The High King Lives

Spring Crafts & Strawberry Picking May 31, 2015

Hello dear ones, I’m quite behind. I’m still trying to get my groove back after childbirth. It’s taking longer than I thought. So this post is going to be a combination of posts. In the past Michael and I did a craft a day, but lately we’ve barely gotten to one craft a week. So these crafts I’m about to show you are the product of several weeks and everything we did this Spring. We also took a field trip with our homeschool group to go strawberry picking. I’ll share those pics at the end. Here we go:


  • Weather crafts and experiments

What better way to start Spring than with a study on weather. April showers bring May flowers after all. So we dug out our weather lapbook from several years ago. Michael gave it a look over then we did a few experiments.

Cloud in a jar~ Who knew that ice, water, and a match could do so much!


Rain in a jar~ shaving cream, food coloring, and water.


Cloud sun catcher~ Michael glued cotton balls onto tissue paper to make this lovely picture.




Hot air balloon mobile~ This mobile did not turn out how we planned. The cotton ball clouds look great but we had trouble with the hot air balloons. To our defense, we only had a picture to look at…no instructions.


  • Sunflower study

Here comes the flowers . Michael filled out this short Sunflower lapbook and then he watched a tutorial on painting sunflowers. We both painted. Here are the links:




Sun dial~ rocks and a pencil in play dough.


Michael planted seeds inside his tire.

  • Hummingbird study

And with flowers come birds. Michael did a short hummingbird lapbook and then he painted this paint by number hummingbird. It was actually for glass painting and I transferred it to acrylic paper.–Speedy-Lapbook



  • Bird House

This was the easiest craft. I just bought a mini wooden bird house from the craft store and let Michael go crazy painting. I’m so for easy these days ;).


  • Earth and Arbor Day Craft& Outing

So then came Earth Day and Arbor Day. Michael did a couple of crafts and then we took a trip to the park for the Spring Fling.

Earth Day craft~ Michael made a picture of the earth in space. He put his prayer for the earth on it. He prayed that the earth would come to Jesus.

Arbor Day craft~ Michael traced a tree’s shadow.

Park Day with our Homeschool group.

The Spring Fling~ Our pediatrician threw this party at the park.

Leeland “enjoying” a tree…ha!


Leeland’s first feel of sand.


  • Strawberry picking in Reynolds’ Ga

Our homeschool group took a long trip to Reynolds to pick strawberries. The kids filled their baskets with strawberries then enjoyed strawberry ice cream.



Well, I hope you’ve been inspired. I hope to catch up on posts soon. I’m actually doing all the writing in car on day trip to the Flint River Aquarium. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Earth Day 2014~ flower pounding and other fun ideas.


Crafty Monday: Spring Peg Dolls & Weather Crafts April 30, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to Crafty Monday. Last week I talked about my peg doll hobby and my hope to better it so I can sell my creations one day. I was very inspired after that post and spent the next two nights making a Spring box. I wasn’t sure if I was going to try to sell it or not but Michael automatically assumed it was his. So….it’s his now.

We are learning about bugs all in May and I thought it’d be neat to make some buggy dolls :). There’s a butterfly, a bee, a lady bug, and two flower people.

I used felt to make the flowers that I glued to the bottom.

I think this is my best set yet and it looks neater. Maybe I’m improving 🙂

Last Monday I mentioned we were going to do some weather crafts when we had time. Last Thursday we  had a short day of school and had a fun craft day. We used some of the ideas I mentioned last week. Links are on that post.

Rain Stick

I put nails inside a paper towel tube. I don’t think I put it enough because it doesn’t quite sound like rain. Anywho, the nails are supposed to slow the rice or bells etc down and make a rain sound.

Then I glued red construction paper to the tube.

That’s when Michael added rice, beans, and bells.

After, he  put on modge podge and decorated with feathers, tissue paper, glitter, and buttons.

Wind Socks

We simply took toilet paper tubes and painted them.

Then I cut up strips of paper and we glued them on for a handle.

Next, I cut strips of tissue paper and we glued them inside the tube so they’d hang down.

I added pipe cleaners to tie them to Michael’s play ground.

Easy Kite

You simply tie a string to a plastic bag and run with it 🙂

Fun Way to blow up balloons

Fill a bottle 1/3 with vinegar

then put some baking soda in a balloon

put the balloon over the bottle but keep it folded so the baking soda doesn’t come out

hold the balloon up to release the baking soda

watch the gas from the mixture blow up the balloon 🙂

You can tell we had fun!

Oh yeah, Michael got his Yellow belt. I’m so proud 🙂

God bless and remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover