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End of the Year Parties: Language Arts & Math July 28, 2014

Hello dear ones! We finished our last week of school (back in June) with subject based parties. Today I want to show you the Language Arts & Math themed days  we had.

    • We began our Language Arts party by making black out poetry. Basically, you take a page in a book and you black out everything except for the words you want to use to make a poem. You start by circling the words you want to use (random words scattered across the page) and then you start coloring over the rest. We used a blue crayon. Black or white out would’ve looked better.
    • Spelling games at
    • We made Story Stones & made up stories. You find several smooth stones, cut out interesting pictures, and modge podge them to the stones.
    • We ended our Language Arts party with poetry cookies. I used a poem we had learned this year, by Lord Byron.
    • Our Math party consisted of us playing Math board games. We got the Multiplication and Division Space game at the Dollar Tree.
    • Michael made shapes using popsicle sticks.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Join me later for our last party, Music & Art (plus ideas for the History party that never happened):

If you missed it, here’s our first party: Science~

God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: Legalism, a Poem April 15, 2014

Hello dear ones! How are you? This poem I wrote today is based on an actual dream I had many years ago. It was more of a nightmare and last night during prayer the dream came to my mind and I now understand what I was dealing with. Hence, the inspiration for this poem. Please don’t copy but you can share this link. Thanks! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


By Amber Dover

I met a demon named Legalism

once upon a dream,

He was fat and ugly

and  he laughed at me.

I rebuked him but he would not go away,

I didn’t know then

but my pride had allowed him to stay.

The plump fella levitated

and stared malevolently.

I choose to send him to the abyss,

because Christ has already set me free!

No longer will I feed him

with my works-based theology and lack of grace.

I’ll feast upon God’s love,

and spit the bones in his face.

And as the imp shrinks to nothing

in his fiery cell,

I’ll wave “goodbye” forever,

shouting “enjoy Hell!”


The Renaissance Week 2: Poetry, Politics, & Astronomy March 8, 2014

In this post: Join us the last week of the Renaissance as we learn about Galileo, Shakespeare, & Queen Elizabeth!

Hello dear ones! We finished up the Renaissance by focusing on poetry, politics, and astronomy.

We began by reading The Story of the World book 2. We studied Copernicus, the Father of Astronomy, and his predecessor Galileo, the Father of modern Physics. I ordered a Galileo thermometer and weather station. The thermometer has glass orbs with a liquid that makes them float or sink according to the temperature. It’s a bit complicated to read but very nifty looking. Michael and I, put together a solar system kit. Copernicus introduced the idea during the Renaissance that the planets revolve around the Sun, not the Earth. The Catholic church banned his book. Galileo was able to use a telescope to prove Copernicus’ theory but he backed down for fear of being called a heretic. It should’ve never been a faith issue. True science supports the Bible and if you have true faith then you shouldn’t fear scientific discoveries. Anywho, Michael and I tag teamed the Galileo quote on the starry background. I found the idea online and will put links at the end.

Meanwhile, Michael read about the strange family life of Henry VIII’s children. You have “bloody” Mary and then you have Elizabeth who never married and brought about a golden age (the Elizabethan time period). Michael read “Who Was Queen Elizabeth?” We could’ve watched Monarchy on Netflix but didn’t get to it. Someone Queen Elizabeth probably enjoyed for entertainment n her later years was Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare took up a good bit of our week. We learned about quotes and words that he brought to the English language. Story of the World Book 2 had a very short and kid friendly version of Macbeth. We watched a PG rated movie on Hamlet but I feel it wasn’t as PG as it should’ve been. I had a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in an old storybook. We also read a poem in that set of books. Michael made and wore a Shakespeare mask. He also colored a picture of Queen Titania and King Oberon. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite Shakespeare story. I love the details of the illustrations in my copy. Lastly, I put together a very difficult paper Globe theater.

We had our last medieval feast with turkey pot pies and “ale” (ginger ale). So ours wasn’t homemade but it was tasty. Unfortunately, I think I had an allergic reaction to it. I have not had a pot pie in ages and a couple hours after I looked like a pink dalmatian. Who knows?  Michael researched Renaissance architects and finished his Renaissance lapbook.

Mom and Michael put together a rainbow chain. I gave them the wrong instructions so it didn’t turn out like the one I made before. I added a cotton cloud and it helped. Our house is now ready for St. Patty’s day! 🙂 Well, thanks for reading. We head to the age of exploration next.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



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Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: “David”, a short poem September 10, 2013

Dear ones, it’s Tuesday and I have another poem to share. It’s based on a sad but true story. My poems are a bit melancholy but I find it helps me to write about sad times. Please don’t copy but you can share the link. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


by Amber Dover

Sept 2013

I hear your slurred speech,

I see your child-like face.

You were broken in so many ways.

She stole your soul  when she stabbed you.

But you sat there and listened to Dad preach.

You came so close but hope was just out of reach.

I pray you knew Jesus

before you met your fate,

Before they found you lying

dead in the paint.

Curse depression! Curse addiction!

You should’ve never died in shame.

May God hold you now, David.

I’ll never forget your name.


Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: Porcelain Doll July 23, 2013

Dear ones, I wanted to share a vulnerable spot in my heart, with you. Here’s a poem I wrote a couple years ago at a time that my pain and illness was really making me feel isolated and useless. Please don’t copy but you can share the link. The picture is an old Second Life pic from The Companion sim I think. I’m not sure if it’s still there but it was a beautiful place for the pic and it’s perfect that my avatar was sitting on a bed because I’m usually in the bed a lot during the winter when my pain is at it’s worst. Please turn on images because the poem is written on a picture below my gut pouring (scroll all the way down please).

Most of my posts are cheerful and busy. My melancholy side comes out in my poetry and I rarely share this with people. But I know it’s good to realize that bloggers are human. There is flesh and blood behind the pretty pictures. It is only by God’s grace that I stand at all. Please keep me in your prayers and my family. My hubby and I both deal with bad pain when the weather changes and also when there’s change in air pressure. The rain has really caused a lot of pain lately….him with his knees and shoulders. Mine all over but the worst in my fingers and a new thing, my elbows. Little man has pain too and I pray it’s just growing pains. His bones pop like crazy and that concerns me. It breaks my heart that Michael’s parents are so broken in our twenties. This is a time when we should be able to play with him but he gets more active play and exercise when he’s with his Nana and Grandad than with us.

Just some insight in to what I mean. I noticed a year and a half or more ago that the fingers on my right hand are slowly curving. More and more my right hand is becoming pitiful. A couple weeks ago during our family Olympics, I had to use my left hand to bowl some. It still hurt a lot to bowl but I tried to switch back n forth and keep the pain tolerable. I just pray my fingers will get better so I can continue to type. I’ve had to give up dancing (clogging etc..), choir, and family theater. I really don’t want to lose blogging. So of course I’m going to push myself and smile despite this pain. But it is an inward battle that’s outwardly invisible and a bit lonely to deal with. I thank God for my hubby who can understand. If we’re broken at least we can be broken together and understand each other’s limitations. He’s only a year older than me so he gets the whole feeling old but really being young thing.

I don’t want to be a downer but maybe this will help others who are suffering the same way. I know there is that pressure to put on a smile and keep trucking. People just can’t handle seeing suffering. I can understand that side too because I saw my Dad suffer bad before he died. It was very hard to be around him because you hate seeing those you love suffer. But I also knew that if I didn’t visit he would feel abandoned and that’d be selfish. Sadly, many people didn’t visit him because they couldn’t handle his suffering. It’s rough when someone’s feet is rotting off and the whole room smells. But I got to say that it’s harder for the person that’s suffering, in pain, and lonely. I’m thankful that I serve a God who was and is willing to get face to face with Lepers. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Thank you Jesus! I love you!

Now, finally…the poem 🙂. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: some of this will be cut off so you’ll need to click on the picture to read the whole thing :).

Porcelain doll


Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: Kiss of Grace June 18, 2013

Hello dear ones. I thought I’d share another poem today. Watch out…I may get in a habit of this lol. Again please don’t copy but you can give the link. I wrote this years ago during a hard time in my life. I know it’s hard for people to hear that Christians and those with good families can also deal with bad depression. But I know that Jesus has gotten me through some doozies and that I am completely weak without him. So I guess this is me boasting in my weakness. I’m going through a hard time right now with an ill family member. So please keep my family in your prayers. God has always got me through in the past (even when I couldn’t lift my head) so I know he will get me through now. That doesn’t mean there won’t be pain and sorrow. I just look to His arms to hold me and my loved ones. Anywho, here is my poem.

Praying in the Rain

Kiss of Grace

by Amber Dover

March 27th, 2008

Come on. I need a rider on a white horse,

I’m dying in this hell.

Everyday it gets harder to be strong,

I don’t wanna fail.

But I bleed inside,

please kiss away my pain.

I’m ready to fall off the edge,

I’m begging for the rain.

I wonder if I scream will anyone hear?

If I cut myself will they see my fear?

I’m so desperate,

but I have a life to live.

I have a family,

I have such beauty to give.

Jesus, I can’t hide and I can’t escape,

so I give you my all.

You have to rescue my heart,

God, please don’t let me fall.

I’m struggling,

struggling just to stand.

I’m drowning in weakness,

please hold my hand.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: Mom May 28, 2013

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Hello dear ones. I’ve decided to start featuring some of my poetry on Tuesdays. Today I start with a Mother’s Day Poem. Please do not copy. You can share a link to my blog though.  God bless & enjoy! ~Amber Dover



by Amber Dover

written on 5-11-13

     When I think of you

I think of dancing to the Jackson Five,

I think of pizza and ice cream

and the joy of being alive.

Like a flower you kept me

wild and free,

still gently urging

that I be the best me.

I think of you with sunsets

down an Indian Summer road.

I think of you with thunder

and sitting quietly in the cold.

I see you in my shadow

and I see you in the mirror,

even when we are apart

you will always be near.

For a mother’s love is timeless

and yours is certainly so,

Mom, I love you forever.

I just thought I’d let you know.


My Family Rocks! Sunday: “Poetry Man” (poem for Father’s Day) June 17, 2012

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Hello friends! Happy Father’s Day! I want to share with you the memorial message and poem I read at my Dad’s funeral in 2009. I guess you can call this a tribute to my Dad. I believe it’s fitting for this day :). Please do not copy. Thank you.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Amber’s Speech at Jim Way’s funeral
Oct 3rd, 2009

Before I read my poem I’d like to say a few words about this great man Jim, my Daddy. Daddy could do almost anything. He was a jack of all trades so to speak. He was a chef, a Mr. Fix-it, a musician, a singer, and he used to dance like most white men couldn’t. I’m sure he’s putting on a show in Heaven with his dance moves.
This wonderful eccentric man once woke me and my cousins up at midnight hooping and hollering as he jumped on a pogo stick. He put his back out but we’ll never forget that. Daddy always joked with his nurses and CNA’s …making them smile with flattery and the occasional flowers he would give. Daddy always had to have fresh flowers in his room.
This amazing one in a million man once held in a man’s insides for 45 minutes until the EMT’s came. The man was split from his chest to his leg. Daddy saved that man’s life. One thing for sure Daddy knew Jesus and they were absolutely best friends. Dad’s faith and friendship with God was so apparent even to his earthly end. He witnessed and prayed for everyone who stepped in his room. Daddy reached so many people for Christ. He reached out to people that most would look down on.
And everyone knows he was a mama’s boy. Daddy sure loved his mama. And his only grandson, my lil boy, Michael, was his heart. Daddy loved his family and all people with everything he had. Now most of you have heard this saying that describes our stubborn Jimmy……There’s the RIGHT WAY, The WRONG WAY, and then there’s the JIM WAY.

Intro to the poem: I’m going to explain why I call my poem what I call it. I’m going to read a couple of lines from Daddy’s poem ”Long Time Going” :

“Let me tell you about myself, they call me the POETRY MAN. For with my pen, it’s my objective to make you understand…”


POETRY MAN (Memorial version)

In memory of my Dad, James Way
By Amber L. Dover

Pancakes in the morning, love notes in my lunch,
holding your hand as we walk to the car.

All these things I treasure, I hold to them tightly,
as I reminisce on all that you are.

You combed my hair and made sure I said my prayers,
you kept me in line.

You helped me become myself and now I wish
I had more time.

You’re my Daddy and I’ll always be your girl.
You were the biggest man in my world.

As a child I walked upon your feet
as an adult I try to follow in your footsteps.

Now as I see you lying there,
I feel so very helpless.

I wish I could’ve taken away your pain,
and returned to you your song.

But I guess we wouldn’t know our need for God
if the world were never wrong.

The days grow bitter and cold as I let you go,
But you’re dancing with Jesus now on streets of gold.

Sometimes life seems so unfair.
But I remember the sunshine and I see you there.

I’m so tiny and you’re so tall.
I run and skip…you catch me as I fall.

You put me upon your shoulders
and with wings I soar!

You put me back down and I cry
“Daddy, Daddy, please once more!”

I see so much of you when I look into the mirror.
I know I’m stubborn as well.

But I also feel the strength you had
it grows with age I can tell.

I hang on to your wisdom,
I’ve imagined myself in your place.

I think of what you would do
and I can see your face.

I pick up my pen
and I feel your influence run through my hands.

Yes I am forever
the Daughter of the Beloved Poetry Man.