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Annabelle’s Birthday and Doggy Daycare July 30, 2015

Hello dear ones! Our French bulldog, Annabelle Antoinette, turned two this July. She’s also started going to doggy daycare every now and then. I can’t give her the full attention she needs, since the baby was born. Plus she loves socializing with other doggies. Here are some pictures from Annabelle’s experiences. Enjoy!



I bought Annabelle’s dress, stuffed turtle, and doggy cake at Petsmart.


I got the pink decorations at the Dollar Tree. I bought cupcakes for us humans.


We played “doggy” music found at this link:

Then we told dog jokes:



The cat was not invited, but Tessa, our other dog, did get some cake.

Annabelle’s dress which she wore to daycare that day.



Annabelle hanging with her buddies at daycare.






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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Chester Talks to the Birds July 16, 2015

Hello dear ones! I’ve been neglectful of our fur family when it comes to blogging. Let’s fix that. I’ve introduced Chester, our slightly evil cat, before. Winchester is his full name. My hubby Chris put this video of Chester on his youtube channel. This is Chester talking to the birds. He only makes this chirping sound when he’s watching birds. I’ve never seen a cat do this before. It cracks us up!

When Chester isn’t being evil he is sleeping or eating….usually eating my food. If I leave my cereal out for a minute, he will jump on the counter and eat it. Chester doesn’t discriminate. No food is safe from his vicious appetite. He will eat cookies. He will drink hot tea. He will steal your supper. Beware!


Chester has for the most part left the baby alone. But lately the baby’s wiggly arms have tempted him. We found Chester swatting through the crib the other day. Thankfully he is declawed. So now Chester has to sleep in Michael’s room at night.



Remember, Chester is watching you! Always watching… ūüėõ


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


St. Patty’s Day 2015 March 28, 2015

In this post: St. Patty’s food, scavenger hunt, decor, lapbook, and craft.¬†


Hello dear ones! Here’s how we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day this year.

  • As you can see from above, we brought out our usual St. Patty’s decor. I let Michael set things up because I felt like I was going into labor that day (false alarm). You can see our family leprechaun and trap. We had Lucky Charms ready for breakfast, a book about St. Patty’s story, and this year an indepth St. Patrick’s Day lapbook.

You can find the lapbook here:

It has Catholic principles in it. We are not Catholic but we had an interesting conversation about praying to saints etc and what a Biblical saint is compared to the process of becoming a Catholic saint. As protestants, we don’t believe in praying to saints or talking to them at all. Also, we believe all Christians are saints and in the process of being sanctified. Anywho, the lapbook had great info about Ireland and we even learned some Gaelic. We talked about the symbols of St. Patty’s and how it’s celebrated in different places.


Even the dogs got festive! Here’s Annabelle :).

IMG_0637 (2)


  • Michael made this rainbow chain with a pot of gold at the end.



  • That morning, Michael had a St. Patty’s placemat with activities on it. I got this free printable from:¬†



  • Chris and Michael did this St. Patty’s Scavenger hunt that I got from The Dating Divas. I set up clues around the house. Each clue bag had an activity that had to be completed before they could move on to the next clue. They were simple but fun. Examples: Don’t Eat Pete (leprechaun version with Skittles), figure out your leprechaun name, and find all the gold pieces.

Scavenger hunt printables here:




  • Lastly, we ate our traditional Irish foods: Irish stew (beef instead of lamb) and Irish Soda Bread. Chris made the stew while Michael and I baked the bread. This has to be my favorite bread.

Recipes here:



And I leave you with my 36 weeks pics (I’m actually about 38 weeks prego now. We’re praying that the baby comes soon though because he’s already bigger than Michael was at birth).

36 weeks

God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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Ultrasound Art & General Happenings March 14, 2015


Hello dear ones! I was pinspired to organize the boys’ ultrasounds into artwork. Above you can see Leeland’s ultrasounds and how he’s grown. I don’t have his birth date yet because we are still waiting on our lil songbird to be born :). But below you can see that Michael’s ultrasounds has his birthday on it. I didn’t have as many pics for Michael. It’s been 9 years after all. Alot has changed. I didn’t have access to free 3-D back then.


So I painted acryllic canvas black, modgepodged the pictures on, and wrote with white paint. The glue shows up whenever I use flash but I couldn’t get a clear pic without the flash. You can’t see the glue so much in regular lighting. It looks much better.

Meanwhile, at the Dover household…

Chester hiding

Chris has started juicing.

Annabelle, from minion…

to adorable!


Baby shower pics to come soon! God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover


The Paw-rade~Annabelle as Super Dog November 4, 2014


Hello dear ones! A couple of weekends ago our downtown hosted a dog parade a.k.a Paw-rade. There was a costume contest and vendors selling dog treats. The downtown market place is buzzing with regular vendors around this time too. I decided to dress Annabelle up and see what the fuss was all about. We didn’t enter the contest (though we should’ve!). I think Annabelle was the cutest pup there. Here’s my fav. pics.

Ninja Puppy

An adoptable pooch in the contest
A lion
Somehow a goat got in the contest…


Annabelle enjoying the show!



Us enjoying pizza while we waited for the contest results


The lion and a dog dressed as Dorothy won. Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Our Unexpected Guest: Harold, the Turtle March 30, 2014

Hello dear ones! Last Tuesday we had quite the surprise. A turtle showed up in our yard, most likely the hawk dropped him.  The little fella had a scratched up shell and part of it was bleeding just a bit. You may remember my story about the hawk that attacked Penny, our hen.

Any ways, we can’t think of any other way the turtle got in our fenced in yard. For a moment I imagined he could be the baby turtle we had bought at the beach a couple years ago. It escaped out of the pool. But there’s no way it could’ve survived in our yard. The hawk probably caught Harold (I named him) in the nearby park and dropped him on the way to his nest. I hope the hawk doesn’t start dropping ducks or worse….snakes!

We decided to keep Harold until he healed. We set him next to Snowball, our guinea pig. ¬†He, he, he…the pic reminds me of the Wonder Pets. Well, Harold recovered quicker than we thought. The next morning Michael ran to tell me that Harold had disappeared! Low and behold our little turtle had escaped and fallen on the floor! So sadly we decided that Harold was ready to be free. After church we took Harold to a pond and released him. It took a bit for him to swim away. We had to give him a push. He was happy to float and sun bathe. He really did look happy. I lingered a bit. I’ll miss the little guy.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Harold the Turtle


Best Hens Vs. the Hateful Hawk: A Valentine’s Story February 14, 2014

I had a rough day but it ended well and now I have a heart warming Valentine’s tale to share ;).

Best Hens Forever

Penny and Baby are best “hens”. They have been B.H.F. (best hens forever) since we got them ¬†in October. Baby is known for her black tail feathers and ¬†bad temperament. ¬†She likes to crow at the top of her lungs when either her or Penny lays an egg. She’s also known for pecking at us if we touch Penny or get near their eggs. Penny is the gentle hen. She’s mainly brown and is the easiest to hold. Her eggs are speckled and she began to lay last.

The hens have an enjoyable life. They sleep in the coop at night and they roam freely in our fenced in yard all day. They like to play in the rain and catch worms. As of late, they’ve started hiding eggs under the shed. ¬†Things have been different since we brought home Annabelle. The hens are torn between following us for food and running from our new pup. But Annabelle means no harm. She just likes to play chase. So life has been pretty safe for Penny and Baby. But that was about to change.

Our backyard has been a haven for many birds. Our cat stays inside and we keep our yard a little wild. It’s the perfect place for a juicy worm or euphoria inducing berries from the cherry laurels. Penny and Baby eat beside the Robins and Cardinals. It’s a utopia. But today was different. A shadow passed in the sky. The little birds began to fly away and the yard got very quiet…

I had been having a rough Valentine’s. I went to the homeschool room to get on Michael’s computer. All of a sudden I heard a loud thud which scared the mess out of me. I went to the window and opened the blinds. There was a chicken sitting on the AC unit attached to the window. ¬†What a strange day.


A little later I heard Penny crowing at the top of her lungs. Usually Baby is the noisy one. I didn’t realize it was a warning cry. Baby is always making noise so I didn’t pay attention. Ten to fifteen minutes later my neighbor calls. Her husband saw a hawk fly into our yard and he said the chickens were being very loud. I hung up and ran out the door, just in time to see a humongous brown hawk fly out of the yard. I saw Baby hiding under the boat. She was freaking out and I couldn’t get her to come with me to the coop. I finally lured her out enough with food and I carried her to the pen. She was locked in and safe but where was Penny?

I searched every corner of the yard and I looked into the neighbors yard. I even got on my knees into the mud and looked under the shed where they lay eggs. No sign of Penny. So I went in to get Annabelle. She’s very good at finding the chickens even when they hide. Annabelle and I searched the whole yard. She was drawn to the coop with Baby in it but she wasn’t concerned with the rest of the yard. ¬†I called my neighbors to see if they saw the hawk carrying a chicken or maybe the chicken flew over the fence. They can fly high enough to walk the fence. Alas, no one had seen Penny.

Not long after the hateful hawk left, all the birds started returning to our yard. They brought their friends as well. I was overwhelmed by the amount of birds. Dozens upon dozens covered the yard and trees. I went out to look for Penny again. I saw birds I had never seen before. It felt like a bird funeral or maybe a bird meeting. Maybe they were mourning Penny or discussing what to do about the hawk. Well, still no sign of Penny. Surely, she was too big for the hawk? But maybe he hurt her and dropped her. What a selfish overly ambitious creature the hawk was! I found a dead Robin near the fence. It’s head snapped off. What a wasteful and cruel hawk!

Funeral of the Birds


Community Meeting to Discuss the Hawk


My husband Chris drove down the road after work. He couldn’t find Penny. When he got home, my Hubby scoured the back yard for any sign of the little hen. He looked everywhere I had and under the shed too. No Penny. Then he found her…well, parts of her. When he told me, I expected to see bloody pieces. Instead we just saw a mass of feathers in a pile. We looked for a body but could find none. It was clear…the Hawk had struggled lifting her but it had succeeded in carrying the hen away. Penny was good as dead. We announced the news to Michael and him and I hugged. ¬†Baby was now all alone on Valentine’s. She had lost her BEST Hen, her B.H.F. ¬†Tears welled up in Michael’s eyes.

Chris went to put cedar chips in the coop. Baby would have to stay in the coop a couple days to recover and to keep the hawk away. We also vowed to only let her out when we could supervise. Then we would put the hen back in her coop each day. There would be no more free ranging all the time. Baby had lost her freedom because of the Hawk.

I stepped out the back door to say something to Chris. Michael was behind me when we both noticed a little brown tail going under the shed. Could it be? Was it Penny coming out and going back in? Or was it the Hawk trying to get to their eggs? Surely, it was Penny! Michael hooped and hollered and I took off running. It was Penny! Chris began to cluck to Penny and lure her out. We all lovingly rubbed her head. The poor hen was missing several feathers and her beak was a little bloody. I cleaned her wound with rubbing alcohol and we placed her in the coop.

What a miracle! Baby didn’t lose her B.H.F. after all! They were together again and completely safe from the evil Hawk. ¬†We were all exhausted from the stress of the day but we were thankful for our Valentine’s surprise. This called for celebration and…take out!

“What do you want to eat?” asked Chris.

“I’m not sure. Anything I guess, except…chicken.”

The End!

Best Hens Forever

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Meet Annabelle Antoinette Dover! December 28, 2013

We have an addition to our family, a baby girl….french bulldog, Annabelle Antoinette. Miraculously we were able to get the puppy I fell in love with at Petland during our random act of kindness. I visited three times and the third time she was marked down a lot. I didn’t think we’d get her until January, if she was still around then. Well, I visited today…err yesterday now, and she was looking lonely. Her brother had been adopted out. Coincidentally his new owner named him King Louis. They just look royal. I was in shock with how much they reduced the price on her. Praise the Lord! She is a sport and will be properly spoiled. I already got her first outfit. I finally have a little girl I can dress :). ¬†Here’s her pic:

AnnabelleAntoinette2013 006

We’ve had a blast with her little quirks. She runs sideways and she likes to bark at her reflection. She snores too which is normal for her breed. We’ll also have to watch her temperature since frenchies can overheat or get too cold. Annabelle’s not quite a purse dog because she’s a chubby 16 lbs. ¬†But maybe I have someone to watch Korean dramas with me ūüėČ lol.


So now our ark has 7 animals which is the number of completion :). This was not something we planned or expected but the whole family fell in love. What can I say? So far we have these reactions: Tessa (older dog) is annoyed, Chester (kitty) is mad and sticks to spying on the pup, and the other pets (chickens, guinea pig, and fish) haven’t had much interaction with Annabelle. It’ll be interesting to see what she thinks of them. Frenchies are great guard dogs and they also like to catch mice. Hopefully she won’t think the g.pig is a big mouse! Michael has been super hyper and excited about his new “sister”. I had to remind him to let her rest.

Chris and I are taking turns potty training her (err…well you know what I mean). She’s on a schedule like a baby. She came with a training dvd and a pedigree (we’ve never had that before). ¬†It feels like we’ve adopted a child! So I’ve got a lot coming up with throwing my best bud’s baby shower and figuring out the rest of the school year. Somehow I’m gonna fit training a puppy into it. Life is full of surprises!

I wonder what the neighbors will think. They already figured out we have chickens and surprisingly said that they like to watch them. Now what will they think when they see me in the front yard talking baby talk and trying to coerce the pooch to take a “poopy”. Yeah, ¬†I’ve turned into my grandma (she has several dogs and they are her children…not animals). Tessa has never been a prissy dog. Chris made sure that I didn’t make her girly. Tessa likes to ride in the Jeep with Chris and play in the yard. ¬†Plus she is getting to her last years. I don’t like teacup dogs though…ones that I might step on. Annabelle is just the right size. I pray we’ll have a long happy life together :).

Well, enough pooch talk. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s my Frenchie pinterest. Hugh Jackman has a french bulldog. His dog wears lil boots and sweaters!


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Les Mis’ Date Night June 9, 2013

In this Post: “Les Miserables” Date Night (ha! the name of the movie, not the quality¬† of the date lol), Chester’s recovering from getting declawed, VBS, & Michael learns how to play Rummy.

Hello dear ones! Well, it’s been an interesting week. Chester got declawed Monday. More on that later. Let’s start on a happy note. Michael had VBS most of last week so Chris and I had plenty of time alone. One night we rented “Les Miserables” 2012 version aka Les Mis’ (much easier to say). *Note: Date details after movie details ;). We saw the movie in the theater and for the most part loved it except a couple of scenes (namely with the innkeeper and his wife….eww…such perverts). The good thing about DVD is that you can skip through bad scenes. Les Mis’ is definitely not a kids movie. I do like how it tells a story of God’s grace and the end is EPIC. People clapped in the theater. I think I cried.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 027

If you want to know what I’m talking about (you should really watch the movie first), go to Youtube and search “Les Mis do you hear the people sing finale”.

I get chills every time I hear the song. Here’s what Wikipedia says about the book the movie is based on:

Beginning in 1815 and culminating in the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris, the novel follows the lives and interactions of several characters, focusing on the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption.[1]

I haven’t seen any other adaptations but Hugh Jackman was amazing in this movie. He represented God’s grace while Russell Crowe (playing Javert) represented legalism. I think all of the actors and actresses sang really well. Like I said…it was epic.

Lyrics from “Do You Hear the People Sing”

Enjolras: Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes!
Combeferre: Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Beyond the barricade Is there a world you long to see?
Courfeyrac: Then join in the fight That will give you the right to be free!”

PinnochioPrincessFrog 028
I didn’t have time to make an invitation etc but I did buy some “French” food.
  • Soft Cheese from France
  • grapes
  • roasted duck (pre-made just had to be warmed)
  • frog legs
  • French Bread
  • a box of chocolates

PinnochioPrincessFrog 031

So I found the frog legs at Piggly Wiggly. Chris fried them. He did everything right and they sort of tasted like fried fish. But Chris said it didn’t taste like what he remembered. I had never had frog legs before and I think the very thought of eating a frog made it hard for me to chew. If someone had told me it was fish then I think I could’ve enjoyed it.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 030

I had never had duck before either. I was in a hurry so I got the pre-made stuff (all I could find anyways) at Publix. The orange sauce smelled like Pinesol to me. I think the meat would’ve been just fine had I left the sauce off. So despite disliking the meat, we did fill up on French bread dipped in melted butter with soft cheese spread on top. I wasn’t sure I’d like the cheese but I think I’m addicted now. Chocolates are always right and yes I ate most of them.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 029

Kingdom Chronicles VBS


Michael went to VBS at another Baptist church since they were doing their’s at night. I really liked the theme. Michael learned about the armor of God in a medieval setting. He showed me how to juggle scarves one day. Here’s a pic of the awesome castle set.

Michael learns to play Rummy.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 101

It was such a pleasure to finally be able to teach lil man how to play a “real” card game. “Go Fish” gets boring after awhile. Once he’s mastered Rummy maybe we will go to Mexican Rummy and even Canasta. I was taught card games at an early age and played with both sides of my family. It was such a joy playing Mexican Rummy with my Mom, Granny, Sister, and Aunts.

Canasta was serious at my Dad’s with my Mema and Uncle. It’s such a game of strategy and I think before my Dad became a minister he would gamble with friends. Once Dad got so upset he threw his cards across the table. It’s humorous looking back. The “Way” family never was much for losing. But the “Frye” side (my Mom’s side) always talks trash. I don’t know how many times my Sister and I have threatened each other over cards…though we are sweet as pie any other time. As long as no one takes remarks too seriously then “All is fair in love, war, and _____”(insert any card name in the blank lol). Yes, I taught Michael that phrase. I have to pass down my Daddy’s ummm wisdom. ūüėČ

Winchester¬† AKA “Chester” gets declawed

PinnochioPrincessFrog 099

I know there is much debate about declawing cats. I’m not opening comments up for that debate. I just wanted to share our personal experience and some of you may be interested in Chester personally since I often talk about our pets on here. They are very much apart of the family.

You may remember that Chester, our black male kitty, has a rage issue and is bipolar. Many things I can put up with….jumping on counters, stealing food, and even scratching the furniture…but scratching my child and then scratching me from my arm to my foot is unacceptable. Chester can be very sweet but he also has an inner tiger/monster. Chris calls him the devil cat. I don’t want any of us to get cat scratch fever and I didn’t want to get rid of Chester. We’ve had him since he was a kitten and I’m pretty sure no one would adopt an aggressive male cat. ¬†So declawing seemed the only option and it wasn’t something we had planned for or budgeted for. We just had to.

Our vet uses laser surgery which is supposed to be more humane and less painful. I think it started that way. You can see from these pics that Chester was doing well. His paws looked fine (compared to pics of other types of declawing). He wasn’t bleeding…no stiches because he was lasered. He was a bit sore but still moving around good.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 041

But then…

He started biting his skin and fur out. Now I think he’s infected or just sore from biting himself. So we had to bring out the cone of shame that he used after he got fixed. We’ve also been helping him to the litter box (now filled with newspaper…loving the smell ugg). Chris washes the kitty’s paws with alcohol and puts Neosporin on the sores. We tried putting sock mittens on his paws so they wouldn’t bleed everywhere and get dirty but he acted like he couldn’t walk with them on. He’s spent all week laying with us on the couch or bed.

The Kitty prefers Chris’ chest as his bed.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 100

I was thinking he was hopeless until just now when he got out of his “socks/mittens” and stole half my cheeseburger off the table.¬† So we will be contacting the vet probably tomorrow and seeing if they can give the kitty something for pain and check if he has an infection. I hope they don’t charge us since no one said anything about him biting his skin out. We were told that most cats play with their paws right after the laser surgery and are just happy. Mom thinks Chester is searching for his claws…now do I feel guilty.

Good news is that Chester will definitely be with us forever no matter what he does. I am thankful that he can’t attack our face with his claws. I’ll keep you updated on his health. I think the cone of shame will give his paws a chance to heal and hopefully he won’t have the urge to bite them anymore. I really hate having to put that thing on the kitty but it’s for his own good. Meanwhile, Chester is getting lots of treats and affection. In fact, he’s gotten away with a lot too lol.

Oh, please pray for our mouse. Cinderella’s OCD is so bad that she picks herself (reminds me of myself). I found this is common in mice. She overgrooms. Her smell is horrible and that’s weird for a female mouse. She’s so nervous when we hold her that we haven’t in awhile. I put things in her cage for her to play with but she ignores them. At least she plays on her wheel at night. I put medicine on her wounds but she reopens them. I’d give her a new playmate (Snowwhite died) but I’m afraid she’d pick them and the smell would be too unbearable. I’m thinking of getting a baby sock and making her a sweater to keep her from picking her back. I’ll let you know if it works.

PinnochioPrincessFrog 005Tessa (dog) and Snowball (guinea pig) are just fine. Tessa just needs a Summer shave and the “pig” is sick of carrots and keeps chattering at us. So that’s it for another look into life at the crazy farm.

God bless & remember the High King lives!

~Amber Dover

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