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A Tea Party Baby Shower for Hannah February 8, 2014

In this Post: I threw my best friend Hannah, a tea party baby shower. I combined elegance with Hannah’s favorite storybook characters.. Toad & Frog, and Winnie the Pooh.

Dear ones, the first weekend in January I threw a baby shower for my best friend, Hannah. She loves tea parties and wanted something elegant. So I used mismatched tea cups, fake pearls, tea pots, and pink and white fake flowers. I found a lovely white clock at a thrift shop. The candle holder in front of the fireplace is also a thrift shop find. I wove a strand of fake white flowers through it and lit tea candles to set the mood.  I scattered pink petals on one table and pink baby confetti on the more casual gift table.

I also have a creation of my own on the gift table. I modge podged pages from Hannah’s favorite story book characters on the letters BABY. You can see Toad and Frog and Winnie the Pooh. I gave the Winnie the Pooh tea book and the Toad & Frog book to Hannah as a gift. After I modge podged I glued the letters together and added ribbon and fake pearls.

Our friend Rachel (whose blog I’ve mentioned several times) brought the tiered platter full of tea cakes. Her husband Al is a chef and made them. I am so thankful for her help with that and also Hannah’s family for  helping me decorate etc. We were at Hannah’s Mom’s and it was already so beautiful. I didn’t have to add much. Zoom in on the platter and you will see a baby in a teacup on top. That goes great with the invitations I sent out, which are at the bottom of the pic. I ordered them online.

I wanted to make homemade foot print cookies but my attempts failed. So I just bought pre-made sugar cookies and at the last minute I found cookie icing that hardens on spot. They turned out beautifully this way with less pressure on me.  I bought the cookie cutters online. It was trial and error but they were a hit. I got the mini chalkboard at Michaels’ craft store.  The favors were super easy: pink mints, Hershey kisses, and a heart charm that said “It’s a girl!“, all tied up in a sachet with pink ribbon.

Hannah’s Mom has a hot water tap so we used that to fill up tea cups and people chose their own tea bags. I had many different flavored teas. I bought nice pink and white napkins. The elegant  paper plates are super fancy and I got them online. They have a chic pink birds and flowers print.  Tea cups are expensive so I went with white plastic tea cups and I glued a pink bow with a pearl on each one.

The two games were super simple but fun. We played a diaper game. The person who found the poopy diaper won the gift basket (I used a sticker. The candy bar idea makes me nauseous). Then we played “Don’t Say It” a Baby shower version of Taboo.  I split the group into two teams. No prize for this game but the guests really had fun.  The paper flowers on the gift table were made by Olivia, Hannah’s daughter. 

The shower was lovely and Hannah got all she needed. Lil Miriam will be her third child but it’s been awhile since Liam was born. Hannah wasn’t expecting this little one so the shower really helped. We all are excited and waiting to meet Hannah’s baby girl, maybe this week :). The shower wasn’t that hard to put together but I was very nervous because I had never thrown one before.  Thank the Lord he helped me get it together!


Baby Shower Pinterest:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: A Southern Belle Tea Party June 2, 2013

In this post: My Mom, Sister, and I have our first tea party together and we glam it up like southern belles with big hats and all. Also some wonderful parenting videos from Hill Country Church in Austin, TX. Thanks Jenn for the link!

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 081

Hello dear ones! Before we start I want to share with you the link to the parenting videos.

Also, here’s one fashion attempt. Last week, I shared with you a couple “how to” Youtube stations. Well, I learned how to do a sock bun. It’s supposed to be a method to curl your hair but I think it’s just as pretty left as a bun. I’ve yet to be successful with the curls part. Here’s my bun. You just take a sock and put it over your pony tail. Then you roll your hair into the sock. You have to make sure you have even coverage so the sock doesn’t show through. It takes muscle lol.


On to the tea party…

The Host~ My Mom, Ann (Here’s her blog:

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 070

The Guests~  Me and my sister Jenn (Here’s her blog:

Pinkies out!

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 075

The Attire: Springy/Summery dresses and big hats

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 068

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 069

The Eats: Scones, Swiss Ham Sandwiches, & Itty Bitty Cherry Pies. Also a variety of herbal teas. I prefer the plain kind with sugar and cream.

My sister made the sandwiches with black forest ham, Swiss cheese slightly melted, and dinner rolls cut in half.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 063

Mom got the scones already made and they warmed them up in the oven. Quick and yummy!

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 080

Many moons ago I made mini cherry pies. I did the same thing except they are super mini. I had small cupcake liners. I formed the crust in the bottom and dropped a little over a spoonful of cherry pie filling and then made a criss cross top with the dough. So these are itty bitty cherry pies. That’s powdered sugar on top.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 056

What a great brunch!

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 079

The Decor:

Flowers, tea pots and tea cups, and pink and yellow balloons.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 058

Mom found her flowery tea pot on the right at a thrift store. My teapot on the left is a Japanese antique that I found at an Antique shop for 5 bucks. I found the cups separately but they match. Go figure! We used both of our sets.Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 059

Mom did such a good job putting this together. Yellow and pink are such girly colors (lol I almost just wrote Power Rangers. Ha! Yes, I preferred the Yellow Power Ranger over the pink one.)

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 060

Our craft supplies

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 061

The Mood: My sister Jenn set the mood with a classical music cd that also had nature sounds on it.

Some more pics and then on to our craft :). We were going to decorate our hats but they looked nice enough the way they were.

Mom & Jenn

We had fun with the poses. We acted very prissy and high class.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 073

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 074

Me & Mom

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 076

Mua~ that’s the other dress I got at JC Pennies on sale.

This party was very special because we had never done anything like this before. That seems strange since my Mom had two girls but my (half) sister lived with her Dad and we only saw her during the Summer and Christmas. We are also seven years apart (hint: I’m younger). My Mom was a single Mom and worked a lot. As a kid I was a complete tomboy though I did play with tea sets on my own. We just never got to it. We had so much fun at this party that we all wondered why we had not done it before. The best part was talking for hours and spending time just the three of us. Usually we have to share Jennifer with the rest of our family :). But she flew straight here by herself and the guys were at work.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 078

The Craft~ Mom forgot what she wanted to do for a craft. So the day before we all put our heads together and looked through Michael’s craft store. We found some cheap frames and lots of scrapbook stickers/jewels. I brought my paint and glue. Then we decorated the frames. Later, we plan on putting tea party pictures in them.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 086

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 087

Michael colored his pirate frame and then built the Enterprise out of Jenga blocks.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 088

Mom’s frame~ painted purple with jewel and tea pot stickers on it.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 089

Jennifer’s frame~ Painted light blue then another frame glued on top and jewel stickers on the plain frame.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 090

My Frames~ I wanted to do two. This first one is a Best friends frame; painted purple with BFF stickers on it.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 091

Here is my frame for Tea Party pictures. The left side is light green and the right has pink and blue stripes. I used these bird stickers and the “A Day to remember” sticker.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 092

Michael’s Pirate Frame. This one will hold a picture of his Aunt Jenn making the scariest pirate face ever ;p.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 093Ladies, I hope we do this again because it was a lot of fun! * Thank you to Michael, our part time photographer :).

The guys came home from work and we had our Memorial Day weekend celebrations with a cook out.

Me and my handsome fella’


My Step Dad Kim bought a grill which my husband faithfully watched over.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 100

Chris prefers using his hands over a spatula…that’s his inner redneck (or caveman as he sometimes puts it). Ya know I love him. I wasn’t born with the grilling skills that he was :).

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 110

Michael had a blast having Aunt Jenn to himself while they played ball.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 097

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 099

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 102

We all rested on the patio while the guys prepared supper (woot!).

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 109


Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 114

Michael got some bike riding in. There’s much more room in Nana’s yard so we leave his bike there.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 108

Our last day with Jenn before she flew home was on Sunday. We dressed up for church. There was a picnic that evening. I felt bad so I didn’t get pictures of the family enjoying it. Note to self: too much cheese whiz is a bad thing.

Jenn, Mom, & Kim

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 118

Jenn, Mom, and Me

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 117

Well, Beloved…have a wonderful week. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Hannah’s “Doll & Me Tea” Birthday Party April 21, 2013

   Hello dear ones! This past weekend Michael’s good buddy Olivia (who was born the same day) had her 7th birthday party. I asked her mom and my Best buddy Hannah to guest post. Maybe you can use her ideas for your own girly party. Just in case you didn’t see it last year, here’s the link to Olivia’s mermaid party:
Alrighty, take it away Hannah 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 064
Hey!  Hannah here!  Amber asked me to guest blog about my daughter’s “Doll and Me Tea Party” for her 7th birthday.  Amber’s son, Michael, attended, and while I’m not sure he was thrilled with copious amounts of pink and dolls, he was the perfect gentleman and Olivia enjoyed having her buddy there. 🙂
Michael & Liam, Olivia’s brother
Olivia'sparty2013 049
Hannah & Amber
Olivia'sparty2013 116
The “Doll and Me Tea” theme was something I came up with to appease my daughter, Olivia, who was determined to have an American Girl party.
Olivia'sparty2013 056
See, last December, Olivia received a much anticipated American Girl doll for Christmas.  We had been receiving the catalogs for a couple of years because they somehow knew we had a young daughter who needed tempting and they just started sending the darn things!  I threw them out for the first year or so, but then she got her hands on one, and the rest is history,  So, for Christmas this past year, she received “Caroline” and instantly decided she wanted an “American Girl” party in a few months for her 7th birthday.  I told her that not every little girl has an American Girl and that they cost a lot of money, but she continued to ask.  So, after brainstorming a bit, I pitched the idea to her of having a “bring your favorite doll/toy” tea party, and she agreed. 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 052
The next hurdle was that she absolutely just had to have pink and orange as the colors, and not just any pink– a very specific bubble gum pink.  I told her that I was concerned about these colors looking pretty together, but my mom– who was there for this conversation– spoke right up and said, “well, it’s her party!”  So off to Hobby Lobby we went.  There, in the front of the store, was a beautiful springy display of coral, pink, and magenta decor and dishes.  Thank you, Lord! 🙂  They were on sale, and I had coupons, so we made out quite well.  I got a couple of platters, a vase, napkin holder, and a few other decorative items.
 Olivia'sparty2013 051
Olivia'sparty2013 057
Next, we went to the party store and matched plates, table cloths, and more decor to the pattern from Hobby Lobby.  My favorite finds though came from online.  I found plastic tea cups with straws for the kids, and tea pot lollipops for the goody bags.  I also found a really cute tea pot pinata.
Olivia'sparty2013 058
Olivia'sparty2013 094
The cake came from a local bakery here that never ceases to amaze us.  They were unsure about the orangey pink colors on the cake, but they did a fantastic job and my sweet Olivia loved the cake!  It all came together quite nicely.  We reused place card holders from our wedding to identify each child’s seat. 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 093 Olivia'sparty2013 097 Olivia'sparty2013 098 Olivia'sparty2013 101 Olivia'sparty2013 103
The last part was setting the table for the dolls and toys!  My mom brought over the table and chairs I had as a little girl, and we added the set Olivia uses now along with some other small chairs and doll high chairs.  We set out plates, plastic tea cups, tea pots, and pretend treats.  As each child came in, they placed their toy in a special place at the little table.
Amber’s American Girl dolls came to tea also!
Olivia'sparty2013 053
Michael’s dog “Blew” that he got from his Papa that died & Liam’s Mr. Bean doll
Olivia'sparty2013 063
During the party, we took photos of each child with their doll/toy and my husband printed them out while each child decorated a tea pot picture frame to take home.
Olivia'sparty2013 061
Hannah’s Mom with the kids
Olivia'sparty2013 060
Olivia'sparty2013 062
Michael made his an early Mother’s Day present 🙂
Olivia'sparty2013 105
We also had fun with the pinata outside.  It was the toughest pinata I’ve ever seen!
Olivia'sparty2013 066
OliviaOlivia'sparty2013 078
MichaelOlivia'sparty2013 076
Maggie, Rachel’s daughterOlivia'sparty2013 083
The kids took turns hitting the pinata for a long time. Finally James, Hannah’s husband, put the pinata out of it’s misery!Olivia'sparty2013 089
I really was worried about making this party work because it wasn’t exactly what Olivia had asked for, but we learned a lot about compromise, which is always good.  We did end up with several American Girls at the party, but Buzz Lightyear and a plush Mr. Bean (that would be my son’s) also attended, along with a few other fun toys.  Many of the children dressed up, which was fun.
Olivia opening presents.
Olivia'sparty2013 109
Michael & Liam, best buddies.
Olivia'sparty2013 114
I really think my sweet girl felt special, and that was my ultimate goal.
Hannah, a wonderful hostess 😉 (says Amber).
Olivia'sparty2013 059
Now it’s time to get to work on my son’s birthday.  He will be 5 and hasn’t requested anything special.  Kids can be so different. 🙂  I suggested “The Lorax”  because he watches it so much, and he loves the idea, so hopefully I will be able to blog about that party, too. 🙂
Liam stole the show when he dressed up as Mickey, during present time.
Olivia'sparty2013 110
Thank you so much Hannah for the great post! We’d love to see more of your parties and you know we love truffula trees over here :). 
God bless everyone & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover