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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Encouraging Kids to Read, Pancake Muffins, & Reading Sites August 19, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 This  post will be shorter than my last couple of Sunday posts. I will spare you lol.

Pancake Muffins

These are super simple. You simply pour your favorite pancake mix (I used Dad’s recipe)  into a muffin tin, add bacon/sausage, and then bake 14 minutes on 350. I also made sausage and egg biscuits. I used the biscuit recipe I gave you all awhile back and cooked scrambled eggs and sausage in it. These delicious eats were quick meals all week. I froze them and then we just popped them in the microwave to reheat.  Don’t forget the syrup! 🙂

Encouraging Kids to Read

Teaching a child to read is one thing…..inspiring a love to read is another. How do we get our kids to read on their own for long periods of time?  Family Fun Magazine had some great ideas that I want to share with you. Also Kindergarten Kindergarten has a great idea for a reading workshop on her blog:

  1. Hook them on the story ~ I’ve been using this method recently. I was happily surprised. I read a little bit from “Nate the Great” then I gave it to Michael to finish. I didn’t tell him how much to read. It was an experiment. I was thrilled when he finished the whole book and acted like it was no big deal. Then he told me how the story ended since I really wanted to know :).
  2. Keep it fun~ Family Fun gave ideas like watching a movie of a book they love, quizzing each other on book facts, and taking turns reading and predicting what will happen next. I believe reward systems like The Book-It program (earn free Pizza with Pizza Hut~ Michael loved this!) & accelerated reader are great.
  3. Make it Social~ Family Fun suggests reading to a pet or having a family read-a-thon. My Dad and I read the Kids Left Behind Series when I was in Highschool. It was great to read together and to have something to discuss that we both enjoyed. Also this includes reading to your kids. I think family reading should happen no matter the age. I loved it when both my parents read to me. The most memorable time was when Dad read “The Christmas Box” several nights in December. I think I was in middle school. Read the Bible together, have bed time stories, and start early. I’ve been reading to Michael since he was a baby. Reading should be a normal part of your routine.
  4. Offer Books as Treats~ Family Fun suggests the Book Fairy, Mystery Bags, and making a special reading spot. We’ve started doing this. I put a body pillow on my hope chest by the window. Michael lays on it and reads. It’s great because he can read upside down if he wants lol. We may have more elaborate reading spots in the future..
  5. Think outside the book: Magazines on subjects of interest, Joke books, almanacs, and computers (I-Pad etc).
  6. Read and Write~ Have kids write their own stories. Send Fan Mail to favorite authors.
  7. Lastly, bring books to life. Family Fun suggests acting out different characters, having kids make sound effects, and changing characters’ names to names of family/ friends. I can’t wait to try this one :).

Here are some excellent reading sites:

  1. this is great for beginners
  2. ~ Book quizzes and prizes
  3. ~ great interactive videos

100 Best Childrens’ Chapter Books of All Time

I don’t agree with all of this list but I like most of it.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s a sweet letter for stay at home moms (a lot of it applies to others as well. I just think SAHM don’t usually get recognition or paychecks. It’s nice to hear someone realizes staying at home is a real job):