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Weekend Special: Creative Parenting, Man of Steel, & Virtual Oceans June 30, 2013

In this post: A weekend combo of Virtual Friday, Media Saturday, & My Family Rocks! Sunday. Come visit virtual oceans with me as a mermaid in Second Life. I’ll review the new movie Man of Steel. Also, Lisa Whelchel’s book “Creative Correction” and how it’s helping us.

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I know my posts have been few lately. I ask for your prayers. Many of you know that I found out I don’t have Ehlers Danlos (what my Daddy had). I have found out that something I do have, Endometriosis, can actually cause a lot of the symptoms I’m experiencing. The more it grows the worse I feel and mine can’t be lasered out because of where it is.

I don’t like or trust most main stream meds. So I’ve started taking a natural progesterone cream that’s supposed to help shrink things. I can tell it’s doing something because of my fake pregnancy symptoms. It’s worth it to shrink the endo. though. I’m just even more fatigued than usual. I’m just having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. So please keep me in your prayers and also about the inflammation in my joints (mainly my fingers). That’s been particularly bothersome lately and I hate feeling limited & weak (a pride thing I guess).

Now moving on, below is a pic of my yard in Second Life. My avatar got a new hairdo and clothes. But we will get back to Second Life later. First, I want to share this awesome devotional I’m doing.


Some of you may remember Lisa Whelchel from “The Facts of Life”.  Anywho, she’s now a homeschool mom and housewife. She wrote this great devotional called “Creative Correction”. I’ve been writing a lot about parenting lately. Michael is in a new stage which I’ve found seems to happen at age seven. So it’s not unusual that we are having new challenges with him and because of that our parenting methods have to change with the stage. I am all about heart based parenting. I don’t want my kiddo to look good on the outside but be a mess inside. I want to help him develop character by pointing him to Christ. That’s harder than it seems because I have my own failings and often I feel I am exhibit A of how not to act. I’m often asking for Michael’s forgiveness. If Michael sees anything in my life of value I guess it’ll be that God is merciful to me and that I do have a repentant heart. I am trying.

So I’m on this journey to learn how the Heavenly Father parents and how that translates to human parenting cause obviously I’m not God and I’m not allowed to make some of the parenting choices he makes. The whole “I brought you into this world so I can take you out” thing only applies to God lol. And I’m very thankful that stoning is not permitted under the new covenant. Though the New Covenant story of Ananias and Sapphira brings chills to me.

NemoLilMermaid2013 057

“Creative Correction” is a great resource for this adventure I’m on. Lisa points to God’s word and helps us see how the Heavenly Father parents. She also gives several tools parents can use ranging from scripture to activities and parables. The pictures below show an object lesson from the book.

You need several big stones (or in our case pecans), rice, and a jar.

First, Michael filled the jar with rice and tried to fit the pecans on top. He wasn’t able to fit all of the pecans.

Peter Pan  Tinkerbelle Disney Countdown 002

Then he filled the jar with pecans first and they all fit. He was able to pour most of the rice. The lesson is that when we put the big things first (like spending time with Jesus, school work, and chores), we are able to fit the little things in too (like video games and t.v. etc). But if we put all our time into the little things that don’t matter much we usually don’t have time to finish the important things. Also it’s a message to put God first and how he helps us order our day. This can also be an object lesson for money and spending.

Peter Pan  Tinkerbelle Disney Countdown 003

These object lessons and parables are so much easier than harping on issues over and over again. When Michael is being negative I just say “look for the pony, son“. That comes from the story of the optimist and his brother the pessimist. The pessimist gets toys for his birthday and sits around and complains about having to read instructions and get batteries. The optimist gets horse poo and dances around because he knows with all that poo a pony has to be around somewhere.

Lisa lists several scriptures that I haven’t thought to use before. I can vouch that scripture really works. Slowly but surely I’m seeing how the repentance corner is affecting Michael. He used to say “I can’t change” all the time. Now he’s been saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13 KJV). It is a slow process but focusing on the inward man takes time. It’s all about looking at the big picture…not just wanting outward obedience in the moment.    I am learning a lot about how God parents me as well. I find I have some of the same struggles that Michael does but on a deeper level.

Wondering what the repentance corner is? Read this post:

Anywho, if you get a chance I encourage you to check out Lisa’s book. It comes with video sessions as well but I didn’t buy them.

  • Media review for Man of Steel

Man Of Steel Cast 2013

(By Eva Rinaldi  Uploaded by MyCanon (Man Of Steel Cast) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons )

The fellas and I saw “Man of Steel” for Father’s Day. My first impression is “amazing! Stinkin’ awesome!” But the adrenaline rush is gone and now I can give a somewhat decent review.

Positives: Super Man has great character. He makes a hard choice in the end that has some long time fans disappointed but I feel he had no choice. I won’t spoil it for you.  Clark Kent’s adoptive parents are very loving and his Dad makes a great sacrifice for his son. There’s also this wonderful message about how to deal with bullying and being a bigger man. There is nothing sexual in the movie unless you count a guy making inappropriate remarks to a waitress (which Super Man defends the lady). Super Man isn’t perfect and has weaknesses so he is not godlike (something that I worried about).  Lois Lane and Clark Kent both make hard decisions and side with their morals over their fears and pressure from others. So when it comes down to it, Super Man puts all the other super heroes to shame when it comes to integrity and goodness. I would much rather my son emulate Super Man than Iron Man or Spider Man.

On that note, if you’re one of my readers then you know I believe media can be used as a teaching tool. I believe parents should talk to their kids about what they watch and listen to. We can shape the messages they receive subconsciously from media. So though I think Super Man is a better hero I want my son to ultimately try to be Christ-like. So we did have a talk about how Jesus is real and He is like the biggest super hero because He is God and He is perfect. Michael and I talked about the differences between Super Man and Jesus.

Negatives: The action scenes are super intense and in my opinion too intense for most kids (especially littles). My son is probably too used to action scenes (from Avengers and Lord of the Rings etc). So it didn’t bother him at all. When he was younger we used to watch the old Star Trek series as a family. Man of Steel was one big adrenaline rush and from the previews/commercials to the action scenes it was all about testosterone. LOL It’s definitely a man’s movie though obviously women can enjoy it as well. The villain is very dark and doesn’t care if he wipes out the human race. So there is violence and lots of it. Also there are probably a couple of curse words sprinkled here and there. I honestly can’t remember any of them but you can check out and read a detailed review.

In conclusion, Man of Steel is a great movie but I’d keep the littles home until they are mature enough to handle the intensity and the thematic elements (like genocide). Upper elementary and middle schoolers should be fine and I’d recommend this movie above the other action movies this Summer.

  • Mermaid exploration in the virtual ocean of Second Life

backyard So I decided to become a mermaid and show you some great underwater worlds in Second Life. It was extremely difficult to find a modest mermaid outfit. The one I’m (my avatar lol) wearing actually doesn’t have a tail. It just has pants so I used a different tail. The sand skirt and the scaly top is very modest. So the combo works for a modest mermaid. Now I can’t guarantee that these sims will always be family friendly and that everyone will dress modest. Heck…even The Little Mermaid isn’t modest. But for the most part I ran into few merpeople and the ocean bed was pretty secluded.

Here’s my hat with little baby mermaids and sea shells. I’ve got a scaly tattoo on my face. Most little girls like to pretend to be mermaids in the pool and this grown up little girl is no different ;).

mermaid top

You can see the great seahorse necklace if you click on the pic below.


  • Cave Rua Water Gardens

Visit Rua (160, 202, 11)

This is a small place to swim but there’s a good bit of plant life and some interesting statues.

mer hat

Cave Rua Water Gardens

Cave Rua3

Cave Rua 2

  • Safe Water Foundation: Mermaids of Phantasien

Visit Mermaids of Phantasien (122, 126, 3)

Now this is a great place to swim but you will probably run into more merpeople here. That can be a good thing if you’re looking to reach out to others but if you’re trying to avoid seeing immodest dress and role play that involves Greek/Roman mythology then it’s best to proceed with caution. There is a calendar with a list of events so you can choose the best time to explore.

Safe Waters Foundation

The Safe Water Foundation supports merpeople and underwater life in Second Life. I’m not sure what they are safe from though….virtual pirates? The Phantasien area has a neat underwater play area. There’s lots to explore here.

Safe Water Mermaids of Phantasien

Like ruins and shipwrecks…


Here’s a nifty castle that someone lives in. You have to message them to get a tour. It has an octopus garden by it.

Octopus Garden

The colors and the realistic sea life are just breath taking.

crossing place

Bernie’s Hideaway is a cute underwater club. You can sit at the table and talk with merfriends…or in my case, fish.

Bernie's Hideaway

You can dance in the big blue. The dances are made especially for mermaids and were very fun. You may wonder how virtual dancing can be fun…well it’s never been hard for me to put myself in a character’s place….whether I’m reading a book, watching a movie, acting in a play, playing video games, or exploring virtual worlds. You should ask my Hubby how seriously I take Nancy Drew games. I MUST solve the mystery! Role players won’t find it hard to pretend.

Dance 3

I love this pic. I just want to start singing Disney’s The Little Mermaid. “Up where they walk…up where they run…” Yes Mom, I still pretend to be Ariel.

Dance 5

Part of your world!!!!!!!!!!


Anywho, I’m done ;P. So I hope to have more underwater worlds to show you next time and I’ve found more educational places to visit. I only get on Second Life a couple of times a month. I hope no one’s shocked. I don’t spend all my time in the virtual world. I have school to teach and a house to clean… a bunch of crazy animals to take care of (I mean the cat and such…not Chris and Michael he he he 😛 jk honey….testing to see if you actually read my blog lol.)

So maybe I’ll get the time to do massive exploration one day. 

I hope the reviews etc have helped or entertained. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: I love getting sweet comments. It means so much to me. If you have resources that you want to share or just want to say hi and chat…please drop me a comment. 🙂


Media Saturday: Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen November 3, 2012

Hello friends! Today I’m reviewing the book Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen. I read a lot of YA fiction because it is a part of the genre I write.  There are some books that make me want to bash my head in. Seriously, the same plot and the same love triangle over and over in each series. I can’t stand it. It makes me so angry that I want to write. Which I guess is a good thing. Yes, bad fiction makes me want to write something better. I sure hope I can. I don’t want any head bashing done on my behalf ;).

Wishful Thinking is a rare gem in YA. It was so refreshing to have a heroine that learns contentment and shows herself to be selfless. In the end it’s not all about her desires and it’s not all about romance. This book is about learning to accept who you are and helping others. Anywho, you have no idea what I’m talking about. So here’s the Amazon summary.

“If you could wish for a different life, would you? What if that life changed everything you thought was real?

Adopted as a baby, Hazel Hayes has always been alone. She’s never belonged anywhere–and has always yearned to know the truth about where she comes from. So when she receives three stunning, enchanted dresses–each with the power to grant one wish–Hazel wishes to know her mother. Transported to a time and place she couldn’t have imagined, Hazel finds herself living an alternate life–a life with the mother she never knew.

Over the course of one amazing, miraculous summer, Hazel finds her home, falls in love, and forms an unexpected friendship. But will her search to uncover her past forever alter her future?

In the heart-pounding, luminous sequel to WISH, Alexandra Bullen asks the question: If you could wish for a new life . . . would you?” ~Amazon Description

So…..wish granting dresses, an alternate life, and a big choice. I love it! I read all 242 pages in an evening. I couldn’t put it down. I’d rate this book PG for sure. It’s a great teen/ preteen read. It does deal with teen pregnancy and adoption but in a very tactful way. It’s truly a sweet story. If you check it out, please let me know what you think :).

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Media Saturday: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift August 18, 2012

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Hello friends and welcome to Media Saturday. Today let’s have a look at Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. Usually after the third in an animated series I quit watching. The Land Before Time movies drove me crazy. But it was not this way with Ice Age.  Sure Scrat isn’t quite as funny now as he was the first time. But he still brings a smile to my face.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

I wouldn’t give this movie five stars….probably 3.5. It was satisfactory and a good movie to take my kiddo too. Ice Age 4 tells the story of how the continents became what they are. Those who follow this blog, know I don’t believe in evolution. I believe the Ice Age movies make fun of evolution rather than support it. That’s just my opinion.

In this part of the tale, Manny the mammoth butts heads with his teenage daughter Peaches as she deals with teenage drama.  Meanwhile, Sid the sloth gets a visit from his not so loving family. It turns out they only came to drop off Granny Sloth. In the midst of this, the continents are breaking apart and Manny, Sid, Granny, and Diego (the Saber) float away on an iceberg.  Manny, now torn apart from his family is determined to get to them. It’s a long and dangerous trip. The gang run into pirates led by a crazy monkey.  Diego meets a female saber in the pirate crew and sparks fly. And throughout the movie we see Scrat on his quest to find his beloved acorn.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)
There are a few innuendos sprinkled here and there. Most likely they will go over any kid’s head. Sid’s family treats him and Granny Sloth pretty bad. But we learn that family comes in many forms and not always blood-related. We also see that every one has purpose…even if you’re past you’re prime or just plain clumsy.

My main concern was with the short film before the movie that featured Maggie Simpson. I think it was called the longest daycare. I don’t care for the Simpsons and the lack of morals the cartoon shows. The short film was a bit disturbing and definitely geared toward the adults. Sensitive kiddos won’t like all the butterfly smashing. The short did have a good ending at least.

Anywho, the feature film itself is worth the watch and will delight the kiddos.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Addition to the Media Saturday Post August 11, 2012

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This post from Sheila’s blog really compliments what I said in my earlier post. The darker stuff really can bring us down. There’s a reason I rarely watch the news. I can’t watch C.S.I. at all. It’s just too graphic for me and I am way too OCD to have crime scenes in my head. I would have nightmares. It’s nice to get back to the simple things. I would rather travel the world than watch tv any day. It all comes back to balance I guess. Which reminds me…I really need to make some peg dolls. Here’s the link:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Media Saturday: Cyberbully by ABC Family August 4, 2012

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Hello friends! I had a couple of posts to choose from for this Saturday (Spiderman or Ice Age 4) but I saw this inspirational film on Netflix. It just couldn’t wait. Cyberbully is a film about guess what…….yep cyber-bullying. It has a great cast….some really talented kids. Emily Osment does a phenomenal job in her role as Taylor, a good girl who’s reputation gets trashed on a social network when someone hacks her account. It gets even worse when a user with a fake profile spreads a nasty rumor. Other kids pick up with the bullying by making further comment and propagating the lies. This movie made me cry. At one point it gets so bad that Taylor attempts suicide. Thankfully with the help of a support group she learns how to speak up against the bullies. This movies shows how other kids may react when someone is in this situation too. It’s really interesting.

Cyberbully does have a colorful vocabulary and some intense situations. It is not appropriate for young children. I believe it is good for teens and adults because it is very true to real life. The movie gives great examples of how to speak up against bullies. I don’t support all the lifestyle choices of some in the movie but I firmly believe you can disagree with someones beliefs and still treat them like a human being. We are to show love and respect to all even when we disagree. It is NEVER right to slander another person.

Here is the trailer.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

I really like the shirts for this movie. They say “Delete Digital Drama”.  Yeah, don’t allow someone to trash your page. Delete them from your friends and delete the bad comments. Don’t give trolls a voice. Stand up for those who are being bullied. Whether a rumor is true or not it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves respect because we are God’s creation. I’ve yet to physically meet a righteous person. None of us are perfect.
Words hurt. Use them wisely 😉

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Weekend Special: “Brave” review and the Virtual Oval Office July 6, 2012

Hello friends, today I’m combining Virtual Friday and Media Saturday. First off, there’s a great replica of the Oval Office in SecondLife. They did a good job on it. You can click the pic for a larger version.

Visit the virtual Oval Office in SecondLife at: Visit Sialimonus (203, 233, 72)

Secondly, we went to see the movie “Brave” and we loved it. The movie is a beautiful tale of parent and child learning to accept each others differences and love each other no matter what. There are two issues that may bother parents. First, there is magic. Second, there is very mild violence.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

“Brave” is a Disney-Pixar film about a red-haired Scottish princess named Merida. It takes place in the 10th century. Merida is an arrow shooting tom-boy. Her mother Queen Elinor wants her to be a proper princess. Mother and daughter often butt heads but it gets worse when Princess Merida’s mother wants her to get married. How will the groom be chosen? A contest of skill. Merida will do anything to change her fate….even ask a witch for help. As Rumpelstiltskin says in “Once Upon a Time”, “Magic always comes with a price”.  The spell backfires and Merida must find a way to break it.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

There is a large scary bear and mild almost slapstick fighting among clans. Michael wasn’t scared one bit. What bothered me the most was the will-O’-the-wisp, a spirit light that led Merida through the forest. It was a minor player in the story though. I simply had a talk with Michael about spirits and how people either go to Heaven or Hell. Also that if he ever sees any strange lights like that he needs to rebuke it. Demons take many forms….may it be sprite or fairy. The real life version is nothing like the kind in stories. People seek these things in Wicca and it is REAL. Michael knows the difference between make-believe magic and real witchcraft. I find honesty is the best policy in parenting.  Overall, I enjoyed the main storyline and honestly I teared up a bit.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Media Saturday: We Bought A Zoo June 2, 2012

Note: please keep me in  your prayers. I’ve got an infection and I’m on antibiotics now. I feel like the plague and I’m frustrated.

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend 🙂  Today will be another short and sweet post. Recently, I saw the movie “We Bought A Zoo”. It had good parts and a few bad parts. Overall, I would caution parents to watch this movie for themselves before letting their kids see it.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

“We Bought A Zoo” is a touching tale based on a true story. Benjamin Mee is a Father of two who just lost his wife.  His young daughter Rosie is precious but Benjamin’s preteen son, Dylan, has major issues. The kid is getting in to trouble at school and he spends all his time drawing morbid and gruesome pictures (warning thematic material…not suitable for young children).  Benjamin himself is haunted by his wife’s memory so he decides to give his family a new start. They find a beautiful home in the country….but there’s a catch. There is a zoo on the land and Benjamin must agree to take care of the zoo if he wants the house.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

The zoo has been shut down for awhile and Benjamin must help the colorful zoo workers get the place in shape. Benjamin not only faces financial troubles but his son hates the place. Rosie on the other hand is thrilled and goes around saying “We bought a zoo!”.  This is a sweet story as father and son learn to reconnect and heal from loss. Also the bond with the animals, particularly a certain tiger, is precious. There are a few minor curse words sprinkled through out. The movie is rated PG but I would not recommend it for small children. Older youth and adults will understand the thematic situations and will surely enjoy this film. Four year olds will probably repeat some bad words and ask “Mommy why is that boy drawing dead people?”

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Media Saturday: The Avenger’s Movie & Cartoon series May 19, 2012

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Hello friends :)….well, I’ve been contemplating doing a review on the new Avengers’ movie. But I don’t want to be biased. I actually really liked the movie despite some of it’s flaws. My hubby and I saw it for his birthday. I grew up on comic book characters. It was nothing for me to pretend to be a super hero. I Loved X-Men and Batman. I doodled my own comic strips during school hours. They all starred me….cough* and I usually had some kind of magical horse or the ability to shape shift. My arch enemy was Snake man. Anywho, so for you to get a good review with both the good and bad side of the movie you’ll have to go here:

Anytime you have super heroes and bad guys you’re going to have violence. Really I don’t see how it’s any different than old western shows my parents watched. The heroes just have better weapons and so do the villains unfortunately. The Avenger’s comics have been around since the 60’s and have evolved throughout the years.

My biggest issue with the new movie is the cursing. If you want to see the Avenger’s without any cursing then you can check out the cartoon on Netflix: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It combines story lines from over the years and will definitely please fans. My other issue would be the way women dress. It’s not so bad in cartoon form and my family has enjoyed watching the show. We also had this issue with the old star trek show. We skipped the parts when alien girls came out. I guess society thinks all women dress this way. Seriously, if you’re a super hero wouldn’t you want an outfit that makes it easier to fight bad guys? Yeah, I’m thinking camo…

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Thor doesn’t bother me so much since according to the comics he’s not really a god but rather an alien that’s stronger than humans. My favorite part of The Avengers movie is when the Black Widow tells Captain America Thor and Loki are kind of like gods and then Captain America says “There’s only one God and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t dress like that.” I wanted to stand up and shout. Seriously….awesome line.

Anywho, our family doesn’t have cable and it’s rare to find shows on Netflix that we all enjoy. In the beginning we had the old Star Trek series & so guess what we were for the Fall Festival…well, except Chris…he was William Wallace (Braveheart)

Then we enjoyed Cosby until they took it off of instant :(. Now we have the Avenger’s cartoon and all three of us like it. I guess I have this in common with my guys…I love super heroes. I’m a total nerd. So in a ways the Avenger’s bring us together….and who knows what we’ll be this fall festival…..he he he (evil laugh)

God bless and Remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


Virtual Friday: Easter Egg Hunt, Terracotta Soldiers, & the Mystic Forest March 25, 2012

Note: I was going to do another weekend special but I have so many pics from SL I decided to just post everything late. So Happy LATE Virtual Friday 🙂

Hello friends and welcome to another Virtual Friday! 🙂 Some of you may not have read my previous post about The Rose Theatre in SecondLife so here’s the link:

I was very pleased to receive a compliment for my post from the creator of The Rose Theatre. The place is just exquisite and I feel like I’ve heard from a celebrity :). It takes true talent to make that kind of masterpiece. So if you haven’t seen the place yet then please check out my link above.

Moving on, so I finally got to do some exploring. Little did I know that the orphanage I was staying at moved! Thankfully I was able to find it and get set up again. I usually look at the destination guide on for ideas. Every once in awhile I find a gem but it’s rare. Last night, I explored three places. So here are my pictures & reviews straight from the virtual world of Second Life.

#1 Easter Egg Hunt @ a nifty store Visit 1 Prim (172, 124, 247)

It took awhile for things to rezz but I do have a slow viewer. My computer can’t handle the new viewer. The above pic is before all the flowers rezzed. I don’t remember the name of the store (shame on me) but they had beautiful Easter decor and alot of vegetables for sale.  This hunt took awhile because the eggs were small. Thankfully each egg contained a clue to find the next one…..or I would have never found them all. What’s neat is that every time you find an egg you get a free surprise from the store (like flowers, a bridge, Easter decor etc). I have no where to put any of it because I live at the orphanage but maybe someday when I can afford my own land again…..

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous?  These pics are lovely. You can click on them to see them a bit larger. Yeah the problem with being a child avatar is that your legs never quite fit over the furniture….sigh. At one point of the hunt I nearly gave up but I persevered & found all of the eggs. I won neat prizes and got to keep the basket with eggs as a souvenir :)! Below is a pic of me near the church. I love the stained glass window. I wish I had some in RL at home.

#2 Terracotta Soldiers Visit Tenth Rua (75, 78, 235)

This was a short trip. Basically you go underground and see a replica of the terracotta soldiers that guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s grave in China. It was a nice replica. I was a little bored but if you’re a big history buff then you may enjoy this. I’m sure it took the creator alot of hard work to make the soldiers and set them up.  This goes to show that Second Life is great for seeing the world without actually leaving home 😉

#3 The Mystic Forest Visit WaR Island (173, 168, 22)

This is the description on the SL website :

“Visit this land of magic, elves, goblins, nekos, tree houses and butterflies. This forest is connected to the “other side” — so you’ll never know who you’re going to meet next. Is it friend or enemy? Sometimes worlds collide! This land is a beautiful, unique place where everything can happen.”

This is a role play sim so I caution you. It’s always important to get an observer tag so no one will bother you. This place took the longest to rezz and when it did I wasn’t that impressed. Sorry just being honest. Maybe if I had more time to explore then I’d see it’s full beauty. The best thing about The Mystic Forest was one of the shops as you head to the actual forest. They have a fairy cave. You can pay 5L and this jar will give you a random fairy egg.  So being the big kid I am….I just had to get one.  So I decided to leave and come back. I took my fairy back home to the orphanage and waited for it to hatch. I named her Bellarose (after a character in my book).

I hope my landlords don’t mind the big fairy home. It wasn’t many prims though. I filled it with some flowers & with doll furniture. Of course Bellarose needed a mini tv lol.  You can set the fairy to roam around a certain area too. Anywho, so I went back to the Mystic Forest and was able to take two pretty pictures. I dressed the part of course with my fairy costume.

It’s pretty at night.

Anywho, I’ve got several more places to explore: Astoria (Lord of the Rings sim), Transilvania (yeah they spelled it wrong. They didn’t mention vampires so hopefully it won’t be scary. I hate scary.), March Military Expo (for my hubby), and Old Europe Market fair. I’ll let you know how it goes. I did visit London City Victoria…and let’s just say I didn’t like the atmosphere.

Well God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: The closer we get to Easter the more hunts you’ll find. Do a search on the website. Let me know what you find. Also, if any of you have suggestions for nice family friendly places I can explore in SL, please leave me the links in the comment section. Thanks! 🙂


Media Saturday: The Help & The Hunger Games February 25, 2012

Hello hello friends and welcome to Media Saturday. I am very excited about today’s post. Today I’m reviewing the movie “The Help” and the first book in a trilogy called “The Hunger Games”. The latter has a movie coming out in March that is based on it.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

#1 The Help

February is Black History month. I am a homeschooling mommy and me and lil man have been learning about the Civil Rights Movement this week. We’ve been talking about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. etc. I wanted to find a good movie to show how things may have been during the Civil Rights movement. So we watched “The Help”. It wasn’t the best choice for a child to see simply because it’s sprinkled with curse words. So now my son has a whole list of words he can never repeat. But if you’re an adult or you happen to have a DVD player that bleeps out language then this is a must see movie. I haven’t read the book & I hear there’s alot of criticism over it. I’ve only seen the movie so I’m sticking to my first opinion of it.

Moving on, The Help is about African American ladies working as maids for Caucasian families in Mississippi at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. A young woman journalist asks the ladies to tell her their stories….what it’s like to be the help. The ladies are brave enough to share their stories despite persecution & racism. A big issue that kicks off the movie is that one of the Caucasian ladies “Hilly” won’t allow her maid “Minnie” to use the same restroom as her family just because Minnie’s black. This “mean girl” Hilly goes as far as writing an initiative so all African American maids must have separate bathrooms. What’s also sick about this is that these white women rely on the maids to raise their children yet they treat the maids like they have cooties. Something else that made me mad was how “Hilly” claimed to be a Christian and even led a benefit to feed starving children in Africa…yet she treated her maid like crap. I know this movie is fictional but something about it just reminds me how stupid racism is in general…..any prejudice for that matter.

Racism and prejudice doesn’t come in one size. The Civil Rights Movement isn’t just about black and white getting along……it’s about everyone being treated equal………male…female….poor………..Jew…Gentile…..fat…skinny etc etc…….It’s about treating everyone with respect and love. You may not approve of people’s actions but you can still treat them with decency. As hard as it is…loving your enemy also means loving those who are prejudice…..loving the pharisees…..the pompous. This is only possible with Jesus’ help and by realizing we are all in the same boat. The sin of prejudice (hate) is just as sinful as murder and gluttony just as bad as stealing. How? Why? Because to God (the one who made the rules & set the standards) sin is sin…’s all equally disgusting in his sight.  So we really are all in the same boat……the Bible is clear that all nations come from one blood. We can all trace our bloodline back to Adam and Eve and because of their sin we are ALL born with sin. It is only by the Grace of Jesus Christ we can be saved from Hell & a life of slavery to sin.

Anywho, this subject always gets me on my soap box lol. Moving on…..the movie showed the evils of racism and I think my son learned a valuable lesson (despite the words). Black History Month has really brought up some good conversations on treating people with love and respect… matter their color, sex, history, or status. I do not recommend “The Help” for children because of the cursing. There is a good family movie that deals with Civil Rights and it’s called “Perfect Harmony”. I recommend that for children and also The Magic Treehouse series has a book on Abraham Lincoln we’ve  just started. Also there is a beautiful children’s book called “Moses” that is based on the life of Harriet Tubman. It has lovely illustrations. I’ll have some Civil Right’s crafts to post Monday.

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#2 The Hunger Games

There’s been alot of buzz lately about “The Hunger Games”. I heard about it when watching the previews for the movie coming out in March. I was intrigued so I decided to read the book. The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. This book has mild violence so I do not recommend it for young children. The story takes place in Panem, what used to be North America. War and natural disasters have crushed what once was and now Panem has risen from the ashes. Panem is ruled by The Capitol and contains 12 districts. Districts are split up into jobs and it seems race as well. For instance, district 12 is mainly known for coal mining. The Capitol is like a dictatorship where the rich rule the poor. The Capitol is like ancient Rome dressed up as modern day Hollywood. There are so many parallels between roman gladiators and Hollywood celebrities. It’s brilliant.

Anywho, the story is told from the first person by Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a 16 yr old girl who takes care of her mother and little sister. Many people are starving in District 12 where Katniss lives but Katniss illegally sneaks under the fence into the forbidden woods to hunt and fish (along with her male friend Gale). Once a year a male and a female is selected from each district to compete in the hunger games. They are dropped in a hostile environment and forced to fight til the death. This is the Capitol’s way of reminding the people not to rebel against them. When a person turns twelve their name is put in for the Hunger games. Katniss’ little sister is chosen to fight but Katniss volunteers to go in her place.

I don’t want to give too much away because you really ought to read it for yourself. There’s alot of action in this book and it deals with several morality issues. Everyone in the Capitol has Roman names but they dress like Hollywood stars. The contestants are also treated like celebrities although all of Panem has to watch them kill each other. This book made me think about “reality tv” and how America is very similar to the Romans watching the gladiators…..We are so desensitized.

This kind of reminds me of “The Giver” and “Utopia”. It just has that feel ya know? Like subconsciously you’re going to learn some major lessons on morality and treating every person as a human being not an object. You’re also going to see what war does to people. At first, I had issues with it being completely in first person POV but after a few pages I was quickly hooked. The story is solid and intriguing. I’m getting excited about the movie and when I get a chance I’ll read the other two books.

Anywho, folks have you seen The Help or read The Hunger Games? If so what are your opinions. Please leave me some comments 🙂

God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover