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I Stand Amazed Study & Snowflake Fun February 3, 2015

In this post: I Stand Amazed lapbook with link, God’s love Valentine’s wreathe, and snowflake fun with our homeschool group.

Amazed study

Hello dear ones! Last week, Michael and I did a three day study on the hymn “I Stand Amazed”, from the Not Consumed blog. Each day we listened to the song and sang it together. The study comes with a biography of the author, question pages, and copywork. We put ours into a lapbook. Michael read verses about God’s love. This study is perfect for Valentine’s!

I Stand Amazed study:

We used the heart printables and verses to make a wreathe. Here’s Michael writing out his favorite “love” verses.


Our God’s Love Valentine’s Wreathe


We used construction paper, a paper plate, and paper doilies.


Snowflake Fun at our Homeschool group

My buddy Hannah hosted a fabulous lesson at our group last week. The children saw pictures of all kinds of snowflakes, did a science project, ate treats, and were read to.

The Decor

Hannah reading about Snowflake Bentley. Fun facts: Snowflake Bentley was homeschooled, and he was born on Feb. 9th. I was also born on Feb. 9th :).


Michael putting his snowflake molecules together. The kids used marshmallows and toothpicks.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover