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Summer Crafts 2015 Part 2 August 19, 2015

In this post: Ocean crafts and study. Plus a shell study.

Hello dear ones, this Summer we used our crafts to decorate the homeschool room for the beginning of the year. We have a sea theme. So we got a head start. Here are pictures and you can find the links on my Pinterest at the end.

2015 SummerCrafts2

Michael was given two big boxes of shells from my grandma and grandpa. He used them to decorate our homeschool room.


He also made a shell notebook.



He made necklaces as well and gave them to his buddies. Then Michael did a shell lapbook.


Michael did an ocean animal lapbook. He checked out books on ocean animals from the library.



I bought ocean paper and covered our school door and the area near the reading pool. I got the ocean creature cut outs from the Dollar Tree awhile back. I used bubble wrap to make the bubbles, and crepe paper for the seaweed.

IMG_2665 I stapled ribbon to shower caps to make the jelly fish. I hung blue and green crepe paper to make the room feel like it was under the sea. IMG_2668

Michael made these origami boats.

Leeland and I made this starfish with his feet.

The jelly fish are from Michael and Leeland’s hands.

IMG_2664 Michael made a crab, an oyster, and coral from egg cartons. I made coral from split pool noodles. IMG_2670

I drew the octopus and Michael splattered it with paint.


Michael made a puffer fish using a fork (not pictured).


We made socktopuses from socks.


Michael and I put together this ocean diorama.


We put foam stickers on the bottom of our flip flops and made these nifty prints. We hope to leave cool impressions in the sand when we go to the beach.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~ Amber Dover

PS: Michael’s Lego creation



Crafty Monday: Jellyfish & a Handprint Crab June 18, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 I hope you’re having a lovely day. Today I’ve got just a couple of crafts to share. I am feeling much better today. I am on antibiotics again but for something else this time.  Well, enjoy the pics and check out the links if you can.

Paper plate jellyfish

I didn’t feel like getting carried away with this one so we just used one paper plate. I taped and stapled the tissue paper underneath. Michael painted the top. This was super simple. We decided not to add eyes since technically Jellyfish don’t have eyes. We read books about these critters while on vacation.

We picked up a few fiddler crabs at the beach. We accidentally brought home a hermit crab and a sea slug. In the end they all died unfortunately. But I did get a funny picture of the last two fiddler crabs facing off in a staring contest.

Lastly, Michael made a crab out of his hand print. Then we glued on eyes. Oops I just realized we forgot the mouth…

Anywho, since I’ve felt bad we just kept things simple. We read several ocean books from the library. One of my favorites is “Rainbowfish”. Also, we watched the Blue Planet and some other sea documentary on Netflix.  Another good resource is “Draw Write Now”. We have all the books in the series and Michael used the ocean book to draw an octopus and a starfish.

This week we are learning about Seahorses. I plan on making some ocean cookies too. Well, God bless & remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

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