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The 1800’s Week 6: Heading West (The Final Week) July 21, 2014

In this post: Come join us as we take a wagon ride to the prairie! There will be pioneers and cowboys! Come hang out :). 

Hello dear ones! We’ve had a lot of fun learning about the pioneers and the world of Little House on the Prairie. This is how we learned:

Tall Tales

  • We read about Paul Bunyan and Buffalo Bill.
  • Michael watched Tall Tale.

Heading West

  • Michael read and watched Little House on the Prairie. We actually watched the newer mini series.
  • We took a virtual field trip to Little House on the Prairie sites.
  • Michael “built” a log cabin when we visited Fort Mitchell, a couple weeks before.
  • He also saw covered wagons at Fort Mitchell and the inside of a log cabin. There’s a picture of him ringing the supper bell.
  • Michael drew a picture of a log cabin from his Draw Through History book.
  • Little House on the Prairie Role play. I turned the reading pool into a covered wagon and Michael’s desk into the horse. Michael packed up the supplies for his “trip out west”. Then once he arrived, we used tp rolls and tissue paper to make a fire. I put a grate over the top and Michael cooked the food he had “shot”. He used our ukulele for a fiddle. We listened to actual fiddle music and danced around. Michael enjoyed pretending to be “Pa”.
  • We made a covered wagon out of cardboard and tissue paper.
  • We tried to learn old fashioned string games, like Cat’s cradle.
  • We made yarn dolls. I remember my Granny making those for me.
  • We read a book on Pioneers.
  • Michael made a lapbook about Cowboys.
  • Michael played The Oregon Trail, an interactive PC game.
  • We decorated Western gingerbread men, which was creepy since we had just talked about the tragedy of the Donnor Party!


  • We read about Ireland’s potato famine in Story of the World book 4.
  • We watched Dear America Season one: Episode 4. It’s about an Irish immigrant girl who travels to America (because of famine) and works in a factory.
  • We read Jamie O’ Rourke and the Big Potato.
  • We read Little Folk, about leprechauns etc…
  • We read Irish rhymes.
  • We read about Italy in Story of the World, so we also read Italian rhymes.
  • Michael did a composer study on Tchaikovsky. He practiced playing “Swan Lake” on the piano.
  • We read poems by Whitman and Keats.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our study of history this school year. We went from Creation to the 1800’s. Links at the end.


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1800’s Week 5: The Statue of Liberty & Technology

In this post: Statue of Liberty crafts and an experiment Edison would be proud of.

Hello dear ones! This is how we learned during week 5 of the 1800’s:

The Statue of Liberty

  • Michael put together a Statue of Liberty lapbook.
  • We read about the Statue of Liberty in Story of the World book 4.
  • Michael did a splatter paint Statue of Liberty craft, using a silhouette.
  • Michael drew a picture of it, using his Draw Through History book.
  • Michael watched a video on the making of the Statue of Liberty.


  • Michael read “Out of Darkness” about Louis Braille.  Then he drew his name in Braille.
  • We read about Samuel Morse, Vincent Van Gogh, and Alexander Grahm Bell.
  • Michael read about Thomas Edison and the light bulb.
  • Chris and Michael made a homemade lightbulb using a mason jar, wire, batteries, and pencil lead. It was such a cool experiment! The diy video is on my Pinterest link.
  • We read about steam engines and other inventions in Story of the World.
  • We read stories about trains and Michael drew one from his Draw Through History book.


  • Michael did a composer study on Brahms.
  • We read poems by Emily Dickinson and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

EdisonWeek 5Of1800s

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1800’s Week 4: The Civil War & Queen Victoria

In this post: Take a trip on the Underground Railroad and join the battle at Gettysburg. Come learn about the Civil War.

Hello dear ones! I know it’s been awhile. You’ve been on my mind though. Sooo…I’ve got several posts to catch up on. We are having our Summer break, so we’ve obviously finished the 1800’s. I’ve just got to catch you up.  Here we go :).  This is how we studied week 4 of the 1800’s:

Queen Victoria

  • We read about Queen Victoria in Story of the World Book 4.
  • Michael drew a picture of Queen Victoria, from his Draw Through History book.

The Civil War

  • We read about the Civil War in Story of the World Book 4.
  • Michael played Flight to Freedom, an interactive PC game, about the Underground Railroad.
  • We watched Gone with the Wind.
  • We read several books about the Civil War: If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War, Civil War Cooking, Who Was Abraham Lincoln?, What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?, Vinnie & Abraham (about a young artist who sculpted the President), A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee, and Following Freedom.
  • Chris helped us make a Northern Star lantern, by punching holes in a tin can. Then he bent a clothes hanger to carry it. Add a fake candle and voila!
  • Michael made an Underground Railroad lapbook.
  • We learned about quilt patterns used as secret messages in the Undergound Railroad.
  • I put up a Civil War timeline.
  • We visited two museums and found all the Civil War stuff we could.
  • Columbus, Ga was a supply center for the Confederacy.  We explored the River Walk and found historical sites. There was a cannon and an old bell.
  • We had a can of Hoppin’ John, Civil War style blackeye peas.
  • We watched season 1 episodes 3 and 8 of Dear America. Episode 3 is about a slave girl who learns to read. Episdoe 8 is about a confederate girl during the war.
  • We read African rhymes and Her Stories, a book on African American folk tales.
  • Michael did a lapbook on George Washington Carver.
  • We bought toy soldiers (Civil War era) from Hobby Lobby and Michael reenacted a battle.


  • Michael read Little House in the Big Woods. He was workin’ his way to Lil House on the Prairie.
  • We read poetry by Elizabeth Browning and a story about her romance with another poet, Robert Browning.


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1800’s Week 3: Native Americans, the Alamo, Edgar Allan Poe, & the Gold Rush June 3, 2014

In this post: Food, games, crafts, & fun as we study Native Americans, the Alamo, Edgar Allan Poe, & the Gold Rush! Also a composter study on Beethoven! Pull up a chair  and hang out :).

Hello dear ones! This is how we studied week 3 of the 1800’s:

Native Americans

  • We read about the Trail of Tears in Story of the World Book 3.
  • We read books about Native Americans: The Cherokee Indians, The Girl Who Lived With the Bears, & Follow the Stars.
  • We read Native American nursery rhymes.
  • Michael drew a picture of American bison from his Draw through History book.
  • We watched movies about Native Americans: The Trail of Tears, Dear America season 1 episodes 1 &2, and Mandie & the Cherokee Treasure.  The Dear America series is on Netflix and it’s just wonderful. It’s fictional diaries of historical women.
  • We wove a basket with a basket weaving kit.
  • Chris made Native American Fry Bread. We tried it with butter and then with powdered sugar. I prefer the latter.
  • Michael made a papoose and a Native American drum.
  • Michael played the online game: Mission US mission 3: Cheyenne Odyssey
  • We took a trip to Fort Mitchell and saw the Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center outside of it. We saw where the Creek Trail of Tears began. We learned about the Indian Creek Wars and we toured the old fort. We looked at old stage coaches.

Edgar Allan Poe

  • We went to the park and read  The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. We happened to see a raven or a crow at the park.
  • We watched videos about the genius of ravens. They really CAN mimic human speech. They can even use tools. Links are at the end of the post.
  • Michael typed out part of the poem, “The Raven”. I printed it on scrapbook paper. Then I pasted it on fabric with a paper raven.
  • We watched an old Mr. Peabody episode on Edgar Allan Poe.

The Alamo

  • We read about the Alamo in Story of the World book 3.
  • We watched Dear America Season1 episode 7 about the Alamo. It shows a Texan family during the Mexican American war.
  • Michael drew the Alamo from his Draw Through History book.
  • Michael made a model of the Alamo with styrofoam blocks. He had his own war with his little figurines.

The Gold Rush

  • We read about the Gold Rush in Story of the World book 3.
  • Michael did a lapbook on the California Gold Rush. Michael did a worksheet on what he would bring if he was a miner.
  • We “panned” for gold. I filled our kiddie pool with dirt and aquarium gems. The orange represented fool’s gold and the yellow, gold.
  • Michael played the online game “Rush for Gold-California”. You can buy it on It’s quite addictive but it shows how the miners start mining towns. It’s easy and fun.
  • We ate fish soup, a sort of gumbo.
  • I made chocolate “nuggets” with peanuts and chocolate.


  • Michael did a composer study of Beethoven.
  • He learned how to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.
  • We watched “Beethoven’s Wig” a parody of the symphony.
  • Michael read “Little House in the Big Woods” as he continues with the Little House series.
  • We visited the Columbus Museum and Michael sat in an old one room schoolhouse.

Links after the pic…


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1800’s Week 2: South America, Mexico, & James Audubon May 27, 2014

In this post: We continue our study of the 1800’s. Come have a fiesta! Then take a trip to the rainforest! Crafts, food, and fun! 

Hello dear ones, I pray you’ve had a nice day. For part 2 of our study of the 1800’s we were able to learn a little bit about Belize, the country I’m about to go to for mission work. It’s in Central America but it’s very close to South America & Mexico. The most exciting part of the week was turning the homeschool room into a rainforest.  Here’s how we learned:

South America

  •  We read about the South Americans’ freedom from the Spanish in Story of the World book 3.
  • We did lapbooks on South America and the rainforest.
  • We read South American Nursery rhymes in the old book set that belonged to my Dad.
  • We made a hut over the reading pool, using hawaiian grass skirts. I hung up toucan decorations. Our “fiesta” flowers became jungle flowers.
  • I used an ocean table cloth on one side and we added sea creatures and a fishing net. These also came from the Dollar Tree.
  • Our bookshelf became a jungle waterfall.  Michael colored the tree frog and the jaguar. I used tissue paper and brown wrapping paper.
  • I hung door decor of a parrot and a toucan.
  • We read The Great Kapok Tree. It’s a lovely story about the animals in the rainforest.
  • We tried tropical fruit and we had a tropical drink (coconut water with pineapple juice, gingerale, and sherbert).
  • Michael watched Rio.  Michael played online games about the rainforest.  We watched videos about the dance and music of the Garifuna people of Belize. We listened to sounds of the rainforest.
  • We read Hands of the Maya.


  • We read about Mexico’s independence from Spain in Story of the World book 3.
  • We read Mexican nursery rhymes.
  • We bought a cactus :).
  • We made big  “fiesta” flowers out of tissue paper.
  • I made a cactus pinata out of a tp roll. I filled it with tropical Mike n’ Ikes. Michael just had to pull the string.
  • Michael made a Mexican yarn painting. Links are after the picture.
  • We ate tacos and Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.

James Audubon

  • We read Into the Woods about James Audubon. He was a French American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He’s most known for his documenting and painting of American birds
  • Michael put together a Robin lapbook.
  • Michael drew a picture of a robin, from his Draw Through History book.


  • Michael finished reading Farmer Boy.
  • He did a composer study on Claude Debussy and I attempted to play Clair De Lune.  We listened to his music.
  • We watched “Amazing Grace” & read about William Wilberforce’s help to end the slave trade.
  • Michael drew a picture of a steamboat from his drawing book.
  • We read poems by Tennyson and watched the scene from Anne of Green Gables where Anne pretends to be the Lady of Shalott.
  • We also read about the end of Napoleon, and the Zulus and Boers in Africa.
  • Because we just finished with Napoleon, Michael finally played his French Revolution game. It has Napoleon on it. He used a Lego for his game piece and look, it must’ve been guillotined!

Well, I hope you’re inspired. Links after the picture!


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1800’s Week 1: Sacagawea & Claude Monet May 20, 2014

In this post:  A short dive into the 1800’s. Here’s week 1 as we study Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and Claude Monet. 

Hello dear ones! This is a super short post but I didn’t want you to think I was skipping the first week of the 1800’s. We were so laid back this week. I’m thankful to finally be in the 1800’s though. I’m almost caught up on posts.

  • We read about Lewis and Clark and their westward journey in Story of the World Book 3. We also learned about Napoleon, the Haitian revolt, and the rise of factories.
  • Michael read “Who was Sacagawea?” and started reading “Farm Boy”.
  • Michael drew Sacagawea, a grizzly bear, and the White House from his Draw Through History book.
  • Michael read about Claude Monet and then he made a 3D lily pads in a pond picture inspired by Monet.
  • Michael played an interactive Louis and Clark game.

Links after the pic…


Pinterest link for the 1800’s:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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The 1700’s Week 3: Australia, the French Revolution, & Lord Byron May 19, 2014

In this post: Join us for Week 3 of the 1700’s as we learn about Australia and the French Revolution. We’ve got crafts, food, and fun!

Hello dear ones! So I’m almost caught up with posts. We’re already on Week 3 of the 1800’s in real time. Yes, I’ve got to get my butt out of a rut (pardon my slang). This was an interesting week. I have an embarrassing story to tell but I’ll get to that in a minute. Here’s how we learned:

  • We read about Australia in Story of the World Book 3 and Book 2. We skipped Australia when we were learning about the Middle Ages.
  • We began two short lapbooks: a lapbook on kangaroos and koalas; a lapbook on Australia.
  • We read books on koalas and kangaroos. We also read a book on Australia and Oceania.
  • We watched a video about a dream time story of how the Koala lost it’s tail.
  • We watched a video on how to make Koala noises and we tried.  We also watched several videos about the Outback & dangerous Australian animals.
  • We made aboriginal dot paintings and glued them to our paper towel roll didgeridoo.  We also watched a video of someone playing a didgeridoo.
  • Michael colored a wombat mask.
  • We played a game with animal dice. We had to act like whichever animal it landed on.
  • Michael drew animals and the barrier reef from his Draw Through History book. He also tried drawing tutorials for a koala, a kangaroo, and a kookaburra. We listened to a kookaburra sing/laugh online.
  • Michael and I ate at the Outback Steakhouse for free as a Mother-Son date night. A generous lady paid for our meal. We had fun looking at all the boomerangs and aboriginal art. We split a bloomin’ onion. There’s a picture of Michael in front of an Australian map.
  • At the restaurant, we read Australian facts and about how to speak Australian slang, as we waited for our meal. What’s funny is that we were sitting near Australians the whole time and didn’t know it until we overheard their waiter. I bet we looked the fool over there trying to sound Australian!

The French Revolution etc…

  • We read books about the French Revolution and we had a Marie Antoinette party. We dressed up for a masquerade, danced, ate, and watched the 1930’s Marie Antoinette movie. The way the people persecuted that woman is just horrible. She was a scapegoat for sure. They accused her of the most ridiculous things.

Our Marie Antoinette party:

  • We read about Princess Catherine of Russia in Story of the World Book 3. Michael made a fake faberge egg. We used a plastic easter egg and fake gems.
  • We did a composer study on Joseph Haydn.
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds meets Lord Byron shadow box art~  Remember last week I told you to remember the 3D woman from Sir Joshua Reynolds painting? Well, here’s why. I wanted to use her for our Lord Byron poem tree. We used Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty”. I saw a poetry tree sketch on Pinterest and it inspired me. So Michael and I both did one. I modge podged Michael’s to a cardboard box and added moss. Then I glued paper butterflies on both of ours for a 3D look. I added Reynold’s lady to the shadow box. She just looks perfect for that poem. I like how the words form the branches. Pictures don’t do it justice. Michael’s picture is shiny because of the modge podge.

I hope you are inspired! Links after the picture…

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Marie Antoinette Party May 18, 2014

In this post: An original and glamorous Marie Antoinette party as we learn about the French Revolution! Come join us!

Dear ones, I hope you are well. I’m thrilled to share this fun party with you. We ended our study of the French Revolution with a Marie Antoinette party. Marie never said “Let them eat cake”, but her over the top fashion is great inspiration for a glamorous party…and delicious cake ;). Here’s how I did it:

The Set

  • Black and White fancy table cloth & plates. I bought the table cloth at Walmart and the plates at the Dollar Tree.
  • Pink napkins with fancy clock napkin holders. I took tulle and wrapped it around the napkins. For the clocks, I printed out old Victorian looking clocks and I taped them into layed cupcake holders. I stuck that on the tulle.
  • Marie Antoinette project board~ I bought the project board and the girly French stickers at the Dollar Tree. My Mom miraculously had some black and white tissue paper that she gave me. I modge podged it on and put a paper doll of Marie on top of it. Then I made designs with black and pink paint.
  • Fancy clock~ this was a thrift store find that I also used for Hannah’s baby shower.
  • Vase of pink flowers and black and white flowers. I found the flowers on sale at Michael’s craft store, 50 cent each!
  • An old key, pearls, vintage looking bags with crown designs on them. I believe these were on sale at Michael’s awhile back.
  • Marie Antoinette shadow box frame~ I bought the frame and the wooden chandelier and chair at Michael’s. I painted the frame black and pink. I painted the wooden chair and chandelier black. I cut out a paper Marie and modge podged her. I used the black and white tissue paper to encircle her. I glued on fake pearls in a heart shape. I glued on a feather. I cut out paper butterflies and modge podged them on both sides so they would shine. I wanted them to be 3D.
  • Marie cage lantern~ It’s hard to tell what this is but in person it lights up. I took a small cage from the craft store and put a fake candle in it. I put a Marie paper doll on a popsicle stick and stuck it in the cage. Then I took black and white tissue paper to form her dress.

I loved this set so much. I had a hard time taking it down. I did keep the shadow box for my office. 🙂


  • Pink cupcakes with pearls on top~ I used a box of strawberry cake mix and a can of pink frosting. I found edible pearls also at Walmart.
  • Salmon patties and mac n cheese for our fancy candle lit dinner.
  • Apple juice in fancy goblets.

The Costumes

  • Marie Antoinette (mua)~ My Aunt’s prom dress from the 70’s. Yeah, I’ve taken good care of it. My hair did not get as puffy as I’d hoped but I had two fake hair pieces under it. I think next time I’ll put them closer to the front. I’ll include my Pinterest link at the bottom. I put fake pearls in my hair so it’d drape across my forehead. I took a paper mask and glued a pink feather and fake gems on it. Then I attached the mask to a dowel. My makeup looks a bit funny because I powdered my face with very light powder. You can’t tell as much in these pictures but I put concealer on my lips and then drew a heart shape with lipstick. I put on a good bit of blush.
  • Michael~ He wore a nice black shirt and pants. We got his purple hat at the Dollar Tree. He also wore a paper mask which he decorated purple with shapes.


  • A Candle Lit dinner
  • The Marie Antoinette movie from the 30’s
  • A waltz...sort of.
  • A funny video on the secrets of Marie Antoinette’s hair

I hope you are inspired! 🙂 Links are below the pic…


Marie Antoinette ideas on Pinterest (about half way down)

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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The 1700’s Week 2: The Revolutionary War May 17, 2014

In this post: The Revolutionary War, Mozart, and also our geocaching adventure with our homeschool group. We’ve got crafts, books, games, & even food. Come hang out! 🙂

Dear ones, we had quite the ride while learning about the Revolutionary War. We met some great characters. Here’s how:

  • First, before the week started we were already watching “Liberty’s Kids”. It’s an awesome cartoon series that follows three fictional kids with differing views as they live through the founding of the U.S.A. Liberty’s Kids really brought the time period to life for us. By the time, we got to certain historical figures in our studies, we already knew them from the cartoon. Michael had so many “aha” moments. I almost cried when Nathan Hale died. Anywho, I highly recommend the series. You can get it on Netflix and I had a friend who bought it at Walmart.
  • Our first morning we had a “Boston Tea Party“.  I laid out Michael’s revolutionary clothes and a handmade “newspaper” of the times. I found various clippings online. I made some delicious french toast muffins. I’ll share the recipe link later.  We had tea of course. We drink it very English like, with cream and sugar.  We played and sang the Liberty Song.
  • I pinned up a Revolutionary War timeline in the living room. The homeschool room just didn’t have the space. I also put up a 13 colonies poster but it’s not pictured.  We only had a week to dive into this so I wanted it everywhere. Michael had wanted to learn about the different wars for awhile now.
  • Michael read several themed books during the week. Here they are: What Was the Boston Tea Party?, Betrayal at Cross Creek, Who Was George Washington?, and at a later time he read Revolutionary War on Wednesday.
  • Chris and I both read to Michael as well: George Washington’s Teeth (I felt so sorry for him), Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, Felicity Takes a Dare, Boston Tea Party (it’s actually about patriotic mice), The Black Regiment, Thomas Jefferson (comic book-esque), and Molly Pitcher.
  • Michael drew George Washington at Valley Forge and Paul Revere from his Drawing through History book.
  • We learned about Celsius and Farenheit and their inventions. We made a thermometer using rubbing alcohol. It didn’t work. I’m not sure what we did wrong.
  • We read about the 7 year war, the American Revolution, and the American Constitution in The Story of the World Book 3.
  • We began a Revolutionary War lapbook.
  • We played a colonial game of marbles. The object was to shoot as many marbles out of the circle as we can. We got to keep the ones we shot out. Whoever has the most, wins.
  • Michael began playing For Crown or Colony, an interactive game online.
  • We learned about Sir Joshua Reynolds and made a 3D version of one of his paintings. Remember this lady because she might pop up in another post ;).
  • Michael did a composer study on Mozart. We watched funny cartoon clips on youtube that had characters singing Figaro. Michael learned how to play Figaro on the piano.  He played musical games online.
  • Our lapbook came with a matching card game for the historical figures during the American Revolution. Michael memorized them through out the week. We began with a set of three and added three more each day.
  • On Earth Day we learned about Carol Linnaeus, a creation scientist that is the father of taxonomy. We learned about the five kingdoms. We also learned about his floral clock, which went well with our wild flower activities for Earth day.

  • We watched a video on music during the Revolution.
  • We learned about Philllis Wheatley, a black female poet during the Revolution. We read some of her poems and I turned it into a lapbook.
  • Michael colored Betsy Ross’ flag and read about her. I turned it into a lapbook too.
  • We watched a video on the history of the song “Yankee Doodle”. We had fun singing it.
  • I made Michael a “powdered wig” by gluing cotton balls onto a shower cap. You can see the process in the pictures below.
  • At the end of the week I printed out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and we read it.
  • We listened to the poem about Paul Revere’s Ride. Michael looked at an interactive map of Revere’s ride.

It was only a week long study but it felt like a month. There’s so much that I had forgotten about this time in history. It was nice to explore it in a hands on way. I felt like the characters were alive. When I learned about them as a kid, everyone felt musty and dead. Mine and Michael’s journey was fun.

Geocaching pics after this first collage…


We had fun geocaching with our group several weeks back. I  got some great pictures. I love the way my son puckers his lips when he blows a dandelion. I just want to squeeze his cheeks! If he were to read this he’d say, “Moooom! You’re embarrassing me!” I gave Michael the idea to roll down the hill. I was about to show him how when I remembered I was wearing white. Yeah, grass stains are not fun. My sweet boy is always bringing me flowers. This time he also gave some to his buddy Olivia. They’re too cute!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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The 1700’s Week 1: Isaac Newton, Johannes Vermeer, Vivaldi, the Tulip King, & a Chinese Dragon May 11, 2014

In this post: We learn about the theory of gravity with Newton and we make a color wheel. Origami tulips for the Ottoman empire. A Chinese dragon and the music of Vivaldi. Plus Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting. Also Lego club and garden fun! 

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I’m super behind. Here’s week 1 of the 1700’s. This is how we learn:

  • We read about Isaac Newton in Story of the World Book 3. We did a couple gravity experiments and Michael calculated his weight on different planets. 
  • Michael read a comic called The Laws of Motion. Isaac Newton also came up with the color wheel. So we made our own.
  • Michael started reading “Who Was Paul Revere?
  • We read about Peter the Great from Russia. Michael did a composer study on Vivaldi and listened to his music.
  • Michael read about the artist Johannes Vermeer and did a water color painting of his “Girl with the Pearl Earring“.
  • We read about the “Tulip King” from the Ottoman empire. Chris and Michael made origami tulips. I wanted to make croissants for the time the Ottomans tried to tunnel under the German bakery but failed. There’s a neat story about how that pastry came about.  We never got to it though.
  • We read about the English in India and Michael made a thumbprint peacock, since it’s India’s national bird.
  • We read about China during the 1700’s and made a Chinese dragon. In the story we pretended to take a journey across China while riding the imperial dragon.
  • We were prepping for our garden. So Michael read about the life cycle of a carrot and we planted our own. He found a couple of earth worms to throw in.
  • Michael had Lego Club and he made the lighthouse of Alexandria. The Lego Club is free and you can find it on
  • I didn’t feel well one day, so Michael drew me a picture and made me lunch. I’m so thankful for my buddy. 🙂

Well, links are after the picture. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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