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Virtual Friday: Christmas Ballets and Such December 14, 2012

Hello friends and Merry Christmas! I pray you are having a lovely week. I finally got to to see ballet pixelle perform in Second Life. I was a couple of minutes late and my graphics card doesn’t do so well but I made it. I was able to see their rendition of The Nutcracker, “The Nut”. It wasn’t the same as real life of course but it was pretty good for virtual ballet. I think it would’ve been better if I had a better graphics card. Here are some lovely pics :).

If you’re new to my site, this is the day I show you the virtual world of Second Life.Β What is SL? Find out here:

“The Nut” was performed live at the Rose Theatre at the Angel Manor sim.

Visit Angel Manor (160, 4, 31)

There was a large audience for an SL event. I almost couldn’t get in because there were too many people. If you know anything about virtual worlds then you know that sims can only handle a certain amount of people (avatars). Too many people equals a ton of lag.


My graphics aren’t the greatest but I got a few good pics of the ballerinas.



Clara and the Nutcracker



sugarplum fairy

Afterwards there was a gala with a live musician! Am Quar (his SecondLife name, Andre Massicotte is his real name) was fantastic. He’s from Canada and sang Jazz, Latin, and Christmas songs. At first I thought he was just the dj and that the music was prerecorded. But I tipped him and he thanked me by name. So he was performing live…..meaning in his home studio through Second Life. It didn’t sound karaoke at all. I looked on his info and the theatre was paying him 5,000 lindens an hour ($20 USD) which is a pretty penny for a virtual event.


I’m glad I wore my best dress because this was a ritzy event. I was the only kid avatar there so that was a bit awkward. I found one dance that was appropriate for a kid avatar. I danced around like a ballerina. It would seem that virtual dancing would be boring but you’d be amazed how easy it is to get immersed in a virtual experience. It really feels like you’re there to a point. That’s why I like SL in the winter….sometimes it feels like there really is snow. SL is great for sick people. If you’re bedridden then you can travel by computer :).


It’s interesting to watch all the people who show up to these things. Surprisingly there are several couples. Virtual dating is popular. It has been years since I got the hubby to come on SL with me. Now that I’m a kid avatar I don’t have to worry about some stranger asking me to dance. I have loaded up Chris’ avatar for an SL wedding I attended so it’d look like I had a date. Sad I know but who wants to go to a wedding alone?…even if my date was controlled by me lol.


So I was in such a good mood that I searched for other Christmas events. I teleported over to a “Tiny” Carol party. Tinies are small animal avatars. I think usually bunnies. Anywho, they didn’t really sing….just typed silly Carols. I was bored and found this place to skate while listening to a live concert.


The musician is an Elvis impersonator. He did alright I guess. He wasn’t as good as Am Quar. I didn’t stay very long…



I do have a couple of picturesque places for you to visit :).

Incendia was pretty. Visit Wishing Well (128, 187, 21)


close up


The Garden of Whimsy

Visit No Limits (94, 89, 21)

Garden of Whimsy

whimsical night

Learn about the different Christmas traditions around the world at: Visit Irish Tropical Escapes (56, 206, 23)


Timeless photography has several neat places for pics. Just make sure to stay in the family areas. They also have a great emoticater or something like that. I was able to make my avatar do expressions. I had too much fun with this tool!

Visit Kalamata (184, 105, 27)

Timeless photography


Well, I hope you check out these great places while they’re still up. If you have any suggestions for family friendly sims for winter/Christmas then please let me know in the comments :).

BTW, Dec 11th made 4 years that I’ve been in Second Life. I joined in 2008. It’s wild that it’s been that long. I do remember that I went to several prayer meetings in world and people prayed for my Dad. He died in 2009. So yeah, it’s been that long.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: bonus pic, this is of my mom and I, when I had an adult avatar. Mom doesn’t come on SL anymore but we used to hang out there a lot especially when she lived in Texas. So we could only hang out virtually lol. Mom’s avatar is in blue.

Mom and me Skating

And two more… first apartment in SL. It was near an art gallery and very cozy. I had an ugly avatar and you can tell I was a noob (beginner).


This was a pretty Christmas pic when I was an adult avatar.

Christmas tree


Virtual Friday: Easter Egg Hunt, Terracotta Soldiers, & the Mystic Forest March 25, 2012

Note: I was going to do another weekend special but I have so many pics from SL I decided to just post everything late. So Happy LATE Virtual Friday πŸ™‚

Hello friends and welcome to another Virtual Friday! πŸ™‚ Some of you may not have read my previous post about The Rose Theatre in SecondLife so here’s the link:

I was very pleased to receive a compliment for my post from the creator of The Rose Theatre. The place is just exquisite and I feel like I’ve heard from a celebrity :). It takes true talent to make that kind of masterpiece. So if you haven’t seen the place yet then please check out my link above.

Moving on, so I finally got to do some exploring. Little did I know that the orphanage I was staying at moved! Thankfully I was able to find it and get set up again. I usually look at the destination guide on for ideas. Every once in awhile I find a gem but it’s rare. Last night, I explored three places. So here are my pictures & reviews straight from the virtual world of Second Life.

#1 Easter Egg Hunt @ a nifty store Visit 1 Prim (172, 124, 247)

It took awhile for things to rezz but I do have a slow viewer. My computer can’t handle the new viewer. The above pic is before all the flowers rezzed. I don’t remember the name of the store (shame on me) but they had beautiful Easter decor and alot of vegetables for sale.Β  This hunt took awhile because the eggs were small. Thankfully each egg contained a clue to find the next one…..or I would have never found them all. What’s neat is that every time you find an egg you get a free surprise from the store (like flowers, a bridge, Easter decor etc). I have no where to put any of it because I live at the orphanage but maybe someday when I can afford my own land again…..

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous?Β  These pics are lovely. You can click on them to see them a bit larger. Yeah the problem with being a child avatar is that your legs never quite fit over the furniture….sigh. At one point of the hunt I nearly gave up but I persevered & found all of the eggs. I won neat prizes and got to keep the basket with eggs as a souvenir :)! Below is a pic of me near the church. I love the stained glass window. I wish I had some in RL at home.

#2 Terracotta Soldiers Visit Tenth Rua (75, 78, 235)

This was a short trip. Basically you go underground and see a replica of the terracotta soldiers that guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s grave in China. It was a nice replica. I was a little bored but if you’re a big history buff then you may enjoy this. I’m sure it took the creator alot of hard work to make the soldiers and set them up.Β  This goes to show that Second Life is great for seeing the world without actually leaving home πŸ˜‰

#3 The Mystic Forest Visit WaR Island (173, 168, 22)

This is the description on the SL website :

“Visit this land of magic, elves, goblins, nekos, tree houses and butterflies. This forest is connected to the “other side” β€” so you’ll never know who you’re going to meet next. Is it friend or enemy? Sometimes worlds collide! This land is a beautiful, unique place where everything can happen.”

This is a role play sim so I caution you. It’s always important to get an observer tag so no one will bother you. This place took the longest to rezz and when it did I wasn’t that impressed. Sorry just being honest. Maybe if I had more time to explore then I’d see it’s full beauty. The best thing about The Mystic Forest was one of the shops as you head to the actual forest. They have a fairy cave. You can pay 5L and this jar will give you a random fairy egg.Β  So being the big kid I am….I just had to get one.Β  So I decided to leave and come back. I took my fairy back home to the orphanage and waited for it to hatch. I named her Bellarose (after a character in my book).

I hope my landlords don’t mind the big fairy home. It wasn’t many prims though. I filled it with some flowers & with doll furniture. Of course Bellarose needed a mini tv lol.Β  You can set the fairy to roam around a certain area too. Anywho, so I went back to the Mystic Forest and was able to take two pretty pictures. I dressed the part of course with my fairy costume.

It’s pretty at night.

Anywho, I’ve got several more places to explore: Astoria (Lord of the Rings sim), Transilvania (yeah they spelled it wrong. They didn’t mention vampires so hopefully it won’t be scary. I hate scary.), March Military Expo (for my hubby), and Old Europe Market fair. I’ll let you know how it goes. I did visit London City Victoria…and let’s just say I didn’t like the atmosphere.

Well God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: The closer we get to Easter the more hunts you’ll find. Do a search on the website. Let me know what you find. Also, if any of you have suggestions for nice family friendly places I can explore in SL, please leave me the links in the comment section. Thanks! πŸ™‚


The Rose Theatre in SecondLife (a late virtual Friday?) February 25, 2012

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Hello friends πŸ™‚ It’s a little late for Virtual Friday but I’m posting it anyways…even if it is Saturday lol. I’m seeing a pattern here. I usually don’t get a chance to explore SecondLife until Friday itself. Anywho, I’m really excited about today’s post because I have found an absolute gem in the virtual world. My friends let me introduce you to The Rose Theatre in SL. This place came straight out of a fairy tale. The only way I know how to describe it is it’s like Disney’s Beauty & the Beast & Phantom of the Opera meshed together. This is by far the most gorgeous sim I’ve seen in SecondLife.Β  I have lots of videos that show much better coverage of the sim than my photos and I’ll put the link so you can visit at the end of this post πŸ™‚

I’m so glad I wore my Sunday’s best to visit this jewel. The Rose Theatre just oozes charm and class. As you explore the sim you will enjoy lovely music: instrumental and Opera. The Theatre actually hosts live events such as musical performances (Opera & such), poetry readings, and they even have a beauty contest. They also do weddings.

The theatre spreads across three sims and includes a library, the Opera house, a ballroom, and several art exhibits. There’s also several great rooms and the gardens are stunning. You can see from the pictures that this sim is very life like. It feels like you are really there. Just look at the ornate details in the floors, statues, and ceilings….so lovely. I have alot of pictures too share so here they go πŸ™‚ Don’t forget the videos and links at the end πŸ˜‰

Video tour of the Rose Theatre….absolutely breathtaking

art & poetry at the Rose Theatre

A musical performance at the Rose Theatre~ Tamra Hayden singing Phantom of the Opera

Tamra Hayden in RL~ see in the Virtual world you can hear live music that you may not be able to hear in rl

I love this performance video because it has the theme song from the 80’s show Beauty & the Beast in the beginning lol. Oh & Samm Qendra has a lovely voice as well πŸ™‚

Well that’s about it folks. Oh there’s a few fun things in SL you may be interested in this week. First, there’s a hunt called The Writer’s Block Hunt. Hunts can be fun. Sometimes they take you to amazing sims you’ve never seen before….other times not so good. But it’s fun to treasure hunt.

Also for the next several days there is a live musical expo with over 80 musicians. I may check it out.

Oh & don’t forget the link to the Rose Theatre! ~ Visit Angel Manor (22, 184, 22)

Well God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover