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The 1800’s Week 2: South America, Mexico, & James Audubon May 27, 2014

In this post: We continue our study of the 1800’s. Come have a fiesta! Then take a trip to the rainforest! Crafts, food, and fun! 

Hello dear ones, I pray you’ve had a nice day. For part 2 of our study of the 1800’s we were able to learn a little bit about Belize, the country I’m about to go to for mission work. It’s in Central America but it’s very close to South America & Mexico. The most exciting part of the week was turning the homeschool room into a rainforest.  Here’s how we learned:

South America

  •  We read about the South Americans’ freedom from the Spanish in Story of the World book 3.
  • We did lapbooks on South America and the rainforest.
  • We read South American Nursery rhymes in the old book set that belonged to my Dad.
  • We made a hut over the reading pool, using hawaiian grass skirts. I hung up toucan decorations. Our “fiesta” flowers became jungle flowers.
  • I used an ocean table cloth on one side and we added sea creatures and a fishing net. These also came from the Dollar Tree.
  • Our bookshelf became a jungle waterfall.  Michael colored the tree frog and the jaguar. I used tissue paper and brown wrapping paper.
  • I hung door decor of a parrot and a toucan.
  • We read The Great Kapok Tree. It’s a lovely story about the animals in the rainforest.
  • We tried tropical fruit and we had a tropical drink (coconut water with pineapple juice, gingerale, and sherbert).
  • Michael watched Rio.  Michael played online games about the rainforest.  We watched videos about the dance and music of the Garifuna people of Belize. We listened to sounds of the rainforest.
  • We read Hands of the Maya.


  • We read about Mexico’s independence from Spain in Story of the World book 3.
  • We read Mexican nursery rhymes.
  • We bought a cactus :).
  • We made big  “fiesta” flowers out of tissue paper.
  • I made a cactus pinata out of a tp roll. I filled it with tropical Mike n’ Ikes. Michael just had to pull the string.
  • Michael made a Mexican yarn painting. Links are after the picture.
  • We ate tacos and Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.

James Audubon

  • We read Into the Woods about James Audubon. He was a French American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He’s most known for his documenting and painting of American birds
  • Michael put together a Robin lapbook.
  • Michael drew a picture of a robin, from his Draw Through History book.


  • Michael finished reading Farmer Boy.
  • He did a composer study on Claude Debussy and I attempted to play Clair De Lune.  We listened to his music.
  • We watched “Amazing Grace” & read about William Wilberforce’s help to end the slave trade.
  • Michael drew a picture of a steamboat from his drawing book.
  • We read poems by Tennyson and watched the scene from Anne of Green Gables where Anne pretends to be the Lady of Shalott.
  • We also read about the end of Napoleon, and the Zulus and Boers in Africa.
  • Because we just finished with Napoleon, Michael finally played his French Revolution game. It has Napoleon on it. He used a Lego for his game piece and look, it must’ve been guillotined!

Well, I hope you’re inspired. Links after the picture!


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Cast Away Date Night April 28, 2013

Hello friends. Last week, Chris and I tried the Cast Away themed date night from Dating Divas. It was a blast. You can find all their ideas here: Now, on to how ours went.

Cast Away Date Night

The Eats

Chilled coconut water to go in our coconut cups. The ingredients for dessert….


Honey Lime Shrimp with Yellow Rice

Shrimp recipe here:

The shrimp was a bit salty but the rice was too bland so they worked out together. The next time I make this I’ll hold back on the salt. It was still very tasty though.


Garlic Bread Sticks


Peach Ice cream Crumble

This is an original. Well, at least as in I came up with it on my own. I smashed several Chocolate Chunk White Fudge Chips Ahoy cookies and I mixed them into Peach Ice cream. Then I topped it with whipped cream. I gotta say it was DELICIOUS!. This is now one of my favorite desserts. I figured it was tropical enough and quick.  It had the perfect blend of fruit and chocolate.


The Decor

Coconut cups from the Dollar Tree with umbrella straws.


A tacked up blanket tent in the living room. A pallet of blankets on the floor. Chinese Lanterns from the Dollar Tree. Fake palm trees.



I lit several candles and covered stools with a tropical looking plastic table cloth.


We watched “Cast Away” while eating supper. Then we took a break half way to have some island fun.

We didn’t do everything the Dating Diva’s suggested but we had fun with what we did do.

1.  Make a shelter out of Popsicle sticks.



2. Make your own Wilson using tennis balls.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know Tom Hanks befriends a volley ball and names it Wilson after it’s brand. Wilson gives him company on the island. I’d be terrified to have Chris’ Wilson staring at me lol! (on the right)


3. Draw an island portrait of your sweety.

Chris’ drawing of me on the left and mine of him on the right. Gives me the giggles :).


The date nights just keep getting better and better. Thank you Dating Diva’s!

Folks, I’d love it if you left me a comment…especially if you have date night ideas or you try this one. I truly hope this blog inspires you in your every day life and to have a romance filled marriage.

Other moments…

My guys washing the van. Michael’s learning so many new things. It’s hard to believe he’s already seven years old!

Olivia'sparty2013 119

I’ve been decorating our back yard a bit. A butterfly and dragonfly in the trees…

Middle April 2013 003

I’m trying to grow a sunflower house but it’s taking a good while. I also planted a rose bush and strawberries. I have solar lights lining the path and a solar bird bath. It’s magical at night. I really hope all the flowers grow.

Middle April 2013 002

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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