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Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: “David”, a short poem September 10, 2013

Dear ones, it’s Tuesday and I have another poem to share. It’s based on a sad but true story. My poems are a bit melancholy but I find it helps me to write about sad times. Please don’t copy but you can share the link. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


by Amber Dover

Sept 2013

I hear your slurred speech,

I see your child-like face.

You were broken in so many ways.

She stole your soul  when she stabbed you.

But you sat there and listened to Dad preach.

You came so close but hope was just out of reach.

I pray you knew Jesus

before you met your fate,

Before they found you lying

dead in the paint.

Curse depression! Curse addiction!

You should’ve never died in shame.

May God hold you now, David.

I’ll never forget your name.


Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: You know You’re a Writer When….. March 6, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 I hope you chime in on this post. Please leave me some comment love. You can finish my title in the comments.
You know you’re a writer when……

your best friend tells you she was almost robbed by gypsies in Europe and you’re like “Wow! Tell me all about it!”. Seriously, this happened with my BF Hannah tonight and I was so excited because I have gypsies in my book so I was intrigued.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

I found these on this website:

~When you catch yourself staring at someone who looks exactly like one of your characters
~When every time you open your mouth your friend holds up her hand and says ‘this better not be about the novel’
~When you walk up to your friends and say ‘I killed someone today’
~When people you barely know ask you to do their English homework for them
~When the search history on your computer includes things like ‘deadliest poison in the world’, ‘how to build a grenade with a battery’ and ‘odds of being shipwrecked on an island’.
~When people add the last three things together and start to think you are a terrorist

LOL I want to read more of these. I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂 We writers have to stick together. Well, I’ve never tried nanowrimo but I am doing Speedbo (and failing miserably). But I will do better. Here’s to writing when you’d rather procrastinate….cheers 🙂

God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


February 21, 2012

Happy Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday 🙂 I just love Kristen Lamb’s blog. This was a great post and I’m taking it to heart. Tonight my hubby prayed that I wouldn’t have writer’s block… I didn’t expect that prayer…but I needed it. It’s time to grab the popcorn and hide myself in a corner to write… God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

Kristen Lamb's Blog

In the spirit of Valentines Day (which is tomorrow, btw), we are going to talk about a different sort of love…our LOVE for writing. We are already six weeks into 2012, and the New Year’s Resolutions are long forgotten, dulled by the screams of children racing through our house or the demands of a nagging day job.

Perhaps this was the year you vowed to take that novel more seriously, and you set out with bold promises of daily word count. The first week of January, you were off like a shot. The creativity was flowing, and you couldn’t remember a time you felt so alive. You might have even wondered why you put this off so long! Fingers flying across the keyboard, you laughed in the face of all your naysayers.

Now? Six weeks in?

You’ve lost that loving feeling! Whoa, that loooving feeling. Bring back that looooving feeling cuz it’s gone, gone, gone….whooooaaah.

Okay, I…

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