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St. Patty’s Day 2015 March 28, 2015

In this post: St. Patty’s food, scavenger hunt, decor, lapbook, and craft. 


Hello dear ones! Here’s how we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day this year.

  • As you can see from above, we brought out our usual St. Patty’s decor. I let Michael set things up because I felt like I was going into labor that day (false alarm). You can see our family leprechaun and trap. We had Lucky Charms ready for breakfast, a book about St. Patty’s story, and this year an indepth St. Patrick’s Day lapbook.

You can find the lapbook here:

It has Catholic principles in it. We are not Catholic but we had an interesting conversation about praying to saints etc and what a Biblical saint is compared to the process of becoming a Catholic saint. As protestants, we don’t believe in praying to saints or talking to them at all. Also, we believe all Christians are saints and in the process of being sanctified. Anywho, the lapbook had great info about Ireland and we even learned some Gaelic. We talked about the symbols of St. Patty’s and how it’s celebrated in different places.


Even the dogs got festive! Here’s Annabelle :).

IMG_0637 (2)


  • Michael made this rainbow chain with a pot of gold at the end.



  • That morning, Michael had a St. Patty’s placemat with activities on it. I got this free printable from:



  • Chris and Michael did this St. Patty’s Scavenger hunt that I got from The Dating Divas. I set up clues around the house. Each clue bag had an activity that had to be completed before they could move on to the next clue. They were simple but fun. Examples: Don’t Eat Pete (leprechaun version with Skittles), figure out your leprechaun name, and find all the gold pieces.

Scavenger hunt printables here:




  • Lastly, we ate our traditional Irish foods: Irish stew (beef instead of lamb) and Irish Soda Bread. Chris made the stew while Michael and I baked the bread. This has to be my favorite bread.

Recipes here:



And I leave you with my 36 weeks pics (I’m actually about 38 weeks prego now. We’re praying that the baby comes soon though because he’s already bigger than Michael was at birth).

36 weeks

God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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My Family Rocks! Sunday:Dates with our Son, Hunting for Leprechauns, & Pet Parade March 25, 2013

In this Post: The importance of one on one time with your kids (our special times with our son), actual St. Patty’s came & we had a fun leprechaun hunt at the park (also Lucky Charms pancakes!), and lastly our pets got a not so professional photo shoot (looks good for an amateur).

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. It has been chilly here with crazy weather. We had hail last week and that is extremely unusual for March in this area. I’m praying it’ll be sunny and warm on Easter and Michael’s upcoming birthday party. I think everyone is sick of this long winter.

Well, here is a taste of the pet parade pics at the end of this post. Here is Snowball, our guinea pig, in all her glory. She’s enjoying clovers under the trampoline. We have a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, and a mouse. I’d like a chicken but Chris needs convincing. We will see ;). More pics to come but on to the dates with our son.

St. Patty's 2013 079

Sometimes special memories just happen and we may have a camera to capture them. But I find often, that magic takes a bit of planning. Romance may start with a spark and friendships may pop up over night but it takes effort to sustain these things. It seems the longer people live with each other the harder it is to connect.  I blog some amazing memories but our life isn’t always like the pictures. There are days that we all sit in the living room on laptops and other electronics and never look each other in the eye. And that’s okay because we don’t let it become our norm…though it easily could become that.

We have to set a standard in our home to eat together and to cherish each other….to look at more than a TV screen. Chris and I have to put aside our selfishness and put each other first. We have a date and focus only on each other. I am with our son, Michael, every day and since we homeschool I (Lord willing) will be with him many more days.  Chris works and goes to school. Sometimes we struggle to get by financially and sometimes we struggle for our sanity because life is BUSY. My husband is a vet and war changed us both. We live with that daily though Chris is retired. Chris and I both deal with physical disabilities and pain. Homeschooling  takes work and a ton of patience. Some days our heads are barely above water. We live on one income.  I say all this not for a pity party because I believe we truly have a beautiful and blessed life…that’s what I capture with my camera…the silver linings of life. I say this because we could choose to focus on the hard parts of life and maybe we do sometimes. We get lost in our own pain but we don’t stay there.

Our family has survived all our hardship (taking care of parents, losing my Dad, deployments to Iraq, infertility etc…) because Jesus lifts our heads out of the sand. He tells us to love when we’d rather be angry and selfish. One of the ways He does this is by family time and special one on one time. Just as Chris and I set aside the pain of life to “live” in the moment together, so we must do that with our son. Because Michael will only be little once. Like I said, I’m with Michael all the time. So often I just want to be alone. But there is a difference between teacher time and just Mommy and Michael time. So Michael and I have date nights where we don’t focus on school and just treasure having fun together. We do this once a month and then Chris has guy time with Michael once a month. We do many family things together in between and Chris and I have date night twice a month. I believe a good marriage is needed for a healthy child. So after the Lord comes my husband and then my son.

I share these memories with you, in hopes that you will be inspired to create memories with your family. You may have to set some things aside to make this happen. Maybe you need to get rid of a few activities that tear you apart. We all have busy lives but we make time for what’s important to us. I learned early in marriage that love and beautiful moments can happen even when you’re thousands of miles from your loved one. It can also happen late at night in a nursing home when your loved one is confined to a bed. You can make memories as long as that person is alive and there is some way of connecting. So enjoy these pics and make your own memories:)!

My date with Michael began early that day. It extended into the afternoon so Chris could have alone time. We spent the day at a fun place that has laser tag and skating. Here’s a pic of Michael skating with a bit of help. He was scared to try at first and he fell a lot. I was proud that with a bit of encouragement he wiped his tears and kept trying.


Laser tag was great. I had never done it before. Normally you hide behind things and shoot at each other. Well, we were the only people there (benefits of homeschool lol) so Michael just chased me in circles for seven minutes! He kept shooting me in the back. Thankfully he got wore out a few times and we stopped to breathe. We finished the day with a dollar movie and a trip to Nana’s.


A couple of weeks later Chris and Michael had there Father-Son time. Chris decided to camp out which was completely free and just as fun as dates that cost money.

St. Patty's 2013 086

Michael helped Chris set up the tent.

St. Patty's 2013 088

They roasted hot dogs over the fire pit. I “encouraged” them to stay outside to eat so I could have the house to myself. They played “worm” with the sleeping bags and went to sleep.

St. Patty's 2013 090

St. Patty's 2013 091

They were nice enough to share a hot dog with me though I didn’t roast it myself. I decided to camp in the living room and set up a nice pallet. I enjoyed some Mommy time and then some time with the Lord. It was nice. I got woke up super early though and Chris climbed under the covers and froze me to death. I sent both of my freezing guys to the bedroom so I could get some sleep and stay warm lol.

St. Patty's 2013 094

I’ve done several posts gearing up for St. Patty’s. Well, it finally came and we had a lovely day with some humorous memories (to Chris: flying ticks he he he).  Our morning started with green pancakes with lucky charms added to them. I used my Dad’s blue ribbon pancake recipe found here at the end of this post:

St. Patty's 2013 096

I just added food coloring and the Lucky Charms.

St. Patty's 2013 099

Michael wore his leprechaun beard.

St. Patty's 2013 101

Remember the leprechaun trap in my Crafty Monday post?  Well, it worked! This toilet paper tube leprechaun has been with our family for a year or two. Michael knows it’s all pretend but we have fun with it.

St. Patty's 2013 098

We’ve got into the tradition of watching “Behind the Waterfall” during St. Patty’s. It’s a lovely family film about a “leprechaun” or angel (you decide) and how he helps three troubled children. Michael also made this pot of gold that says “Who is worth more to you than gold?” He drew a pic of his friend Liam :).


Michael made this pic at church as a reminder to store his treasure in heaven. Cute!


We explored a bit and picnicked in a place off the beaten path. That’s where the “flying ticks” came in to play. No worries…no harm done. Then we headed to what’s becoming a favorite spot. You may recognize this park from other posts I’ve done.

We took Tessa, our dog, with us. I printed out St. Patty’s facts and fun sayings and hid them (along with foam shamrocks) so they would make a path to the pot of gold near the waterfall.

St. Patty's 2013 111

We usually do some sort of treasure hunt. You may remember that one year the “gold” was at the end of an obstacle course and Michael had to drive out the “snakes” like St. Patty did out of Ireland. We also had a pretty kewl paper chain rainbow. Post here:

Michael finding the shamrocks…

St. Patty's 2013 107

St. Patty's 2013 110

St. Patty's 2013 113

St. Patty's 2013 118

Chris wanted me to take this “awesome” picture of his jeep lol :). My guy… *rolling eyes*

St. Patty's 2013 119

St. Patty's 2013 120

This paper was about a fun one about tricky leprechauns.

St. Patty's 2013 122

St. Patty's 2013 124

Tessa says the water is too tempting!

St. Patty's 2013 125

We found the leprechaun and his pot of gold!

St. Patty's 2013 128

And he has cookies! Woot!

St. Patty's 2013 129

The guys had some fun…

St. Patty's 2013 130

St. Patty's 2013 133

Skipping rocks

St. Patty's 2013 135

Now, for the pet parade 🙂. Sometimes our pets need one on one time too and that’s hard when you have so many. Tessa (dog) and Chester (cat) force themselves on us. Snowball (guinea pig) and Cinderella (mouse) have to be taken out or we may forget they are there.

Snowball is fat. She can’t even wear a guinea pig harness. I worry about her obesity so I’m trying to get her outside where she can walk a bit. The trampoline is a great place because it has barely any ants under it, it’s shaded, and I can keep her within the circle. Snowball enjoys being outside but mainly so she can eat clover…sigh.

St. Patty's 2013 082

Snowball giving us her best side.

St. Patty's 2013 081

Cinderella is super timid and you can tell she was bred in a cage. I’m trying to get her to use her brain because mice are smart. She needs a challenging obstacle course. The poor mouse has a terrible anxiety disorder and often shivers, grooms herself like she has ocd, and has an upset tummy when she’s held. I was able to get her to do some climbing but she preferred the safety of my hand.

“What’s this green stuff?” ~Cinderella

St. Patty's 2013 136

St. Patty's 2013 138

“This is WAY too high up! Maybe if I wash my hands I’ll feel better…”

St. Patty's 2013 141

St. Patty's 2013 142

Tessa is spoiled and gets away with everything. She’s super sweet but hiding the cats food is not beneath her. She gets very jealous which we realized when she pooped in Michael’s nursery when we brought him home. She still treats Michael like a pup and groans when she’s annoyed.

Chester is our crazy black cat who acts bipolar since he was fixed. One minute he is overly affectionate and very vocal (he’s part Siamese). The next minute he’s attacking us and destroying things. He seriously needs a psychologist. Now that he’s fixed and an indoor kitty we have to put him on a leash to go outside. He hates the leash but the nearby road is too dangerous.

One day Nana came over (Mom in the swing) and Michael read his book on the trampoline. We took all the animals outside. We hooked the kitty’s leash to the trampoline and he watched the guinea pig romp about.

2 weeks before Easter 006

Zoom in on this pic. You can see both the guinea pig and the mouse. The cat is so wishing he was free to eat the mouse. Chester has broken things trying to get into the mouse’s cage. Interesting note: Chester (cat) will eat a salad if it has Ranch dressing on it. I’m finding he will eat many things…that are on my plate. I set Cinderella on Snowball’s back just to see what would happen. Snowball freaked out a bit. She is just as annoyed with the mouse as Tessa is annoyed with all the other animals and child (she was hear first right? lol).

2 weeks before Easter 009

Will Snowball lose some pounds? Will Cinderella become an Olympic mouse? Will Chester and Tessa ever get over their psychological issues? Tune in to my blog and maybe we will find out.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Thanks for reading and the sweet comments and likes. They make my day.

Prepping for St. Patty’s:

St. Patty’s Celebration with Homeschool group:


Crafty Monday: Prepping for St. Patty’s & Easter & Brazil Country Study March 19, 2013

In this Post: St. Patty’s crafts, rainbows,  Easter crafts, and nature studies. This includes a leprechaun trap and a rainbow xylophone. Also a country study on Brazil with a rain forest diorama and lapbook.

Hello friends, I hope you’ve had a lovely day.  I have lots of neat pictures and ideas to share so enjoy! I’ll put the Pinterest link with all of my inspirations at the end.

Arts and Crafts ~

A Leprechaun Beard

St. Patty's 2013 001

“Blessed” t-shirt made with heart stamps and green glittery fabric paint. I was surprised but Michael actually wore this. I paired it with a long sleeve camo shirt. He got several compliments. I guess it didn’t look too girly like I thought.

St. Patty's 2013 003

Leprechaun Trap

St. Patty's 2013 006

Painting with colored Bubbles

St. Patty's 2013 007

St. Patty's 2013 010

Paper Easter Lilies

St. Patty's 2013 023

We started working on our rain forest diorama for the Brazil Country study with our group.

St. Patty's 2013 025

St. Patty's 2013 026

I wanted to show you a close up of pom pom bunnies we made last year. You can sort of see the tiny Easter basket with pom pom eggs.

St. Patty's 2013 034

Michael started Charlotte’s Web last week & should finish it this week. Is it bad that I’ve got a themed movie party in my head? When will I ever learn…

St. Patty's 2013 024

Cooking ~ Sweet Tea. Every southerner needs to learn how :).  Michael was very proud. Here’s our family recipe:

Southern Sweet Tea

8 small tea bags or 4 family size

5 cups of water to microwave it in. I have a big glass measuring cup.

I heat it for 5 minutes then steep it a bit.

Pour it into a tea pitcher and add a cup (sometime and a fourth) of sugar.

Mix sugar until it dissolves.

Then add ice and cold water until it’s not far from the top of the pitcher.

St. Patty's 2013 002

We’ve continued our Lent devotions and one night it talked about the foolish virgins that didn’t keep oil in their lamps. We lit a lamp I got from the Antiquity center.

St. Patty's 2013 022


mixing colors

This went perfect with our new Life Pac Science book.

St. Patty's 2013 027

St. Patty's 2013 029

We worked on our Brazil lapbook along and along. Michael used his drawing book to make this rain forest picture for Olivia.

St. Patty's 2013 035

The lapbook…

First Easter Wekk part one 011

First Easter Wekk part one 012

First Easter Wekk part one 013

Math ~

Lucky Charms Graphing

St. Patty's 2013 036

Music ~

I took the colored water and made the bottles different amounts for this

rainbow xylophone.

The different water levels create different pitches. I was actually able to play “Happy Birthday” with these.

St. Patty's 2013 037

St. Patty's 2013 041

Michael likes to draw on his board during school…

St. Patty's 2013 043

My friend’s church is giving Easter cards to soldiers so Michael and I made several of these two cards.

Finger print Easter egg card and Easter egg that turns into a bunny.

St. Patty's 2013 044

St. Patty's 2013 045

We finished the jungle diorama. This was not my idea and you can find it on my Pinterest.  This was easy. Dollar store floral and creatures (except a couple from the Creation Science Museum). We labeled the four levels of the rain forest which we found on Michael drew the Toucan and cut it out. Pipe cleaners for vines.

St. Patty's 2013 046

Pictures from our Brazil Country Study with the homeschool group. We made Brazilian milk powder candies. They had coconut in them and were really sweet. I didn’t take pics because they were so runny people had to eat them with a spoon.

We had lots of great Brazilian food that all the moms made.

St. Patty's 2013 049

St. Patty's 2013 051

Hannah and Olivia taught us about Brazil. Hannah does a great job of bringing these things together and usually with Rachel (who couldn’t make it this time).

St. Patty's 2013 052

St. Patty's 2013 053

The kids then shared the projects they had worked on at home. I already showed you ours, the lapbook and diorama.

St. Patty's 2013 054

A play dough statue of Christ the Redeemer.

St. Patty's 2013 062

Here’s Michael reading about Brazil. We also watched a video about how to pray for Brazil this week. It’s on my Pinterest. It’s sad how extreme the classes are. Most people are poor with a small percentage of the very rich.

St. Patty's 2013 069

Hannah helped the kids make a parrot craft to go along with the rain forest.

St. Patty's 2013 070

Here’s ours…


We like to stop by Chris’ office after group and hang out. Chris’ boss is a super sweet lady and all of his co-workers like to talk to Michael. I brought along Michael’s animal drawing book and a rain forest work sheet. He also decided to take Spider Man stickers and use them to fight the monkeys he drew. When we got home, Michael made a whole comic book.


Creation/nature studies~

I took Michael’s bird book and put it in a folder. I added more sections to make a complete creation field guide.

St. Patty's 2013 071

You will really have to zoom in on this one but there’s a section for rocks and this sheet tells how to study rocks.

St. Patty's 2013 072

A botany scavenger hunt to go with the leaf collecting spot.

St. Patty's 2013 073

And bug work sheets to go with the bug collecting section.

St. Patty's 2013 074

I added a picture of our state bird to the bird book.

St. Patty's 2013 075

Equipped with a magnifying glass and his bag, Michael was ready to explore God’s world.

St. Patty's 2013 076

St. Patty's 2013 077

Here is the link for some of the ideas. Remember email subscribers to come to my blog to see the links.

Pinterest links:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

St Patty’s Celebration with homeschool group:

Hunting for Leprechauns:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Me and little one started our celebrations a day early. He’s having some daddy time with our church today. They’re doing archery or something boyish. Anywho, so yesterday the leprechauns got a hold or our house and went CRAZY!

They left a mess of an obstacle course in the living room.

There was treasure at the end. I got the Irish Peg doll idea from Pink and Green Mama’s blog

Look at Michael’s face! 🙂

The leprechauns also left a big rainbow right in our kitchen! (Michael knows I”m the leprechaun lol)

He was so excited when he woke up. We enjoyed Lucky Charms while doing school.

We topped it off with Leprechaun punch: Sprite and Lime Sherbert

Michael enjoyed the obstacle course….

There’s a snake because the legend goes that St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland. So Michael got rid of the snake & claimed the prize.

Well, the Leprechaun Obstacle course had to come down before the hubby got home. It wasn’t very adult friendly lol. I did send my hubby away with some love: a Shamrock sandwich made from a cookie cutter

I also made some No Bake Thin Mint Truffles:

They’re not the prettiest but they taste good. It is alot of mint at once so I suggest you make several small ones. We learned all the St Patrick facts with activity packets from  I have a membership & it really helps supplement our homeschool curriculums.

We also made a rainbow out of fruit loops with some leprechaun confetti

I really enjoy this holiday. There are arguments about whether St. Patrick was really Catholic or Protestant but most people do agree that St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and played a big part in converting the druids. It is said he used the shamrock to teach people about the trinity. Last year we made this trinity craft from:

We made a rainbow cake last year & we had a paper rainbow

we also had a shamrock hunt last year

Last year, we listened to St. Patrick a heart afire :

St. Patrick’s day has nothing to do with drinking and trying not to get pinched. St. Patrick was all about freeing people from spiritual bondage. I hope you enjoy your day and maybe you can benefit from these ideas 🙂

God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover