The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Costume Fun at Hogsmeade November 1, 2013

Hello dear ones! Last night, after taking Michael around for candy and having the darndest time with my pink tutu Glenda dress…I propped up my feet and decided to have some costume fun in Second Life. I was only able to find one family friendly place to “trick or treat” per sey. Really I just walked around and clicked on pumpkins for free clothes. Inara’s had a pumpkin hunt. Inara’s clothing shop is located in a Harry Potter-ish sim. So I was able to explore Hogsmeade. I was too tired to see if Hogwarts was there.

Costume fun

The hardest part of the evening was finding the right costume. I loooove to dress up…in Second Life and real life.  I firmly believe in my avatar staying true to my real life morals and personality. Though if I dressed as Tinkerbell  I would be more modest. I also have an adult body in real life so there is that big difference lol.

In the end I chose the most expensive costume for the night…the unicorn. I usually don’t spend that much on virtual clothes but I have a girly love for unicorns. The sadistic side of me wants to say “Charlie! Let’s go to candy mountain, Charlie!” He he he 🙂 (Google it). Here I am with the loot at the end of the night.


I just have to show you the other costumes up close :). Then we will head to Hogsmeade and I also have a frightening discovery to share about my house!

I wanted to go as Audrey Hepburn but I just found a sweater…not a costume that would fit. All the good clothes are going to toddledoos these days…ugg so annoying.  I don’t want to have to switch to a toddler avatar.  I would so wear this sweater in real life…the whole outfit really. It went well over my fall clothes.

Audrey's Sweater

The puppy dog was my second favorite costume. I had a hard time choosing between it and the unicorn.

puppy face

This is actually a combo of two outfits. The puppy costume I bought was too small in some areas. So I had to find a shirt and leggings to go with it. Maybe I’ll do this in years to come for real life…though I think I want to be a white owl next year.


The Butterfly Princess is the most elegant costume. I had to use a different top for it too.

butterfly princess

Lastly, this pumpkin girl outfit is adorable. Oh, if i had a little girl…

If you’re wondering about the candy bag…it actually has a little girl’s voice in it that says “trick or treat” when you touch it.


So then I headed to Inara’s for the pumpkin hunt.  You can find Inara’s and Hogsmeade here:

Visit Jack and Jones (131, 90, 30)


After finding all the pumpkins I went exploring. Here’s Dervish and Banges.
Dervish and Banges

Inside Hogshead.


Halloween decor was everywhere.  The area looked very authentic and detailed.


Inside Madam Puddifoot’s.


Inside Honeyduke’s. You can see Burt’s every flavor beans.


Outside The Three Broomsticks.

three broomsticks

Inside The Three Broomsticks.


I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve finally realized how to scale images on here. Yaaa! At the end of the street there was a lovely little park.



Sand castles!


Just keep swinging, swinging, swinging…




Now, let’s head home and check the candy. I didn’t get this for free. I had to buy the bowls. They give out candy bags when you touch them. Maybe I’ll put them on my porch next year.

What the heck! My room is being invaded by spiders! This was not planned!


They kept coming in my room. Then they followed me to the playroom. I was a bit freaked out…virtually speaking ;). I love using emoticons on my avatar…too cute.

bad spider

So I did some investigating and found the source of my infestation problem. The haunted house next door has spiders that come down the trees. I’ve never had issues with them before but for some reason they kept coming in my yard and house. I hope they take them down soon. It’s rather disturbing.


Well, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Halloween in second life isn’t the kid friendliest. It’s full of gory parties and horror…things I don’t seek out. I’m glad I was able to find a safe and beautiful place to explore. It was a relaxing night…despite the spider invasion. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover