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An Adorable Strawberry Shortcake Party March 2, 2015

My buddy Carrie had a sweet Strawberry Shortcake birthday party for her 2 year old little girl. I just have to share with you! Enjoy the pics :).






The birthday girl



I hope you’re inspired! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Hilarious Birthday Celebrations with Mom February 16, 2014

Hello dear ones! My birthday is just one week after my Mom’s. Her’s is Feb. 2nd and mine the 9th. So we usually celebrate together. This year my guys went out of town and left the house to us gals. We had some hilarious fun! I’ve got games, food, and silliness to share with you!

FoodLarge root beer floats, Ziti, salad, and a cheesecake sampler for the birthday cake.

Decor: Pink balloons everywhere (We actually have a helium tank), twinkling lights, pink streamers, and a bed sheet tent (I also used a pink plastic cloth).

Accessories & knickknacks:  Pink margarita cups (for the floats), lip straws, colorful beads, princess candles, and candles with pink flames.

Games & Activities: H20: Just Add Water movie marathon, Heads Up party game, karaoke, Nail Polish Spin the Bottle, hilarious makeovers, and the Goodwill dash.

Now I get to explain the games :). Heads Up is a great party game and we actually played it a week later for my birthday. It was fun with the guys.  For the Girly Adult Slumber Party/ Birthday Party, Mom and I first went shopping. We each had $10 for the Goodwill dash. I found this idea on a dating site and had to use it. Mom had to buy and put together an outfit for me and I for her. The point was to be as silly as possible. I found Mom a very plain Chinese dress. I jazzed it up with an almost Indian looking orange scarf and a hat with  leopard print ribbon. Mom bought me a sequin dress that looks like something I’d die in lol. She also got a black feather boa.  We joked that I looked like an 80’s tramp and her a fortune cookie. Really she looked like a 60’s musician.

We killed each other did each other’s make up and hair. It was the funniest part. Mom and I didn’t do makeovers much when I was a little girl. My Mom was a hard working single mother and I was a tomboy. So it was funny how my Mom held my forehead down while she was trying to apply my makeup. We both accused each other of torture. I will never trust that woman with mascara again! 😉 Ha!

Nail Polish spin the bottle: This is a simple twist on an old game. You take several different colors of polish. You spin the bottle and whatever it lands on you paint with. The person to get the most toes the same color, wins! Mom won but we both had a mix of colors. We also pulled out our small foot spas before hand. They’re so much cheaper than going to the nail salon. The Epsom salt feels really nice on the feet.

We put our costumes to good use for pictures and karaoke! I wish I could show you the video of Mom and I singing “I Got You Babe” but she won’t let me :(. We also watched H20 episodes and had cheese cake and giant root beer floats.

This was a simple but extremely fun and hilarious birthday. Thanks Mom for sharing it with me!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Hannah’s “Doll & Me Tea” Birthday Party April 21, 2013

   Hello dear ones! This past weekend Michael’s good buddy Olivia (who was born the same day) had her 7th birthday party. I asked her mom and my Best buddy Hannah to guest post. Maybe you can use her ideas for your own girly party. Just in case you didn’t see it last year, here’s the link to Olivia’s mermaid party:
Alrighty, take it away Hannah 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 064
Hey!  Hannah here!  Amber asked me to guest blog about my daughter’s “Doll and Me Tea Party” for her 7th birthday.  Amber’s son, Michael, attended, and while I’m not sure he was thrilled with copious amounts of pink and dolls, he was the perfect gentleman and Olivia enjoyed having her buddy there. 🙂
Michael & Liam, Olivia’s brother
Olivia'sparty2013 049
Hannah & Amber
Olivia'sparty2013 116
The “Doll and Me Tea” theme was something I came up with to appease my daughter, Olivia, who was determined to have an American Girl party.
Olivia'sparty2013 056
See, last December, Olivia received a much anticipated American Girl doll for Christmas.  We had been receiving the catalogs for a couple of years because they somehow knew we had a young daughter who needed tempting and they just started sending the darn things!  I threw them out for the first year or so, but then she got her hands on one, and the rest is history,  So, for Christmas this past year, she received “Caroline” and instantly decided she wanted an “American Girl” party in a few months for her 7th birthday.  I told her that not every little girl has an American Girl and that they cost a lot of money, but she continued to ask.  So, after brainstorming a bit, I pitched the idea to her of having a “bring your favorite doll/toy” tea party, and she agreed. 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 052
The next hurdle was that she absolutely just had to have pink and orange as the colors, and not just any pink– a very specific bubble gum pink.  I told her that I was concerned about these colors looking pretty together, but my mom– who was there for this conversation– spoke right up and said, “well, it’s her party!”  So off to Hobby Lobby we went.  There, in the front of the store, was a beautiful springy display of coral, pink, and magenta decor and dishes.  Thank you, Lord! 🙂  They were on sale, and I had coupons, so we made out quite well.  I got a couple of platters, a vase, napkin holder, and a few other decorative items.
 Olivia'sparty2013 051
Olivia'sparty2013 057
Next, we went to the party store and matched plates, table cloths, and more decor to the pattern from Hobby Lobby.  My favorite finds though came from online.  I found plastic tea cups with straws for the kids, and tea pot lollipops for the goody bags.  I also found a really cute tea pot pinata.
Olivia'sparty2013 058
Olivia'sparty2013 094
The cake came from a local bakery here that never ceases to amaze us.  They were unsure about the orangey pink colors on the cake, but they did a fantastic job and my sweet Olivia loved the cake!  It all came together quite nicely.  We reused place card holders from our wedding to identify each child’s seat. 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 093 Olivia'sparty2013 097 Olivia'sparty2013 098 Olivia'sparty2013 101 Olivia'sparty2013 103
The last part was setting the table for the dolls and toys!  My mom brought over the table and chairs I had as a little girl, and we added the set Olivia uses now along with some other small chairs and doll high chairs.  We set out plates, plastic tea cups, tea pots, and pretend treats.  As each child came in, they placed their toy in a special place at the little table.
Amber’s American Girl dolls came to tea also!
Olivia'sparty2013 053
Michael’s dog “Blew” that he got from his Papa that died & Liam’s Mr. Bean doll
Olivia'sparty2013 063
During the party, we took photos of each child with their doll/toy and my husband printed them out while each child decorated a tea pot picture frame to take home.
Olivia'sparty2013 061
Hannah’s Mom with the kids
Olivia'sparty2013 060
Olivia'sparty2013 062
Michael made his an early Mother’s Day present 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 105
We also had fun with the pinata outside.  It was the toughest pinata I’ve ever seen!
Olivia'sparty2013 066
OliviaOlivia'sparty2013 078
MichaelOlivia'sparty2013 076
Maggie, Rachel’s daughterOlivia'sparty2013 083
The kids took turns hitting the pinata for a long time. Finally James, Hannah’s husband, put the pinata out of it’s misery!Olivia'sparty2013 089
I really was worried about making this party work because it wasn’t exactly what Olivia had asked for, but we learned a lot about compromise, which is always good.  We did end up with several American Girls at the party, but Buzz Lightyear and a plush Mr. Bean (that would be my son’s) also attended, along with a few other fun toys.  Many of the children dressed up, which was fun.
Olivia opening presents.
Olivia'sparty2013 109
Michael & Liam, best buddies.
Olivia'sparty2013 114
I really think my sweet girl felt special, and that was my ultimate goal.
Hannah, a wonderful hostess 😉 (says Amber).
Olivia'sparty2013 059
Now it’s time to get to work on my son’s birthday.  He will be 5 and hasn’t requested anything special.  Kids can be so different. 🙂  I suggested “The Lorax”  because he watches it so much, and he loves the idea, so hopefully I will be able to blog about that party, too. 🙂
Liam stole the show when he dressed up as Mickey, during present time.
Olivia'sparty2013 110
Thank you so much Hannah for the great post! We’d love to see more of your parties and you know we love truffula trees over here :). 
God bless everyone & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Happy Birthday to Me!!! (Feb 9th) February 10, 2013

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Well, at 4:25 pm February 9th, 1985 I was born. That explains why I’m such a night owl. There’s no way they were getting me out before noon….the afterbirth had to about kill me for me to get out of bed ;P. My mom has a sword scar from where we both fought to stay alive.  Anywho, I am 28 years old now and will be the same age as my hubby until May 13th when he turns 29.birthday celebration Feb 2013 009

It’s my birthday so I’ll be a bit self indulgent if I want to…..

birthday celebration Feb 2013 010

birthday celebration Feb 2013 011

birthday celebration Feb 2013 012

My guys have to deal with this lol……..yeah I got my own birthday banner and table cloth. My latest ocd obsession is retro owls and Lalaloopsy dolls. They’re just “sew cute”.  Mom & my stepdad Kim got me cupcakes and a balloon. Chris fixed me bacon for breakfast.

I’m used to being spoiled for my birthday. My parents were not rich but they always did something for my birthday. My Dad loved to cook so he made my cakes. I had a Disney Princess party for my 18th birthday….yeah…spoiled. When my hubby was deployed to Iraq the first time my mom lived with me. When I got home from work on my birthday that year, she had our dog & cat in birthday hats.


So I woke up this morning after having a bittersweet dream. I dreamt that my parents had left me these birthday treats on a table after I got out of class. I still dream I’m in school (so frustrating). I woke up really missing my Dad. My hubby didn’t do much for his birthdays as a kid so I’ve had to “train” him in that area. Also I’ve learned to spoil myself. I will buy myself flowers and chocolate if I have to lol.  I have planned my own birthday parties as an adult. Once it was a bowling party. Last year I stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time in my life. I got plenty of writing done. My family did stop by with cake before leaving me to myself. Mom had blown up lots of balloons.

Michael’s present to me (pic of giraffe)


This year I did not want to be alone….not for a second. I was a bit depressed. I got tickets for my family and I to see a Hockey game….something we had not done in years. In fact, this was only my second hockey game in my life (same as Michael). I’m not sure why the sport appeals to me……most of the cheering occurs when the players fight. Did I mention I used to love watching wrestling with my Dad and Uncle?




It was family night so the Chik Fila cows were there. Little stuffed cows parachuted down to the fans.



There’s also this awesome blimp that drops prizes.


Hockey is so easy to understand…..get it in the goal and score or the other team gets it in your goal and scores. Simple. I like that.

Look the Zamboni (right corner)


Chris thinks I’m a bit arrogant but I prayed for our team to get a tie breaking point and we did, immediately after I prayed. God may not care about the outcome of sports but it was my birthday and He loves me. I’m His daughter. It’s not bad to pray that God let’s my team win for my birthday. Yep, we did win. Michael was super excited too….he shouted a “Praise God!”.

We didn’t catch any prizes but we saw a guy from church that works at the rink sometimes. He gave Michael a puck that was used in the game.  Michael put it with his model cars. 🙂

birthday celebration Feb 2013 015

So despite a bit of depression, the day and night went well. The greasy corn-dogs smelled better than they tasted but my stomach and I made it home alright.

Thank you Jesus for another birthday!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Crafty Monday: Hannah’s Mermaid Birthday Party April 16, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to crafty Monday. For those of you who are new, last week I did a post on my son’s Pirate party:

This week I have a guest blogger, my best bud Hannah. Her daughter Olivia was born on the same day as my son and we are secretly arranging their marriage ;). She had a mermaid party and I want to share  her ideas with you. There’s lots of pics for you to enjoy and I hope this gives you inspiration. God bless and remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

PS: sorry for the picture quality. I was using Chris’ phone 😦

Guest post by Hannah Chambers

For her 6th birthday, my daughter wanted a mermaid party because of her love of “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale”.  She made it clear she did not want an Ariel party, and I was unable to find any decor for the Barbie mermaid movie, so we decided to have a generic mermaid theme instead.  I figured it would leave a lot of room for me to get creative.  🙂 I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Peaceable Kingdom’s Mermaid Island board game.  I envisioned a lot of aquamarine and coral colors.  I carefully chose fabrics to use as backdrops and to drape on tables.  I also made a lot of the decor myself.
For the cupcakes, I cut cupcake wrappers out of cardstock and glued pearls on the wrappers.  I also made the cupcakes and icing from scratch because I wanted to use natural ingredients.  The light pink color of the icing came from strawberries.  I used the playing pieces from the Mermaid Island board game and copied them onto cardstock to make toppers for the cupcakes.  They turned out exactly as I’d envisioned.  I also made the birthday banner out of cardstock and carefully cut out sea creatures to decorate them.  It also turned out as I’d hoped.
  In the living room, I draped different shades of blue crepe paper down the fireplace to look like water and I attached fish, seahorses, and seashells to it to look like an underwater scene.
My mom told a mermaid story about treasure
and then we proceeded outside to a treasure chest pinata to find our loot!  We also played “pin the crown on the mermaid”.
One of the most special and time-consuming things I made was my daughter’s mermaid tail.  It took a lot of time and planning to get a basic pattern, but I had fun with it and my daughter felt really special. 🙂
We had a wonderful time and I think my daughter really enjoyed her party.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! March 2, 2012

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Today my son and I went to see “The Lorax”. I am not a tree hugger (maybe a tree climber lol) but I do believe we should take care of our natural resources and be good stewards of God’s creation. You know I am all about balance and that applies to thinking “green” as well. I believe human beings are more important than trees because we actually have a spirit & when we die we go to Heaven or Hell. I don’t have to preach to trees. That being said trees are obviously important because God made them & they give us air to breathe. I think the whole point of the movie was to not be greedy and destroy all our trees for money. Here’s some balance: if you’re going to chop down a tree then plant a dozen more in it’s place. Don’t waste and don’t overproduce. Easier said than done I know. We as a society have a hard time with being content. Greediness is being extreme.

Moving on, I really enjoyed “Horton Hears a Who” as well (random rabbit trail lol). Dr. Seuss’ books do have an “agenda” so to speak or I’d like to call it a lesson to teach. I don’t agree with all of his books because some of them support evolution. But many of his books do have great messages. We should be monitoring what our children read anyways & most importantly reading to our children. Here’s a funny pic showing the messages in Dr. Seuss books.

Oh and if you ever get to go to Universal in Florida they have an awesome Dr. Seuss area…I went there in Highschool and it was SO much fun :). It’s a little late for pancakes but if you’re in the mood you can hop on over to the I.H.O.P 😉 for some green eggs & ham & other Dr. Seuss inspired food.

God bless & remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover