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Crafty Monday: Jet Pack, the Four Seasons, and a Jar of Stars August 6, 2012

Hello friends, I hope you had a lovely weekend. We finished up our space crafts last week. Pics below 🙂 Enjoy!

Jet Pack

Well, this wasn’t so much a space craft…..but it was fun. We saved two Pepsi bottles (2 liters). We got inspiration from this site:

We did things a little different. Instead of spray painting the bottles we put grey paint inside them and shook it up. The paint never dried though so we have to shake the bottles before we use them lol.

Then I glued cardboard to the back. I tried several types of glue and they didn’t hold. So I just duck taped the thing, Then I punched holes and tied ribbon to make the straps.

Michael cut strips of construction and tissue paper (orange and yellow) then we taped them to the bottom.

A Jar of Stars

I simply broke open a glow bracelet inside a mason jar. The glow doesn’t last long but it was kewl 🙂

The Four Seasons

I got the printable from:

Michael learned how the sun affects the seasons. He also learned about how the earth rotates.

I just love his expressions 🙂 lol

We haven’t had a chance to do this project yet…but my buddy Rachel had a great Spacey dessert on her blog:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Crafty Monday: Planet Mobile & Constellation crafts July 30, 2012

Hello friends! This week in Homeschool we continued our study of Space. We learned about the planets and made a nifty planet mobile.

Planet Mobile

We actually found this on You have to subscribe to see it I think.

Basically you need this:

  • A round piece of cardboard about 1 ft across (the cardboard from a frozen pizza works well)
  • Lots of colors of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String (we used fishing line…good except it curled a bit)
  • Pencil, crayons, or markers
  • A compass (for making circles) or jar lids/cups

1. draw a cross on the pizza circle :). Line top to bottom then left to right.

2. Draw the orbits of the 9 planets (draw circles around the center of the piece of cardboard). The first 4 planets orbit relatively close to the Sun, then there is a gap. Then the last 5 planets orbit very far from the Sun.

3. Punch a hole in the center of the cardboard for the Sun. Then punch one hole on each orbit according to where the planets are supposed to be. We looked at our Planet book to figure it out.

4. Draw circles for the planets on the construction paper. Remember some planets are bigger and some smaller than others.

5. You can tape string to the planets but we made a small hole in the top and then tied fishing line to them.

6.  Lace the string through the proper holes on top. We then taped the string to the top of the cardboard. The site says to “adjust the length of the strings so that the planets (and Sun) all lie in a plane.” We probably didn’t do that part right…

7. To hang your model (mobile), tie three pieces of string to the top of the cardboard – then tie these three together. Tie them to a longer string (from which you’ll hang your model).

We then learned about Constellations. Michael read a book about the history of constellations. We found “The Constellation Song” here with lyrics:

At this site:

we found the “If I Was a Constellation” idea. It was really fun taking silly pictures.

We printed them out and held it up to the window to trace.

We put them on the bulletin board for comparison. Too cute!

We made a nifty Constellation Book using blue construction paper & a hole punch. I used to find the names and shapes of different constellations. I drew them and Michael used the hole punch on the stars.

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Crafty Monday: Oreo Moons July 23, 2012

Hello friends, this past week Michael and I started learning about space.

I put together this lapbook with and also some resources from  The cover is simply black construction paper and I drew the solar system with chalk. I used it as a teaching tool so I did the work. But I did have Michael color the phases of the moon cards.

We got the model for this paper rocket from

The Astronaut idea came from Pinterest. Black construction paper with glitter stars. I printed out an enlarged photo, cut out Michael’s head, and he put it in the middle of a white circle. Super simple 🙂

Our favorite part of the week was the Oreo moons. We learned about the lunar cycle. These are actually generic Oreos but they taste the same.  Yummm….

I thought I’d throw this in. I loved the Odd and Even game from:

Click to access treehouse.pdf

Also, the book “Even Steven and Odd Todd” is highly recommended.

Like I said in a previous post…for Michael’s 2nd Christian birthday (celebrating when he was spiritually born again), we went to the Space and Science Center.

They have a nifty center with a replica of the Mars rovers.

There’s also a weather center with a green screen. Look Michael’s a hurricane lol!

Well, more space stuff next week.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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