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The 1800’s Week 4: The Civil War & Queen Victoria July 21, 2014

In this post: Take a trip on the Underground Railroad and join the battle at Gettysburg. Come learn about the Civil War.

Hello dear ones! I know it’s been awhile. You’ve been on my mind though. Sooo…I’ve got several posts to catch up on. We are having our Summer break, so we’ve obviously finished the 1800’s. I’ve just got to catch you up.  Here we go :).  This is how we studied week 4 of the 1800’s:

Queen Victoria

  • We read about Queen Victoria in Story of the World Book 4.
  • Michael drew a picture of Queen Victoria, from his Draw Through History book.

The Civil War

  • We read about the Civil War in Story of the World Book 4.
  • Michael played Flight to Freedom, an interactive PC game, about the Underground Railroad.
  • We watched Gone with the Wind.
  • We read several books about the Civil War: If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War, Civil War Cooking, Who Was Abraham Lincoln?, What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?, Vinnie & Abraham (about a young artist who sculpted the President), A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee, and Following Freedom.
  • Chris helped us make a Northern Star lantern, by punching holes in a tin can. Then he bent a clothes hanger to carry it. Add a fake candle and voila!
  • Michael made an Underground Railroad lapbook.
  • We learned about quilt patterns used as secret messages in the Undergound Railroad.
  • I put up a Civil War timeline.
  • We visited two museums and found all the Civil War stuff we could.
  • Columbus, Ga was a supply center for the Confederacy.  We explored the River Walk and found historical sites. There was a cannon and an old bell.
  • We had a can of Hoppin’ John, Civil War style blackeye peas.
  • We watched season 1 episodes 3 and 8 of Dear America. Episode 3 is about a slave girl who learns to read. Episdoe 8 is about a confederate girl during the war.
  • We read African rhymes and Her Stories, a book on African American folk tales.
  • Michael did a lapbook on George Washington Carver.
  • We bought toy soldiers (Civil War era) from Hobby Lobby and Michael reenacted a battle.


  • Michael read Little House in the Big Woods. He was workin’ his way to Lil House on the Prairie.
  • We read poetry by Elizabeth Browning and a story about her romance with another poet, Robert Browning.


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The 1600’s Week 2: The Dutch, Africa, Germany, & the Americas April 21, 2014

Hello dear ones! How are you? Last month we began our Pilgrims, Patriots, and Pirates study with Draw and Write Through History. We also started Book 3 of Story of the World.  Here’s how we did week 2 of the 1600’s a.k.a 17th century.

  • We read about New Amsterdam which later became New York. It was a Dutch colony in the New World. Peter Stuyvesant was the Dutch governor until the English took it over. Michael colored two Dutch children and we made a tp roll windmill.
  • We read poetry by Alexander Pope. We also learned about Thomas Savery, the inventor of the steam engine. Trains use steam engines so we made a thumbprint train and a candy train.
  • We listened to Bach. I found musical games online. I’ll include links at the bottom of this post.
  • We read about slavery in Africa and the African Queen Nzinga. She held back the slave traders in her area for awhile. She was a fierce warrior. Michael made an African mask and necklaces. We read about the colonies and the Mayflower. Michael drew a pilgrim (not pictured). We read about Abbas I, Shah of Persia.
  • We made a salt dough map of the Americas and painted the territories. Michael read “Who Was Magellan?”
  • We learned about the 30 years war between the Catholic King Ferdinand II and the Protestant German princes. It later became a fight with Denmark, Sweden, and then France. King Ferdinand riled everyone up when he started persecuting the protestants. Everything worked out in the end but only after years of bloodshed. Michael tried the German art of paper cutting and made beautiful Easter rabbits.
  • Meanwhile, Japan closed it’s doors to Christianity and the rest of the world. Christians were persecuted and Buddhidsm became prominent. The Manchu took over in China causing the Han Chinese much frustration. I had planned on doing a Bonsai tree craft but we never got to it.

The Dutch, Africa, Germany, & the AmericasWell, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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