The High King Lives

Pentecost & Bike Safety June 23, 2015

Hello dear ones! We made a special dove painting for Pentecost this year. I’ve also got pictures from the Bike safety class our homeschool group did with the Columbus cops. Enjoy.


• Pentecost Dove Painting ~ I was inspired by this similar painting on Pinterest:

Michael painted a sunset on canvas. Then we modge podged a dove silhouette, a Bible verse about the Holy Spirit, and words about the Holy Spirit on top.


Pentecost in the New Testament is the time when the Holy Spirit came to live inside Jesus’ believers. Sometimes the Spirit is represented by a dove. He is our comforter, counselor, and healer. This was a special time because in the past only a select few had the Spirit visit them. No one had the Holy Spirit live inside them permanently until Pentecost.


• Bike Safety~ One of our homeschool moms is married to a park cop. He rides a bike through the parks. So her husband and his buddies visited our group and gave a bike safety course. It was great.

The guys showed the kids the proper way to wear a helmet. One cop demonstrated what happens when you don’t wear a helmet and get in an accident. He used a cantaloupe to show this. We have Crazy Carl who doesn’t wear his helmet and gets smashed all over the floor. Then we have Careful Carla who always wears her helmet. She does fine in an accident.




Then the kids watched a video on bike safety. They learned hand signals for riding in traffic. Michael volunteered to come up and show the signals he learned.



Lastly, the kids got to hear the sirens on the cop car.


Leeland hanging out.



Well, that’s it. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Crafty Monday: Pentecost, Fruit of the Spirit Lapbook, & Lego Illusions May 20, 2013

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re week has started well :).  We celebrated Pentecost this week by doing a study on the Holy Spirit and mainly the fruit of the Spirit. Also I’ve got a bug study link at the end of this post.

Fruit of the Spirit Lapbook

Resources here:


Inside I had Michael trace Galatians 5:22-23 in cursive.

“22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

Each flap has a fruit of the spirit on it. On the inside of the flaps, Michael wrote out a verse dealing with each fruit and I wrote the definition.


Game cards were put in the middle pocket for the Fruit of the Spirit game. The board is on the back. The cards each have a scenario on them in which a certain fruit should be used.


We watched “The Fruit of the Spirit” song on Psalty’s Praise Party Two video. Yep, it’s on VHS. We still have one of those.


We also did a study on Honesty found here:

We then talked about the gifts of the Spirit since at Pentecost we celebrate when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.

This dove craft went nicely.


Later, we talked about the parable of the ten virgins and how their lamps were not ready with oil when the Bridegroom came. So they missed out on the wedding. This story represents people that are not ready when Jesus comes back. We talked about how we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit by having a relationship with Jesus.

Then we did this lamp craft:

020Chris had his 29th birthday May 13th. We celebrated with his favorite dessert, a dirt pudding “cake”.


011Michael had too much fun licking the plate! 🙂


May’s Lego Club was all about Optical Illusions. The teacher gave a short lesson on optical illusions. Then they got to building a couple. We were not prepared as you can tell from the Legos dumped everywhere. We managed to pull enough of what we needed. By the way, if you are new to this blog; has great online classes and clubs for homeschoolers.

001The Arch Optical Illusion. It’s supposed to look like the columns are on the same row. This would work better if it was flat.

004 The Penrose Triangle. It’s only possible on paper. I had to turn it at an angle to get the picture.

005 This is what it really looks like.



Pipe Cleaner experiment~ cut up several pipe cleaners and put them in a glass jar. Use a magnet to manipulate them.


026Michael should finish “The Hobbit” this week. We didn’t do any Hobbit crafts last week but maybe we will this time. We made a “pond” for our tadpoles in the back yard and set them free so to speak. We also let our earthworm go and planted his dirt near the “pond”. I never saw him/her but the soil looked like he/she had been working in it.

Our homeschool group made airplanes last week and we learned what makes them fly. It was good fellowship and fun.


Last May, we did a bug study unit by Danielle’s Place and also a couple that I made myself (spider & butterfly). We had lots of fun as you can see below. Check out the first bug study. Each post has links at the bottom to the next post. I just did that with a lot of my crafty posts.

Bug Study 2012 You can also see all of my crafty posts on my Pinterest page. Email sub. please come to my blog to see this link:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Inspirational Wednesday: Scared of the deep? May 16, 2012

Romans 7:21 KJV
21I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

Last night was somewhat magical….maybe I should say spiritual so you don’t take me wrong. It was a rough night at first and once again I found myself failing in some way. But once again God the Father reached out to me despite my failure. Fireflies lit up our back yard….something rare in our part of town. Michael and I, sat on the trampoline and watched the “little flashlights” as Michael called them. We both thanked God for reminding us of  His love. We needed a firefly night.

I find that no matter how hard I try to do good there is this war inside of me, a force pushing me towards ruin. I am not alone in this struggle. Even the Apostle Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament, dealt with this hardship. I also find that in my quest to know God the Father in a deeper way I often run in the other direction. My spirit longs to truly abide with the Lord but that other part of me is scared to go too deep. C.S. Lewis and Darien B. Cooper explain this phenomenon better than I. Praise God that one day I will lose myself in the ocean of God’s presence and never dabble on the surface again. It seems I will be in Heaven when that happens but I pray to get even a glimpse of what that can be like.

Romans 7:24-25a

24O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?    25I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord….

(Pic of Chris and Michael at the beach- above)

Quote from pg 51 of a woman’s devotional (by Darien Cooper) inside “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard

Sometimes we have difficulty coming to our Father because of an imperfect relationship with our earthly Father or others. We are not sure of His heart toward us. However, we need never be hesitant or fearful to come honestly and vulnerably to our Lord, revealing every minute detail of our beings.

Quotes from “A Slip of the Tongue” (The Weight of Glory) by C.S. Lewis

“This is my endlessly recurrent temptation: to go down to that Sea (I think St. John of the Cross called God a sea) and there neither dive nor swim nor float, but only dabble and splash, careful not to get out of my depth and holding on to the lifeline which connects me with my things temporal.

“For it is not so much of our time and so much of our attention that God demands; it is not even all our time and all our attention; it is ourselves. For each of us the Baptist’s words are true . ‘He must increase and I decrease.’ He will be infinitely merciful to our repeated failures; I know no promise that He will accept a deliberate compromise. For He has, in the last resort, nothing to give us but Himself: and He can give that only insofar as our self-affirming will retires and makes room for Him in our souls. Let us make up our minds to it; there will be nothing ‘of our own’ left over to live on, no ‘ordinary’ life. I do not mean that each of us will necessarily be called to be a martyr or even an ascetic. That’s as may be. For some (nobody knows which) the Christian life will include many a leisure, many occupations we naturally like. But these will be received from God’s hands. In a perfect Christian they would be as much part of his ‘religion’, his ‘service’, as his hardest duties, and his feasts would be as Christian as his fasts. What cannot be admitted– what must exist only as an undefeated but daily resisted enemy– is the idea of something that is ‘our own’. some area in which we are to be ‘out of school’, on which God has no claim.

For He claims all, because He is love and must bless. He cannot bless us unless He has us. When we try to keep within us an area that is our own, we try to keep an area of death. Therefore in love, He claims all. There’s no bargaining with Him.”

“Law, in his terrible, cool voice, said,… ‘If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead.’ Those are hard words to take. Will it really make no difference whether it was women or patriotism, cocaine or art, whisky or a seat in the Cabinet, money or science? Well, surely no difference that matters. We shall have missed the end for which we are formed and rejected the only thing that satisfies. Does it matter to a man dying in the desert by which choice of route he missed the only well?

 It is a remarkable fact that on this subject Heaven and Hell speak with one voice. The tempter tells me, ‘Take care. Think how much this good resolve, the acceptance of this Grace, is going to cost.’ But our Lord equally tells us to count the cost. Even in human affairs great importance is attached to the agreement of those whose testimony hardly ever agrees. Here, more. Between them it would seem to be pretty clear that paddling (near the shore) is of little consequence. What matters, what Heaven desires and Hell fears, is precisely that further step, out of our depth, out of our own control.”

Enjoy the video 🙂 God bless & Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

Restless by Audrey Assad

Peaceful playlist:

songs by Anne Walsh: Jesus, Lover of my Soul & Children of the Heavenly Father

Audrey Assad- Restless

songs by Kari Jobe- Love came Down, My Beloved, & Revelation Song

Leigh Nash (former lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer)- Out of my bondage, Be still my soul, & Give Myself to You

Travis Cottrell- Jesus, I am Resting resting, How deep the Father’s Love, & Come Ye sinners poor and Needy

Fernando Ortega- Great is Thy Faithfulness

Big Daddy Weave- Maker of the Wind

Lordsong- Under His Wings

The Praise Baby Collection (it’s actually really good)- Be Unto Your Name

Most of these you can find on Itunes. You’ll have to find Travis Cottrell on Lifeway under Beth Moore’s stuff


Inspirational Wednesday: Guard Your Precious Heart! January 25, 2012

Hello! Hello! Welcome to Inspirational Wednesday 🙂 Pull up a chair. Here take this quilt and snuggle up by the fire. I’ll make you a cup of hot tea. Let’s enjoy the wisdom passed down from ancient times.

Passage Proverbs 4:23-27:
23Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.

24Put away from you false and dishonest speech, and willful and contrary talk put far from you.

25Let your eyes look right on [with fixed purpose], and let your gaze be straight before you.

26Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright.

27Turn not aside to the right hand or to the left; remove your foot from evil.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

If your physical heart stops beating  you die. What we eat, our physical activity, and our emotions can affect our heart. I suggest to you that it is the same with our soulish heart. When we are born we are given this special place to keep our love…our desires…our hurts…our sorrow. What we let into our heart, shapes who we are as people and how we will treat others.  So it makes perfect sense that the Bible tells us to guard our heart above all else. Our heart is rather important.

Passage Luke 6:45:
45The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart produces what is upright (honorable and intrinsically good), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Imagine that you have a special treasure box inside of your soul. In this box you keep all your emotions. This box is your heart. It is YOUR choice what stays in the box and what goes. Is your heart-shaped box full of bitterness, hate, greed, jealousy, or lust? You may try to hide these things from the world. After all, you don’t want people to know you’re a bitter person.

Sooner or later the bitterness you’ve held onto from your childhood and the bitterness you have from this week even, will fill that box……and overflow onto everyone. You’ll find, the bitterness (or hatred or greed etc) will come out in conversation when you least expect it. As hard as you try you can’t stop the bad things from coming out. You feel like a monster. The bitterness soon affects your physical health as well.

But let’s say you choose to let go of your bitterness and you fill your box with forgiveness instead. Soon your box overflows with love and peace and joy. People WANT to be around you because you’re a pleasant person. Mercy and Grace come out of your mouth. You are an encouraging person now. You love life and you can feel it in your bones.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Passage Philippians 4:6-7:
6Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ([a]definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.

7And God’s peace [shall be yours, that [b]tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall [c]garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

I don’t care who you are…..we are NOT perfect.  Just because someone is following Christ, doesn’t mean they ARE Christ. We have a hard time trying to do good. Let’s face it….sin is a big issue. Temptation is HARD. It’s SO much easier to give in and do the wrong thing. Our society pushes people towards evil. So how CAN we guard our hearts?

We don’t MEAN to let jealousy in or anger. It just happens sometimes. We TRY not to worry but fear seems to follow us around. As much as we try to dump the pollution out of our hearts, it just keeps coming back. We never get it right.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

So let me suggest something to you. DON’T try to guard your heart on your own! You need HELP! I NEED help! We’re so busy doing this thing called life that sometimes we let bad things come in our hearts and we don’t give it a second thought.

We need a GUARD……someone who will help us guard this special box that holds our treasure. There is an enemy who would love to rob us of everything sacred and leave our box full of garbage. Sometimes he sneaks up from behind when we’re not looking. We NEED someone who can see every perspective…..someone who understands human temptation and hardship…….someone who once cried blood……..someone who survived death and came back alive for the sake of true love. That God-man is Jesus Christ, friends and HE is the PERFECT GUARD for our hearts.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

The above passage says God’s peace (remember Jesus is the Prince of Peace) will guard our hearts. What do we do? We trust in God. We pray…..just talk to him…lay our troubles at HIS feet. If you put your faith in Christ, HE will remove the junk in your heart and that’s a process he does daily (it’s like email….spam comes daily lol). If you repent and let HIM be your Lord then he will fill your heart with real treasure……joy and peace even in hardship………true love even when you’re persecuted. There is no better guard for your precious heart. The King of Kings loves you and He loved your heart so much that HE sacrificed himself to save it from Satan’s poison. There is NO greater love story.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

I say all this not because I’m perfect or even good….I am neither. But I know someone who is both. Jesus Christ  took on imperfection, hatred, pain….and every manner of evil and He died with it on the cross…….that way you wouldn’t have to suffer the punishment for evil. He took it all. Then he rose again three days later…..victorious over death and the grave! Christ is alive and his arms are open. He wants to wash your heart clean if you’ll let Him. God is a gentleman. He will NEVER force himself on anyone. He leaves the choice up to you. When I was thirteen years old I made the choice to follow Christ because I realized He was the only one who would take care of my heart. I found my best friend that day and I know I would never have survived the hardships of my life without HIM.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

God bless and have a beautiful week! Remember: The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover