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The 1700’s Week 3: Australia, the French Revolution, & Lord Byron May 19, 2014

In this post: Join us for Week 3 of the 1700’s as we learn about Australia and the French Revolution. We’ve got crafts, food, and fun!

Hello dear ones! So I’m almost caught up with posts. We’re already on Week 3 of the 1800’s in real time. Yes, I’ve got to get my butt out of a rut (pardon my slang). This was an interesting week. I have an embarrassing story to tell but I’ll get to that in a minute. Here’s how we learned:

  • We read about Australia in Story of the World Book 3 and Book 2. We skipped Australia when we were learning about the Middle Ages.
  • We began two short lapbooks: a lapbook on kangaroos and koalas; a lapbook on Australia.
  • We read books on koalas and kangaroos. We also read a book on Australia and Oceania.
  • We watched a video about a dream time story of how the Koala lost it’s tail.
  • We watched a video on how to make Koala noises and we tried.  We also watched several videos about the Outback & dangerous Australian animals.
  • We made aboriginal dot paintings and glued them to our paper towel roll didgeridoo.  We also watched a video of someone playing a didgeridoo.
  • Michael colored a wombat mask.
  • We played a game with animal dice. We had to act like whichever animal it landed on.
  • Michael drew animals and the barrier reef from his Draw Through History book. He also tried drawing tutorials for a koala, a kangaroo, and a kookaburra. We listened to a kookaburra sing/laugh online.
  • Michael and I ate at the Outback Steakhouse for free as a Mother-Son date night. A generous lady paid for our meal. We had fun looking at all the boomerangs and aboriginal art. We split a bloomin’ onion. There’s a picture of Michael in front of an Australian map.
  • At the restaurant, we read Australian facts and about how to speak Australian slang, as we waited for our meal. What’s funny is that we were sitting near Australians the whole time and didn’t know it until we overheard their waiter. I bet we looked the fool over there trying to sound Australian!

The French Revolution etc…

  • We read books about the French Revolution and we had a Marie Antoinette party. We dressed up for a masquerade, danced, ate, and watched the 1930’s Marie Antoinette movie. The way the people persecuted that woman is just horrible. She was a scapegoat for sure. They accused her of the most ridiculous things.

Our Marie Antoinette party:

  • We read about Princess Catherine of Russia in Story of the World Book 3. Michael made a fake faberge egg. We used a plastic easter egg and fake gems.
  • We did a composer study on Joseph Haydn.
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds meets Lord Byron shadow box art~  Remember last week I told you to remember the 3D woman from Sir Joshua Reynolds painting? Well, here’s why. I wanted to use her for our Lord Byron poem tree. We used Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty”. I saw a poetry tree sketch on Pinterest and it inspired me. So Michael and I both did one. I modge podged Michael’s to a cardboard box and added moss. Then I glued paper butterflies on both of ours for a 3D look. I added Reynold’s lady to the shadow box. She just looks perfect for that poem. I like how the words form the branches. Pictures don’t do it justice. Michael’s picture is shiny because of the modge podge.

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Exploring the Americas April 4, 2014

In this post: Come hang out as we learn about famous explorers & the Americas. We also learn about the Mayans, the Incans, and the Aztecs. 

Hello dear ones! I am several weeks behind on these crafty posts. You may have noticed but I’m not labeling my posts in the title anymore. I’m just posting them on whatever day I can. But I’m still tagging them in the right category. So you can still find all the crafty posts under Crafty Mondays.

Well, we took a week long vacation to explore historic sites from Savannah to D.C.  When we got back we were ready to jump into (more) learning (well, I was :P). We had fun with the Middle ages. Now we are off to explore the New World. Here’s how we did it:

  • We began Pilgrims, Pirates, & Patriots, our Draw & Write Through History book. This is actually what guides us. Story of the World is extra.
  • I hung up an Explorers in the New World banner across our room.
  • Michael colored and put together a Columbus hat, and spyglass with a map of Columbus’ explorations on it.  Then we headed to the park to be explorers ourselves.
  • We had a picnic by the water (a big rock was our ship), and I read about Columbus & Amerigo Vespucci (America’s namesake) in Story of the World Book 3.
  • I found this great lapbook on explorers and Native Americans (South & Central). I’ll provide links at the end. It had us mark Columbus and Magellan’s routes. We also marked out how many men died on Magellan’s voyage. A lot of people died in the search for the New World. We compared Columbus and the conquistadors.
  • Michael started reading “Who Was Columbus?” 
  • We put together a ship in a bottle. We ended the day with ice cream and we conquered the world ;).
  • The next couple of days we read about the Mayans, the Incans, and the Aztecs.
  • We watched a video on Netflix about the Mayans and the conquistadors.
  • We both made a Mayan eye of God craft. Then Michael put together a tp roll quetzal, an important bird to all of the Central/South Americans.
  • We learned about Montezuma and the Aztecs. Michael made a clay Aztec sun.
  • We talked about the Incans, watched The Emperor’s New Groove, and I made a stuffed llama for Michael.
  • We ended our week by learning about Walter Raleigh and the lost colony. We also learned about Jacque Cartiers and his “discovery” of Canada.

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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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