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Thanksgiving Photos and Crafts 2014 December 4, 2014

Hello dear ones! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying the Christmas season. This year we made Thankful jars to store our thankfulness during the month of November. On Thanksgiving we took turns reading our blessings. The person who had the most in their jar, won the first slice of pie. Mom won. I also made these pilgrim hat place settings. I saw the idea online to use these as crayon holders for kids but I wanted it to be more.


Fof the Thankful jars I had Michael paint his handprint and we made it into a turkey. Then we put a thankful verse on the other side of the jar.


Chris did a great job on the ham and turkey. The turkey was a lil late so I didn’t get a pic. Mom and I tag teamed the rest of the meal. I usually cook most of mine the night before. It’s easier that way. We spent the morning watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.





Michael helped me make pies this year.



After we ate we took down all the fall decor and put up Christmas decorations. I needed all the help I could get this year.





Mom helping Michael decorate his room.


Chris went hunting the next day.

Well, that’s how we spent our Thanksgiving. How about you? What traditions do you have? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


St. Patty’s Day 2014 March 29, 2014

Hello dear ones! One of my favorite holidays is Saint Patrick’s Day. I love the story of how Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. I love how he used the 3 leaf clover to explain the trinity.  I’ve got some great resources on last year’s post:

I found cute St. Patty’s decor at the Dollar Tree, like the huge leprechaun on my door. My Mom got me a St. Patty’s purse for my birthday.  Mom and Michael put together a rainbow chain and I added the cloud. Our leprechaun from a couple years ago came out but he didn’t get caught in the trap this year. Last year, we had a fun leprechaun hunt:

Michael and I wrote a limerick & put together a 3 leaf clover with the Trinity on it. We listened to Irish music and did a leprechaun jig. We had some amazing corned beef pies for lunch, along with green veggies and fruit.  For supper we had our traditional Irish beef stew (I couldn’t find lamb) and Irish soda bread. I added “leprechaun” brownies to the mix.

Do you have any St. Patty’s traditions? If so, please leave it in my comments. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover




St. Patty’s on Pinterest:


New Year’s Eve Party! January 2, 2014

In this post: Join us as we count down to 2014. See our french bulldog, Annabelle in her new dress. We’ve got food, fun, and some sweet decor!

Hello dear ones! We did a countdown by the hour with some nifty New Year’s bags. They were filled with noise makers, silly string, resolution questionnaires, the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne, and more. We also had shrimp cocktail, sparkling grape juice, and other goodies. We ended the night with fireworks and we took the ornaments off the tree.  My Mom and stepdad partied with us. We’ve got some great family pictures and even Annabelle Antoinette (our new pup) and Tessa (older dog) got into the festivities. We also watched Man of Steel. Enjoy the pics and I’ll put links at the end where you can find the neat printables.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: at the end I have a pic of Annabelle in her new raincoat :).



My Family Rocks! Sunday: Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles) October 7, 2012

Hello friends and happy Sukkot!. We are nearing the end of this biblical holiday. Here’s links with more information about Sukkot:

“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

KJV  Revelation 21:3

This will be our 5th year celebrating Sukkot as a family. I celebrated it once in highschool with some friends who now live in Israel. They actually built their sukkah (tent). It was made of wood with a very thin roof (thin fabric or leaves? I can’t remember). I hung out with the daughter and we looked at the stars. It was my first time camping out like that. I was so surprised when I woke up the next morning soaked with dew :).

In the beginning we would put up a large tent in the backyard. We would forget to take it down and it’d rot :(. But during Sukkot we ate most of our meals in the tent. We even hooked up a tv in it one year. Mom, Chris, Michael, and I all watched the nativity. Read the links above to understand why. Btw we still celebrate Christmas. I love both :).

Last year we camped one night and my mom came. It was fun. We read a Choose Your Own Adventure book around the fire. It was about pirates and people got to choose how the story would progress.

Shadow Puppets

Michael and I make leaf decorations to decorate the sukkah (tent).

This year we camped inside. Chris stapled camo netting to the ceiling and he strung Christmas lights over the top. With our Scarecrow and pumpkin decorations the living room felt like the outdoors lol. Michael and I watched the nativity. We stayed up to watch Star Trek episodes and Michael enjoyed hot chocolate.

The first two years we painted plates for Sukkot. The third year we made Sukkot t-shirts and the fourth year we painted a mug.

This year I painted a tea canister and Michael painted an owl. They should be finished next week for pick up.

Chris stopped by and helped me near the end.

Usually we take a trip to the farm near the end of Sukkot. We find a pumpkin to carve and I begin the process of cooking everything pumpkiny.

Last year we visited a farm with our buddies Hannah and James  and their kids Olivia and Liam.

Olivia & Michael

This place had the coolest playgrounds

Chris decided to play in the ball pit lol

This year we  ended Sukkot by camping with Hannah and her family.

Me chompin’ down on a s’more

hot chocolate and apple cider

We had a big breakfast the next morning

Hannah and James 🙂

The campground had a nice playground

My Michael

Liam, Michael, and Olivia

Roasting marshmallows again yummmm

Btw, I’m a fall nerd but I had to show you my cool orange bed sheets. I got the fall quilt last year but I got the orange sheets recently. Chris picks on me because I squeal when I look at them lol. They make me feel like I live in a ritzy hotel.

Also we got this cinnamon broom. Mom didn’t think it was very fall like. So I added some leaves and a bow to it. Voila!

I’m actually writing all of this ahead of time because today we are in Helen. Another check off my bucket list! So we also end with Octoberfest. I hope to see lots of fall leaves. I’ll show pics next Sunday, Lord willing. 🙂 It should be obvious why Sukkot is one of my favorite holidays. We have such a blast.  I hosted our homeschool group Thursday and I talked to the kids about Sukkot and how Jesus left his Heavenly home and came to tabernacle with us. I asked the kids who they wanted to meet in Heaven etc. It was great to hear their responses. More on that tomorrow.

Well, I hope you’re having a blessed holiday. It’s been nice getting comments. For my reader in Hawaii, I wish I could bring fall to you! Maybe you could do fall crafts anyways and make a fall tree in your house? That just may be something I would do. I’m a bit eccentric. If I visited you I’d bring a fake fall tree ;).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Happy Easter! Jesus is Alive! :) April 8, 2012

God bless and Happy Easter everyone 🙂 I am tuckered out from a weekend of Piratey fun (I’ll post pics on Monday). But I am so excited about Easter 🙂 It’s been so great focusing on the resurrection these couple of weeks. My parents and inlaws will be with us in church. It’s going to be nice :). I’m leaving you with some Resurrection videos and some pics of our celebrations up to this point.

On Good Friday we did the Easter story egg hunt with Resurrection puzzle pieces. We also had smores. The hunt was at night so we used glow sticks.

Tonight (errr last night…) we colored eggs and tomorrow (err today) we will hide them. The golden egg will be empty to remind us of Christ’ Resurrection and how he is our greatest prize.

Clips from my favorite movie, The Gospel of John:


Easter Is (I think this is from the 70’s. very cute story with a moral)

Also, last Sunday I challenged you to start a family night once a week where you put away the electronics & spend some face time together.I mentioned that you could play games, go to the park, play music together etc etc….there are tons of options. If you’re single then I challenge you to have some solitude without electronics…or maybe you could visit family. Visit your parents etc…don’t let your relationships slip past you. The challenge is still there and if you’ve taken the challenge please share your experiences with me in the comment section. 🙂

We usually do game night but the last two weeks have been different. We always do devotions and prayer. One week we played music together. And it was kewl.

Last week we planted our garden….some of it in the dark. That was a very productive family night 🙂

We’ll probably do games this Monday. I’m up for new ideas though if you want to leave me some 🙂

Well, folks happy Easter! Remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


A Late Crafty Monday: Resurrection Garden, coffee filter Easter eggs, & mini pies April 3, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 It’s a late crafty Monday (prob should say crafty Tuesday now). I’ve been super busy with this bday party for my son. I wanted to share more Easter crafts with you and show off my mini cherry pies. If you read last Monday’s post you’d know my son just had his first Easter egg hunt. I explained in that post why at one time I thought Easter was pagan & what changed my mind about it:

I’m really enjoying celebrating Christ’ Resurrection most of the month rather than just one day. I truly believe Easter should be a big deal like Christmas. Obviously we should think of the Resurrection daily but holidays have a way of cementing the memories into our hearts. Holidays are especially important for children. I pray my son remembers this Easter forever.

#1 One craft I LOVE is the Resurrection garden. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Some call it the Hill of Calvary. Ours is a mixture I guess. We didn’t have the time to grow the actual grass for our garden so we just dug up some flowers and formed the Hill.

Then we glued sticks together to make the crosses. We used salt dough to form the tomb. We painted the tomb grey and also painted a rock to go in front of it. We have small rocks being used as a retaining wall for the hill.

#2 Coffee filter Easter eggs

This is super simple. You just cut coffee filters into egg shapes. Then you draw designs using markers.

Carefully mist the “eggs” with a water bottle. The colors will spread out. Make sure not to get it too soggy.

Once dry you can display them by using contact paper. 🙂

#3 Mini Cherry Pies

These were delicious and SO easy! All I did was buy pie mix. I made the mix and formed cup shapes with the dough. I put it in cupcake liners. Then I spooned cherry filling into each pie. I took the remaining dough and used it as a lid so to speak. I just rolled out a circle for some….took a tiny heart cookie cutter & cut out the heart shape you see. For others I took the dough and made a cross shape. I took the heart cut out and put it on top. I pinched the top of the pie and the sides together so the filling wouldn’t come out. You can do this with any pie. These are the perfect serving size too! 🙂

Other Easter Ideas that we may try this week:

Also, I found some great Easter decorations at the Dollar Tree.

Well, God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Have a Happy Easter!