The High King Lives

February 17, 2012

Good reblog for Virtual Friday 🙂 I love taking photos in SecondLife…it really is a beautiful art form. Maybe I’ll check out this Photohunt group….well God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

Gridjumper's Blog

We all take photographs but few of us know how to take the photograph that causes people to stare.   A weekly gathering provides virtual world artists, interested individuals, and  the curious  an opportunity to hone the skills of image/idea capturing.   The event lasts a little over an hour, involves scoping out a virtual location, taking multiple “photographs” focused on a specific theme,  selecting one for a contest submission at the end of the hour.   I have no doubt that it  improves the physical world photography skills of attendees.  Contestants cannot  crop or manipulate photos, the original capture must get the composition, angle, and lighting as the photograph is shot. Of course lighting is easily adjusted within the virtual world viewer instantly making the scene midnight, sunrise, or some other kind of lighting.

Each Monday morning  and Wednesday night (accommodating different time zones) participants in the Photohunt Group on…

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