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Fourth of July Crafts and Our Second Family Olympics 2015 July 17, 2015

Hello dear ones, I hope you are well. Two years ago we had our first Family Olympics. You can find the link here:

This year we spent Independence Day having our second Family Olympics. I also have July 4th crafts to share with you. Here we go :).


We made 4th of July T-shirts.



Michael and Chris tie dyed a red, white, and blue shirt.




I used Leeland’s hand print and craft sticks to make this  U.S. flag onesie.


Michael did a lapbook on the U.S. flag. Link here:–Speedy-Lapbook



Then Michael made me a red, white, and blue necklace out of beads.


We also did a state lapbook. Link here:–Speedy-Lapbook


Then my mom came over for…



Family Olympics


I really love this event and I can’t wait until the next one. We should really have winter Olympics as well. We began by making our personal flags to represent us in the games. IMG_2394

We used index cards to keep score. Here are the events:

    • Archery



My Step Dad Kim










    • Foam Sword fighting

Me and Mom~ This was fun, but a word to the wise…make sure you zip up the trampoline if you use it. When Michael and I were sword fighting he actually fell through the unzipped part of the trampoline screen. Thankfully he didn’t hit his head too hard. It was scary though.




    • Airplane Toss



    • Egg Race


    • Sac Race


Then just for fun:

    • Parachute games



    • Michael’s 4th grade piano recital. He played The Star Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace.




All of us won at least one medal, but Kim won the trophy.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

More ideas:



Mardi Gras 2015 March 1, 2015

In this post: Mardi Gras treats, crafts, parade fun, and a lapbook.


Hello dear ones! We celebrated Mardi Gras as a family for the second time. We’ve come up with our own traditions, like decorating a float for our family parade. Anywho, this is how we did Mardi Gras.

  • We began with a Mardi Gras lapbook and several videos on Mardi Gras’ history. I’ll include a link at the end.




  • Michael made a jester mask.


  • Michael and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame because it has the Festival of Fools in it. It’s not the same holiday but the style is similar. I also like the lessons on sin and grace in the movie. Rio and The Princess and the Frog are also good for this time.


  • We had a small feast for supper. We had ham which is a rare treat. We don’t give up anything during Lent, but it was a nod to the history of Fat Tuesday and how people ate all their meat before fasting during Lent. I found the centerpiece at the Dollar Tree.



  • We made a King cake using cinnamon rolls. We put it in the oven while we had our parade.

Here’s Chris braiding his part.



Into the oven!



  • Michael and I made a parade float out of Leeland’s wagon. We used tissue paper and masks. Then we filled it with beads, moon pies, and coins. Teddy played the king/jester and rode in the float.




  • I turned up the jazz music and we had a parade. Michael and I took turns throwing things. We put on masks and beads.





  • Lastly, we decorated and enjoyed our King cake! Mmmmm….we just used the icing that came with the cinnamon rolls and sprinkled it. I couldn’t find purple sprinkles so I used glaze.




You can find the lapbook, videos, and other ideas here:

Mardi Gras on Pinterest

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Mardi Gras past

Another good Disney film to watch for Mardi Gras is The Princess and the Frog. Here are some ideas to give you that New Orleans’ flavor:


Valentine’s Weekend 2015 Plus 32 Weeks Prego Pics February 22, 2015

In this post: Our Valentine’s get away and The Vow date night, Miriam’s 1st birthday, a Valentine’s hunt, diy scratch offs, and date night bags for kids.


Hello dear ones! Valentine’s weekend started off with a bang. My best friend Hannah’s little girl Miriam, turned one. She had a little party with family and a couple friends. Look at this delicious cake from Publix.


Miriam had her first taste of cake and wasn’t sure if she liked it.


We finished our Valentine’s countdowns. Remember the heart chain and kisses countdown found here:
I also gave Michael and Chris Valentine jokes every other day.

Valentine jokes

I used these Valentine’s printables from the Dating Divas to set up a hunt for Michael. I found goodies at the Dollar Tree and hid them around his room.

Valentine’s Hunt

I found this chalkboard coffee cup at Michael’s Craft Store, for Chris. Michael made this diy scratch off valentine for me with Chris’ help.
DIY Valentines Scratch Offs


My mom and step dad kept Michael on Valentine’s. I sent this date night bag with Michael to open once we were on our date. It included the games “Don’t Eat Pete” and “Valentine’s Monster Bingo”. Links below. I was told they had lots of fun :).
Kid’s Date Night Bag

Don’t Eat Pete game
The printable is included in the date night bag link above.

Valentine’s Monster Bingo

Several weeks before, Chris and I had a date night at home. We did these couple quizes and interviews from the Dating Diva’s. It reminded me of Chris’ likes and dislikes. I used the info to plan our Valentine’s date night.
Couples’ Interviews & Quiz

We reserved a hotel room with a hot tub. I decorated the room with Valentine’s decor from the Dollar Tree. I put the romantic candle holder I had made, on the tub. Remember it from this post:
It went great with “The Vow” theme.



We arrived at the Olive Garden real early for dinner. The line was crazy, and we got on the waiting list. We were told it’d be an hour and a half wait. So we decided to go to the store across the parking lot while we waited. Bad idea. The restaurant pager messed up and kicked us off the waiting list. We found this out an hour later when we went back to Olive Garden. They tried to get us back in the system but couldn’t. We were told the wait would be longer, so we decided to just order online. We were told that would only take 20 minutes. Well, the pick up wait was over an hour. We were starved at this point so we got Mcdonalds to hold us over and went back to the hotel to start our movie.


When Chris went to pick up our food he had to wait in line for over 20 minutes. It was close to 9 pm when we finally ate supper.

We had planned on doing these mad libs and vow printables from The Dating Divas. It didn’t happen though. We both had headaches by the time we got our food. We did however watch The Vow which is a very inspiring movie.
Love Mad Libs

The Vow Date Night
We did try to do the chocolate tasting printables. We were both so sick at this point. This could’ve been a great date night but things just didn’t work out. Next year I don’t think we will make plans on the actual day of Valentine’s. Traffic was horrific and the hotel was filled with ummm…other people’s intimate sounds. I really didn’t want to hear all that. Thankfully the movie blocked the sounds out.

Chocolate Tasting



Well, if I’m going to have a bad night I’d rather have it with my hubby than all by myself. At least I had good company for Valentine’s :). This was supposed to be our last big bash together before Leeland is born. Oh well…

I almost want to try this date again on another night. I really want a do over! I hope you’re inspired anyways and maybe you’ll have better luck with your date if you use these ideas. I would recommend going out the weekend before or after Valentine’s but not of!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Date Night ideas:

Our Date Nights:

PS: Here are some extra pics for you :).

The guys painted my bedroom door with chalk paint. It was a lovely gift.

Here are my 32 weeks prego. pics.


Winnie the Pooh Day: A Random January Holiday January 23, 2015

Hello dear ones! January 18th was Winnie the Pooh Day. It’s one of the two random January holidays that my family chose to celebrate to stave the winter blues. Here’s how we celebrated :).

The Set Up
I decorated cheap posterboard with tissue paper, construction paper, and Winnie the Pooh quotes. Yellow and red were the colors of the day. I got plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree.
I used brown package paper and green balloons for the tree in the “100 Aker Wood”.


The Food
Hunny Bears~ Honey Teddy Grahams
Acorn Cookies~ Nilla wafers, Nuttella, and Hershey’s Kisses
Honeycomb Treats~ Honeycomb cereal, butter, & marshmallows


Hunny buns~ Honey buns
I found the paper hunny pot online. Links at the end.



Watch the 2011 movie

Play bingo while watching the movie. The bingo cards actually didn’t match the movie we had, so we had to improvise. We used coins as pieces.


Winnie the Pooh quiz~ sadly we all failed but I got the highest failing score lol!

Pin the tail on Eeyore



Paint a Honey Pot~ I found the mini flower pots at the Dollar Tree.





Coloring 🙂
I also found this coloring book at the Dollar Tree. This was a very inexpensive party.


The finished products!


My son Michael’s

My husband Chris’


This party was a blast and so simple. The further along I get in my pregnancy the more I love simple!

I hope you enjoyed! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Pinterest links for Winnie the Pooh ideas and printables:


Appreciate a Dragon Day: A Random January Holiday

Hello dear ones! January 16th was Appreciate a Dragon Day. It’s one of the two random January holidays that my family chose to celebrate to stave the winter blues. Here’s how we celebrated :).

Michael as a dragon

Dragon Day Decor

The Food:
Dragon Fire Balls~ cheese puffs
Firedogs~ hot dogs
Dragon Eggs~ speckled jelly beans



Origami Dragon~ Chris made this and was so fed up with it that he didn’t want to teach us lol.

Become a Dragon


I tried different methods I had found on Pinterest to make the scales but to no avail.

The wings are made from clothes hangers and tulle. I found the dragon (ninja) vests at the Dollar Tree.
Michael as a scary dragon.

Chris refused to dress up. So the dog became his guinea pig. Tessa the fierce!

I felt more like the Avatar chic than an ice dragon. Oh well!

Michael colored a dragon mask.


My attempt at Dragon Egg nail art. Yeah, another fail.

Draw a Dragon


Michael’s chubby dragon. We decided that he eats lollipops all day.


My cute dragon. She lives in the mountains and shoots ice.


Chris’ scary dragon. I wouldn’t want to cross paths with this one!


Sheep Toss~ This is a game inspired by a How to Train Your Dragon party. I used cotton balls and construction paper for the sheep. I found the dragons and the red container at the Dollar Tree.


Michael and I tied. Chris won. Yeah, my dragon silhouette banners fell down.

Dino/Dragon Dig ~ I got this kit at the Dollar Tree awhile back. Chris had to help Michael. That dino was well buried! You may be wondering why I have a dino for Dragon Day. Well, we believe in Creation Science and that dragons were the name for dinosaurs before people started using that word. More info in the links.

Famous Dragons Quizzes ~ I put this together myself. I’m unable to share documents but I can give you the pictures if you want to use these. I just ask that you link back to my blog if you want to share ;).


We finished the night with dragon themed shows. There are plenty to choose from. My quizzes should give you several ideas.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Famous Dragons Quiz


Famous Dragons answer sheet

Famous Dragon Quotes Quiz
Dragon Quotes

Famous Dragon Quotes answer sheet

Dragon Quotes Answers

Dragon/dino Pinterest link:

Could dragons be dinosaurs?


Fall Festivals, Pumpkin Carving, & Archery 2014 November 4, 2014

Hello dear ones! How are you? We ended October with several fall festivals and pumpkin carving. I thought I’d share with you :). This year I was a Snowy Owl and Michael was a Ninja Turtle. Chris didn’t dress up.


Snowy Owl costume~ I wore an off white dress with white tights. I sewed white feathers onto the dress. I glued feathers onto a mask and used a black Sharpee for the markings. A white feather boa was my wings. I put my hair up in a white and black bandana.

Snowy Owl makeup~ I dusted my face with white eye shadow. I put tons of white eye shadow on my brow and put yellow in the crease of my eyes. I used black mascara for the markings. My eyes are hooded so it’s really hard to see the makeup. My mask covered most of my face so the makeup didn’t have to be perfect.

A couple Fall Festival pics
Our church

The Museum- Michael with living art for the scavenger hunt

Chris and Michael tag teamed to make a Darth Vader pumpkin carving.

Michael cleaned out the pumpkin guts.

Chris found the pattern online and carved the pumpkin.


The results: one really cool pumpkin!


Lastly, Chris, Michael, & a couple guy friends got together for a day of archery practice. I didn’t go so of course there weren’t many pictures. I’ve got one of Chris to show you.


So how did you spend October? Did you catch any festivals? Did you dress up? As what? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Summer Bucket List 2014~ Ninety-two Summer Activities October 18, 2014

Hello dear ones! This is late but here’s what we did this Summer. I hope you are inspired! We didn’t get to everything but we sure had fun. Pregnancy and other circumstances threw a wrench in some of our plans but we’ve got plenty left for next year :).
IMG_6647 with water wall

2.checkers on trampoline

3.shaving cream art

4.ocean diorama

5.shark study (lapbook, crafts, shows on tv.) cube boats

7.make a socktopus

8. shadow tracing


9. read a book

10. pool noodle games (target station or wickets)

11. milk carton boats

12. family car wash

13. picnic

14. night walk @ park (look for bats)

15. play catch with water balloons

16. bowling

17. sidewalk chalk fun


18. water gun fight

19. get an ice cream (play at Sweet Frog)

20. board games

21. living room race track with tape

22. card games

23. cardboard sledding (@  ______ Park?)


24. feed ducks


25. star gaze

26. visit the library or a bookstore

27. Memory lane- eat a treat while looking at scrapbooks and old videos

28. do a puzzle

29. catch/watch lightening bugs

30. play with an old toy

31. make a pillow fort

32. make a homemade video

33. make sock puppets and put on a show

34. play flash light tag

35. play hide n seek

36. dress up and play pretend


37. potion lab

38. digital hot potato (timer on camera)

39. Play Mother May I?

40. Play Red light, green light

41. play Simon says

42. clean the floor with brush skates (watch Pippi Longstocking)


43. dance party

44.paint a tree rock

46.take chalk to ________ park for rocks

47. take sand toys etc for ________ park


48. make a pet rock

49. make fresh lemonade

50. yard work to earn money for yard sale

51. candle light night

52. silly picture day

53. slumber party (Snick 90’s theme)

54. visit pet store

55. visit Target and get a $1 treat

56. balloon tennis

57. cloud watching

58. play store


59. outdoor movie

60. water slide with tarp

61. glow in the dark bubbles


62. ride bikes

63. make a book

64. make a comic book


65. water pinatas

66. make homemade icecream

67. write a play/movie and act it out

68. shaving cream balloons


69. shaving cream Twister


70. Tell jokes

71.use glow sticks to write on the concrete at night


72. Become a bug (magnify bugs and watch them. Pretend to be one.)

73. pillow fight

74. Play Firefly with flashlights

75. learn about baseball (lapbook, movie, & play game)

76. make watermelon star bites

77. Christmas in July

78. snowball fight

79. shoot balloon ninjas with Nerf guns

80. Bug study (Bee crafts, bug movies, & Bee lapbook)


81.Space study (planet lapbook, movie, crafts (planet necklace, footprint rockets), & constellation cupcakes)

82.Dino study (movie, pterodactyl mobile, & dino cookies)

83. Trip to the past: old cartoons & shows, old games, & try candy popular from the past

84. Take the dogs for a walk

85. Play in the water at the park

86. See a play

87. Go to the museum

88. See a movie at Imax

89. Volunteer & donate

90. Visit the arcade


91. Nature hunt

92. Go window shopping at the mall

Well, that’s it.  I wasn’t able to capture every moment but we had a lovely summer with a great big surprise at the end. Lord willing, next year I’ll be able to show you Summer fun with a newborn/infant. 😉

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Hobbit Marathon Party May 17, 2014

In this Post: A mishmash of Hobbit parties with my own flare. Also an original  homemade board game. Come with us from the Shire to Mirkwood all the way to the Misty Mountains!

Hello dear ones! I am so excited to share our Hobbit marathon party with you! As you may know, the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, just came out on dvd. We are big LOTR and Hobbit fans here. I took two parties and mashed them together. Then I threw in crafts and snacks that I found here and there. Add a homemade and original Hobbit board game and you’ve got Amber’s flare ;).

I do want to thank the two main bloggers that inspired me. The other ideas are on my Pinterest, which is listed after the picture.

Though I did not use them as intended, I did use several of the printables from The Dating Divas. I love how they inspire me continually.

The Given Life has the coolest Hobbit party I’ve seen. I did my own version of two of their activities.

So here’s how I did it.

The Set

  • Bilbo’s hobbit door~ green tissue paper cut into strips and brown package paper. I fit it onto our doorway. The tissue strips are much easier to get into as opposed to a door.
  • Mirkwood spiders~ white crepe & paper spiders.
  • Mirkwood Forest~  I took brown package paper and twisted it into tree branches. I taped green tissue paper leaves. I wound it around our entertainment center and put up cheap Dollar Tree lights (leaves & fireflies).  I found beautiful pictures of the main elves and taped them to the doors.
  • Gollum’s Cave~ trash bags, a fan, and a printable of Gollum.
  • Smaug’s domain~ I put red tissue paper below the entertainment center and I taped a picture of Smaug above. This is where I kept our dragon crafts.
  • A table fit for a Hobbit~ I was going for prissy yet still masculine. Bilbo loves his mother’s dishes :). I found a blue checkered table cloth at the Dollar Tree. I also found the plastic pink dishes there. They look so real and dainty. I did take out my good china mugs for breakfast and then glasses for dinner. I made a simple paper banner that says “The Hobbit” and I attached it to two straws that I put in moss lanterns.
  • Moss Lanterns~ I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it. I put green moss in mason jars and either taped fake candles to the lid or left them on top of the moss.


  • The invites come from The Dating Diva’s. I left them and the fake tickets on the table with breakfast.


  • A Hobbit Breakfast~  Bilbo most likely drinks English hot tea. It just seems proper, with cream and sugar of course. Sausages and scones are delightful! We should eat like Hobbits more often! 🙂
  • Second Breakfast? Lunch? Whatever!~ We had the same delicious turkey meatballs from our Narnia party. We also had slices of cheese.
  • Dinner~ fish and chips (homemade fries).  Cream Soda and Rootbeer for drinks.
  • Dessert~ blueberry or peach cobbler muffins. We definitely ate like dwarves!


  • Hobbit movie marathon~ An Unexpected Journey & The Desolation of Smaug.  Along with breaks in between, this took all day.
  • Shire Craft~ This was supposed to be a Hobbit card but we made it a prop. The directions are on my Pinterest but I used foam and construction paper.
  • Hobbit drawing tutorial
  • Dwarves printable~ this helped us figure out the name of each dwarf.
  • Troll Freeze Tag~ I got the idea from The Given Life. Basically one of us played the sun and the others played the trolls. If the “sun” tagged us then we became stone.
  • Riddles inside Gollum’s Cave~ I pulled up a riddle game on my tablet. Each of us went into the cave. If we solved the riddle then we held out Sting (Bilbo’s sword. I have a replica.) If we lost then we hollered because Gollum was eating us. That’s my morbid twist on this idea from The Given Life.  Ha! We had fun though.  Those riddles were hard! But Chris did defeat Gollum in the end.
  • Dragon Eyes~ You can find directions on Pinterest. I used tin foil, paper, and glass stones. This awesome craft doubled as game pieces later.
  • Dragon Slime~ This was fun but icky. Starch, glue, and glitter.
  • Hobbit Music~  Michael pulled out music from the first music to play on his keyboard.
  • Our homemade Hobbit board game~ I found a printable blank Monopoly board game and used it for my Hobbit game. I drew part of the Hobbit map in the middle. The four corners were places like Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. They each have conqequences if you land on them. I used a plastic jewel for the arkenstone. The dragon’s eyes are game pieces. I printed off trivia questions and fun facts for the cards. I stole dice from another board game.  It was fun and we learned a lot.

I hope you’ve found this post to be inspirational for your own Hobbit party. Links at the bottom!




Pinterest link: (email sub. come to my blog to see it)

You can find all my parties here:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



Chris’ Haircut & Michael’s Birthday Holiday April 18, 2014

Hello dear ones! Today I want to share an important event with you. My husband Chris Dover had his hair cut after three years of growing it out! My hubby is a disabled army veteran and he’s been growing his hair since he retired. Friday April 11th was our son Michael’s birthday. We took the day off of official homeschool and we did whatever he wanted, with reason. Chris’ hair represents a season we’ve been in: college and the civilian world. We have just a year left of Chris’ college and he’s looking into internships. Michael’s birthday was the perfect day to get it (the haircut) done.

So I took lots of pictures (of course) of the whole event. Chris is donating his hair to Locks of Love, an org. that makes wigs for cancer patients. Chris donated in honor of his cousin, a two year old girl. My hubby had 16 inches. It was funny seeing him go to a 90’s hairstyle, to the three stooges, and finally Tony Stark (Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.). I gotta say, I love this new look. Chris picks on me by telling “Jarvis” to do things every now and then. Jarvis is Iron Man’s computer. I become all giggles :P.

We spent the first part of the day playing Putt Putt. Then Chris had his haircut. We stopped by Sweet Frog for yogurt and low and behold we ran into another Birthday child taking a break from school. My best bud Hannah’s little girl Olivia was born the same day as Michael. We ended our outing with a trip to the museum. Michael did learn a bit on his day off. We looked for anything having to do with the 1700’s since we will be studying that time soon. We found some great paintings & puppets of George and Martha Washington. We went home to watch movies and plant our garden. I’ll show garden pics another time.

Our church had an Easter Egg hunt and a BBQ fundraiser for Belize the next day. We were late so Michael got the left over eggs. It was a lovely weekend & the Palm Sunday service was awesome. How about you? Any life changing events lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



Hilarious Birthday Celebrations with Mom February 16, 2014

Hello dear ones! My birthday is just one week after my Mom’s. Her’s is Feb. 2nd and mine the 9th. So we usually celebrate together. This year my guys went out of town and left the house to us gals. We had some hilarious fun! I’ve got games, food, and silliness to share with you!

FoodLarge root beer floats, Ziti, salad, and a cheesecake sampler for the birthday cake.

Decor: Pink balloons everywhere (We actually have a helium tank), twinkling lights, pink streamers, and a bed sheet tent (I also used a pink plastic cloth).

Accessories & knickknacks:  Pink margarita cups (for the floats), lip straws, colorful beads, princess candles, and candles with pink flames.

Games & Activities: H20: Just Add Water movie marathon, Heads Up party game, karaoke, Nail Polish Spin the Bottle, hilarious makeovers, and the Goodwill dash.

Now I get to explain the games :). Heads Up is a great party game and we actually played it a week later for my birthday. It was fun with the guys.  For the Girly Adult Slumber Party/ Birthday Party, Mom and I first went shopping. We each had $10 for the Goodwill dash. I found this idea on a dating site and had to use it. Mom had to buy and put together an outfit for me and I for her. The point was to be as silly as possible. I found Mom a very plain Chinese dress. I jazzed it up with an almost Indian looking orange scarf and a hat with  leopard print ribbon. Mom bought me a sequin dress that looks like something I’d die in lol. She also got a black feather boa.  We joked that I looked like an 80’s tramp and her a fortune cookie. Really she looked like a 60’s musician.

We killed each other did each other’s make up and hair. It was the funniest part. Mom and I didn’t do makeovers much when I was a little girl. My Mom was a hard working single mother and I was a tomboy. So it was funny how my Mom held my forehead down while she was trying to apply my makeup. We both accused each other of torture. I will never trust that woman with mascara again! 😉 Ha!

Nail Polish spin the bottle: This is a simple twist on an old game. You take several different colors of polish. You spin the bottle and whatever it lands on you paint with. The person to get the most toes the same color, wins! Mom won but we both had a mix of colors. We also pulled out our small foot spas before hand. They’re so much cheaper than going to the nail salon. The Epsom salt feels really nice on the feet.

We put our costumes to good use for pictures and karaoke! I wish I could show you the video of Mom and I singing “I Got You Babe” but she won’t let me :(. We also watched H20 episodes and had cheese cake and giant root beer floats.

This was a simple but extremely fun and hilarious birthday. Thanks Mom for sharing it with me!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover