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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Terabithia & Costume Fun November 3, 2013

In this post: The family transforms Michael’s playhouse into Terabithia. Costume fun at Fall festivals. Also a pumpkin carving and owls that share God’s love :). Meet Glinda/Evanora, Bilbo the Hobbit, and Jace from Duck Dynasty!


Hello dear ones! We’ve had an eventful October. We don’t do scary stuff on Halloween. We like to go to Fall festivals throughout the month. So costume fun isn’t just one day for us. I’m really against anything gory or ghoulish. I love Autumn and I love dressing up though (candy’s not that bad either). I also think Halloween itself is a great opportunity to reach out to kids.

Michael helped me color these owl papers and I put John 3:16 on the back. Then I taped it to a bag of candy.

TrickorTreat2013 053

I grew up being well aware of the roots of Halloween etc… But I believe what the enemy means for bad can be put to use for the good (in some cases…). For example, the mall had trick or treat and a church gave out candy bags to hundreds of kids. We got home and found a gospel tract in the bag. So hundreds of kids were given the gospel of Jesus….because of Halloween. ¬†This is also why we keep our light on and leave a bowl of candy. One year we gave away cds with the gospel message for kids on it (cute musical). I don’t believe Christians should fear the day.

Another Halloween tradition that can be used for good is the Jack-o-lantern. We like to carve pumpkins and we don’t worship the devil ;). The story behind the Jack-o-lantern is grim but I like to put the light to good use. Jesus is the light of the world and what better night to share His light than Halloween when all manner of ghouls are glorified? Chris is pretty handy and he’s carved elaborate designs like “Jesus loves you” and a cross before. This year we went simple and stayed with “God’s love” as a theme. So we had a big heart. I didn’t bother with real candles this year.

Michael used gloves to dig out the pumpkin guts. My lil man doesn’t like to get his hands dirty! ūüôā We saved the guts so we can plant the seeds back in the pumpkin later. Chris carved the pumpkin but I came up with the design. So it was a family matter.


Now, a little break from trick or treat. I’ll get back to the costumes in a bit :).

Michael finished readingThe Bridge to Terabithia” the week before. I wanted to save the details for today since the biggest Terabithia project was a family thing. ¬†Michael read the book and reviewed with me. I had him draw his own fantasy land in his reading journal. It’s called “Funnyland” with “magic and funniness”. He also made a leaf crown which we reused for our Greek studies. We were going to build a small bridge but didn’t. ¬†We also watched the movie. But the best idea came from Michael….


He wanted to transform his playhouse into Terabithia. I’ve been wanting to paint the faded playhouse for ages. Chris took Michael to the hardware store to pick out paint. I found various odds and ends to make a wind chime or “bells”. I hung up string to make a nature loom that Michael could weave leaves and flowers into. Then we all painted. You can see “Terabithia” written on the top. Chris helped me fill an old tire with dirt and Michael’s flowers. Chris also cut pieces of wood so I could have fantasy road signs. We have Narnia, Terabithia, Oz, the Shire, and my own fictional city, Davar. ¬†I went back later and made “Narnia” more legible. I’ve never had nice handwriting.

painting Terabithia

Michael likes to read and do schoolwork inside Terabithia. It was a lovely sunny week so what the who! I love the bubbles picture. My baby is adorable :).


Now, for costume fun. Are you ready to meet some celebrities? Okay, so it’s really us but I think our costumes were great for the price. Jace was super easy. Chris was just himself! ¬†He usually keeps his hair back in a pony tail though. If you’ve kept up with this blog then you know we love Duck Dynasty. They remind us of family :). ¬†Michael’s Hobbit costume did cost a pretty penny and we had to order it online but his was the only one.

I decided to be two people. This time I was Evanora the wicked witch of the East from the movie “Oz the Great and Powerful”. I don’t like evil but I really liked Evanora’s style. No one knew who I was but this outfit was the prettiest of the two. ¬†I got the black dress from Goodwill way back when. I added green sleeves. I bought the necklace online. It’s not the official necklace but it’s so much prettier. I got the earrings at Target. I will be re-wearing the jewelry often for sure. ¬†I ordered Evanora’s head band online. ¬†I had difficulty achieving her hairstyle so I did a simple bun and pulled my part loose a bit. I went with green eye shadow and lots of silver glitter.

We all went to a church Fall festival and visited my Mom afterwards.


Then on Halloween day I was Glinda the good witch of Oz. I mixed old Glinda with the new. So I have the modern Glinda’s crown and wand. My dress is pink for the old Glinda. ¬†I wore light make up with silver and blue eye shadow. I added glitter too. It’s hard to tell with flash. I felt prettier in this outfit than I actually was. I should’ve used the pink fabric for a shawl instead of sewing it to the back of my dress. I had so many wardrobe issues. ¬†I’ve had the pink dress forever. The tutu I made for Mom during our Oz party. I just made it shorter for me. My white tights were black from Evanora’s shoes :(. That little jewel on the crown left a bruise.

Michael and I “trick or treated” at the library and mall. No one knew who I was this time either but all the little girls lit up and said “Look at the princess!”. ¬†For a night I felt like a character at Disney World. There were adults dressed up but I think I was the only poofy pink adult princess. So the kids wanted to say “hi” to me. I felt like a nicer person in the Glinda costume. Ha!


I got so excited that I decided to have a fashion show when I got home. I even pulled out my wedding dress from the closet. It’s been 8 or 9 years since I’ve taken it out. I was happy to see that I still fit. It was a tad tight but that’s it. I really like that dress. I’m planning a costume for it without the train. I know I can never sell my dress and I hate for it to collect dust. It’s such a pure white dress…so delicate…sigh.

wedding dress

And I leave you with this…

TrickorTreat2013 139

Chris feeding Tessa with chopsticks. Ignore the cat’s bottom. What a week! Did you dress up this year? Please share your costumes/ kid’s costumes in the comments :). God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: We’re Off to See the Wizard! March 17, 2013

In this Post: Our family had a Wizard of Oz party to get pumped up for the new movie “Oz, the Great and Powerful”.¬† Michael and I also read the first Oz book the weeks leading up to it. Enjoy the pics! I’ll show the making of the party & recipes at the end!

Wizard of Oz 2013 018

Hello Beloved,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and a happy St. Patrick’s day! We celebrated yesterday and it was lots of fun. You’ll find out about that next Sunday though (Lord willing). Last weekend, my guys, Mom, my stepdad Kim, and I had an Oz party. We dressed up, played games, and literally followed the yellow brick road. Put on your ruby slippers¬† (or silver if you prefer) and let’s go!

First, let’s meet the cast…

The Scarecrow– my step dad Kim

Wizard of Oz 2013 023

Glenda, the good witch of the South ~ Mom/ Nana (Ann)

& Dorothy~ me

Wizard of Oz 2013 016

The Tin Man ~ My son Michael

Wizard of Oz 2013 031

The Cowardly Lion ~ Tessa, our dog

Wizard of Oz 2013 011

Oz, the great and powerful wizard ~ My hubby, Chris

Wizard of Oz 2013 040

The Wicked Witch of the West ~ you’ll see…

The Scene

I didn’t get too many pics of the yellow brick road and house by itself but you will see those later with us on it. So here are the before pictures.

Poppies on the way to the Emerald City

Wizard of Oz 2013 003

The gates to the Emerald City. The sign says “Bell out of order. Please knock.”

Wizard of Oz 2013 024

The Emerald City, the hot air balloon, and the Wicked Witch of the West’¬† “castle”

Wizard of Oz 2013 012

Sign says “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!” Picture of the witch and her flying monkeys.

Wizard of Oz 2013 006

The eats…

Wicked Witch Punch~ label says “I’m Melting!”

Sour Cream and Onion chips

Pigs n’ a blanket

Wizard of Oz 2013 014

Oz rainbow cake– chocolate and vanilla

Wizard of Oz 2013 013

Wizard of Oz 2013 066

Wizard of Oz 2013 068

The Games

Wicked Witch Ring Toss

Wizard of Oz 2013 085

Wizard of Oz 2013 084

Wizard of Oz Karaoke

Wizard of Oz 2013 069

Pin the Heart  on the Tin Man

Wizard of Oz 2013 074

Wizard of Oz 2013 076

Wizard of Oz 2013 077

No one got his heart in the right place!

Wizard of Oz 2013 083

The Photo Posters

Glenda and a munchkin (Mom & Michael)

Wizard of Oz 2013 022

Wicked Witch poster (me)

Wizard of Oz 2013 057


Wizard of Oz 2013 059

Kim, my step dad ~ he made a very scary witch lol!

Wizard of Oz 2013 060

Michael and I were the scary versions of Glenda and her munchkin…especially me with my green face.

Wizard of Oz 2013 098

Michael wanted us to act out the movie, so we started on the yellow brick road…

Our creepy dead wicked witch of the East’¬† legs. Once you see the new Oz movie you won’t feel sorry for her at all.

Dr. Seuss 2013 026

So after our Time Machine Unit we threw away the machine and put a cardboard house in it’s place. It worked beautifully for Dorothy’s house. You can see the tornado behind Glenda, on the sky paper.¬† Green blankets for grass and yellow paper with bricks drawn on it for the yellow brick road. Remember you can click on the pics to see the larger version.

Glenda magically…

Wizard of Oz 2013 015

puts the ruby slippers on Dorothy! Ta da!

Wizard of Oz 2013 016

So first I met the Scarecrow, you already saw that picture. Here’s a pic of the cornfield and our other Scarecrow.

Wizard of Oz 2013 062

The Scarecrow and Dorothy oiling the Tin Man. You can see the apple orchard behind him, right next to the forest where we meet…

Wizard of Oz 2013 029

the Cowardly Lion!

Wizard of Oz 2013 032

She’s much cuter than she is fierce!

Wizard of Oz 2013 010

Wizard of Oz 2013 017

Wizard of Oz 2013 033

Then we are all off to see the Wizard! Until…

Wizard of Oz 2013 018

we come to the DEADLY Poppy field!

Wizard of Oz 2013 019

I’m getting sleepy…

Wizard of Oz 2013 020

I hope you look at this pic close up. Dorothy and the Lion have fallen asleep. Tin man has rusted himself from crying and the Scare Crow is freaking out until Glenda brings the snow. This is definitely different from the book but we are going by the movie.

Wizard of Oz 2013 021

Now it’s time to go to the Emerald City!

Hey knock!

Wizard of Oz 2013 036

Let us in to see Oz!

Wizard of Oz 2013 035

Augggghhh!!!! It’s Oz!

Wizard of Oz 2013 039

Hey Wizard! You’re a phony! No, I’m a good man…just a bad wizard.

Wizard of Oz 2013 043

Well, we skipped killing the witch but she did show up

During karaoke I thought I would bust in during the witches scene. I didn’t have a hat so I taped a game hat to my head.

Wizard of Oz 2013 070

I got out my green eye shadow and dusted my face with it. The kitty became my flying monkey. Our modern broom had to do…

Wizard of Oz 2013 073

Oz, the not so wizardly, gives Scarecrow a degree to show he has a brain.

Wizard of Oz 2013 045

Tin Man gets a heart that ticks! Don’t you just love Chris’ silly face?

Wizard of Oz 2013 046

The Lion gets a badge for courage ūüôā

Wizard of Oz 2013 047

Dorothy and the Wizard start to take a hot air balloon ride but Dorothy gets out to chase Toto and the Wizard floats off alone….

Me & Chris

Wizard of Oz 2013 048

Mom & Kim

Wizard of Oz 2013 049

Michael and TessaWizard of Oz 2013 050

In the end, Glenda says Dorothy had the power to go home all along. She had to learn a lesson first. This makes more sense in the book because in the book they don’t meet Glenda until the end. They originally meet the Witch of the North (not Glenda) with the Munchkins and she does not know the full power of the shoes. In the book, Dorothy and the gang travel all the way to the South to find Glenda.

Just click your heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home!”

Wizard of Oz 2013 054  Wizard of Oz 2013 052

Wizard of Oz 2013 051

The party is over and we get goofy with the shoes!

Maybe the witch was in the chimney instead…

Wizard of Oz 2013 089

he he heWizard of Oz 2013 092

Tessa is Dorothy!Wizard of Oz 2013 094

The Making of the Party

First off, I want to say that I learned a very big lesson with this party. I put many hours into making this over a few weeks. I spent way too many late nights. I didn’t expect the party to get so big on me and to take so much work. I’m always a slow worker. I get distracted too easily. So maybe it wouldn’t take you as long. But I learned that I shouldn’t get so focused on pleasing people that I miss the moments. Thankfully, I learned this before the party started. Thank you to the one who taught me that and for that person always supporting me….even when I go overboard. I love you.

Now, how this all came together! I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of how it was all made but here are a few. My Pinterest link with ideas will be at the end.

Glenda’s lollipop wand~

a wooden dowel, a round piece of wood, paint, glitter, glue, and a ribbon

Dr. Seuss 2013 024

The Ruby Slippers~ black Mary Janes, modge podge mixed with red glitter, and many many layers of it. I had to wait for the layers to dry before I added more. The slippers were silver in the book but I like Ruby better.

Dr. Seuss 2013 021

Glenda’s Tutu~ 12 yards of pink tulle, spray glue, glitter, thread, and elastic. I wrapped the elastic around Mom and later sewed it to her size. Then I tied the tulle, yard by yard, onto the elastic. I sewed it too so it couldn’t come off. I used the tops of the tulle to cover any exposed elastic. I sprayed the tutu with spray glue and sprinkled it with glitter.

I like it so much that I may be Glenda for Fall Festival. You can’t see the sparkles in this picture.

Creation museum St Patty 2013 145

The Rainbow cake~  a Pillsbury box cake (golden), chocolate icing, vanilla icing, food coloring, and green sprinkles.

The directions for this were in Japanese so I followed the pictures. I decided to make two layers so I could get chocolate in it. The chocolate icing would not have turned green very well.

Step 1 ~¬†Mix the batter and separate it into 5 cups, six if you have purple. I didn’t want to bother with it. Then add the food coloring to each cup for the rainbow.

Wizard of Oz 2013 008

Step 2~ Start with red (if you want) and pour each layer on top of each other. Because I wanted two layers I divided everything equally between pans. As you add each layer the bottom layer will spread out. This gives you the rainbow effect.

Wizard of Oz 2013 009

Step 3~ After baking, I spread chocolate icing between the two layers. I mixed a small amount of green food coloring with the vanilla icing and frosted the top and sides. Then I took a bottle of darker icing to write “Oz” and sprinkled the cake with green sprinkles. It tastes even better than it looks!

Wizard of Oz 2013 013

The Emerald City ~

So I looked at this site that had Oz sets ranging from 200 to a thousand dollars. Yeah…no. I decided to paint a poster of the Emerald City in the distance, based off of the set I saw. For some reason it’s surrounded by water but I went with it.

I can draw most things if I look at them while drawing. So I sketched it with a pencil and then went back and painted. It took me several hours  and many episodes of My Little Pony to finish the Emerald City.

Purim2013 005

The sides were white so later I taped rainbow balloons to them and set it on top of a blue blanket (that covered my office desk) and under a balloon rainbow.

Purim2013 008

The deadly Poppy field you saw in the other pics was simply cheap dollar store red wrapping paper with poppies drawn in with a sharpie. My hubby, Chris, helped me draw the many poppies. Then I covered my boxes with green tissue paper and taped fake red flowers to it (kind of had a hill effect). So my messy office was covered up by a blue blanket.

The entrance to the Emerald City ~

Some of you may remember these doors from Purim. I simply added the word “Oz” to them. First my hubby cut a door shape out of¬† a project poster board. The same kind I used for the Emerald City.¬†I glued different wooden and foam shapes to the door to make them look like carvings.

Purim2013 014

We spray painted the doors green and added green glitter. My glitter paint was defective.

Purim2013 037

The big “Oz” in the Wicked Witch section was simply wooden letters that were spray painted green and glittered. I did the same to the two small “Oz” words and later glued them to my doors.

Purim2013 038

All of the signs were poster board and string or tape. I used chalk on the black posters to make the Wicked Witch picture and sign. I tacked a black blanket to the wall and taped the witch poster to it. I put a black plastic cloth on the counter and used our green punch bowl to add to the witch look.

The wicked witch punch is the same as shamrock punch: gingerale, pineapple juice, and lime sherbert.

Wizard of Oz 2013 006

Inside the Emerald City ~

I reused my St. Patty’s green plastic cloth for the table. We had golden plastic utensils and plates. Green plastic cups for punch.

The hot air balloon was simply a white poster folded and a cardboard tube split in half for the sides and top. Then balloons were taped up top. I tacked up a blue plastic cloth for the sky.

Wizard of Oz 2013 012

Oz, was a poster of a face that I drew and Michael painted green. He was green because that looked neater than pasty white. I taped green tissue paper to the sides for green¬† fire and I covered my counter with a white plastic cloth to hide my appliances. I put the Scarecrow’s degree (honor roll paper), Tin Man’s heart (wooden heart with clock drawn on it and a ribbon taped to it), and the Lion’s badge (a plastic fake coin with ribbons taped on).

Wizard of Oz 2013 039

I already told you that the Yellow Brick Road was yellow paper with a brick pattern drawn on it (literally with crayon). I used green blankets and green poster paper to make grass along the way. You can’t see the tornado that well on the sky paper behind the house but it was black poster cut to shape. The sky paper was the same thing I used for our Dr. Seuss party. I bought it at Michael’s Craft store…along with the yellow paper.¬† I also bought some of the utensils there but also at the Dollar Tree.

Wizard of Oz 2013 084

Wizard of Oz 2013 092

I really wanted to have tornado sounds playing when everyone came in but I didn’t get to it.

The witch’s stockings were not the right color but close enough. I found them at Target and stuffed them with quilt batting.

Wicked Witch Ring Toss ~ black cups and plates for the hat & a ring set from Party City.

The Scarecrow’s corn field was simply painted onto white paper and I found the small scarecrow at Goodwill. I took a short cut with the apple orchard and tacked up an apple tree throw blanket we had. Then I put the Tin Man game over it. I painted trees for the forest and kept a gloomy grey sky. These were put up on our armoir and I left an opening for the t.v. so we could do karaoke. The Wizard of Oz sing along was on the dvd.

Wizard of Oz 2013 062

Wizard of Oz 2013 029

The Photo posters were all sketched and painted onto white posters from the Dollar Tree. I also did this with the Tin Man game. I got the ideas from Pinterest and scenes from the movie. The Tin Man’s hearts were felt hearts that came on a string. I got it from the Dollar Tree during Valentine’s. I put everyone’s initials on with a sharpie so we could see who pinned where.

Wizard of Oz 2013 022

Wizard of Oz 2013 057

Wizard of Oz 2013 083


Glenda– I already told you how I made her tutu and wand. She also wore a pink foam crown and pink feather boa from Michael’s.

Scarecrow–¬† I can’t take credit for his costume. I only provided a few items. Mom painted Kim’s face. He had a straw hat, yarn for straw, and face paint/crayon.

Tin man– I found the idea for this outfit but Chris put it together. He spray painted a funnel silver for the hat. Michael wore grey clothes and I used silver face paint for his face. Chris taped foil to Michael’s clothes and put dryer ducts on his arms.

Lion– felt and yarn.

Oz– Chris simply wore a green hat.

Dorothy– I had a blue checked dress from high school and it fit the part, pig tails, white tights, and ruby slippers.

The Wicked Witch of the West– black glittery gown from Goodwill, green eye shadow for my face, and a hat from the ring toss game.

Flying Monkey– a small green hat from St. Patty’s and purple felt for the wings.

After the party…

We tore everything down pretty quickly but kept a few things. Michael kept the hot air balloon and turned it into a balloon shop. Here he is selling his wares :).

Wizard of Oz 2013 099

Chris and I went on a date to see “Oz the Great and Powerful” the next day. It was SO good. I wore the ruby slippers. I think I like them too much. They make me feel pretty lol.


I wore a different blue dress but still felt like Dorothy. After the movie, we got an ice cream and went to the park. I wanted to take pictures with my ruby slippers.




When we picked up Michael, he was playing softball with my Mom. My stepdad was checking out his new sailboat.


As I’ve said before, you can read all 14 of Frank Baum’s books for 99 cents on Kindle.

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover