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Media Saturday: The Odd Life of Timothy Green & Happy Anniversary Star Trek! September 8, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to Media Saturday! 🙂 First off, happy anniversary Star Trek! Live long and prosper! We never watched the newer series but the whole family enjoyed the original series. My Dad first introduced me to Captain Kirk. Mom you know it’s coming lol. Here’s a pic from a fall festival. Michael was Captain Kirk, Mom was Spock, and I was a random Vulcan or Romulan.

Mom was staying with us at the time and we would all sit and sing the theme song when it came on. Enjoy the vid 🙂

Secondly, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is such a gem! I loved this movie and it almost brought me to tears. It was one of the most family friendly movies I’ve seen in awhile. The movie is a beautiful story of this childless couple who are told they will never have children. Then a miracle happens when a boy grows out of their garden and they get a chance to be parents. They learn many things about parenting from “Timothy”. One of my favorite scenes is when the social worker asks them what they would do differently with parenting and they say “Make better mistakes.”  The couple is telling the social worker about their experiences with parenting (with Timothy). This movie is very pro-adoption. It’s beautiful. For a more detailed review go to:

Plugged In doesn’t leave out details. Though a movie may have one or two questionable parts (most do- it would be easy to pick apart any movie), Plugged In says the most during their summaries.

“It’s a double bonus that a film so much about family makes it easy for the whole family to watch together. Timothy Green is almost completely devoid of problematic content, and it’s a rare circumstance for a wide-release, live-action film to be this clean, this instructive and this enjoyable.”

~ Plugged In

Michael enjoyed the movie and I believe Timothy is a good role model. Young children won’t appreciate this movie so much. They will probably just think it’s kewl that Timothy has leaves growing on his legs.

Here’s the Trailer

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: You may have noticed that I’ve removed most of my pictures from previous posts unless they were taken by me. I’m really trying to be careful with copyright. I don’t want to accidentally mess up, so some of my posts won’t have pictures. Sorry friends.