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Fourth of July Crafts and Our Second Family Olympics 2015 July 17, 2015

Hello dear ones, I hope you are well. Two years ago we had our first Family Olympics. You can find the link here:

This year we spent Independence Day having our second Family Olympics. I also have July 4th crafts to share with you. Here we go :).


We made 4th of July T-shirts.



Michael and Chris tie dyed a red, white, and blue shirt.




I used Leeland’s hand print and craft sticks to make this  U.S. flag onesie.


Michael did a lapbook on the U.S. flag. Link here:–Speedy-Lapbook



Then Michael made me a red, white, and blue necklace out of beads.


We also did a state lapbook. Link here:–Speedy-Lapbook


Then my mom came over for…



Family Olympics


I really love this event and I can’t wait until the next one. We should really have winter Olympics as well. We began by making our personal flags to represent us in the games. IMG_2394

We used index cards to keep score. Here are the events:

    • Archery



My Step Dad Kim










    • Foam Sword fighting

Me and Mom~ This was fun, but a word to the wise…make sure you zip up the trampoline if you use it. When Michael and I were sword fighting he actually fell through the unzipped part of the trampoline screen. Thankfully he didn’t hit his head too hard. It was scary though.




    • Airplane Toss



    • Egg Race


    • Sac Race


Then just for fun:

    • Parachute games



    • Michael’s 4th grade piano recital. He played The Star Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace.




All of us won at least one medal, but Kim won the trophy.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

More ideas:



Fall Festivals, Pumpkin Carving, & Archery 2014 November 4, 2014

Hello dear ones! How are you? We ended October with several fall festivals and pumpkin carving. I thought I’d share with you :). This year I was a Snowy Owl and Michael was a Ninja Turtle. Chris didn’t dress up.


Snowy Owl costume~ I wore an off white dress with white tights. I sewed white feathers onto the dress. I glued feathers onto a mask and used a black Sharpee for the markings. A white feather boa was my wings. I put my hair up in a white and black bandana.

Snowy Owl makeup~ I dusted my face with white eye shadow. I put tons of white eye shadow on my brow and put yellow in the crease of my eyes. I used black mascara for the markings. My eyes are hooded so it’s really hard to see the makeup. My mask covered most of my face so the makeup didn’t have to be perfect.

A couple Fall Festival pics
Our church

The Museum- Michael with living art for the scavenger hunt

Chris and Michael tag teamed to make a Darth Vader pumpkin carving.

Michael cleaned out the pumpkin guts.

Chris found the pattern online and carved the pumpkin.


The results: one really cool pumpkin!


Lastly, Chris, Michael, & a couple guy friends got together for a day of archery practice. I didn’t go so of course there weren’t many pictures. I’ve got one of Chris to show you.


So how did you spend October? Did you catch any festivals? Did you dress up? As what? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Robin Hood, Mickey Mouse, & Brave July 8, 2013

In this post: Olympics with Robin Hood & Brave. Also a sweet Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ice cream party! Crafts, food, and fun coming your way! This is #5 on our Disney countdown. 

Disney Countdown 5

Hello dear ones! Welcome to week #5 on our countdown. You can read #4 here:

What a rainy week it’s been especially for an Olympic themed week.  If you read my Sunday post then you know we had Family Olympics. I’ve been tying in fun Summer themes with Disney. Olympics went well with Disney’s Brave & Robin Hood. Both feature archery and that happened to be in our competition. We also had a fabulous ice cream party.

We began the week with Robin Hood. Here’s Michael playing with the arrows Chris made. He looks the part with his green hat.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 015

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 014

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 017

Tuesday Chris was home part of the day. He helped Michael make these hamburger and hot dog portraits.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 019

Here’s Chris’ hamburger picture lol :).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 018

I was up the night before prepping for our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ice cream Party.

  • The Set Up

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece~ 3 styrofoam balls painted black, a styrofoam cone, sparkly pipe cleaners, and paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 001

  • Another Mickey Mouse Centerpiece ~ styrofoam balls painted black, a red cup, and a yellow ribbon.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 002

  • Mickey and Minnie Silhouettes~ I painted cheap wooden frames red and then I modge-podged paper silhouettes onto them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 006

  • Disney World Silhouette~ I did the same as above but I added Disney stickers and I glued a ribbon on top.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 009

I found a paper Mickey clubhouse on the Disney family site. It came with Disney characters. Michael helped me with it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 029

  • The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ This was actually very simple. I bought cheap colorful plastic cloths from the Dollar Tree and I hung them from the ceiling to make the back drop. I made a paper Mickey symbol and wrote “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on paper. I taped them both to the cloths. The hanging ice cream cone is actually a pool toy found at the Dollar Tree.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 027

Music ~ I found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse station on Pandora. I use Pandora for so many of our parties.

The Eats

Ice cream of course! 😉 We didn’t get a chance to make it homemade but we had Neapolitan ice cream. Our topping selection included

  • marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate syrup
  • whip cream
  • gummy bears
  • The guys added coke to make floats, though it was in their bowl ;P

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 034

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 035

I love it when Chris smiles…sigh.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 037

Michael is dressed as Goofy.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 038

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 040

Crafts & Play

  • Ice cream Picture~ Michael made this with paper. Later we glued sprinkles to it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 031

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 046

  • I read the book Mickey Meets the Giant. We also watched several Mickey cartoons and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I’m supposed to be Minnie.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 043

  • Homemade Play-dough Ice Cream

You can find the recipe on my Disney Pinterest that I’ll put at the end.

First, we made this play-dough out of flour etc… We added food coloring for flavors and peppermint extract to one of them. We also added glitter but you can’t tell.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 048

Michael scooped the “ice cream” into a paper cone.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 051

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 052

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

I love these and the materials were only a few dollars. We bought black head bands at the Dollar Tree (catching the trend lol) and black stiff felt at the craft store. I cut the ears out and glued them on to the head band. The pattern is on my Pinterest link.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 049

Minnie has a bandanna bow sewed on. Think how much we will save at Disney with our OWN Disney ears :).

  • Mickey Mouse Club certificate~ also on my Pinterest. I showed Michael what the clubhouse looked like back in the 60’s and in the 90’s….when the mouse-keteers were kids.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 054

  • Disney Character word search, Mickey’s fill in the blank tale, and a cutie catcher (with Disney quotes instead of fortunes).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 057

The next day we watched Brave. The Summer writing assignment  for this week was “Being brave means…”

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 055

I just printed the mom (bear) from Brave onto lined paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 058

Our week ended with the Family Olympics. You can see more pictures from it here:

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 082

We made our torch out of toilet paper rolls, a paper plate, and tissue paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 061

Each family member had a flag to represent them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 083

Michael got to compete in archery like Merida and Robin.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 112

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Disney Pinterest Link~ remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the link.

PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Tarzan, The Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck.

Disney Countdown #6


My Family Rocks! Sunday: 2013 Family Olympics July 7, 2013

Hello dear ones! For the  past three days my family participated in our first Family Olympics.  It actually went along with our Disney Countdown but I want to share the pics here since it was a family event.

Family Olympics

We had originally planned to do it all on July 4th for Independence Day but it rained all day. We were finally able to set off fireworks late that night in between a drizzle. Our Family Olympics had ten events.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 065

Since our holiday was rained upon we took advantage of a coupon I had and went bowling, just me and my fellas. The bowling alley was full so we were put on a wait list. Michael and I played laser tag while we waited. He won. Who says Olympics have to be outdoors ;)?

Michael, with his patriotic headband. So Duck Dynasty-ish.


Chris in action :). He got the most points and won the gold medal.




Michael began the Olympics by parading around with this paper torch. We ended the night with a video game competition between Michael and I. He won the most times.  Alas, no gold medal for me all day.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 061

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 082

The second day it also rained so we played putt putt (mini golf). I was desperate for a gold medal but Chris beat me by 3 points. I got cocky and goofed off too much :(.


The third and final day, Mom and my stepdad Kim came over. We had a grill out. It still rained but Chris made a tarp shelter to grill under. I planned a couple indoor events and some outdoors if the rain slacked (or under the tarp).  Chris was awesome helping me get set up and he did some mean grillin’.  Thanks Babe!

Every player had to make their own flag to represent them. I hung them up and put scores above each. My flag is all the way to the right. You’ll have to click on the picture to see it. It got clipped off.

We have Michael (cross & stars), Mom aka Ann (teapot & cross), Chris (Zelda symbol), Kim (a sailboat & cross), and me ( my favorite season and colors, and a cross).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 083

The first event of the day was javelin throwing. Thankfully the rain had let up. I forgot to take pictures but we basically threw these pool noodles and saw who threw the farthest. Kim won the gold.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 085

Secondly, we had an archery competition. Chris and I strung up a tarp with holes cut into it. Each hole and subsequent area equaled a certain amount of points. We had a real bow and Chris made stick arrows.


DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 086

Michael looks so natural…lil cutie. 🙂

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 110

This is precious. Kim helping Mom. She actually surprised us and was the first person to get an arrow through a hole and not just hit the tarp.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 095

Love my face :P.  I tied with Kim for the Gold. The only gold medal I got but hey I did get a lot of silver. I felt very Elvish.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 104


DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 115

We had planned on throwing darts at paint filled balloons but we all had a time. So we just threw them at the tarp and called it a balloon toss.

Next, we played indoor basketball. You can see it better in the next picture but we made a pool noodle into a circle and duct taped it. Then we taped it to Michael’s bed. It’s still up because he likes it so much.


DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 124

Me throwing from the doorway. To make it fair, adults had to sit down to throw the ball and Michael could stand up. Kim won again. Different parts of the room equaled different points.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 127

We had really neat balloon races by taping fishing line from one end of the living room to the other. Then I put the fishing line through a straw and we taped a balloon to it, blown up but not tied. We had two strings across. Then we let go and the balloons sailed across the room. I found the idea on Pinterest, along with several of these ideas.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 134

Kim, Mom, and Chris

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 136

Michael, Mom, & Chris. Mom & Michael took the gold!

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 141

Lastly, everyone but me participated in a Paper Airplane Competition. I was the judge. We had three point areas (1, 3, & 5 pts).  Michael won the gold.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 142

Now, what do I mean by gold you ask? Well, you may know that the Olympic medals are Gold for first place, Silver for second, and Bronze for third. I had several medallions that are lovely collector’s pieces but have no real value. Unfortunately, my Dad bought them thinking they’d help with Michael’s college. He got ripped off. They’ve been collecting dust.  So I broke out the medallions and “fake” coins for prizes. I threw in some candy for the Bronze.

Kim and Mom

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 143

Michael was happy to have something of his Papa’s (my Dad died in 2009) and they do have nifty pictures on them (presidents and historical stuff).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 144

Me and Chris

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 147

So here are all the events:

  • Laser Tag
  • Bowling
  • Video Game Competition
  • Putt Putt (Mini golf)
  • Javelin Throw
  • Archery
  • Balloon Toss
  • Indoor Basketball
  • Balloon Races
  • Paper Airplane Competition

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 148

It was a blast and I hope we can do it again next year. I’ll be thinking up events til then :). Just goes to show that you can still have fun on a rainy day ;).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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