The High King Lives

Stand Up for Sam July 8, 2015

Hello dear ones! I’d like to tell you about my friend Sam Beman. Sam loves to make people laugh, and he has a heart for God. Sadly, Sam has cancer, and needs help with his medical bills. So the community and many Christians in this area have gotten together to raise money for Sam. It’s been a privilege to see how many people care about Sam. Sam is still young and he’s newly married with several stepchildren. I know God can heal him. Recently, the best Christian comedians got together to throw a comedy show for Sam’s benefit. It was called “Stand Up for Sam”. These guys didn’t get paid for this. Tim Hawkins stopped his vacation to come. Christ Community Church allowed them to use their facilities for free. I believe $30,000 was raised at this one event. Chemo is expensive. Anywho, it was an awesome event for an awesome guy. Our prayers are with you Sam!


Please pray for Sam and donate if you can. Link to donate here:



This was Leeland and Michael’s first comedy show.

Here’s me with Gordon Douglas and Clayburn Cox



A video about Sam’s fight:

Here’s an article with more info about Sam:

A video of him a couple years ago:

The news story:

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Amber’s Taste of Belize & Outdoor Movies July 7, 2015

In this post: My special fruit drink that reminds me of Belize, outdoor movies, and a way to help the Belize Mission.
Hello dear ones! For Memorial Day (awhile back I know) we watched a movie outside with our projector and we had my special fruit drink “Amber’s Taste of Belize”. I’m giving you the ingredients…but not the amount. I’ve got to keep some of it a secret ;). There was this awesome fruit drink the hotel staff made for us on the Belize missions trip. I’ve tried to replicate it and this is as close as I could get.

Amber’s Taste of Belize

  • Cans of pineapple juice
  • orange juice
  • Cranberry Sierra Mist
  • Shaved ice





We finally bought a projector. It was worth the investment too. Outdoor movies rock! You may remember that a couple summers ago we dragged our t.v. outside for a redneck drive in on the trampoline. That post is here:
Well, that trampoline died and we got a new one with a net. It’s not very projector friendly, so we hung a bed sheet on the gazebo. Then we put tarps down and covered them with pillows and blankets.



We put the baby in his bassinet.


It was great fun. We also got a little pool. Leeland doesn’t mind the water until the wind hits him and he’s cold. We’re able to go to some pools for free too since my husband is a vet. It is very hot down here so we do what we can. It’s not as hot as it is in Belize though. We’ve also had several big thunderstorms…still not as bad as the monsoons in Belize. I miss Belize…lol. I really do. My church is about to go for a week. I will be home with the kiddos, but I hope to go back some day.


Hey, they do some awesome work there in Belize. They feed babies. They give them medicine like Tylenol so they don’t die of fever. The missionaries don’t take any money for themselves. They completely give of themselves for the people of Belize. They share the gospel. Help them out if you feel led.

Pray, give, and go :



God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Xavier’s Journey February 19, 2012

I want to share with you the website of a special little boy named Xavier. We met Xavier’s family while in the military. Xavier has had several brain surgeries to deal with his illness. I don’t know everything he deals with but my hubby keeps me updated. Xavier just got his “make a wish” granted & his family went to Italy to meet the pope. Now we aren’t catholic etc but I’m glad to see the joy the trip brought Xavier.  If you get a  chance please support Xavier as they help others in need.


God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover