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Catching Up with Michael July 8, 2015

Hello dear ones! I’m almost caught up on posts. So what has Michael been doing lately? My sweet 9 year old has had a busy summer so far. We’ve been catching up on school since our hiatus during pregnancy. The work has been light though. I’m working on another Summer bucket list. We’ve finally gotten out to volunteer again at the nursing home and feed the homeless. Here are some other things Michael’s been doing.

Riding his bike. Michael mastered his bike this year. I’m so proud of him.


Swim lessons~ Michael can swim now but he still panics if he goes very far. So he stays in the shallow end. Maybe with more practice he will get better. Also we are able to go to pools for free now.


Last Awanas Ceremony~ Michael recited two Bible verses and did really well despite his nerves.


Michael’s bestie Liam had a martial arts party. We signed up for private lessons once a week. Michael has been in karate before but it was too big of a commitment financially and time wise. Plus Michael wasn’t mature enough then. Private lessons make it easier to keep with our schedule. The instructors are Christians and teach the kids respect and good morals. Michael’s really excited about learning again. Sadly, he has to start over with his belts, but maybe he will advance quickly.

Liam cutting his cake with a sword. Hannah is over to the right.



Michael’s free first lesson


Our homeschool group learned about nature at the Botanical Gardens.

Michael “eating” a tree cookie, and learning about the rings.

Bird watching

Then we had our End of the Year party, and the kids were given certificates from their moms.



We took Leeland out to several places for the first time…like the museum.






Kickball at the Church Picnic

You saw Michael’s birthday party here:

Well, on his actual birthday we took him to Outback. It was his first time having the servers sing to him. He was really surprised.

Playing Band Hero


The park and spending time with Nana.





Mailbox Club Bible lessons~


Michael is adjusting really well to being a big brother. He helps me around the house and is very protective of Leeland. My compassionate lil buddy is growing up too fast. He’s starting fifth grade next year. It’ll be wild teaching fifth grade while keeping up with a busy baby. Somehow we’ll do it.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Pic of a kitten we found in our tree. She went to live in the country with my parents.



An Early Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown ~Aladdin, The Lion King, & Winnie the Pooh August 3, 2013

In this post: Magic carpets with Aladdin, on safari with the Lion King, and honey with Pooh Bear. Come join us for # 9 on our Disney Countdown!

Hello dear ones, I hope you are well! This week was another slow one for the countdown. The elaborate crafts and sets are behind us. I’ve been busy getting ready for school etc… So while we didn’t get to everything on our list I can still share my ideas with you so maybe you can try them out.

Here’s #8 on the countdown

  • We begin with Aladdin.
  • Here’s a tiger mask Michael glued together for Jasmine’s pet, Rajah.  I got this mask at the Dollar Tree along with the tiger stripes bracelet.

DisneyCountdown 9 003

  • We watched all three of the Aladdin movies. These are some of Michael’s favorite Disney movies.

DisneyCountdown 9 018

  • I saw an idea for a magic carpet snack using Jello but it didn’t look very tasty. Michael hates Jello anyways. So instead I made these Magic Carpet Sugar Cookies.


  • Above: before being baked. Below: after baking. I formed the dough into a carpet shape and painted them with food coloring.  It’s not Martha Stewart but it satisfied my kiddo.

DisneyCountdown 9 001

  • Michael made this paper magic carpet.

DisneyCountdown 9 006

Blew (yes that’s how it’s spelled) tested it out. It flew just fine :).

DisneyCountdown 9 007

We had three days of Aladdin so I wanted to make food each day but only made it to day two.

  • We had “Arabian” food, pita chips and hummus.

DisneyCountdown 9 005

  • We used parrot plates for Iago.

DisneyCountdown 9 004

  • I wanted to make Monkey bread for Abu but it didn’t happen. Here’s the recipe:

  • One day we watched The Lion King.
  • I put safari cut outs on the table, also from the Dollar Tree.

DisneyCountdown 9 010

  • Animal crackers for the “zoo” theme. We had thought about going to the zoo but since we are going to Animal Kingdom I figured we’d stay home and save our money for that.

DisneyCountdown 9 034

  • Michael made an elephant mask and he wore a Zebra striped bracelet.

DisneyCountdown 9 008

  • Michael drew a scene of the Savannah with his Draw Write Now book.

DisneyCountdown 9 011

There’s a giraffe in the foreground and a lion in the background.

DisneyCountdown 9 012

  • The writing assignment was going to be about what he saw at the zoo and this picture from the link below but it didn’t happen.

  • I had also thought of this safari outfit and binoculars found here:

  • Maybe you can use the above ideas. Below is a pic of Mom (Nana) and Michael doing his Mailbox Club Lesson.

DisneyCountdown 9 015

  • I love “Winnie the Pooh”. I do regret that we didn’t get anything done this day. But I will share with you my brilliant idea that we didn’t do ;).

DisneyCountdown 9 021

  • My idea was to have a lemonade themed Pooh Bear party. Michael would have a pretend lemonade stand made from cardboard and he could sell lemonade to his stuffed Pooh bear and Tigger.

Pic of lemonade stand inspiration

  • We were going to have lemon cookies with our lemonade.

  • For lunch we were going to have nuggets with honey sauce since everyone knows Pooh Bear loves honey :).

Here are lunch signs we could’ve made:

  • Our craft was going to be a Bee rock painting. Since bees love honey too.

  • I also thought about looking back at our Bee study from last year:

Well, dear ones. That’s it for the countdown. I’m about sick of it lol. If I get a chance to, I’ll post some of what we did last Summer. It all depends on how busy I am getting ready for school and other things. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s the beginning of the Disney Countdown if you want to look through them all:

Day 1 of Disney World

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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Cinderella, Snow White, & Sleeping Beauty July 29, 2013

In this post:  Fun, food, and crafts with the Disney princesses. A very masculine princess week with dragons and eats fit for a charming prince or valiant knight. This is # 8 on our Disney countdown. 


Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. Thank you for the sweet comments. They mean a lot to me. I’ve been trying to visit your blogs as often as I can. I’ve gotten to know some of my readers a bit better and it’s so nice to connect personalities to your smiling faces. I can’t promise that I’ll always get to visit every single blog but I do know you’re there and I appreciate you so much.

  • Well, the Disney princess week for my lil man came and went. It was super simple. Dragons aka dinosaurs go perfect with fairy tales and they happen to be very masculine. Michael is very good at pointing out things that are too girly. I asked him to trust me. After all, there’s always a valiant prince that saves the day. My son would rather be the emperor of evil (from Despicable Me?). But I did my best to convince him that being a prince is very cool.

Here is # 7 on the count down

We were all recovering from some nasty sunburn so the week was rather lazy and laid back. There were things we just didn’t get to (like our writing assignment “If I met a dragon”) but it’s all gravy. The set wasn’t hard at all. I just put up Michael’s wooden castle and my Disney dolls that I got as a kid. It just so happens that I have Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. These three ladies are so similar that they had to have their own week.

Disney Countdown8 001

  • We began with Cinderella and watched 1 and then the 3rd movie the next day.

Disney Countdown8 044

Cinderella is a very girly movie. The prince doesn’t even have a name in the first one and his screen time is limited. The mice have better roles than him.  So we focused on pumpkins. Though we could have easily went with mice and thrown in some role play.

Michael painted a pumpkin carriage.

Disney Countdown8 015

We had big dinners some of the week, pot roast and such. I had thought of having an early Thanksgiving meal proportioned for us….but it didn’t happen. We did however have pumpkin pie.

Disney Countdown8 011

And let me tell you it was out of a box and still good. Thank you Marie Callender. 😉

Disney Countdown8 010

For lunch we had mac n cheese using wagon wheels pasta. This went with the carriage theme nicely.

Disney Countdown8 008

Michael loves mac n cheese and this was made with real cheese not the powder. Now it’s “carriage wheel” pasta :).

Disney Countdown8 009

I told Michael that there are many Cinderella stories in different cultures. I have several Cinderella-esque chic flicks. My favorite is “Ever After“. I got Michael to watch it with me by telling him that it has Leonardo Davinci (a real person) in it and that Cinderella punches her step sister in the face. Okay not perfect parenting I admit. I guess I’d have more grace for the step sister if she were real and not a fairy tale character. But I’ll be honest…I enjoy that scene a lot.

  • Midweek we watched Snow White. I know I say this often but she is one of my favorite princesses. I actually do have princesses that I don’t like.  Snow White gets picked on too much. I think she’s sweet and she’s the only Disney princess that prays (to God, not a star).

Disney Countdown8 023

I had originally planned to make these treasure rocks for Michael to “mine” but it didn’t happen:

We did however have mini apple pies in the spirit of the Evil Queen’s poisoned apple. You can see it above. They were pretty dang delicious. I could have eaten them all if I was that selfish…actually if the Lord hadn’t convicted me of wanting to eat them all!

Disney Countdown8 016

Recipe here

Disney Countdown8 018

I don’t remember when we read this but we were in the fairy tale mood so we read The Snow Queen.

Disney Countdown8 004

Not much happened with Snow White. I don’t remember if I showed you this but I did a neat picture with Snow White and Prince Charming. I simply painted a canvas pink and blue. Then I pasted silhouettes I had printed from online. I  hot glued the wooden craft mirror and modge podged everything. The graininess is just from the shine of the flash.


  • Last, came Sleeping Beauty. She’s not a very popular princess either. I’m not sure why.

Disney Countdown8 043

This was the movie we were waiting for because it has a dragon. So we could do our dinosaur theme! Yaaaa :). A dragon/dino attacked the princesses’ castle. Michael was probably thinking “Finally some fun!”

Disney Countdown8 025

Sleeping Beauty of course is asleep. Hopefully she won’t get eaten. More dragons showed up later via Michael. 🙂 See I told you this wouldn’t be a girly princess week.

Disney Countdown8 031

This was another easy peasy thing to throw together. The Dollar Tree (which should pay me for all the advertising I do for them lol) has so many neat dinosaur toys. We have a cool dino hat, glow in the dark dino skeletons that you put together, and of course the inflatable dinosaur. I also got Michael a dino figurine.

Disney Countdown8 024

I left a note with breakfast that asked Michael if he was going to be a prince or a dragon. He decided to be king of the dragons.

Disney Countdown8 027

Disney Countdown8 028

We read this neat book called “You’ve Got Dragons” which I think must’ve been written by a psychologist. Ha! The “dragons” seemed to represent problems (sins, fears, short comings, trials etc). Michael and I talked about the possibilities. But the point is…everyone has dragons even if you pretend you don’t have them.

Disney Countdown8 026

This was the only easy skeleton. Michael put it together and was thrilled that it glowed. The other fossils were tricky.

Disney Countdown8 030

We’ve yet to put the other fossil set together. There are way too many pieces and the directions are vague. However, Michael did get to play paleontologist.  I hid the dozens of fossil parts in his moon sand box. Then I gave him a brush and some tweezers to excavate the area for fossils.

Disney Countdown8 032

It was so cute. He thought he was the greatest paleontologist ever and he kept saying “This is hard work”.

Disney Countdown8 033

For dessert we had fossil pudding.  I adapted a recipe I saw online. I crushed up oreos and sprinkled some on bottom and on top. I layered vanilla and chocolate pudding and put plastic dinosaurs between the layers.

I didn’t decorate much this week and completely forgot about the dino cut outs I had from the Dollar Tree. So I set them out with our treat and they were nice to look at for a bit. Ha!

Disney Countdown8 034

Disney Countdown8 035

Disney Countdown8 036

Disney Countdown8 037

Disney Countdown8 039

  • And here are some random pictures from our week and weekend.

Remember we got sun burnt? Well, it happened at a man made beach we like to visit. It’s a big lake. Michael and I wore sunscreen but it didn’t help much at all. Still despite a painful week, we did have a good day the Saturday before. The pic is too small but you can click on it to enlarge. You can also see our trip to the Butterfly center nearby. Chris and Michael are holding butterflies. Also we have Michael and I playing in the water but it looks like we’re doing the “Where the Wild Things Are” dance.

Callaway Beach

Here’s a bigger picture but the right side will be cut off on my blog. Yeah, the sun burn didn’t show up until hours later.

Callaway Beach

  • So I had planned on giving short Bible lessons to go with the Disney stories since our regular devotion book for 2nd grade was finished. But it didn’t happen. I wanted Michael to consistently spend time with God anyway, so I found an old kid’s devotional of mine and I made up this devotion basket. I hope to add prayer sticks later (sticks with prayer list names on them).


  • It was neat because I did this devotional book on and off as a kid. I even used it in High School. I found a page marked with the year I “dated” God…my senior year. Actually it was the second time. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about: well, it was something made popular by Acquire the Fire, a teen ministry. Basically you make this vow to God that you’re not going to date people and that you’re going to “date” God meaning spend that time getting to know Jesus. Yeah, it sounds a bit strange and most of my peers were like “whaaaat?”
  • 002 I took the vow the first time to honestly break up with a guy and often compromised my vow. I learned the hard way that any vow made with God should be taken very seriously or there will be some butt whoopin’ discipline. The second time I made this vow I had learned my lesson. I didn’t date my senior year. I focused on growing in the Lord and also on becoming a woman worth marrying if God had that for me. I prayed that God would bring my husband at the end of the year if he wanted me to get married (bold I know but God had also told me that I wasn’t going off to college because of marriage. He surprised me with that my junior year). I was surprised that my hubby was someone I had hung out with all through high school. Everyone was surprised God had brought us together. We seemed so different. Chris was the goofy loner guy that had staring contests and liked to moon people. I was “Bible girl” and I think most people thought me a prude (they never got to know me well enough). I’m very passionate about my Jesus and I think that scared some people. Over the years Chris and I have both rubbed off on each other. We balance each other out.

While I’m sneaking in stuff about me lol, here’s a simple but pretty dress I got from Walmart real cheap. The white shoes look a bit silly but they are comfy and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them at Disney. Now if I had a red wig I could pose as Ariel. I would so coordinate my wardrobe to Disney princesses (modestly) if I could. Maybe I’ll think of something for our trip if I’m not too pooped to party.  Chris’ Yellow Power Ranger behind me….okay okay really he named it Sponge Bob but I think my name fits the Jeep better.


  • I love how creative Michael is without me telling him what to make. He made his bear a robber’s mask out of paper. Then he set up a little bank. Oh my it tickled me pink!

Disney Countdown8 012

Buzz and Woody are prisoners. Oh no!

Disney Countdown8 013

Now Buzz is really in jail!

Disney Countdown8 014

Now this is one reason I do like Summer break. I get to see Michael play more and learn while he’s playing. Learning happens everywhere and though I do believe kids often need direction with learning, I also believe they learn on their own too. It’s been so weird around here with several rainy days, sickness, and just too much lounging around. I feel so lazy though I know our Summer break is very short compared to most. Full blown school will hit us soon enough. I also think we are getting tired of the count down. We just want to go to Disney already! LOL I’m praying that we can get reservations last minute and that a hurricane doesn’t hit. We’ve already moved our vacation up by a few days. Obviously, I don’t want a hurricane to hit for other reasons too.  Worrying that a hurricane will ruin our Disney trip is definitely a first world problem.

  • But on a serious note please pray for the weather and our visit with family (my Granny’s neighborhood has had gang troubles and this is a ritzy part of our small town). I hope we get to go to the Drive in. I love doing that when we go home. It’ll be great to see how my Granny likes married life.  About six months ago she married my step Dad’s father. My parents were married before that so it’s okay. LOL sounds like a backwoods soap opera but they are truly happy and so sweet together. My Granny has been single ever since I was one year old and my Gran-daddy died. It’ll take some getting used to to realize she’s married.
  • Also please pray for my health as I drive. I have scoliosis and arthritis and other frustrating issues that make long trips hard. Usually Chris drives out of town and it’s been that way since I started semi-passing out while driving (always pulled over in time). I’ve been better and have figured out that it’s a potassium and sodium issue. A french fry or banana gets me going again. Note: potatoes actually have more potassium than bananas. Still, I’m nervous to be driving so much myself.

Not sure why I’m asking now. The Disney trip isn’t quite here yet. But maybe you could start praying now. No matter what I hope the storm to the East dies down. Thanks for reading! Love to you all!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Join us next week, Lord willing, for # 9 on the count down: Aladdin, The Lion King, & Winnie the Pooh!

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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Toy Story, Tangled, & Cars July 22, 2013

In this post: Crafts, food, and games with Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars! Welcome to Disney Countdown #7!

Disneycountdown7 097

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. This past week was our first official week of Summer break (no workbooks). Michael had lots of play time with a neighbor, we visited the local splash pad, and I caught up on a Korean drama lol. But besides having more time on our hands than ever, we also enjoyed some of our favorite Disney and Pixar movies. Just come to our house and you’ll see that Toy Story and especially Cars are favorites. We’ve got Cars curtains and bed sheets…even a Cars t.v. So this week on the countdown was easy peasy.

First, check out last week on the countdown(#6):

We began with Toy Story 1 & 3.

Disneycountdown7 098

The themes were easy: Space and the Wild West. I was going to split the days up. One day for Woody and the other for Buzz but they ended up meshing together. I turned the homeschool room into a play area. Basically, Buzz’ spaceship landed in Woody’s western town.

Disneycountdown7 006

So I simply reused our starry plastic cloths from last week for the sky. Then I put a yellow plastic cloth and a green sheet down for the ground. A red cloth covered our craft supplies. I also drew a “saloon” on a white sheet and covered some more of our mess. Who says you have to clean up for a mess?! 😛 You can’t see it in the pics. I drew a desert scene with cactus on white wrapping paper and taped it or tacked it to the wall. I used cardboard to support them.

Disneycountdown7 011

Buzz’ spaceship above, is a sheet looped around a pool noodle formed into a circle. It’s hanging from the closet bar. I used markers to decorate the sheet like his ship. I draped the bottom of this sheet around Michael’s reading pool. So it’s a nifty clubhouse almost. I taped red and yellow tissue paper to the pool for fire. Blast off!

Disneycountdown7 017

Michael’s cowboy hat came from the Dollar Tree and I taped on a yellow paper star for a badge. Seeing a pattern? Yes, the Dollar Tree is great for everything! Thankfully we already had Buzz and Woody dolls.

Disneycountdown7 010

The jail above was simple. Chris used his knife to cut out prison bars in a project board. I took a piece of another cardboard and taped it on top. Then I just wrote “Sheriff Woody’s Jail”. Except I spelled it wrong…oops. LOL well, that’s embarrassing.

Disneycountdown7 015

I printed out a “Wanted” sign and drew Mr. Potato head. I also drew a big Mr. Potato head and used magnets for his body parts. 

Disneycountdown7 012

Disneycountdown7 018

We had pizza one night and I made this nifty Pizza Planet menu. I simply printed the alien on green paper and glued a yellow star and the Pizza Planet logo on it. The cowboy hat cookies are actually the pirate cookies I made for my Pirates of the Caribbean date. Yeah, the ones that looked smooshed.

Disneycountdown7 001

We’ve got this Toy Story game where you “fish” for aliens with the claw while they move up and down.  We played that a lot.

Disneycountdown7 020

We read this neat Western book “Hannah Mae O’ Hannigan’s Wild West Show”.

Disneycountdown7 021

Here’s a peek at Michael in the “Space Ship” reading a book on Saturn. That trip to the library for Beauty and the Beast is still paying off. We got several books and I keep renewing them online.

Disneycountdown7 022

We looked at our Space lapbook from last year’s space study. You can check out the first link in our Space series here:

Disneycountdown7 024

The alien game pieces got to play in Michael’s homemade Moon Sand box.

Disneycountdown7 026

Michael put together a big space puzzle.

Disneycountdown7 035

This turned into more alien playtime. They each had their own planet.

Disneycountdown7 036

We learned about the Pony Express in the book “Ride Like the Wind”.

Disneycountdown7 038

I made star shaped sugar cookies that we decorated yellow for Sheriff badges.

Disneycountdown7 039

Disneycountdown7 040

I took the easy way with pre-made dough. I added yellow food coloring to vanilla icing and put it in a ziplock bag. I snipped the end of the bag for the icing to come out. Nana came over and had some too.

Disneycountdown7 041

I took our “Gandalf” stick and put a paper bag on it. I added paper ears and yarn hair to make a stick horse.

Disneycountdown7 042

Here’s Michael “lassoing” the horse. Note: yarn makes for bad rope.

Disneycountdown7 045

I had a hard time getting a decent picture. Below is a flashlight with black paper taped on it. I punched holes in it to look like stars.

Disneycountdown7 047

Memory Verses for the week as we talked about friendship and not being jealous. Remember, Woody was jealous of Buzz. This was traced. Michael isn’t that good at cursive yet.

Disneycountdown7 107

The writing assignment was “If I Was a Cowboy”.  I simply printed Woody on our writing paper.

Disneycountdown7 106

Next came Tangled (Rapunzel). I’ll admit this was more for me. Michael and I came to a compromise since we will both be enjoying Disney.

Disneycountdown7 100

Despite the movie being “girly”, Michael enjoyed most of it. I tried to find crafts that were “boyish”. Michael is in that stage where everything is split as being boyish or girly. It’s annoying but oh well. So the table was set for me I guess. The Duck Coasters represent the Fuzzy Duckling Pub from the movie. I used contact paper and construction paper to make them.

Disneycountdown7 058

We colored and cut out yellow suns. I made a banner out of purple triangles with suns glued on them. I strung it up between chairs. I put a Dollar Tree lantern behind the tower. I found the tower on Disney’s family site. You can find it on my Pinterest. I’ll put the link at the end. I didn’t have yellow yarn so I used yellow tissue paper for the hair.

Disneycountdown7 056

Flynn’s Wanted Poster~ Michael had to draw his nose. That’s a running joke in the movie.

Disneycountdown7 105

Chameleon party blowers for Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet. The head is foam. I didn’t have party blowers. So I glued the head on a straw and used tissue paper for the tongue.

Disneycountdown7 071

Pipe cleaner Pascal. This was hard to make. Michael’s version looks way better than mine did.

Disneycountdown7 067

The food was yummy and different. Rapunzel’s favorite dish is Hazelnut Soup. Well, I didn’t buy hazelnuts….rather I had hazelnut creamer. I had originally planned on adding the creamer to mushroom soup for the flavor but someone (cough* Chris) took the soup for lunch. So I had to use cream of chicken. I added potatoes to it for texture. I wouldn’t eat the soup every day but it wasn’t bad.

Disneycountdown7 064

I braided crescent rolls like Rapunzel’s hair. I forgot to buy bread sticks but it worked.

Disneycountdown7 063

I made Honey Yogurt Blackberry Tarts for dessert.  I took pre-made pie crust and put it in a silicone heart mold.

Disneycountdown7 060

This is the crust after I baked it.

Disneycountdown7 061

I mixed vanilla yogurt, honey, and blackberries together for the filling. It was tasty after it chilled a bit.

Disneycountdown7 062

Tangled inspired Michael because for the first time ever he wanted to do my hair. So then I got tangled! Be very scared. I’m brave to show you this…no makeup too.

Disneycountdown7 072

This is why little boys shouldn’t do hair…

Disneycountdown7 079

Disneycountdown7 075

I put the original Rapunzel story on Kindle and read it to Michael that night. It’s quite a bit different from Tangled…and boring if you ask me.

Michael’s buddy came over earlier that day and they played with water balloons. I finally figured out how to show pics without revealing identity…a black bar…duh Amber.


I almost forgot. Michael and I played “Mother Gothel May I?” and “Mother Gothel Says”. Mother Gothel is the witch that raises Rapunzel. You should be able to guess what games these are. We just changed the name a bit.

The last two days were full of Cars. We watched Cars 1 and 2. Michael was allowed to play his Cars 2 video game a lot. I raced him a couple times too.

Disneycountdown7 096

It’s awesome the things you can make out of cardboard. I made this car out of  a box and. Then Michael painted it.

Disneycountdown7 082

He wrote “Dinoco” on it. A Cars reference.

Disneycountdown7 103

I made a stoplight and a stop sign out of toilet paper tubes and boxes.

Disneycountdown7 110

Here’s a pool noodle marble racer. I simply split the noodle in half and glued it together. Then I used tooth pics and string to set up the starting line.

Disneycountdown7 085

Disneycountdown7 084

A parking garage from toilet paper tubes and a cereal box.

Disneycountdown7 086

Michael went to the “Drive in” to see Cars 2. Here’s Michael and the kitty in his cardboard car.

Disneycountdown7 088

Disneycountdown7 089

The car wasn’t big enough for him to use as a car. He put his pillow in it and it was more like a cushiony seat. The car hop (mua) delivered popcorn and a drink. I had left over popcorn boxes from our circus theme during our Time Machine Unit:

Disneycountdown7 101

I ordered Disney pins that we can trade at Disney World. Are they real or imitation? I have no clue. But I figured Michael wouldn’t care either way. It’s nice to have a bunch of pins for our lanyards even if no one wants to trade.

Disneycountdown7 102

I decided to give Michael certificates for this past school year. Second Grade was a lot of work.  So he got a certificate for passing second grade.

Disneycountdown7 108

And he got the honor roll for keeping an “A” average. Homeschool is different from public school. We don’t make a big deal about grades. So it wasn’t a big deal to him but I’m proud that he did so well in math and reading. He got perfect on almost every spelling test. I don’t want to give him a big head but that’s great work.

Disneycountdown7 109

I need to start doing this each year so I can put it in his yearbooks (which I’m going to work on soon).

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Tune in next time  (Lord willing) for a “boyish” Princess week (Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty).

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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Tarzan, Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck July 16, 2013

In this post: Fun, food, and crafts with a Disney-fied camp “in”. Puppet snakes & a flashlight safari. Bug goodies and more! Here’s #6 on our Disney countdown!


Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a great week. Sorry this is late! Last week we combined our Disney movies with a camping theme. We called it “Camp Dover”. Tarzan, The Jungle Book, And Tom & Huck went well with our outdoorsy theme. We had lots of fun. Come, I’ll show you!

Take the link below to countdown #5:

It’s been incredibly rainy this season. I had planned to have our camp indoors anyways so I set it up in the living room. I hung a blue plastic cloth on the wall and decorated it with paper stars, bug cut outs, glow in the dark jungle animals, Michael’s moon night light (that only comes on when it’s dark), and a sign that said “Camp Dover”.


I hung a tent rain top from the ceiling and put a cloth with stars on it as well. I covered the sofa with a green blanket (that kept falling off as you can see) and I taped a pretend fire on top. The fire is made from toilet paper rolls and tissue paper.


I got this sleeping bag poem craft from here:


Michael camped out in the living room for three nights. We got the jungle themed lanterns from the Dollar Tree.



The first day we watched Tarzan.


We had “camp food” like hamburgers and BBQ sandwiches.


I read this book about a Sunflower and then…


We went to look at ours, which was pretty pitiful.


This flower turned out nice though.


That night we sang campfire songs. Michael’s posing. Chris and I actually played the guitar. We had so much fun singing the songs in different ways. Michael loved singing things the “Country” way (meaning with an exaggerated Southern accent…worse than our natural one).

I found lyrics and chords here:

I was thrilled that I could actually play some of these easily.


Our dessert was S’mores of course ;). Can’t camp with out them.


Michael agrees :).


I tried to take pictures in the dark. Here you can see the fake moon.


Michael with a flashlight. You can’t really tell the stars are glowing (I painted them with glow paint). I also strung up some leaf lights.


Since we watched Tarzan, we played Flashlight Jungle Safari that afternoon.


I turned out the lights and hid several stuffed animals in different rooms.





Michael had to find them with his flashlight. We took turns hiding them. This pic is too funny because he kept going past the monkey when it’s out in the open. You can’t tell because of the flash but it was a bit dark in there.


That night we went outside to play hiding seek with flash lights. I didn’t get any pictures because I was so busy hiding. It was a lot of fun. We finished the evening watching two more Disney flicks “Mulan” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2”. If I had the time I suppose I could’ve whipped up a Chinese themed day for Mulan but that would’ve been too much.

The next day we watched The Jungle Book.


Michael made these snake finger puppets found here:


That night we told stories with shadow puppets.


Michael added dramatic music to his show. 😛


Just had to throw in this cute pic of Chester snoozin’ in Michael’s reading pool. This was the last week of “Summer” school (light book work). Michael read “Pelts and Promises” for his devotion time.


Proof that a seven year old can do his own laundry ;). I have him sort them into piles first. His drawers are labeled pants, shirts, and pajamas. Underclothes go with the pajamas. He can wash and dry too. Now if he can master cooking and a budget then he can move out next year ;P he he just kidding of course! You take me too seriously!


That night Michael listened to “Camp What-a-nut” on Adventure’s in Odyssey (a very kewl radio show). You can get it here:

We ended with Tom & Huck and bugs. I had some messy fun planned for Tom & Huck but we didn’t get to it. Michael did make a raft out of Popsicle sticks but never got to sail it and I didn’t take a picture…sorry.

Since we were talking about bugs, I thought “Thumbelina” to be an appropriate book to read. She’s as small as one.


That got us into the proper thinking for Michael’s writing assignment “If I was a Bug…”

If you look close it says that Michael would bite and tickle his Dad if he was a bug. 🙂


So this was a simple themed food. I made box cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put plastic bugs on top.


I actually don’t like food that looks like creatures. I would never survive a Halloween party without hurling. I had a hard time eating my cupcake that had a plastic fly on it. I’m a very visual eater. As a kid, the cafeteria spaghetti always reminded me of worms. So I never ate it. But boys are usually into this gross stuff. Michael loved the bugs.


I forgot to show this to you last time. I got this tooth brushing calendar from Crest and Oral B. I magnetized it and put it on the fridge.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 012

I found this snack and drink cup at Family Dollar. Seriously, Disney is everywhere. It’s kind of creepy…in a happy way.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 010

Michael and I went to see “Epic” as a Summer reading reward a couple weeks ago. We took these sweet pictures in the photo booth. I hope we’re always like PB & J….in a healthy way of course :).


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars!

Disney Countdown # 7


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Robin Hood, Mickey Mouse, & Brave July 8, 2013

In this post: Olympics with Robin Hood & Brave. Also a sweet Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ice cream party! Crafts, food, and fun coming your way! This is #5 on our Disney countdown. 

Disney Countdown 5

Hello dear ones! Welcome to week #5 on our countdown. You can read #4 here:

What a rainy week it’s been especially for an Olympic themed week.  If you read my Sunday post then you know we had Family Olympics. I’ve been tying in fun Summer themes with Disney. Olympics went well with Disney’s Brave & Robin Hood. Both feature archery and that happened to be in our competition. We also had a fabulous ice cream party.

We began the week with Robin Hood. Here’s Michael playing with the arrows Chris made. He looks the part with his green hat.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 015

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 014

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 017

Tuesday Chris was home part of the day. He helped Michael make these hamburger and hot dog portraits.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 019

Here’s Chris’ hamburger picture lol :).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 018

I was up the night before prepping for our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ice cream Party.

  • The Set Up

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece~ 3 styrofoam balls painted black, a styrofoam cone, sparkly pipe cleaners, and paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 001

  • Another Mickey Mouse Centerpiece ~ styrofoam balls painted black, a red cup, and a yellow ribbon.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 002

  • Mickey and Minnie Silhouettes~ I painted cheap wooden frames red and then I modge-podged paper silhouettes onto them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 006

  • Disney World Silhouette~ I did the same as above but I added Disney stickers and I glued a ribbon on top.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 009

I found a paper Mickey clubhouse on the Disney family site. It came with Disney characters. Michael helped me with it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 029

  • The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ This was actually very simple. I bought cheap colorful plastic cloths from the Dollar Tree and I hung them from the ceiling to make the back drop. I made a paper Mickey symbol and wrote “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on paper. I taped them both to the cloths. The hanging ice cream cone is actually a pool toy found at the Dollar Tree.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 027

Music ~ I found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse station on Pandora. I use Pandora for so many of our parties.

The Eats

Ice cream of course! 😉 We didn’t get a chance to make it homemade but we had Neapolitan ice cream. Our topping selection included

  • marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate syrup
  • whip cream
  • gummy bears
  • The guys added coke to make floats, though it was in their bowl ;P

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 034

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 035

I love it when Chris smiles…sigh.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 037

Michael is dressed as Goofy.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 038

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 040

Crafts & Play

  • Ice cream Picture~ Michael made this with paper. Later we glued sprinkles to it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 031

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 046

  • I read the book Mickey Meets the Giant. We also watched several Mickey cartoons and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I’m supposed to be Minnie.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 043

  • Homemade Play-dough Ice Cream

You can find the recipe on my Disney Pinterest that I’ll put at the end.

First, we made this play-dough out of flour etc… We added food coloring for flavors and peppermint extract to one of them. We also added glitter but you can’t tell.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 048

Michael scooped the “ice cream” into a paper cone.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 051

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 052

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

I love these and the materials were only a few dollars. We bought black head bands at the Dollar Tree (catching the trend lol) and black stiff felt at the craft store. I cut the ears out and glued them on to the head band. The pattern is on my Pinterest link.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 049

Minnie has a bandanna bow sewed on. Think how much we will save at Disney with our OWN Disney ears :).

  • Mickey Mouse Club certificate~ also on my Pinterest. I showed Michael what the clubhouse looked like back in the 60’s and in the 90’s….when the mouse-keteers were kids.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 054

  • Disney Character word search, Mickey’s fill in the blank tale, and a cutie catcher (with Disney quotes instead of fortunes).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 057

The next day we watched Brave. The Summer writing assignment  for this week was “Being brave means…”

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 055

I just printed the mom (bear) from Brave onto lined paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 058

Our week ended with the Family Olympics. You can see more pictures from it here:

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 082

We made our torch out of toilet paper rolls, a paper plate, and tissue paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 061

Each family member had a flag to represent them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 083

Michael got to compete in archery like Merida and Robin.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 112

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Tarzan, The Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck.

Disney Countdown #6


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Alice in Wonderland & Beauty and the Beast July 1, 2013

In this Post:  Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and a bit of Dumbo. Crafts, food, and fun!

Disney Countdown 4~WonderlandDumboBeautyAndBeast

Welcome to number 4 in my Disney countdown posts. You can read number 3 here:

Each post has links to the one before it.

Dear ones, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Last week  we began with Alice in Wonderland.


Of course, we had to have a tea party. I didn’t want anything too girly. So we had a Mad Hatter Tea party with a red and black color scheme. Still, Michael tried to say the red was really pink. I can’t win lol.


I made these petit fours with a box cake and a brownie pan with sectionals.


It was hard to frost these but at least you can read what they say, “Eat me”.


Most certainly tea



The table wasn’t hard to put together: mismatched tea cups, chess pieces, playing cards, mushrooms, a caterpillar, the door mouse, and a cat.


I took a plastic goblet from the Dollar Tree and glued a black plate on top. Then I glued a bit of moss and playing cards. I topped it with a tea cup from my kid china set and chess pieces.


I took pegs and painted them like mushrooms. I painted a big rock green and glued moss. Then I glued the mushrooms to it. The caterpillar is made out of pom poms and pipe cleaners.


The cat, which really reminds me of the Cheshire cat, was a lamp I had as a kid. It quit working but I didn’t want to get rid of it. So I snipped the cord and it looks great for the table.


The other centerpiece has a tea cup with a candle in it. The golden key came from my Dad when I was a kid. He said it was the key to his heart. You can see the Door Mouse in the other cup.  He’s also made of pom poms and a pipe cleaner.


The Mad Hatter sat at the end of the table with the March Hare. He’s actually a Belkie bear with a ribbon tied around his hat and a card glued to it.


I found these signs online:

The Cheshire cat “We’re all mad here”.


Alice with a quote.


The White Rabbit with another quote.


Michael as the Mad Hatter. Poor baby rubbed the side of his eye raw with his goggles at swimming lessons, which is over now. He still doesn’t know how to swim. Anywho, that’s a different story. I taped a card to this dress up hat of his.


Michael’s wearing a coat that belonged to my Dad when he was little. Daddy wore it in a play.


A blue dress and a black head band seemed “Alice” enough for me.


We played a musical game found here:


We used chess pieces to cover the notes as we picked a note card. Whoever filled all their notes first won. I was hearts and Michael was clubs (or puppy toes).  The game can also be played by a single player. Michael put the light pieces on the hearts whenever he got a treble note. He put the dark pieces on clubs when he got bass notes. This was a fun way to review his notes and he loved it.


The Door Mouse helped us out.


Michael, the Mad Hatter, and March Hare watching Alice in Wonderland.


Michael playing croquet with the Queen. The flamingo came from the Dollar Tree.


After I cleared the table I added the Wonderland trinkets to our kitchen window. It’s becoming more Disneyfied every week.


We made this Wonderland card guard from a card, paper, and pipe cleaners.


He also went in the window.


I was happily surprised to find “Dumbo” on Netflix. Had I known I could’ve came up with a circus themed day.  I did however print a Dumbo themed writing assignment. I figured since Dumbo is all about figuring out who he’s going to be that Michael could write about when he grows up.


Last, came Beauty and the Beast. I was so excited to get this on dvd. It’s another one of my favorites lol. I have many…

We made this Lumiere Candle Stick craft from Disney’s craft site.  He looks a bit like Frankenstein because of the unpainted spot on his forehead.


We also made these stained glass cds. Michael made a cross (on the left) and I made a rose (on right).  We used puffy paint to outline them. Michael used regular paint to paint inside the lines. I used markers for mine. Mine looks more like stained glass but the marker rubs off if you touch it.



We had a lovely dinner for our “Beauty and the Beast” date night.


I went all out with  filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and french bread. So the mashed potatoes and filet mignon were already packaged. Nothing was from scratch but it tasted great anyways. Yaaa Publix! We had coke floats with Flamingo straws (something we forgot to do for Wonderland). 


Dessert was strawberry shortcake. I was supposed to make the strawberries into the shape of a rose but they were too mushy from being frozen. It’s the taste that matters right?


It was a bit scary because we had a big thunderstorm during the movie. While it was lightening at the Beast’s castle during his fight with Gaston, it was also thundering and lightening at our house.  Eventually the storm died down.

Michael and I both dressed up some. He wore his coat and tie. I wore a skirt with a yellow top and I copied Belle’s hairdo. You can’t tell as much from this side and my pictures of the other side didn’t turn out good enough to include.


You can’t really see the bun. I had to adjust brightness on this one picture to make it look decent.


If I could show you the other side you’d see it looks like Belle’s hair when she’s dancing with Beast.


The day before we had taken a trip to the library since Belle loves books. Michael had to help me carry our bag because the books were so heavy. The library we love is actually in another city so we have to pay a yearly fee to use it. Our local library doesn’t have much. We checked out this great park by the library that we had never been to.


This was the coolest place! Look, Michael is putting his head in the dino’s mouth.


This web looking thing was rather nifty.


Yeah, I felt old. There’s this wheel thing that I got in and Michael spun me. He flipped me upside down twice though I begged him to stop because I almost threw up. We also took a trip to Chuck E Cheese as a Summer reading award. I couldn’t play the hard level on Guitar Hero because of the arthritis in my hands and fingers. I definitely feel old.

Dino’s Egg


Last week, the guys finished Michael’s inventions kit. Chris helped Michael put this old fashioned radio together. I had no clue that a radio could be made out of such simple stuff. All we picked up was static but if Chris modified it we might could get AM stations.


Okay so this is off topic but the kitty got his nose in some foot powder. LOL Chester has a mustache! Oh yeah, Chester is doing much better. He had to take antibiotics and keep the cone of shame on for a bit but he’s healed now. The cone of shame is reserved for when he bites us. He actually bites more now that he’s declawed.


This pool was half off. It’s not very deep but we got it to help Michael practice swimming. He can atleast practice floating and kicking his legs right. I wasn’t very happy with the swimming program. So we will be helping Michael at home and when we can go to pools etc.


Michael had a couple of sneaky days where he didn’t do his work etc. The usual approach of taking privileges away didn’t seem good enough. So Michael learned to vacuum which is a big mile stone for him considering he used to be terrified of the vacuum. He also learned to scoop the cat litter and the Guinea pig. The rest of the week went better.


Michael’s drawing on his work. This would not fly in public school lol. I thought it was neat.


Michael drew and painted this police man. He also added googly eyes. We both think it looks like there’s pie on the cop’s face. Michael is very creative with out my help.


I finally opened up our Bible/ World History time line that came in the mail. You can see how big it is by comparing it to the size of my foot. Yeah, it took up most of the bed. Chris and I opened it up and spent several hours matching up dates for next years curriculum.  Chris helped me find famous artists and inventors from the Dark Ages. We still have a long way to go. Planning is major work and it was nice that Chris helped me this time. I get so overwhelmed.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PSS: Lord willing, we will have  “Brave”, “Robin Hood”, and Mickey Mouse next week.


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Pinocchio & The Princess and the Frog June 10, 2013

In this Post: Puppet peg dolls for Pinocchio; Gumbo, Beignets, and fireflies for Princess and the Frog. Summer writing crafts and shaving cream fun. Also a look at Disney spirituality and how to deal with it.

Disney Countdown 1

*Next post in series here:

Well, I guess it’s out now. We are hoping to go to Disney World. I went as a kid but Chris and Michael have never been.  I’m not sure exactly when we’re going but I have somewhat of a count down going on. We are taking a break from official school middle July until sometime in August. We will still be learning but not “officially”.

I wanted to do themes each week…like a camp. So I mixed Disney with corresponding themes. For example, Finding Nemo and ocean week.  I want to fit as many Disney movies as I can in before we go to the most “magical” place on earth. So we started last week with Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Princess and the Frog. The plan is to have three or more Disney movies each week along with related crafts, games, and food.

I kept Pinocchio simple with just one craft. Michael and I made peg doll puppets. They don’t really work with the strings but they look neat and can be played with like dolls.

Michael made Pinocchio and I made a girl doll that’s actually in another Pinocchio movie (not by Disney). I think her name is Twinkle.

First, we drew an outline of the faces and clothes with pencil.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 014

I cut Popsicle sticks and pinned them for arms.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 015

Then we painted the dolls.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 018

PinnochioPrincessFrog 019

PinnochioPrincessFrog 020

Then we added ribbons for the strings. I glued hair and fabric to Twinkle.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 022

  • The Princess and the Frog was really fun.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 071

We had food from the movie. Tiana is one of my favorite princesses (if I can pick a favorite). She’s all about working hard and using her head. The jazz music is great too. So we listened to New Orleans jazz while doing school work.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 064

PS: I didn’t add chicken. I had way too much sausage.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 051

Warning: It’s delicious but it will clean you out!

PinnochioPrincessFrog 053

  • Beignets!

PinnochioPrincessFrog 057

So they didn’t turn out perfect squares. Several of them were flat like funnel cakes  (tasted like it too). This was simple and yummy. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to hit the grease just right.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 055

Michael was tickled pink to eat Gumbo while watching Tiana make gumbo.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 059

I drew this picture for Chris and put it in his lunchbox. I wanted him to have some of the magic :).

PinnochioPrincessFrog 048

By the way, I like to draw in my spare time. I have to look at tutorials or a picture of something to draw it. Lately, I’ve been caught up in nostalgia and drawing Sailor Moon characters. I was a big Sailor Moon fan as a teen.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 050

PinnochioPrincessFrog 049

Moving on…

  • Frog and Lightening Bug/ firefly craft

Now the really cool thing about this picture is that it glows. We put glow paint on the moon and firefly (Ray~ man I wanted to cry when Ray died. Disney movies do this to me). My camera couldn’t take a picture of it glowing.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 060

I’ve got a lot to say about Disney spirituality but before we get to that, here are a few other things we did this week.

We’re doing a bit of Summer writing each week. This week we read a couple of Summer poems. Michael copied part of “Summer is Coming” by Goodale onto this flip flop craft.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 062

PinnochioPrincessFrog 017

Then he wrote a Summer bucket list and glued together this paper bucket and shovel.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 061

Home made Moon Sand with flour and baby oil

PinnochioPrincessFrog 034

Chris and Michael put together this motor from Michael’s inventions kit (bought at Hobby Lobby I think).

PinnochioPrincessFrog 032

Shaving Cream on the Slip n’ Slide

PinnochioPrincessFrog 037

PinnochioPrincessFrog 038I moved things around. Now Michael can actually use his Lego table. I put his desk in the living room.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 042Michael and Chris playing with Lincoln logs.  You can see the kitty is getting spoiled since his surgery.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 043

I’m still getting things ready for the 2013-2014 school year. Teddy is helping :).

PinnochioPrincessFrog 006I have my fuel lol…I’ve yet to finish planning but I did get the whole Disney Countdown planned…all nine or more weeks.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 007

I organized the homeschool room. Some of you won’t be able to tell the difference but I did move several things. Pardon the AC in the middle of the room. It keeps the room from becoming a sauna (thanks Stacie!).

PinnochioPrincessFrog 008

The Lego table is now where it can be used and now our nook with the mural can be used for reading.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 011

We’ve started a Summer reading program where Michael can earn tickets from me. You can see the books in the bucket. Michael’s already earned an ice cream and a peg doll set he can decorate on his own. Harder books equal better rewards.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 012

  • Disney Spirituality

*Heads Up- this is long so I put it at the end for those who really are interested. It’s my opinion and not up for debate in the comments. Take it or leave it 😉

So I really like Disney movies. I grew up in what I call the golden age of Disney. My first movie at the theater was The Little Mermaid and with both my parents (they weren’t divorced yet). I saw Aladdin on a “date” with a little boy AND my parents. I was probably nine lol.  My Dad and I both about cried during The Lion King.  Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and Toy Story came out. My Mema (Dad’s mom) bought almost every movie on VHS for me. So I’ve passed down a lot of movies to Michael and because we still have a VCR we’ve found several Disney movies on VHS for cheap.

There are some great values in Disney movies but there are also many bad messages direct and indirect.  One issue that I think many Christian parents deal with is the spiritual side of Disney. Yes, there really is one.  Some people choose to ban Disney and others just overlook the magical/ spiritual aspect. There is a third option and this is where I am as a parent.

Using media as a tool

So I believe honest communication is the best way to stay connected to your kids and to teach them.  I believe we can use the spiritual sides of Disney to teach and discuss. We as parents don’t have to just let our kids be brain washed with whatever spiritual lesson Disney is sending. We can teach kids critical thinking by asking questions. I believe this should happen with all media. We should know what our kids are exposed to and use it as an opportunity for learning.

(Note: I often use the word “magic” flippantly in my posts but I hope that you can tell the difference when I’m talking about the real life magic, not slight of hand but sorcery…conversing with spirits..telling the future and such. I don’t support the real thing. And my definition of witchcraft is according to the Bible, not what other religions determine.)

We watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame last week too. Now there are several lessons in this movie. Esmeralda dresses and dances like a hoochie (just being honest). She’s a gypsy and through out the movie gypsies are persecuted as thieves and witches.  So Michael and I talked about how the way Esmeralda dressed and danced wasn’t pure but she had a loving heart. God looks at the heart not the outward appearance. We were able to talk about this theme throughout the whole movie. The jester sings in the beginning “Who is the monster and who is the man?”. We see that Quasimodo looks ugly but has a beautiful heart. His master on the other hand is a legalistic hypocrite and pure evil.

The movie also features Catholicism. We are not Catholics so Michael and I talked about the difference in our Christian beliefs. The persecution of the gypsies brought up the evils of racism. Some of these lessons Michael could get on his own, subconsciously by just watching. But other issues he needed to learn from me….like modesty and that we don’t pray to Saints (only to God). Also the evils of palm reading which is a real form of witchcraft. The Bible forbids fortune telling.

I really like The Princess and the Frog but it also has some dark spirituality. It’s one of the scarier Disney cartoons. Voodoo is the magic in the movie and voodoo is very real. The movie shows the Shadowman as the evil voodoo guy but then it shows an old granny who lives in the bayou as being the good side of voodoo. So Michael and I talked about voodoo in real life and how there is no good side. According to the Bible (what we follow), there is no good real life magic. Dabbling with sorcery and talking to the dead is forbidden because the “dead” are really familiar spirits (demons that mimic the deceased). The real spirits of people either go to Heaven or Hell. There is no in between life.

The Shadow Man plays with tarrot cards among other things. These things are dark and dangerous. In real life they open you up to demonic forces and should never be dabbled with. Even if you ban Disney, your kids may come across these things at school. We homeschool but still we saw a pack of tarrot cards at the Dollar Tree in the kids section! I was horrified. The Ouji Board and horoscopes are evil as well. If God wants us to know anything in our future he will tell us. I don’t want to hear what the dark side says. Even if they are somewhat right there’s always a dark twist.

Now obviously if a kiddo says “Gumbo gumbo in the pot” and pretends to play magic nothing will happen. I’m not saying be paranoid. But a kid’s curiosity may lead them to Google real magic or check out those neat looking cards. That’s the danger with make believe magic in movies. It can sometimes lead to the real stuff and more so if a tiny bit of real magical elements are in the story (why I think Harry Potter should be approached with caution if not avoided). But you don’t have to be afraid of this if you are frank with your kids about the dangers of real life magic and sorcery. They need to know the difference between what’s fake and real.

My Dad was a minister the last part of my childhood but he dabbled in Wicca and came in contact with Voodoo before that(we lived near a big voodoo town. Small town. Big hoodoo). He warned me with his own stories and that kept me from dabbling in magic because the opportunity was there at public school and also with neighborhood kids.  I was definitely the type to try what I saw on movies and since I was sensitive to seeing demons and such I was a prime candidate for all that. Thankfully God saved me young and kept me from the direction I was going.

Anywho, this is getting long but I want to end this by pointing out that even if you avoid all magical movies it’s wise to discuss the dangers of real life sorcery with your kids. Once they leave the house they will most likely come in contact with the occult somewhere. The draw can be tempting. The scary thing is that the so called “control” someone thinks they have with a spirit guide etc is all backwards. The spirit (demon) is really doing all the controlling and all the tricks. The allure of controlling others is an illusion. It’s sad because when we rely on other things instead of God to determine our future we are worshiping idols and missing out on the best God has for us.

Lastly, wishing and praying are two different things. Wishing on a star is a big Disney theme. We don’t pray to stars in this house. That would be idol worship. There’s nothing wrong with dreams but we firmly believe in our family that God determines our future…not fate. So we don’t indulge in such a vague spirituality. It’s fun entertainment but it’s pure fantasy. Michael knows that. I would worry if he didn’t know the difference. I pray he has such a love and trust in God that he leans on God for all his desires. You can’t have a relationship with a star (unless you’re Ray the firefly but that’s another story lol…Evangeline!).

So we have fun with make believe but we know what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s dangerous. So I won’t be sharing my opinion of Disney spirituality every post on this count down lol…..just this one. But I figured it needed to be said that I don’t take these things lightly. I also don’t ban Disney. So there is a third option if you choose it.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover