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The 1800’s Week 3: Native Americans, the Alamo, Edgar Allan Poe, & the Gold Rush June 3, 2014

In this post: Food, games, crafts, & fun as we study Native Americans, the Alamo, Edgar Allan Poe, & the Gold Rush! Also a composter study on Beethoven! Pull up a chair  and hang out :).

Hello dear ones! This is how we studied week 3 of the 1800’s:

Native Americans

  • We read about the Trail of Tears in Story of the World Book 3.
  • We read books about Native Americans: The Cherokee Indians, The Girl Who Lived With the Bears, & Follow the Stars.
  • We read Native American nursery rhymes.
  • Michael drew a picture of American bison from his Draw through History book.
  • We watched movies about Native Americans: The Trail of Tears, Dear America season 1 episodes 1 &2, and Mandie & the Cherokee Treasure.  The Dear America series is on Netflix and it’s just wonderful. It’s fictional diaries of historical women.
  • We wove a basket with a basket weaving kit.
  • Chris made Native American Fry Bread. We tried it with butter and then with powdered sugar. I prefer the latter.
  • Michael made a papoose and a Native American drum.
  • Michael played the online game: Mission US mission 3: Cheyenne Odyssey
  • We took a trip to Fort Mitchell and saw the Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center outside of it. We saw where the Creek Trail of Tears began. We learned about the Indian Creek Wars and we toured the old fort. We looked at old stage coaches.

Edgar Allan Poe

  • We went to the park and read  The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. We happened to see a raven or a crow at the park.
  • We watched videos about the genius of ravens. They really CAN mimic human speech. They can even use tools. Links are at the end of the post.
  • Michael typed out part of the poem, “The Raven”. I printed it on scrapbook paper. Then I pasted it on fabric with a paper raven.
  • We watched an old Mr. Peabody episode on Edgar Allan Poe.

The Alamo

  • We read about the Alamo in Story of the World book 3.
  • We watched Dear America Season1 episode 7 about the Alamo. It shows a Texan family during the Mexican American war.
  • Michael drew the Alamo from his Draw Through History book.
  • Michael made a model of the Alamo with styrofoam blocks. He had his own war with his little figurines.

The Gold Rush

  • We read about the Gold Rush in Story of the World book 3.
  • Michael did a lapbook on the California Gold Rush. Michael did a worksheet on what he would bring if he was a miner.
  • We “panned” for gold. I filled our kiddie pool with dirt and aquarium gems. The orange represented fool’s gold and the yellow, gold.
  • Michael played the online game “Rush for Gold-California”. You can buy it on It’s quite addictive but it shows how the miners start mining towns. It’s easy and fun.
  • We ate fish soup, a sort of gumbo.
  • I made chocolate “nuggets” with peanuts and chocolate.


  • Michael did a composer study of Beethoven.
  • He learned how to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.
  • We watched “Beethoven’s Wig” a parody of the symphony.
  • Michael read “Little House in the Big Woods” as he continues with the Little House series.
  • We visited the Columbus Museum and Michael sat in an old one room schoolhouse.

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Crafty Monday: Native Americans & Carthage study November 11, 2013

In this post: We learn about the ancient North Americans from South, Central, & North America. Also we learn about Hannibal’s elephants (Carthage). Our group celebrates Chocolate Day. 

Native Americans

Last week, we studied ancient Native Americans. We began with the Nazca in South America, then moved to the Olmecs from Central America, and ended with North American Indians. Here’s what’s in the pic above:

  • Nazca Lines-  Michael drew this “Nazca” monkey with chalk on black paper. The Nazca are interesting because they made these huge lines that look like ditches and roads up close but from an air plane they form all kinds of shapes.
  • Tapioca pudding- it actually comes from South America. So we bought a pack.
  • Olmec lapbook– The Olmecs actually came before the Nazca. They left behind these huge head sculptures. We also learned that archaeologist found traces of a chemical that’s in chocolate in Olmec potsherds. They are some of the earliest chocolate eaters.
  • South American face paint & Native American necklace–  I couldn’t find our paint so I had to use lipstick to draw on Michael’s face.
  • North American teepee– we bought a teepee kit at Hobby Lobby.
  • The Indian in the Cupboard– Michael really loved reading this book. He watched the movie once he finished reading.
  • Rabbit shoots the sun leather shield– We read a North American story about why rabbits are timid and why the sun slowly rises. It was in the Story of the World. Then Michael drew it on some leather.

Westville2013 131Above Michael is playing with his Native American figurines that we got at Hobby Lobby.

You can find the Native American ideas here:

Later that week our group celebrated chocolate day. My buddy Hannah hosted. She’s having a baby in February and I’m hosting her baby shower.  Hannah read several books about chocolate, fiction and nonfiction. After learning about chocolate’s history, the kids sampled different types of chocolate. There was also M&M sorting. Lastly, the kids made candy bar pilgrims.

chocolate day

At the end of the week we learned a bit about Rome and the Punic wars. We learned about Hannibal, a captain from Carthage who used Elephants to defeat the Romans. We also watched a video about the elephants and Michael drew a picture from his Draw and Write Through History book. Everything was going great for Hannibal until a Roman captain named Scipio made a surprise attack on Carthage while Hannibal was attacking Rome. The Romans won the war and Hannibal fled to the mountains and later killed himself. Very sad story.

Hannibal video here:

Westville2013 182

In other news, Michael finally got a haircut. You can see how long his hair was. The stylist had fun spiking Michael’s hair a bit.  Michael also had his first eye appointment. His eyes were hurting him. He’s got great vision so far.  He did really well until she had to put eye drops in. Then war broke out.


That week Nana came over. We went to our old park and it was very overgrown. Mom and Michael did his Mailbox club lesson on the trampoline.  It was a beautiful week so Michael spent a good bit of time in Terabithia. We added new leaves to the loom. I really like that thing.

aroundWell, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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A Late Crafty Monday: Native Americans & Thanksgiving Past (plus U.K. Country Study) November 13, 2012

Note: I mean’t to post this earlier but I’ve been busy with a sick kiddo & crafting Christmas gifts.

In this Post: Native American crafts, U.K. crafts, Thanksgiving crafts from the past, Fisher’s of Men Bible Craft, and Mini Pumpkin cakes.

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a busy week with Native American crafts and our homeschool group did a U.K. Country Study that was a lot of fun. We’re already gearing up for Thanksgiving over here at the Dover’s. This week we will be looking at the Pilgrims but you’ll have to wait til next Monday to see the crafts ;).

Two years ago, Michael and I painted a Thanksgiving scene. We used it as a backdrop for our “Thanksgiving” play. Nana (my mom) came over and played a Native American with Michael. I was a pilgrim. It’s kind of funny and NO ONE watched it but it was still fun to put on. We’ve put on other family plays before just for the heck of it. Chris usually narrates or films.

We read several books about Squanto and the Mayflower etc. Did Michael retain them? Not at all…so maybe this year he will finally soak up this knowledge. He’s reading a chapter book on Squanto and I got every Thanksgiving book I could find at the library for story time. We will see….

Thanksgiving Past:

Peg doll Native Americans & paper bag teepee

Camp Site Painting

Thankful Tree

Native American Picture Writing

Native American Rattle, Canoe, & Teepee

Native American Crafts this Week

crafts here:


Vest & Head dress

Paper Canoe

Michael added this to his Native American play set and felt garden.

Bead Necklace

Medicine Bag

I bought this kit at Michael’s Craft Store.

I love Michael’s faces while sewing :).

Michael at Plymouth

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

These are simply spice cakes with cream cheese frosting and caramels for stems. Michael and his buddies Olivia and Liam added the orange sprinkles.

I found these money magnets at the Dollar Tree.

U.K. Country Study

Our homeschool group had a lovely country study. All the moms brought British food. We had tea sandwiches by Hannah, Bangers and Mash (Rachel), tarts, and the British flag (Rachel). We had hot tea with milk, the way I like it :).

Hannah read books about being a knight. Rachel showed us how to make a coat of arms shield and a “tea” card.

Each section on the shield represents something. The  left top corner is Michael as an astronaut, top right is a cross for our Faith, bottom left is a Zebra to represent E.D.S. the hereditary “zebra” disease that runs in our family, and bottom right is our family. The Zebra is for awareness and remembrance of my Dad.

Our Bible craft for the week is about being Fishers of Men, meaning reaching people for Christ.

I leave you with the videos we watched on Native American tribes.

God bless & remember the High King lives!~ Amber Dover

Pilgrim Crafts:

More Thanksgiving Crafts: