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Crafty Monday: Ancient India & China Plus Veteran’s Day November 19, 2013

Hello dear ones! Last week we studied Ancient China again. We also spent a brief time on Ancient India. Here are my Pinterest links for India and China:

At the top, we’ve got

  • The wall of China made out of Styrofoam blocks.
  • Chinese willow vase with cherry blossoms.
  • Chinese flag
  • thumb print Chinese lanterns

IndiaChinaThe middle and bottom:

  • Wall of China drawing from Draw and Write Through History
  • a Terracotta soldier made from clay (China)
  • Henna hand cookie (India)~ just a hand shaped sugar cookie with a food coloring Henna tattoo.
  • Henna hand print (India)
  • China lapbooks
  • another view of the Styrofoam wall of China

We read about Buddha (Prince Siddhartha) for India & Confucius for China in The Story of the World. We also watched several videos and read books about the Wall of China and the Terracotta soldiers.  You can find videos in the links from above.

The Great Wall was quite an undertaking. The directions are in my Pinterest link. I’m thankful Chris helped Michael make this. He did a wonderful job.

India2013 026

Michael practiced some calligraphy numbers.

India2013 017

We learned about India’s Caste system and I drew this elaborate pic to illustrate. 😉

India2013 004

I combined three studies for a Veteran’s Day lapbook. Here they are:

India2013 005

Michael interviewed his Daddy for the Vet interview.

India2013 006

It was an interesting week despite all of us being sick with the Flu.  Here’s when I caught Michael reading Dr. Suess to Tessa. He really likes to read to her.

India2013 003

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Virtual Friday: Easter Egg Hunt, Terracotta Soldiers, & the Mystic Forest March 25, 2012

Note: I was going to do another weekend special but I have so many pics from SL I decided to just post everything late. So Happy LATE Virtual Friday 🙂

Hello friends and welcome to another Virtual Friday! 🙂 Some of you may not have read my previous post about The Rose Theatre in SecondLife so here’s the link:

I was very pleased to receive a compliment for my post from the creator of The Rose Theatre. The place is just exquisite and I feel like I’ve heard from a celebrity :). It takes true talent to make that kind of masterpiece. So if you haven’t seen the place yet then please check out my link above.

Moving on, so I finally got to do some exploring. Little did I know that the orphanage I was staying at moved! Thankfully I was able to find it and get set up again. I usually look at the destination guide on for ideas. Every once in awhile I find a gem but it’s rare. Last night, I explored three places. So here are my pictures & reviews straight from the virtual world of Second Life.

#1 Easter Egg Hunt @ a nifty store Visit 1 Prim (172, 124, 247)

It took awhile for things to rezz but I do have a slow viewer. My computer can’t handle the new viewer. The above pic is before all the flowers rezzed. I don’t remember the name of the store (shame on me) but they had beautiful Easter decor and alot of vegetables for sale.  This hunt took awhile because the eggs were small. Thankfully each egg contained a clue to find the next one…..or I would have never found them all. What’s neat is that every time you find an egg you get a free surprise from the store (like flowers, a bridge, Easter decor etc). I have no where to put any of it because I live at the orphanage but maybe someday when I can afford my own land again…..

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous?  These pics are lovely. You can click on them to see them a bit larger. Yeah the problem with being a child avatar is that your legs never quite fit over the furniture….sigh. At one point of the hunt I nearly gave up but I persevered & found all of the eggs. I won neat prizes and got to keep the basket with eggs as a souvenir :)! Below is a pic of me near the church. I love the stained glass window. I wish I had some in RL at home.

#2 Terracotta Soldiers Visit Tenth Rua (75, 78, 235)

This was a short trip. Basically you go underground and see a replica of the terracotta soldiers that guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s grave in China. It was a nice replica. I was a little bored but if you’re a big history buff then you may enjoy this. I’m sure it took the creator alot of hard work to make the soldiers and set them up.  This goes to show that Second Life is great for seeing the world without actually leaving home 😉

#3 The Mystic Forest Visit WaR Island (173, 168, 22)

This is the description on the SL website :

“Visit this land of magic, elves, goblins, nekos, tree houses and butterflies. This forest is connected to the “other side” — so you’ll never know who you’re going to meet next. Is it friend or enemy? Sometimes worlds collide! This land is a beautiful, unique place where everything can happen.”

This is a role play sim so I caution you. It’s always important to get an observer tag so no one will bother you. This place took the longest to rezz and when it did I wasn’t that impressed. Sorry just being honest. Maybe if I had more time to explore then I’d see it’s full beauty. The best thing about The Mystic Forest was one of the shops as you head to the actual forest. They have a fairy cave. You can pay 5L and this jar will give you a random fairy egg.  So being the big kid I am….I just had to get one.  So I decided to leave and come back. I took my fairy back home to the orphanage and waited for it to hatch. I named her Bellarose (after a character in my book).

I hope my landlords don’t mind the big fairy home. It wasn’t many prims though. I filled it with some flowers & with doll furniture. Of course Bellarose needed a mini tv lol.  You can set the fairy to roam around a certain area too. Anywho, so I went back to the Mystic Forest and was able to take two pretty pictures. I dressed the part of course with my fairy costume.

It’s pretty at night.

Anywho, I’ve got several more places to explore: Astoria (Lord of the Rings sim), Transilvania (yeah they spelled it wrong. They didn’t mention vampires so hopefully it won’t be scary. I hate scary.), March Military Expo (for my hubby), and Old Europe Market fair. I’ll let you know how it goes. I did visit London City Victoria…and let’s just say I didn’t like the atmosphere.

Well God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: The closer we get to Easter the more hunts you’ll find. Do a search on the website. Let me know what you find. Also, if any of you have suggestions for nice family friendly places I can explore in SL, please leave me the links in the comment section. Thanks! 🙂