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Summer Crafts 2015 Part 2 August 19, 2015

In this post: Ocean crafts and study. Plus a shell study.

Hello dear ones, this Summer we used our crafts to decorate the homeschool room for the beginning of the year. We have a sea theme. So we got a head start. Here are pictures and you can find the links on my Pinterest at the end.

2015 SummerCrafts2

Michael was given two big boxes of shells from my grandma and grandpa. He used them to decorate our homeschool room.


He also made a shell notebook.



He made necklaces as well and gave them to his buddies. Then Michael did a shell lapbook.


Michael did an ocean animal lapbook. He checked out books on ocean animals from the library.



I bought ocean paper and covered our school door and the area near the reading pool. I got the ocean creature cut outs from the Dollar Tree awhile back. I used bubble wrap to make the bubbles, and crepe paper for the seaweed.

IMG_2665 I stapled ribbon to shower caps to make the jelly fish. I hung blue and green crepe paper to make the room feel like it was under the sea. IMG_2668

Michael made these origami boats.

Leeland and I made this starfish with his feet.

The jelly fish are from Michael and Leeland’s hands.

IMG_2664 Michael made a crab, an oyster, and coral from egg cartons. I made coral from split pool noodles. IMG_2670

I drew the octopus and Michael splattered it with paint.


Michael made a puffer fish using a fork (not pictured).


We made socktopuses from socks.


Michael and I put together this ocean diorama.


We put foam stickers on the bottom of our flip flops and made these nifty prints. We hope to leave cool impressions in the sand when we go to the beach.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~ Amber Dover

PS: Michael’s Lego creation



Crafty Monday: Octopus & Starfish (last of the Ocean crafts) July 2, 2012

Hello gang and welcome to Crafty Monday :). Glad you could join me. As the title says, this is the last of the ocean posts. This week we are starting patriotic crafts and then outer space. Enjoy the pics and maybe you can try these crafts yourself 🙂

Starfish– this is simply a Starfish drawn on a paper plate, cut out, and then painted.

“My Collection from the Sea” painting

Idea from:

Octopus– We wrapped and glued construction paper around an empty toilet paper roll. Then We cut out 8 arms and drew the face. Super simple 🙂

View from a Porthole: Idea from~

I helped Michael with this one. He drew the picture and I cut it out and glued it to black construction paper. Then I cut it into a circle as well.

We read about dolphins, whales, and Sea turtles this past week. We learned something neat. Dolphins are sometimes caught in nets by fishermen trying to catch Tuna. Dolphins follow the Tuna because they eat them. So certain companies are starting to use baited line instead of nets. We actually checked our tuna can and it says “dolphin safe” on it. I thought that was pretty kewl.

We also had Ocean Jello with Swedish Fish. It was a bad idea. I liked the Jello until I tasted bits of Swedish Fish (a candy) that dissolved in it. Michael liked the Swedish fish but disliked the Jello. We threw it out. It looked neat anyways. I would’ve liked it better with fruit shaped fish instead.

A majority of our craft ideas are found here:

There’s plenty of ideas for Independence Day.

I found these nifty items at the Dollar Tree: large coins to refresh money skills and clock cards to use with a dry erase marker.

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: What Ocean crafts have you tried? Leave me some comment love please 🙂 If you don’t do crafts then what is your favorite  memory of the ocean?

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Crafty Monday: Sea horses & Piano lessons June 25, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to Crafty Monday. I should probably call this Homeschool Monday since I enjoy talking about teaching  just as much as showing crafts. But sometimes I show my own craft endeavors so for now I’ll keep this “Crafty Monday”. I hope you won’t mind my teacher talk ;).

Next week is our last week of Ocean activities. It’s hard to believe another month is almost over. I’m always learning vicariously through Michael. Michael has had VBS all week and at first I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for him to come home. Our van broke down so for the most part we’ve had to depend on others for rides. Thankfully homeschool is shorter during the summer so we could do VBS (in the morning) and still finish homeschool when he gets home. We school year round and take breaks here and there as we please.

We’ve had a lovely time learning about seahorses this week. I checked out a scholastic book from the library called “Seahorses and Seadragons”. Michael read a chapter each day and I listened. We both learned a lot about the magnificent creatures. We also made a few seahorses.

First, we have the paper plate seahorse. I simply drew and outline of a seahorse  on a plate. Michael painted it with water colors. I cut it out and then Michael put glitter and eyes on it. This was a pinterest idea. Michael obviously had a haircut this week :). His Daddy is great for military haircuts which saves us money.

The pastel resist painting was a joint effort. I believe slightly older children can do this on their own easily. I got the idea from:

I took a white crayon and traced a seahorse outline on paper. Then I painted inside the lines with watercolor. Afterwards Michael used really watered down blue watercolor to paint over the sea horse and the sea. We completely forgot to add salt for effect. Oh well….if you try it please let me know how yours turns out.

We all live in a yellow submarine……well red actually 🙂 This was a fun craft that also reinforces shape knowledge.

Idea from:

We made ocean sugar cookies and decorated with sprinkles. I found fish cookie cutters at Walmart and I used a starfish sand mold that came with a bucket and pail. The crab and jellyfish shapes were done by hand.

We like to conclude our day with summer fun from our bucket list. This day we did chalk artwork on our trampoline. Michael decided to get a head start on July’s theme: planets. But I made an ocean scene.

Lastly, I’ve been pinteresting to find piano ideas. I’ve been teaching Michael piano for maybe two years. We’ve taken it super slow and though I know myself how to play piano….sometimes I have a hard time teaching it. Playing a musical instrument isn’t easy and it requires time management skills. I know it’s hard at first. Learning to read music is kind of like learning to read period. Also there are all these new words you have to learn and music theory and such. I’d say Piano was harder than the flute for me.

When I first learned how to play Flute in the 6th grade, I couldn’t play a note for 6 months. I was very discouraged and ready to quit. But my mom had just spent a lot of money on that flute and she encouraged me to keep trying and to practice more. By the end of eighth grade I was first chair. When I got to Highschool I made the top band at band camp. I fell in love with music and even considered becoming a band director at one point. I admittedly have neglected my flute and piano in my adult years. But I did play a flute solo for Christmas time at church. I haven’t played with the church orchestra lately because of my health but I hope to play more the better I get.

I found a few neat sites on Pinterest.

Here’s a man who started teaching his toddlers basic piano skills. I really wish I would’ve started out this way. Maybe I’ll incorporate some of these exercises for fun:

This piano teacher has fun games and some are on the computer. I will be trying these ideas first thing:

Another great site. I love the penny game.

My other idea which some people discourage…….is a reward system. I know people say not to do it but rewards worked for teaching Michael to read. So I bought several things at the dollar store. Michael gets to pick something small if he makes it through piano without whining or giving up. If he tries his best and doesn’t whine all week then he can pick something big. Right now he’s going for the big water gun. So for now I’m trying to make piano fun but also instill practice skills. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share. (Note: I think the reward system is working because Michael has been practicing a lot lately and he gets really excited about prizes.)

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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