I think I like it better. I didn’t have mistletoe either but I hung fake holly in our bedroom (it’s close enough). Now our son uses it to give sloppy kisses to me, the cat, and the dog! Ha!

There are a few romantic and fun Christmas songs out there. Here are my favorites:

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  • Christmas Cookies (from Duck the Halls cd)
  • All I Want For Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)
  • Santa Baby
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Let it Snow
  • The Christmas Song
  • Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies are great for snuggling and Netflix has several cute romantic Christmas movies. There’s still plenty of time left for Christmas romance. The 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and end on January 5th. There’s also time to make a special stocking for your spouse. Maybe next year I’ll make an Advent calendar just for my hubby. It’s a lil late for that now.

We had lots of fun and I hope you do too. It’s so easy to get caught up in the season and forget your spouse. There are so many family activities and if you have kids, it’s hard not to just focus on them. But spouses need attention too. Marriage is such a beautiful gift from God. So go ahead and show your soulmate some Christmas love ;)!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The Hunger Games Date Night March 25, 2014

Hello dear ones! Today I’m reviewing the Dating Diva’s Hunger Games date night. I gave it the “Amber touch”.  This date was perfect paired with Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games trilogy.  You can find all the printables here:

I really liked the second movie because it felt truer to the books. Catching Fire showed the evil of the Capitol. The games weren’t as glamorous.  Okay, so this date night wasn’t anti-games at all. Chris and I went to war ;). But it was all in good fun.

First, I had to add my touch by putting together my Katniss outfit. It’s not quite like her’s but it works. I donned a leather jacket, boots, and I braided my hair.  I set the scene with a cornucopia in the arena. I didn’t have much to work with…literally a basket, a plastic cloth, and Annabelle’s baby pen. I filled the cornucopia with our “weapons” for the “games”. 

I met Chris at the door in my outift, with Hunger Games music, and said “Welcome to the 75th annual Hunger Games. May the odds ever be in your favor!”

We took the Hunger Games quiz and put our names in the reaping cup for every time we missed an answer. Our names were in the cup several times so we were destined to be in the games. We had a nice feast on the way to the “Capitol”. We started the movie then paused it half way to go to the “arena”.  The games included: Career Dodge Grenade, Tracker Jacker Tag, Camoflauge Cookies, Nerf Gun Wars, & a Knot Tying Competition. 


We had a blast. My favorite game was Tracker Jacker Tag. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but I will share this one game. We each had stickers for Tracker Jacker stings. We set a timer and played tag. Chris won for sure as you can see in the picture. We laughed so much. What a creative idea. Thank you Dating Divas for another awesome date!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Valentine’s 2014 Inspired by The Dating Divas February 25, 2014

Hello dear ones! The title explains it all. We had a beautiful Valentine’s outing and gave me the inspiration. I will make this short and sweet :). Disclaimer: This date is for married people ;).

Chocolate, romantic movies, candles, and bubble bath equal perfection…almost. Add in some Dating Divas ideas and voila! Perfecto! Not to mention the love of your life…yes that helps too lol ;).

This date didn’t cost too much. I was able to find Valentine’s decor at the Dollar Tree. Candles and rose petals are a must. The hotel room was the most expensive but I believe after almost ten years of marriage a Valentine’s out was needed. Note: Book a room with a Jacuzzi WAY ahead of time. Our date was actually the day after Valentine’s so miraculously we were able to get a great room in a hotel off the beaten path. I’m glad I didn’t give up on the Jacuzzi.

The hotel was nice enough to give us a DVD player to borrow, hence the movies. While I got the room ready I left Chris instructions for supper (I can’t do it all can I?). I went simple: Filet Mignon ready to throw in the oven, baked potatoes that you can microwave in the wrapper, and a salad.  Plastic champagne glasses and sparkling grape juice top it off. Romance doesn’t have to break the bank ;).

Dating Divas inspired me to make this awesome candy gram:

Mine says: Babe, you’ve made my life EXTRA special! You’re the RIESEN for my smile. You always make me laugh. 🙂 Your KISSES are complete BLISS! xoxo Although we’re NERDS, we are a perfect fit, and our love is a beautiful SYMPHONY!!

I got these man approved Valentine’s here:

These were so great. The themes are from big movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and several action movies. I couldn’t decide which one to use so I turned them into a Valentine banner.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Here’s the pics:


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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Harry Potter Date Night October 6, 2013

In this Post: An interactive Harry Potter date Night (actually weekend) with lots of good food. We found Diagon Alley! Also my view and words of caution on the spirituality in Harry Potter. 

Hello dear ones! I’m excited to bring you this post because I worked very hard on this date weekend. But I also want to make sure that I am not a stumbling block and that you understand my view on certain aspects of Harry Potter.  First off, I got several of my ideas from amazing blogs and meshed them together. I will be sharing the links but if you want to find them all together go here:

Okay, only part of this picture is going to show up on my page but I wanted a big picture to see in the reader and to use for Pinterest. Just click on it to see the big picture.  I’ll be showing these pics individually too.  After my view on Harry Potter I will show you how I brought this together and our schedule for the weekend. I have so much to show you! So come along  and don’t get lost ;).


  • My view on Harry Potter spirituality as briefly as possible: Harry Potter is a work of fiction and a majority of the “magic” in the movies (I’m still working on the books) is pure fantasy. BUT and it’s a big but (lol) Harry Potter does contain some real witchcraft and occultic practices. My Dad dabbled in the occult before he became a minister. After he was a minister and HP came out he forbid me to watch the movies. I’m glad too because I was very spiritually immature and I was drawn to the occult. Thankfully God kept me from things. But I was the kid who probably would’ve googled runes and spells . I had a dangerous curiosity.  As a spiritually mature adult (at least more mature than then), I can enjoy the HP movies about an orphan boy who challenges a Nazi like dictator. I can also enjoy the fun of quidditch, flying broomsticks, and private school life.  Those outfits are adorable :).

Me with the sorting hat on and sporting my Gryffindor shirt and scarf. I’m holding a book of poetry for my school book.

Harry Potter 2013 163

  • So what’s the danger in Harry Potter? What’s real “magic”? Tea leaf reading and fortune telling of any kind opens up the demonic and is evil. Runes were made specifically for the occult and open up the demonic (which makes me sad for my beloved Lord of the Rings. I didn’t know that about runes til recently).  They were made for pagan worship and occult practices.  Talking to the dead aka familiar spirits is forbidden in scripture because “ghosts” (familiar spirits) are actually demons. The Bible is clear that there is no in between Heaven and Hell, when you die.

The Scarecrow as Harry Potter

Harry Potter 2013 165

  • I believe the spells in Harry Potter are just Latin words but I’m not sure.  But it is possible that HP could be the gateway drug so to speak that pushes someone to look into real chants and spells. And I’ve heard of people that did take that plunge.  It is rare I hope but still I say proceed with caution…especially when it comes to spiritually immature kids.  Potions seem innocent and kind of silly. In Harry Potter they are but drugs and the occult go hand in hand. It’s dangerous to experiment with drinking strange mixtures.  This isn’t in Harry Potter but in reference to other films that glorify the occult: drinking blood is gross and evil. It opens up the soul to demons. Now, I would hope that all my readers understand that but I just had to say it.  Lastly, alchemy is occultic. The “wizard” that found the Philosopher’s stone was an actual real life alchemist and the philosopher’s stone is a real occultic legend.

Michael enjoying his chocolate frog and every flavor beans. He was there for part of the date. 

Harry Potter 2013 139

  • So I say all this to say, proceed with caution. I let my son see a few of the first movies but it was after a long chat about the real life dangers of the occult.  You can find occultic practices peppered through most of the media. So this is an ongoing chat I’ll be having with my son. Even if I forbid any movie with the occult (Fairy tales included if you want to get technical), I would still want to talk to Michael about the reality of the occult and to beware. I think it’s dangerous to plunge into the media world without guidance and precautions. 
  • Another thing, and this goes for Super Man and any hero character in the movies (Harry Potter etc..), it’s important to know why we root for these characters. Also it’s good to remember that there is only one savior and that’s Jesus. I try to stress to Michael that he should never idolize these characters or try to model his life after them.

Okay, now to the Date!

Harry Potter 2013 048

  • The Set~I got my inspiration for the Great Hall from this site:

I didn’t have LED candles so I tried real candles and it was beautiful. But I could only light them before we sat down because of the dripping wax. I didn’t think of that :(. Thankfully I had a plastic cloth over the couch. I hung the candles with black thread and push pins. It was a dangerous endeavor where I frequently got bonked on the head!

Harry Potter 2013 066

The candles are supposed to appear to be floating. Mine do not but still I felt like the Great Hall was in our living room :).  Blue and red plastic cloths from the dollar store and owl candle holders from Michael’s craft store really brought this together. I sprinkled star confetti everywhere for that “magical” (the fake kind) feel. I labeled each area. I printed out the house symbols and pasted them on construction paper for the coat of arms. Then I hung them along the back. The wall is made of black paper and grey paint for stones. I got the Gryffindor tie idea from:

Harry Potter 2013 050

Potions class and Ollivander’s Wand shop were over by the piano, along with some Nimbus 2013 brooms.

Harry Potter 2013 053

I didn’t want to have any real wands or to pretend to do potions. So I bought these key chain wands that have a light. The potion bottles are goofy Halloween decor from the Dollar Tree.  I bought my two owls online.

Harry Potter 2013 055

The brooms were in the Halloween section of Target. I used a Sharpee to write “Nimbus 2013” on them.

Harry Potter 2013 058

Under the TV, I put up a brick backdrop (from the craft store)  and red plastic cloth. Then I decorated it with various Harry Potter items.

Harry Potter 2013 059

I’ve got the Quibbler and “spectrespecs” (Luna’s glasses). I found Quibbler pages online and the goofy glasses were at the Dollar Tree.

Harry Potter 2013 060

I bought the scarf online. It has either the Gryffindor crest or Hogwarts crest on it. I got the Harry Potter Lego games on sale. I simply put one of my owls in a decorative bird cage I already had. You can find the cages at craft stores. I sprinkled star confetti everywhere. You can see my chocolate frog boxes.

Harry Potter 2013 061

The sorting hat is a witch’s hat that I found in Target and I used a silver Sharpee to draw his face.

Harry Potter 2013 062I’ve learned that you don’t always have to clean up to have a party.  Just throw a cloth over it and voila! LOL 🙂

You can’t forget the Ministry of Magic. Harry Potter fans, you know one of the ways that you magically get there.  Yep, that’s the toilet. I found the sign online. A bit of Harry Potter humor for ya!

Harry Potter 2013 077

Now, how do we get to Hogwarts? Well, we take the train by platform 9 3/4 which is a magical brick wall.  So I covered our front door with the brick paper.

Harry Potter 2013 079

I got several of my labels (including food boxes you’ll see later) at:

Harry Potter 2013 080

A prop that came later…the Marauder’s Map. Harry Potter uses this map to see where people are in the castle. I stained my map with tea. I found the map and idea here:

Harry Potter 2013 082

Of course, you have to have  all 8 dvds (Year 7 is split into two parts) to have a Harry Potter movie marathon. But I didn’t want us to just sit on our bottoms for two days. So I found these owl printables here:

and I wrote down a schedule that would  go with each movie. The first owl for years 1-4 and the second one for years 5-7. Owls deliver mail in the movies.

Harry Potter 2013 091

More on our schedule later…

I made Chris a howler invitation. A howler is a letter that speaks for itself. I couldn’t find any simple instructions online so I just shaped the paper the best I could.  See the lips, teeth, and tongue?

Harry Potter 2013 092

To be silly, I talked for it as well. I used my best Dolores Umbridge impression.

Harry Potter 2013 093

  • Food! Oh this was my favorite part. I wanted to create a big feast for the Great Hall and I wanted to make some of the candy that’s sold at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter 2013 138

Chocolate frogs are a must and super easy. I bought a frog mold online. Then I printed out the boxes and colored them. Remember I posted the label link above?

Harry Potter 2013 095

I added caramel. These were a hit! They don’t hop away either :).

Harry Potter 2013 137

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans~ these were the easiest to make because I didn’t make them :). I bought Jelly Bellies and put them in a different box. I got the box and label at the same link as the frog boxes.

Harry Potter 2013 167

Magic Wands~ I saw these on other blogs. You just dip big pretzel sticks in white chocolate.

Harry Potter 2013 096

Butterbeer is a famous non-alocholic drink served at The Three Broomsticks. It’s super sweet. The guys liked it better than me.

Harry Potter 2013 143

It only took 3 ingredients and you can find the recipe here:

I found the small broomsticks in the craft section. I frosted our glasses in the freezer.

Harry Potter 2013 140

I made these delicious cornish hens in the slow cooker. They just screamed “feast”!

Harry Potter 2013 088

I got the recipe here:

Harry Potter 2013 141

I mixed up a large bowl of Alfredo pasta and I added shrimp cooked with this recipe (minus the other pasta):

Both of the recipes required white cooking wine. A bowl of green beans balanced it out. I could eat the shrimp all day. We ate on this the next week. It was a lot of food!

The next morning we had a breakfast for champions. It included grits and Apple Pie French Toast.

Harry Potter 2013 181

The schedule for the neatest Harry Potter date ever! At least in my opinion ;).

  • Visit Diagon Alley to pick up school books. In HP, Diagon Alley is where you get all you need for wizard school. Chris and I visited downtown to see if we could find “Diagon Alley”. I was super excited to find two shops that really had an old feel to them. It was indeed magical (in the good way).  PS: Chris and I are wearing Gryffindor t-shirts that I found online.

Harry Potter 2013 125

I already did a whole post on the antique and jewelry store.  That was quite a find all by itself. The jewelry is very unique.

Harry Potter 2013 111

The most Harry Potter-ish find was the book store. And it was another God surprise (often God does little things to surprise me. Some call these God-winks). Low and behold! What was in this old book store? A suit or armor with a Harry Potter scarf on him! My, was I ecstatic at the find!

Harry Potter 2013 126

The whole store had a quirky charm. Books were spilling out everywhere!

Harry Potter 2013 127

Here’s an old creepy photo from Civil War times. It’s signed too.

Harry Potter 2013 129

Harry Potter 2013 130

I found this great Harvard Poetry book from around the 1930’s or earlier.  Doesn’t it just look Harry Potter-ish?!

Harry Potter 2013 133

Harry Potter 2013 134

  • Then we went to the Great Hall for a feast and the first Harry Potter movie: The Philosopher’s Stone.

Harry Potter 2013 149

Harry Potter 2013 159

Harry Potter 2013 160

  • We also got sorted into our houses. I already showed you my sorting picture. Here’s Michael and Chris’.  The sorting hat puts people into their teams/houses.

Harry Potter 2013 164

Harry Potter 2013 161

  • We watched the 2nd movie: The Chamber of Secrets and then wrote each other love notes (really poems from my poetry book) in invisible ink.  We didn’t have any luck with lemon juice or crayon resist methods. They were barely legible. In the end, we just read our poems to each other.  It was a brilliant idea anyways.

Harry Potter 2013 169

I also found something interesting in my poetry book, a poem about Trelawny. What another neat find! There is a professor Trelawny in Harry Potter! Remember I had just bought this book…so completely unplanned!

Harry Potter 2013 170

  • We watched # 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban  and then played Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 on PS3. We also posed for pictures in the Daily Prophet (HP newspaper). We did our most insane Sirius Black impressions.

Harry Potter 2013 172

Harry Potter 2013 174

  • We were too tired to watch #4 so we saved it for the next morning. We watched #4 The Goblet of Fire and had our Breakfast  feast for Champions.  The Goblet of Fire is about the Triwizard Tournament. So it fit. I already showed you the apple pie french toast and grits.

Harry Potter 2013 183

  • We then had a quidditch match. We used broom sticks to hit the ball into the hoop. The snitch was the prize for the winner. I taped feathers to a golden wrapper candy to make it.

Harry Potter 2013 168

HPpart2-2013 002

HPpart2-2013 005

I cheated and flew up there ;). Yes, it was very hard to get that ball through the hoop. So hard that we never did.

HPpart2-2013 007

Our game was cut short by the evil Nagini!  Nagini is the horrible snake in Harry Potter. Ours was simply a rat snake but he died anyways. We thought he was a rattler at first. It was super freaky to see him hiss after his head was cut off. Go Chris for defeating Nagini!

HPpart2-2013 009

  • #5 The Order of the Phoenix ~ we trained for Dumbledore’s army by playing Lego Harry Potter years 5-7.
  • #6 The Half Blood Prince~ We read The Quibbler and I had a photo shoot as Luna Lovegood :). She’s one of my favorite characters. The kitty joined me. Chester reminds me of Professor Mcgonagall.

Harry Potter 2013 175

Harry Potter 2013 176

Harry Potter 2013 177

Inside The Quibbler

Harry Potter 2013 178

  • Lastly, we had a lovely dinner of left overs and watched # 7 part one and two.  Then we used a drawing tutorial to draw Dobby, the house elf. He’s my other favorite. I cried when he died :(.

Mine is on the left and Chris’ is on the right. He deviated from the tutorial. So I wanted to try again.

HPpart2-2013 013

Here’s my best Dobby picture.

HPpart2-2013 015

We actually both fell asleep during the last movie. The marathon was just too long. But we had a very fun date weekend. It was full of many surprises…some good…some creepy. I hope you had fun with us.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Our 9th Anniversary & Building a Shed September 8, 2013

Hello dear ones! Sept 4th was Chris and my 9th wedding anniversary. We actually celebrated it last weekend with a date. Chris has also been busy building a shed and is finishing it up this weekend.


We had a simple but sweet date for our anniversary. We ate at a nice Japanese restaurant. They cook the food in front of you on the grill. I’m not big on Japanese but Chris is. It was fun. Then we went to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt. We stopped by a park and sat in the swings and talked. It reminded me of when we first dated.


Then we took a trip to Chuck-E Cheese and played games. Here I am rocking to Guitar Hero.  We ended the night by watching one of my new favorite geek movies, “Unicorn City”.


On the actual day of our anniversary, Chris had class that night. He surprised me by skipping class to deliver roses, chocolates, and a card. 🙂 I was very happy.

China2013 043

Michael and I stopped by Chris’ office days before to deliver cards and a Ukulele.  Chris wasn’t expecting that kind of gift at all.  I probably goofed but now we have a neat mini guitar. Here’s Michael at the music store where we also found some great piano books.


Here’s Chris’ favorite picture of him and the guinea pig.


I showed you a peek at the shed on Monday. Here’s pictures of the progress and basically where it’s at today.





China2013 006


Almost all the shingles are on now. So this pic is several hours out of date. It’s taking longer than we thought but Chris is doing a good job…especially between homework and family time.


I have a new sister ;). My Mom and stepdad got an adorable orange kitty named Diamond. She was from an animal rescue program.



She’s super loveable and playful. Speaking of cats…ours is still evil. He sunk his teeth into my ankle the other day. I can’t shoo him off the bed or out of a corner without him attacking.  I’ve never had a cat like him. Usually our cats are sweet….like Diamond here.



So pray for our demonic cat…even after being declawed and fixed he’s still crazy. Anywho, I’m glad Mom has a sweet kitty to keep her company. You’ll probably see more pics of Diamond in family photos 🙂 down the road.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover