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Catching Up with Michael July 8, 2015

Hello dear ones! I’m almost caught up on posts. So what has Michael been doing lately? My sweet 9 year old has had a busy summer so far. We’ve been catching up on school since our hiatus during pregnancy. The work has been light though. I’m working on another Summer bucket list. We’ve finally gotten out to volunteer again at the nursing home and feed the homeless. Here are some other things Michael’s been doing.

Riding his bike. Michael mastered his bike this year. I’m so proud of him.


Swim lessons~ Michael can swim now but he still panics if he goes very far. So he stays in the shallow end. Maybe with more practice he will get better. Also we are able to go to pools for free now.


Last Awanas Ceremony~ Michael recited two Bible verses and did really well despite his nerves.


Michael’s bestie Liam had a martial arts party. We signed up for private lessons once a week. Michael has been in karate before but it was too big of a commitment financially and time wise. Plus Michael wasn’t mature enough then. Private lessons make it easier to keep with our schedule. The instructors are Christians and teach the kids respect and good morals. Michael’s really excited about learning again. Sadly, he has to start over with his belts, but maybe he will advance quickly.

Liam cutting his cake with a sword. Hannah is over to the right.



Michael’s free first lesson


Our homeschool group learned about nature at the Botanical Gardens.

Michael “eating” a tree cookie, and learning about the rings.

Bird watching

Then we had our End of the Year party, and the kids were given certificates from their moms.



We took Leeland out to several places for the first time…like the museum.






Kickball at the Church Picnic

You saw Michael’s birthday party here:

Well, on his actual birthday we took him to Outback. It was his first time having the servers sing to him. He was really surprised.

Playing Band Hero


The park and spending time with Nana.





Mailbox Club Bible lessons~


Michael is adjusting really well to being a big brother. He helps me around the house and is very protective of Leeland. My compassionate lil buddy is growing up too fast. He’s starting fifth grade next year. It’ll be wild teaching fifth grade while keeping up with a busy baby. Somehow we’ll do it.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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Pic of a kitten we found in our tree. She went to live in the country with my parents.



A Late Crafty Monday: Time Machine Studies:1950-1975 January 30, 2013

In this Post: The golden age of the 50’s, the 60’s and being hippies, and a Hawaiian party. Several crafts and fun ideas.

Hello friends! I hope you are well :). Last week we did our third quarter study of the twentieth century. We set the time machine for 1950 thru 1975. I was very excited about this era because it has some of my favorite music.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 073

Time Machine 50's60's2013 075

It just so happens that segregation ended and the civil rights movement occurred during this time. Also, we were able to study this during Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. So they went hand in hand. Michael watched “Perfect Harmony”, a sweet family movie about civil rights. This week Michael read a “Star Trek” book since it came out in the 60’s.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 072

One of my Mom’s favorite cartoon/claymation characters became popular in this era, Gumby.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 002

We bought a Gumby model and Michael made his own Gumby with play dough. He also watched the cartoon.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 003

This is Gumby on the Moon. He was given to Mom (Nana).

Time Machine 50's60's2013 004

I made a timeline of Disney movies. Michael stacked the movies in the order they came out from the 50’s.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 007

Chris used the globe to talk to Michael about the Korean war.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 006

We ate at a diner and then Michael and I put together this classic fast food sign. We used tissue paper for the lettuce and rice for the sesame seeds.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 008

I may frame this. I love it!

Time Machine 50's60's2013 009

We watched videos of Elvis and listened to 50’s music all day. We talked about the history of Rock n’ Roll and the pros and the cons. Michael drew this guitar with my instructions.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 010

Time Machine 50's60's2013 011

Michael listened to this video of my grandmother (Dad’s mom…my Mema). She talks about when her Dad came home from the war and also when she met Elvis after winning a dance contest. Remember Email subscribers, please come to my blog to see the links 🙂

Video of Mema and her life in the 40’s and 50’s

So “The Cat in the Hat” came out in 1957, the year my Mom was born.  Pardon my scary morning face. I  just had to read the book in my hat.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 016

So then came the 60’s! Michael watched clips from the movie “Hairspray” (newest one) because it showed how people marched for civil rights.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 012

video- “Welcome to the 60’s” from Hairspray

Chris and Michael put together this model car.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 013

Time Machine 50's60's2013 020

I stayed up late the night before Tye-dying Michael’s shirt.  He made our beads that morning. I think we looked far out :).

Time Machine 50's60's2013 019

To show Michael hippies, I let him watch “The Wonder Years” season 2 episode 14 “Bright Wing”. It’s about Kevin’s sister who is a flower child. Michael and I discussed what the hippies stood for (some good and some bad). We also learned that hippies were called Flower children because they sometimes would hand out flowers for peace.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 018

Speaking of flowers….we listened to and discussed the song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”  It shows the cycle of war. We talked about Vietnam and why people protested it.  We listened to another protest song “Hey stop, what’s that sound?”  We watched The Wonder Years season 2 episode 10 “Walk Out” about students protesting Vietnam.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 017

Wednesday we talked about the founding of N.A.S.A. and the first man on the moon. So we did this trick I’ve seen on Pinterest. It wasn’t as glorious as we thought it’d be. Michael colored a paper into a rainbow. I painted it with black paint and then when it dried Michael scraped a picture into it.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 036

It’s a rocket ship on the moon.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 037

The Big Mac came out in 1968 so we split one. I think it was Michael’s first one. He said it was awesome lol! In 1969 we got the first man on the moon. We took a trip to the Space and Science Center. It just so happens that Sesame Street also came out in 1969. We had planned on watching it and by providence the Space Center was playing a Sesame Street movie in the Omnisphere theater. Big Bird and Elmo taught us about the Moon and Stars! 🙂

Pics from the Space Center

Time Machine 50's60's2013 022

Time Machine 50's60's2013 023

Time Machine 50's60's2013 024

Time Machine 50's60's2013 026

Time Machine 50's60's2013 027

Time Machine 50's60's2013 028

Time Machine 50's60's2013 029

Time Machine 50's60's2013 031

Our “groovy” Scooby Doo tattoos

Time Machine 50's60's2013 068

Hawaii became a state in 1959. So for our party we used a Hawaiian and Rock n’ Roll theme. Michael made a Hawaiian flag which was actually his idea. We found Hawaii on the map.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 071

The decor was easy. I bought Luau & 50’s stuff from Party City. I just hung up these plastic pictures and Michael was impressed :). Mommy score!

Time Machine 50's60's2013 040

Time Machine 50's60's2013 042

I had no idea what to use for the party until that day. But I thought Hawaii is tropical so something fruity would be good. So I bought what we needed to each make our own banana pudding. I prefer to do the pudding this way (pudding cups, vanilla wafers,whip cream & banana slices). Then I got Hawaiian Punch and V8 Splash Smoothies Tropical Colada . We got into the 50’s & 60’s candy we got from Cracker Barrel. The boiled peanuts just looked good so I figured they’d add something salty.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 043

Time Machine 50's60's2013 044

Michael, Mom (Nana), and I cut out flowers for leis. Michael wore a straw hat and Mom got to wear the grass skirt. She didn’t know that when she stopped in from work that she would be drafted for a party lol.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 045

I just found a flowery skirt to wear.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 047

Me and Mom.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 048

Boiled Peanuts and banana pudding with whip cream….yummm

Time Machine 50's60's2013 050

Michael and Nana enjoying the dessert.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 051

So we put on 50’s music. I tried Hawaiian radio first but it wasn’t fun enough. Michael is doing the “Monkey” and Mom is doing….ummm I’m not sure what it’s called….swimming? surfing?

Time Machine 50's60's2013 055

I’m doing the “Monkey” and Michael is doing the “dive”.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 059

Don’t you just love crazy hair moments!

Time Machine 50's60's2013 061

Michael was SO hyped up on sugar!

Time Machine 50's60's2013 064

Nana caught sneaking more pudding!

Time Machine 50's60's2013 065

After dancing I pulled out a glass coke bottle. We played “Spin the Bottle” first by blowing kisses or kissing on the cheek. Then Nana changed the rules and whoever the bottle landed on had to answer a question. I threatened Michael if he ever played the real spin the bottle with a girl lol! I like Nana’s version better.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 066

Then we got bored and tried a new bottle game…who can toss the dime in the bottle. Yeah, Michael cheated and it was hard…so we moved on.

Time Machine 50's60's2013 067


Time Machine 50's60's2013 069


Time Machine 50's60's2013 070

If you want to see our time lines and craft inspirations please check out my Pinterest at this link:

Next week please come back to see our last Time Machine study 1975-2000.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Time Machine 1925-1950:

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Crafty Monday: Snowflakes, the Teddy Bear Jazz Ball, & the Homeschool Room Mural January 14, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you are well :). We took a break last week from our Time Machine studies. We did however finally have our Teddy Bear Jazz Ball (for the 1920’s) Friday. We also learned about snowflakes at our homeschool group where my bestie Hannah hosted. I painted a mural in the homeschool closet turned nook. Meanwhile, our family rested and healed from sickness. I am doing so much better…hardly any nose issues. Michael hasn’t coughed and the cat’s foot is great.  The kitty is just miserable being inside. We have to get him fixed. He’s driving me crazy with his whining. Chester is part Siamese and VERY vocal.

Here is a video with proof. This is just a taste of what he does morning and night. Email Subscribers: you’ll have go to my actual blog site to see most links.

Chester, my vocal kitty

So last year I did a post on converting Michael’s (recalled) crib into a school desk, magazine rack, and shelf.

Said post here:

That worked for awhile but Michael outgrew the desk and it became a place for clutter. We still have the magazine rack but the desk and shelf (which was falling down) were thrown out.  So I had to rethink the closet corner. I wanted it to become a nook where Michael could put his headphones on, sit on his beanbag, and do school. Thus came the mural of faith and comfort.

Snowflakes 2013 003

I noticed that there was a crack in the wall that made a cross. So I drew an outline with crayon and painted the wall with kid paint. I used a permanent marker to write the verses. After that, I bought rolling plastic drawers, threw out old craft stuff, workbooks, and papers, and then set everything up leaving the center open. Now I like to stay in that area!

Snowflakes 2013 008

Enjoy the pics 🙂

Snowflakes 2013 004

Snowflakes 2013 005

Snowflakes 2013 006

Snowflakes 2013 007

This week was laid back with just our regular workbooks and Michael played math apps. My buddy Hannah hosted our group and taught the kids about snowflakes. She read a cute story about how we are all different, like snowflakes.

Snowflakes 2013 015

She also told us about Snowflake Bentley, a man (with my birthday Feb 9th) who was the first person to take magnified pictures of snowflakes.

We then looked at pictures of snowflakes up close.

Snowflakes 2013 018

Hannah showed the kids how to make a snowflake mobile.

Snowflakes 2013 022

We finished ours at home.

Snowflakes 2013 024

Then we ate these lovely snowflake cookies Hannah made.

Jazz Ball 2013 004

I decided to make Borax snowflakes and sugar crystal candy.

Jazz Ball 2013 001

The borax snowflake came out good. The sugar crystals haven’t formed yet. I think it takes longer….unless I did it wrong.

Jazz Ball 2013 023

Michael was so excited to get his first mp3 player. I put several Christian kid songs on it.

Jazz Ball 2013 006

Friday we finally had our Teddy Bear Jazz Ball that goes with our Time Machine Study of the 1920’s. We dressed up a bit…sort of. I made a few invitations. My symmetry is off lol. Michael said they looked like mice. Michael got the big one and the rest went to teddy bears and dolls.

Jazz Ball 2013 007

Michael helped me set up the china. We had cookies and lemonade while the dolls and Teddy Bears had chicken, steak, and a mix of things. We had extra food so more “people” were invited.

Jazz Ball 2013 009

Jazz Ball 2013 010

Jazz Ball 2013 011

Jazz Ball 2013 014

Apparently Sheep eat chicken. Tiger is hungrily staring at the other guests. Uh Oh…

Jazz Ball 2013 016

The mood was set with 20’s music (mainly jazz). We conversed with our guests then had dancing.

Jazz Ball 2013 015

Samantha got to stay in the 21st century a bit longer. After the Ball she went back in the time machine and to the early 1900’s.

Jazz Ball 2013 017

Barbie had to use a stepping stool to dance with the army doll.

Jazz Ball 2013 018

Michael and I attempted to learn the Charleston. I got the hang of the first part but Michael was frustrated. So we danced freestyle most of the time.

Jazz Ball 2013 020

Charleston tutorial here:

By the way, all the videos that I talked about in last Monday’s post can be found on my Pinterest here:

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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