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Disney World Day Four August 18, 2013

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Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is the last day of our Disney adventure !

2Disney2013 179

Our final day we went to Animal Kingdom.

2Disney2013 314

I decided to where my Lion King shirt.

2Disney2013 132

  • The Lion King musical ~ we missed our fast pass time for the show but we still found a seat. Again I didn’t give enough time for the bus wait and ride.  Anywho, the Lion King was a spectacular show.

2Disney2013 140

2Disney2013 142

2Disney2013 148

2Disney2013 150

When I planned our trip I had thought we would skip Animal Kingdom and just do two theme parks. A friend of Chris’ mentioned how great the park was so I changed my mind. I figured it would just be a big zoo.  But Animal Kingdom was a cultural experience.  It was fun walking through the streets.

2Disney2013 153

  • The drummers in the Africa section were fun and people stopped to dance in the street. Michael and I danced a bit while walking. The shops had an authentic feel too. If it wasn’t for the Disney merchandise I’d think we were in another country.

2Disney2013 155

  • Safari ~ The safari was neat. We rode in a jeep through a replic of the African Savannah. It was beautiful and the animals looked so natural. Even the big cats looked free but they were in an enclosure though for safety reasons but I couldn’t tell. I had to ask how they kept the lions from hurting people. The safer animals roamed freely. Once an ostrich caused a road block.

2Disney2013 157


2Disney2013 162


2Disney2013 167


2Disney2013 169

Baby giraffes

2Disney2013 179

2Disney2013 183

The lonely Ox

2Disney2013 185


2Disney2013 187

2Disney2013 189


2Disney2013 193

2Disney2013 194

A sleepy lion

2Disney2013 205

Pumbaa ;P…a warthog

2Disney2013 207

Zebra bottoms

2Disney2013 210

2Disney2013 215

  • We took a walk down one of the trails and got to see many other animals.

2Disney2013 218

Monkeying around as usual…

2Disney2013 219

2Disney2013 223

The naked mole rats

2Disney2013 224

So cute!

2Disney2013 226

There were so many beautiful birds.

2Disney2013 231

I’m not sure what kind they are but they make the neatest nests.

2Disney2013 234

2Disney2013 243

Lots of fish

2Disney2013 233

2Disney2013 238

Quack quack!

2Disney2013 240

Another hippo!

2Disney2013 244

2Disney2013 245

A very lazy gorilla…

2Disney2013 248

2Disney2013 250

In the jungle the mighty jungle…

2Disney2013 253

2Disney2013 254

Michael playing the drums.

2Disney2013 264

The tree of Life~ if you look close you can see all the animals carved into it.

2Disney2013 269

  • Meeting Pooh Bear and Tigger!

2Disney2013 270

This was exciting for me. I think Pooh was surprised that I wanted to get in the picture. I’m just a big kid.

2Disney2013 271

Tigger blew me a kiss. Now Chris has to worry about Mickey and Tigger 😉 lol JK. It’s nice that the characters humor adults as well.

2Disney2013 272

  • Finding Nemo the musical~ So we caught one last show with fast pass and it was plenty to keep us out of the heat.

2Disney2013 273

The costumes and effects were just great. The actors did really well.

2Disney2013 293

2Disney2013 300

I love the big costumes and props they have…like this big bird.

2Disney2013 304

  • Dinosaur Land

2Disney2013 309

We were exhausted so we didn’t do much here except play in the bone yard.

2Disney2013 311

2Disney2013 313

  • We ended our day at the resort. My feet were still sore and we needed a rest. I had pizza delivered to our room and some chocolate cake. We watched t.v., ate, and then I napped a bit. It was so nice to relax.

2Disney2013 315

That evening we finally checked out Pop Century’s arcade (at our resort).

2Disney2013 323

2Disney2013 324

We also explored the different areas and eras of the resort.

2Disney2013 316

There were so many fun statues.

2Disney2013 318

2Disney2013 319

2Disney2013 320

2Disney2013 321

We ended the night by trying out the other two pools on the other side of the resort. Here’s the Hippy Dippy pool in the 60’s section.

2Disney2013 326

2Disney2013 329

And the bowling pool in the 50’s section :).

2Disney2013 331

We had a good night sleep and the next day I drove home. It was supposed to be a 6 1/2 hour trip but turned into 8 hours because I kept getting sleepy and pulling over. The interstate was too monotonous. Next time I have to drive I’m taking the scenic route.  I was so happy to finally get home and see my hubby. The animals were happy to see us too.  It was a nice trip but I always get homesick after a couple of days.

Thanks dears ones for joining us on our Disney adventure :).  Thank you for your prayers and I’m so glad I could share this with you.

God bless & remember the High King lives ! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s links to the beginning of this series.

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Disney World Day Three August 16, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day three of four, of our Disney adventure !

2Disney2013 006

We spent day three at Animation Studios. I decided to go with a Princess and the Frog/ Mardi Gras theme: a purple top, a peacock headband (have to zoom in to see it), green earrings, and a Princess Tiana fake tattoo.

2Disney2013 003

Michael went with a Hawaiian Goofy: Hawaiian shirt and hat. Goofy is his favorite character.

2Disney2013 114

We missed our first show on Fast Pass because I miscalculated bus times. So we decided to meet a character while we waited for the next show.  We were pleased as punch to see Mickey Mouse!

2Disney2013 004

Mickey wanted Michael’s hat. 😛

2Disney2013 005

2Disney2013 010

2Disney2013 008

2Disney2013 009

He gave me a kiss before we left…again, my inner five year old was turning flips.

  • Be prepared for several pics. You already know that I love Beauty and the Beast. We enjoyed the musical.

Gaston thinking about how cool he is.

2Disney2013 012

Be our guest! Be our guest!

2Disney2013 017

Beast’s castle

2Disney2013 023

Let’s kill the beast!

2Disney2013 025

Oh no! Don’t die beast!

2Disney2013 028

Mama, it’s a man!

2Disney2013 030

2Disney2013 031

I’m so glad you’re not furry anymore!

2Disney2013 032

Happily ever after :).

2Disney2013 043

  • Star Tours ~ So I didn’t get pictures of this ride because we were rushing with our fast pass. But we did catch a glimpse of Darth Vader at the Jedi training academy. It was a very brief glimpse. Michael had a blast on Star Tours.

2Disney2013 044

The Muppet show was closed but I did get a nice pic of this muppet fountain.

2Disney2013 046

  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area

2Disney2013 048

Michael riding an ant. This was one of his favorite areas.

2Disney2013 050

2Disney2013 055

2Disney2013 056

2Disney2013 059

2Disney2013 064

  • We took a snack break in the Writer’s Cafe. Here’s Michael with his decaf iced mocha something or other and a Mickey ears brownie.  It was a quiet place to relax.

2Disney2013 065

  • Disney Junior live on stage!

2Disney2013 068

2Disney2013 070

2Disney2013 071

Princess Sophia caused it to snow!

2Disney2013 072

Here’s Doc Mcstuffins.

2Disney2013 074

This time we got bubbles!

2Disney2013 076

Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

2Disney2013 081

2Disney2013 086

Gold doubloons! 

2Disney2013 090

Minnie’s birthday party.

2Disney2013 092

  • Lights, Motors, Action! stunt show

2Disney2013 094

So I had a hard time with this show. At one point they had a stunt with a fake sniper and a lot of fake gunfire. I was ready to shove Michael under a bench and hide. I really got upset. My panic attack kept getting worse and I felt like I was going to hurl so we left the show early. Michael was upset but he agreed that Mommy was more important than cars.

2Disney2013 096

We did however see several cool stunts and even Lightening McQueen. It was just too loud and scary for me.

2Disney2013 099

  • AMC Fork and Dine Theater~ It’s a good thing we left early because if not we would’ve missed our dinner reservations completely. It took awhile for our Downtown Disney bus to get to us and we waited in the wrong bus line for 15 minutes. Buses from the parks don’t go to Downtown Disney. So we had to catch a bus to our resort and then catch another bus from there to Downtown.

So we were already late for our reservation to eat dinner while watching the movie “Planes” in 3D at the Fork and Dine theater. We literally ran from one end of down town to the other. It was painful. Since we were late they almost didn’t know where to seat us but it worked out. I was too tired to pay attention to the movie but I was thankful to have a comfy seat and a good meal. It was such a peaceful meal. The other restaurants looked crowded and chaotic. So we never tried the Rain forest or Dinosaur restaurant but I’m glad we chose the theater. It was comfy :).

I never had the time to take a pic of the AMC but here’s other pics from downtown. This is the Disney Quest interactive adventure and the cirque du le tent. I had vouchers for Disney Quest and didn’t realize it in time. We were so tired afterwards and it was extremely crowded so we didn’t do much of anything but window shop.

2Disney2013 116

2Disney2013 119

This would’ve been neat but look how crowded it was.

2Disney2013 121

The Lego store (which was too crowded and too expensive to enjoy) has Lego statues everywhere.

2Disney2013 123

2Disney2013 128

The World of Disney was a huge Disney store. Yet again it was too crowded and pricey to enjoy. We didn’t buy anything at this outing and chose not to go back to downtown.

2Disney2013 125

2Disney2013 129

The Disney Christmas store. If only we were rich…..even so I’m not sure I could pay so much for an ornament.

2Disney2013 131

I’m sure downtown would be great during a different time of the year and if we had money to burn. There were street musicians and hot air balloon rides. I also think I could’ve enjoyed it if I was by myself. I was so busy keeping Michael safe in the crowd that I was stressed out.  My feet were blistered a bit when we got back to the resort.  I rested a bit before taking Michael to the pool.  We had thought of visiting Magic Kingdom again after the parade but were too pooped to party.

I’d say day three was the hardest day. So heed my advice and give yourself plenty of wait time for buses and time for the bus to get to your destination. Sometimes you need an hour and a half because you have to walk from the theme park to the bust stop…wait for 20 minutes (or more depending on the line) and you may have to catch two buses. Also know where you’re going. We had no clue the AMC was at the far end of where the bus dropped us off.

I’d also say to be aware of the affects in certain shows. Research online before you go.  We had to go to Disney at one of the busiest times but if you can hold out a  couple of weeks later I’m sure there’d be less crowds….say after school has started.

Thankfully this was the only rough day we had at Disney. Tomorrow I’ll post our final day. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Day Two:

Day Four:


Disney World Day Two August 15, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day two of four, of our Disney adventure :).

Disney2013PartOne 210

Day two I decided to dress like Belle with a yellow top, pink pants, a rose necklace, and pink heart earrings. I wore my hair up fancy and sported a fake “Belle” tattoo. Yeah, adults aren’t allowed to dress in full costume at Disney unless you work there. So this is as close as I got.

Disney2013PartOne 144

Disney2013PartOne 146

Disney2013PartOne 149

Disney2013PartOne 151

I wanted to prepare for our lunch at the “Be Our Guest” restaurant. Michael dressed as a pirate and I painted his face.

Disney2013PartOne 153

Disney2013PartOne 154

We took a kid’s devotional to do in the mornings.

Disney2013PartOne 145

We  packed some snacks in the ol’ fanny pack and we were ready to go!

Disney2013PartOne 155

Michael looking cool at our resort.

Disney2013PartOne 156

  • Be Our Guest restaurant

Disney2013PartOne 160

So if you compare yesterdays pics you can tell this place was a lot busier during the day. On the right there is a long line with people holding umbrellas to keep from burning. We are nearly in the gate. We waited over an hour and a half to eat at this restaurant. The wait was painful but worth it. Enjoy the pics of this new area in Fantasyland :).

Disney2013PartOne 158

Finally inside…the suits of armor talk back n’ forth to each other. Some cough and snore. It’s funny.

Disney2013PartOne 162

The decor is very regal.

Disney2013PartOne 163

Disney2013PartOne 164

This is the room where you put your order on the computer and also pay. Then they give you a rose to take to your table. It lets them know where to bring your food.

Disney2013PartOne 166

Michael had Mickey Meatloaf and I had a delicious pork roast with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was so worth the price. I just wish I could’ve boxed what I didn’t finish.

Disney2013PartOne 167

There are three rooms and we ate in the ballroom. It was like stepping into the movie.

Disney2013PartOne 168

You can see the angels painted on the ceiling!

Disney2013PartOne 169

The windows are magical. It looks like it’s dark outside and snowing. Really it’s blazing hot Summer.

Disney2013PartOne 170

The dessert was yummy and honestly we could’ve split it but we each got our own. We had a rich chocolate cupcake with a raspberry on top.

Disney2013PartOne 173

Here I am. I’m glad I took a sweater for inside. Michael and I sat near an older woman and her college aged son. She was touched by the two of us dining together. She said it reminded her of when she took her son at 6 years old to Disney just them two (after her husband died). Now her son is graduating from college and they were there again. I was glad we brought back good memories. I enjoy my little dates with my son.

Disney2013PartOne 174

After we ate, we were allowed to take pictures of the other two rooms. This is the West Wing and again the details are phenomenal. You can see the picture of the Beast as a prince, all ripped up.

Disney2013PartOne 177

Here’s without flash.

Disney2013PartOne 179

Here’s the enchanted rose and the magic mirror.

Disney2013PartOne 182

Disney2013PartOne 184

Everything is shredded and has that cursed look.

Disney2013PartOne 185

This is the Rose Room and I believe it’s reserved for supper time. You need to get a reservation way ahead of time.  The middle of the room is like a giant music box. Belle and the Beast dance in the middle and there’s a little tune that plays.

Disney2013PartOne 186

Disney2013PartOne 187

Pictures of the couple are all over the Rose room.

Disney2013PartOne 188

It’s really lovely.

Disney2013PartOne 189

Disney2013PartOne 191

The stained glass window from the movie. If you’re going to Disney I suggest that you eat at “Be Our Guest”. It’s worth the price and it’s a great experience.

Disney2013PartOne 192

  • Belle’s Cottage/ Enchanted Tales with Belle

Disney2013PartOne 193

We waited 40 minutes to see Belle at her cottage. It sprinkled on us some but I was determined to see Belle at Magic Kingdom.

Disney2013PartOne 194

A picture of Belle and her mother.

Disney2013PartOne 195

A magical mirror opened a passage to the Beast’ castle.

Disney2013PartOne 198

Here we find the talking dresser. Our guide took different props out of the drawers so the kids could play characters from Beauty and the Beast. It’s supposed to be Belle’s anniversary so they’re putting on a play for her. The kids that participated got to have their picture with Belle.

Disney2013PartOne 200

We enter the library and Lumiere the candlestick gives us directions before Belle comes in.

Disney2013PartOne 207

This little girl is playing the beast. I’ve got them dancing on video. You can see a bigger picture of Belle at the beginning of this post.

Disney2013PartOne 212

This little girl is playing Maurice in the dungeon. I wish I would’ve had more time to take pictures of the library. It was beautiful. Sadly we never met the Beast.

Disney2013PartOne 213

  • Alice in Wonderland Hedge

Disney2013PartOne 216

  • Cinderella’s Castle during the day

Disney2013PartOne 218

  • The Hall of Presidents

Disney2013PartOne 220

Disney2013PartOne 221

This was a neat show. Michael actually wanted to see it. I thought it might be boring but it was inspiring and little man really liked it.

Disney2013PartOne 224

  • Captain Jack Sparrow put on a show for aspiring pirates. We watched just a bit and left. The actor did well….though he’s no Johnny Depp.

Disney2013PartOne 228

Disney2013PartOne 232

  • The Swiss Robinson Tree House ~ there wasn’t a line to tour this attraction. It’s one of the older attractions and it helps to know the book first.

Disney2013PartOne 240

  • Tinkerbell and Terrance

I wish I had taken off the fanny pack and sweater before taking these pics….ugg. We waited 30 to 40 minutes to meet Tinkerbell & Terrance. They both stayed in character and I was all giddy. I had to remind my inner five year old that they were just actors.

Disney2013PartOne 243

Tinkerbell trying to convince Michael to be a good pirate like Jake and the Neverland pirates. Michael wanted to side with Captain Hook. I told her I was going to convert him :).

Disney2013PartOne 244

She blew us both a kiss as we left and I really expected to have a bit of pixie dust on my shoulder…maybe fly to the next ride.

Disney2013PartOne 245

  • Animation Studios ~ We rode Pirates of the Caribbean once more and then caught a bus to Animation Studios. The place was all decked out to celebrate the new movie Monster’s University.

Disney2013PartOne 248

Disney2013PartOne 249

  • A Monster’s University Rock Concert

Disney2013PartOne 250

  • Mike and Sully on stage

Disney2013PartOne 252

  • The Little Mermaid show

Disney2013PartOne 260

Disney2013PartOne 265

Ariel and Eric

Disney2013PartOne 270

  • Toy Story friends ~ there was a long line to meet Buzz and Woody so we just didn’t. There were a couple of toy soldiers in the street though.  We didn’t have to wait really at all. So we got this guy’s autograph and some neat pics with him.

Disney2013PartOne 271

Disney2013PartOne 272

Disney2013PartOne 273

  • Free Pirate Food~ So we decided to indulge in popcorn, a cookie, and some soda. It was all free! The cashier asked Michael to give his best piratey “arrrrrrrrr” and so the snacks were complimentary. I love Disney people. They are so stinkin’ nice! Here’s Michael giving me a piratey show.

Disney2013PartOne 274

  • Random pics at Animation Studios

Disney2013PartOne 278

Disney2013PartOne 279

  • And we ended the day with sandwiches in the room and a bubble bath for Michael.

Disney2013PartOne 282

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Join us tomorrow for Day Three.

Day One:

Day Three


Disney World Day One August 14, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day one of four, of our Disney adventure :).

Disney2013PartOne 138

So last Wednesday, little man and I drove from my home town to Orlando Florida, all the way to Disney World. We stayed at Disney’s Pop Century resort. Disney people really are nice. The man at the gate to the resort commented on my shirt. Just everyone was so nice. I was impressed at the welcome we got just driving. The signs are cute.

Pop Century


Parking and check in was easy. We checked in online too so that made things quicker. I was in awe at how big the resort was. Check in reminded me of an airport. There were so many desks. The man who helped us was super sweet and very enthusiastic. We were given magic bands (they are so simple to use) and a welcome kit.  He showed us on a map where to park etc. We pulled around to our parking lot which was very close. Our magic band opened our hotel room. I just touched the band to the lock.

Disney2013PartOne 072

We didn’t go to Magic Kingdom first thing. I was tired from the drive. Michael watched Disney Jr while I got situated and read our packets.  Here are pics of our room:

Disney2013PartOne 055

Disney2013PartOne 056

If you read yesterday’s post you know I bought cheap Disney items to surprise Michael. One of them was this stuffed Pluto which became a quick bedtime buddy for lil man. I laid them out on the bed while he closed his eyes. The helicopter  was a gift from cousins.

Disney2013PartOne 061

After resting a good bit, we tried out the pool. We had a pool view and that was nice.

Disney2013PartOne 062

We were in the 80’s section. Pop Century is split up into different themes from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. We got the computer pool. There’s a big Walkman statue.

Disney2013PartOne 063

You can see a big computer to the right.

Disney2013PartOne 064

See the big floppy disk statue?

Disney2013PartOne 065

I decided on a Snow White clothing theme (Snow White shirt from Walmart, Red earrings, and a red hat). We didn’t wear our Mickey ears because they kept sliding off. The Disney version looked like they’d feel just as annoying.

Disney2013PartOne 068

I also sported a fake Cinderella tattoo. I didn’t have Snow White.

Disney2013PartOne 071

Disney2013PartOne 058

By the time we ate dinner in the cafeteria it was late. We waited a bit to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom. We arrived right as the electrical parade was starting (about 9 pm). It was so dark that I didn’t see the maps. So we basically had no plan the first night. We just wandered around!

Disney2013PartOne 076

Disney2013PartOne 080

Disney2013PartOne 089

We did our best to leave the parade early but the streets were blocked. We hurried to Adventureland  and rode Aladdin’s carpet ride before the crowds came. We also rode Pirate’s of the Caribbean. We virtually had no waiting time which was a huge difference from the next day.

The Wishes fireworks show began at 10 pm and it was super crowded. We missed some of it because we were being herded like cattle  walking through the crowds. As pretty as it was, I never want to experience that again.

Disney2013PartOne 113

The good news is that after the fireworks people began to clear out. I had no clue where to go first. A nice cashier at a concession stand stopped me and asked where we were going (we were going against the crowd). I told him I had no idea. He showed me a quicker way to Tomorrowland so we went there. We went straight to Monster’s Inc laugh floor for the comedy show. It was good to sit down and take a breather after the crowds.

Then we hurried through the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Again, hardly any waiting.

Disney2013PartOne 115

Disney2013PartOne 116

Next, we zipped over to The Mad Hatter’s Teacup ride. We were racing to all the rides we could before closing at 12 am.

Disney2013PartOne 117

Dumbo’s circus ride

Disney2013PartOne 119

I was surprised how easy it was to get around the park when the crowds left. I didn’t need the map. It was like a big wheel. We hurried to Fantasyland and rode Journey of the Little Mermaid. Again I was so thankful we rode our favorite rides that night when the streets were practically empty.

Disney2013PartOne 120

Michael by the Gaston fountain. You can tell how empty the place is. We could not have taken these next pictures during the day. It was way too crowded.

Disney2013PartOne 128

Be Our Guest restaurant and the Beast’s castle in the background. The next day we waited over an hour and a half to eat there.

Disney2013PartOne 129

Here I am in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Disney2013PartOne 131

Through the Castle but not inside. I never saw inside. I think it’s a restaurant.

Disney2013PartOne 134

Disney2013PartOne 135

Michael with Goofy (his favorite character). We bought a Goofy stuffed animal at a gas station on the way home (still cheaper than the Disney store).

Disney2013PartOne 136

Michael, Mickey Mouse, and Walt Disney….right before closing. The first picture in this post was taken by a nice family. We also took a picture for them.

Disney2013PartOne 137

The streets of Disney’s Magic Kingdom…

Disney2013PartOne 139

Michael that night with his buddy Pluto.

Disney2013PartOne 143

Despite the crowds it was a good start to our vacation. We got back to our resort after 1 am. The Disney bus felt completely safe. I’d say the whole resort was safer than my front yard at night. Because we had ridden so many rides, it felt fine to sleep in the next morning. Join us for day two tomorrow. 🙂

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Disney tips ~reserve a seat for the parades…preferably at a restaurant which needs to be done about 6 months ahead of time. Stay after the fireworks and the crowd leaves…especially if Extra Magic Hours are there the next morning.

Disney Prep:

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Amber’s Guide to Disney with Pain and on a Budget August 13, 2013

Dear ones prepare for a week of Disney World posts. I’m starting with logistics. How to prep for Disney when you’re on a budget and also when you have chronic pain. This is how I did it and survived ;).

DisneyCountdown 9 035

  • Disney on a Budget

First, I read a lot of Disney blogs for ideas on how to pack. You can find them all on my Pinterest here:

A big money eater is the food, though the restaurants weren’t as expensive as I thought they’d be. We settled to have one big meal a day from Disney. Every now and then we indulged in an ice cream or cookie at Disney. The rest we brought with us. We ate several PB&J sandwiches. Here’s a list of what we brought:

DisneyCountdown 9 024

  • Bread
  • PB & J
  • packaged tuna salad
  • bags of chips
  • cranberries
  • dried fruit
  • cookies
  • whales crackers
  • peanuts
  • granola bars
  • tea bags (never used these)
  • water
  • drink packets to flavor the water

DisneyCountdown 9 017

I brought Disney themed food and plates to add to the fun.

  • plates
  • utensils (plastic knife to spread PB&J!)
  • cups
  • napkins
  • wet wipes
  • water bottles (including a flat plastic pouch that you can clip to your belt etc)
  • sandwich bags
  • plastic bags (for trash)

We only spent $30 something for Michael and I at “Be Our Guest” and it was so worth it. We had two pizza meals from our Resort (Pop Century). Honestly, an adult pizza stick meal would’ve been plenty for us both but I bought a kids meal before I realized it.  The pizza delivery was huge but we ate on it awhile. The night before the last we ate in Downtown Disney at the AMC Fork and Dine theater. It was also a little over 30 and well worth it because we also watched “Planes” while we had a big dinner. We had a snack at a cafe to get out of the heat. We indulged in a cookie, popcorn, and soda but it was all free because Michael “arrred” like a pirate for the cashier. He was also dressed as a pirate. Disney people are so nice.

Disney2013PartOne 157

We split an ice cream at animal kingdom. But for the most part we had breakfast and lunch in the room. Once we had a light supper (after eating at Be Our Guest). I carried cookies and water with us most of the time. For the most part we were thirsty instead of hungry. So we didn’t snack much except in the room. We refilled our water at the fountains.

Note* You can see in the picture below that Michael has a wrist band (the white one). I made that with contact paper and I wrote all his information on it (my phone number etc). I stapled it together. He never got lost but if he had that would’ve helped.

2Disney2013 262

  • We also saved money by choosing a value resort. We loved the Pop Century resort. It was clean and fit our budget.

Pop Century

The staff were peppy and sweet. The cafeteria was a bit pricey but tasty. Pizza delivery was great. The best part about staying at a Disney Resort was the free transportation. Buses left from the resort every 20 minutes to go to Disney theme parks and downtown Disney. The buses had air conditioning and we always felt safe. A couple times we rode the bus late at night and it felt just as safe. Only people staying at Disney could use these buses. The most I drove was from our building’s parking lot to the main parking lot so we wouldn’t have to walk so far at night.  Our resort also had big statues of Disney characters and three themed pools. There was a Disney store and an arcade as well. The room wasn’t huge but we had a pool view. It was cheap for how many amenities came with the resort. I’d stay there again in a heartbeat.

  • Magic Hours~ We could have used the magic hours because we stayed at a Disney resort but we didn’t. We were too exhausted to get up early and there were no late night MH at that time. But we stayed 4 nights and that gave us time to do what we wanted. I also found that the night before magic hours and after the parades (between 11pm & 12am when the park closes) the crowds cleared and we were able to ride most of the rides we wanted without a line.  Throughout the day at Magic Kingdom it was practically impossible to ride rides without a wait. We saved the day time for meeting characters and watching shows. We had already ridden rides the night before. We did wait in line for Pirates of the Caribbean because Michael wanted to ride it one more time.
  • Fast Pass~ This really helped us with shows at Animation Studios and with the safari and shows at Animal Kingdom. I wish we could’ve used these for meeting characters and eating at “Be Our Guest” but we couldn’t.  When I saw the lines for shows and especially the safari I was so thankful we had a fast pass. We didn’t ride many rides at the other parks but we did have a fast pass for Star Tours at Animation Studios and it had a long standby line too.  Fast pass is free so if you can, use it.
  • Park Hopper~ I am so glad I chose the park hopper option. At first I thought we’d do one park a day since we had so many days. I’m glad we spent just a little extra for the park hopper. We were able to spend the night we got in at Magic Kingdom and then the next day there as well. Then later that night hop to Animation studios and the day after back to animation studios. It really gave us freedom and I didn’t have to worry about the weather or crowds ruining our plans. It was nice to be flexible cause believe me, those four days went quick. There’s a lot to see and do in the theme parks. We didn’t visit the water parks which was extra and mainly because we used our resort pool often.

DisneyCountdown 9 022

Here are some more things I packed:

  • Sunscreen~ we didn’t get burnt at all. Yaaa! One day I forgot to put it on but we stayed indoors as much as possible.
  • Bubble bath & bath toys~ our bath at home doesn’t work right. So Michael got to enjoy a bubble bath.
  • Fanny pack~ this came in handy at the parks. It kept our money, phone, and camera safe. We could also fit snacks, a water bottle, and autograph books. Now it was a bit heavy. So I bought a Mickey change purse for the days we didn’t need to carry much. The last day I had Michael wear the pack to carry our lunch. We could wear this on the rides.
  • goggles and pool noodles
  • Disney Princess tattoos for me
  • a Mickey notebook from the Dollar Tree (much cheaper than the autograph books at Disney)
  • generic sharpees for autographs
  • tissues
  • Mickey band aids that thankfully we never used
  • scissors
  • mole skin (this really helped my aching feet)
  • tweezers that I couldn’t find when I needed them & I wish I had remembered nail clippers.
  • Baby Powder ~ when you don’t have time to shower every hour. Just rub baby powder to soak up the sweat and leave you smelling fresh.
  • Travel sized tooth brushes and paste
  • small bath poofs (I can’t remember what they are called)
  • Monster’s University back pack (I got this for $4 at Family Dollar. This was Michael’s bag for toys and books.)
  • stapler~ to staple Michael’s info wrist band each day.

DisneyCountdown 9 023

  • I have a confession. We never traded pins or wore our lanyards. They were too heavy and we didn’t need them. We used our Magic bands (these are starting to replace key to the world cards) to get on everything. The bands were so easy and they are water proof so we never worried about losing them.

DisneyCountdown 9 027

  • I bought these Disney shirts at Walmart and these cheap hats.

DisneyCountdown 9 029There is a Disney store at the end of every ride and everything is expensive. We shopped twice at the stores and only for things that lasted. Instead of blowing our money at Disney, I bought Disney items from the Dollar Tree and Walmart. I gave Michael some for the ride there and then a few surprised him in the hotel room (like Pluto). Here’s a list of the cheap goodies I bought along and along before our trip:

  • Disney coloring books
  • Disney puzzles
  • glow sticks (much cheaper than the glow toys sold at Disney)
  • Disney stickers
  • Disney story books
  • Mickey, Minnie, and Donald action figures
  • Monster’s University notebook
  • crayons we already had
  • a stuffed Pluto
  • homemade Mickey ears
  • Mickey ear maracas

DisneyCountdown 9 033

  • I packed several pairs of shoes but Michael did not need his rain boots. The rain was never that bad. I also packed hats for dressing up.

DisneyCountdown 9 032

  • I printed out a list of Disney facts to read on the way.

DisneyCountdown 9 025

  • We never used these ponchos. I couldn’t get them small enough to fit into the fanny pack. The rain wasn’t bad and we only got sprinkled on twice. It felt nice after a hot day.

DisneyCountdown 9 031

I brought these from home:

  • Hats to dress up (Hawaiian hat for Goofy, Pirate hat etc)
  • animal masks
  • toys for role playing
  • cards (never used at Disney but played with when we visited my home town)
  • a Buzz Lightyear video game
  • face paint (it was so much cheaper for me to paint his face and we didn’t have to wait in line)
  • etch a sketch (oh the possibilities!)
  • Kid’s devotions (there was a Bible in the hotel room surprisingly)

2Disney2013 010

  • Disney with chronic pain and illness

Some of you may not be interested in this section at all and all the details. So to you I say goodbye and thanks for reading. Now for those of you who are interested I continue…

I have certain health issues that make long trips difficult. Sometimes local outings and plans get messed up. My husband did not accompany us on this trip. Disney isn’t his thing. So I had to do all the driving and planning. It was a big undertaking for me but prayer and planning got me through.

I’ll make this as brief as I can. I have Endometriosis, scoliosis, arthritis, bladder and bowel issues, and I’m recovering from Anemia. I also have problems with going out of it (kind of like fainting and blacking out but more like going to sleep against my will) and it comes with a headache every time. I’ve found that it’s linked to potassium and sodium. My blood pressure drops and that causes me to go out. 

So this trip proposed a few problems. Long drives cause my back to hurt bad. Endometriosis causes my bladder issues and certain times of the month are pure hell. My bowels can put my plans off by hours & it’s dreadful to spend all my time in a strange bathroom. I have very little energy and I wouldn’t want to faint while driving. The arthritis (though painful) I can live with  but it does make it hard to walk long, stand up long, and to lift  my arms much.

So I carried these things:

  • Advil (for headaches and pain. I rarely use pain medicine but I was at Disney).
  • Midol (for my time of the month) & also other feminine products.
  • Imodium ~in case my bowels tried to keep me from going out. I did have a rough morning where the Imodium made it possible for us to leave the hotel.
  • peanuts ~ whenever I started feeling faint I would eat these for the salt. That helped while driving.
  • water bottles ~I drank lots of water.
  • So I couldn’t do much about my bladder but thankfully Disney has bathrooms everywhere.
  • Natural Progesterone Cream~ to help with the Endometriosis.

So I had to deal with pain the whole trip because I didn’t take much medicine. But I made sure to soak my feet and rest a lot.  The drive home was rough and I’m still recovering from it. I had to jump into homeschool the day after we got back. I’ll rest eventually…

I am so thankful for all the prayers. That time of the month decided to happen the day we left for Orlando. Usually I’m in so much pain etc that I’m in bed for the first couple of days. The prayers and the progesterone really helped. This time was the mildest I’ve had in awhile. The Midol helped too. I was so scared that the Endometriosis would ruin our trip but even though it was harder we still had fun. I’m glad we had four days so we could take it slow.  We took advantage of the hotel room and took it slow in the mornings.

  • So if you deal with illness and want to take a trip to Disney don’t be discouraged or scared. I saw people there with all kinds of handicaps and illnesses. Just take it slow and pace yourself. Make sure you bring all the medicines you need. Rest often. You can bring your own food into the park and they will provide for special dietary needs if you let them know ahead of time. Take advantage of fast pass and always keep water for those long waits.

Michael and I both burn easy so on really hot days we stayed inside watching shows and meeting characters.

This is a bit off subject but if you have PTSD or anxiety issues then please take my advice:

  • The parades and fireworks are very crowded. You want to find a spot way before it starts and if crowds really bother you then find a restaurant to eat at to see fireworks. You’ll need to reserve 6 months ahead. The crowds didn’t bother me but it was hard to push through.
  • The Lights and Motors stunt show at Animation Studios is really loud and they have fake gunfire and a fake sniper. I don’t know why but live gunfire causes me to have a panic attack and cry. I’ve never figured out why I am so traumatized by it. Michael was upset that we had to leave the show early but I was a mess.  After that, everything suddenly felt dangerous and crowded. It took me a good hour to calm down completely. So be aware.
  • There are people from all over the world at Disney and it’s super crowded. If you have PTSD from war then certain people groups may cause flashbacks etc. There’s also a market place feel in the theme parks. I know that’s hard for some people. So prepare yourself.

Last word of advice: Parents please hold your kid’s hand or put them in a stroller. I saw many children walking freely behind their parents. It was way too crowded for that. It’s way too easy for kids to be trampled or lost in the crowd. There are certain areas that aren’t so bad but when it’s super crowded it can be dangerous. So please at least in the crowded areas hold onto your kids. Everyone seems nice at Disney but you never know…

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Actual pictures and details of our trip are coming shortly ;). Also thanks again for the prayers. It feels nice to know I actually made this trip despite my hardships. I know God gave me the strength and I’m happy I did it. My family members were concerned about us taking this trip by ourselves and when my monthly started my Granny mentioned maybe we should cancel (until I told her how much we had paid for it!). So it really feels like an accomplishment though I can’t take credit because God helped me through.  At one time I was scared to drive locally because of my fainting issue. Since then Chris has done the big driving…until this trip to Disney. So it’s a bit liberating.


An Early Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown ~Aladdin, The Lion King, & Winnie the Pooh August 3, 2013

In this post: Magic carpets with Aladdin, on safari with the Lion King, and honey with Pooh Bear. Come join us for # 9 on our Disney Countdown!

Hello dear ones, I hope you are well! This week was another slow one for the countdown. The elaborate crafts and sets are behind us. I’ve been busy getting ready for school etc… So while we didn’t get to everything on our list I can still share my ideas with you so maybe you can try them out.

Here’s #8 on the countdown

  • We begin with Aladdin.
  • Here’s a tiger mask Michael glued together for Jasmine’s pet, Rajah.  I got this mask at the Dollar Tree along with the tiger stripes bracelet.

DisneyCountdown 9 003

  • We watched all three of the Aladdin movies. These are some of Michael’s favorite Disney movies.

DisneyCountdown 9 018

  • I saw an idea for a magic carpet snack using Jello but it didn’t look very tasty. Michael hates Jello anyways. So instead I made these Magic Carpet Sugar Cookies.


  • Above: before being baked. Below: after baking. I formed the dough into a carpet shape and painted them with food coloring.  It’s not Martha Stewart but it satisfied my kiddo.

DisneyCountdown 9 001

  • Michael made this paper magic carpet.

DisneyCountdown 9 006

Blew (yes that’s how it’s spelled) tested it out. It flew just fine :).

DisneyCountdown 9 007

We had three days of Aladdin so I wanted to make food each day but only made it to day two.

  • We had “Arabian” food, pita chips and hummus.

DisneyCountdown 9 005

  • We used parrot plates for Iago.

DisneyCountdown 9 004

  • I wanted to make Monkey bread for Abu but it didn’t happen. Here’s the recipe:

  • One day we watched The Lion King.
  • I put safari cut outs on the table, also from the Dollar Tree.

DisneyCountdown 9 010

  • Animal crackers for the “zoo” theme. We had thought about going to the zoo but since we are going to Animal Kingdom I figured we’d stay home and save our money for that.

DisneyCountdown 9 034

  • Michael made an elephant mask and he wore a Zebra striped bracelet.

DisneyCountdown 9 008

  • Michael drew a scene of the Savannah with his Draw Write Now book.

DisneyCountdown 9 011

There’s a giraffe in the foreground and a lion in the background.

DisneyCountdown 9 012

  • The writing assignment was going to be about what he saw at the zoo and this picture from the link below but it didn’t happen.

  • I had also thought of this safari outfit and binoculars found here:

  • Maybe you can use the above ideas. Below is a pic of Mom (Nana) and Michael doing his Mailbox Club Lesson.

DisneyCountdown 9 015

  • I love “Winnie the Pooh”. I do regret that we didn’t get anything done this day. But I will share with you my brilliant idea that we didn’t do ;).

DisneyCountdown 9 021

  • My idea was to have a lemonade themed Pooh Bear party. Michael would have a pretend lemonade stand made from cardboard and he could sell lemonade to his stuffed Pooh bear and Tigger.

Pic of lemonade stand inspiration

  • We were going to have lemon cookies with our lemonade.

  • For lunch we were going to have nuggets with honey sauce since everyone knows Pooh Bear loves honey :).

Here are lunch signs we could’ve made:

  • Our craft was going to be a Bee rock painting. Since bees love honey too.

  • I also thought about looking back at our Bee study from last year:

Well, dear ones. That’s it for the countdown. I’m about sick of it lol. If I get a chance to, I’ll post some of what we did last Summer. It all depends on how busy I am getting ready for school and other things. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s the beginning of the Disney Countdown if you want to look through them all:

Day 1 of Disney World

Here’s my Pinterest for Disney (remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the link)


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Cinderella, Snow White, & Sleeping Beauty July 29, 2013

In this post:  Fun, food, and crafts with the Disney princesses. A very masculine princess week with dragons and eats fit for a charming prince or valiant knight. This is # 8 on our Disney countdown. 


Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. Thank you for the sweet comments. They mean a lot to me. I’ve been trying to visit your blogs as often as I can. I’ve gotten to know some of my readers a bit better and it’s so nice to connect personalities to your smiling faces. I can’t promise that I’ll always get to visit every single blog but I do know you’re there and I appreciate you so much.

  • Well, the Disney princess week for my lil man came and went. It was super simple. Dragons aka dinosaurs go perfect with fairy tales and they happen to be very masculine. Michael is very good at pointing out things that are too girly. I asked him to trust me. After all, there’s always a valiant prince that saves the day. My son would rather be the emperor of evil (from Despicable Me?). But I did my best to convince him that being a prince is very cool.

Here is # 7 on the count down

We were all recovering from some nasty sunburn so the week was rather lazy and laid back. There were things we just didn’t get to (like our writing assignment “If I met a dragon”) but it’s all gravy. The set wasn’t hard at all. I just put up Michael’s wooden castle and my Disney dolls that I got as a kid. It just so happens that I have Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. These three ladies are so similar that they had to have their own week.

Disney Countdown8 001

  • We began with Cinderella and watched 1 and then the 3rd movie the next day.

Disney Countdown8 044

Cinderella is a very girly movie. The prince doesn’t even have a name in the first one and his screen time is limited. The mice have better roles than him.  So we focused on pumpkins. Though we could have easily went with mice and thrown in some role play.

Michael painted a pumpkin carriage.

Disney Countdown8 015

We had big dinners some of the week, pot roast and such. I had thought of having an early Thanksgiving meal proportioned for us….but it didn’t happen. We did however have pumpkin pie.

Disney Countdown8 011

And let me tell you it was out of a box and still good. Thank you Marie Callender. 😉

Disney Countdown8 010

For lunch we had mac n cheese using wagon wheels pasta. This went with the carriage theme nicely.

Disney Countdown8 008

Michael loves mac n cheese and this was made with real cheese not the powder. Now it’s “carriage wheel” pasta :).

Disney Countdown8 009

I told Michael that there are many Cinderella stories in different cultures. I have several Cinderella-esque chic flicks. My favorite is “Ever After“. I got Michael to watch it with me by telling him that it has Leonardo Davinci (a real person) in it and that Cinderella punches her step sister in the face. Okay not perfect parenting I admit. I guess I’d have more grace for the step sister if she were real and not a fairy tale character. But I’ll be honest…I enjoy that scene a lot.

  • Midweek we watched Snow White. I know I say this often but she is one of my favorite princesses. I actually do have princesses that I don’t like.  Snow White gets picked on too much. I think she’s sweet and she’s the only Disney princess that prays (to God, not a star).

Disney Countdown8 023

I had originally planned to make these treasure rocks for Michael to “mine” but it didn’t happen:

We did however have mini apple pies in the spirit of the Evil Queen’s poisoned apple. You can see it above. They were pretty dang delicious. I could have eaten them all if I was that selfish…actually if the Lord hadn’t convicted me of wanting to eat them all!

Disney Countdown8 016

Recipe here

Disney Countdown8 018

I don’t remember when we read this but we were in the fairy tale mood so we read The Snow Queen.

Disney Countdown8 004

Not much happened with Snow White. I don’t remember if I showed you this but I did a neat picture with Snow White and Prince Charming. I simply painted a canvas pink and blue. Then I pasted silhouettes I had printed from online. I  hot glued the wooden craft mirror and modge podged everything. The graininess is just from the shine of the flash.


  • Last, came Sleeping Beauty. She’s not a very popular princess either. I’m not sure why.

Disney Countdown8 043

This was the movie we were waiting for because it has a dragon. So we could do our dinosaur theme! Yaaaa :). A dragon/dino attacked the princesses’ castle. Michael was probably thinking “Finally some fun!”

Disney Countdown8 025

Sleeping Beauty of course is asleep. Hopefully she won’t get eaten. More dragons showed up later via Michael. 🙂 See I told you this wouldn’t be a girly princess week.

Disney Countdown8 031

This was another easy peasy thing to throw together. The Dollar Tree (which should pay me for all the advertising I do for them lol) has so many neat dinosaur toys. We have a cool dino hat, glow in the dark dino skeletons that you put together, and of course the inflatable dinosaur. I also got Michael a dino figurine.

Disney Countdown8 024

I left a note with breakfast that asked Michael if he was going to be a prince or a dragon. He decided to be king of the dragons.

Disney Countdown8 027

Disney Countdown8 028

We read this neat book called “You’ve Got Dragons” which I think must’ve been written by a psychologist. Ha! The “dragons” seemed to represent problems (sins, fears, short comings, trials etc). Michael and I talked about the possibilities. But the point is…everyone has dragons even if you pretend you don’t have them.

Disney Countdown8 026

This was the only easy skeleton. Michael put it together and was thrilled that it glowed. The other fossils were tricky.

Disney Countdown8 030

We’ve yet to put the other fossil set together. There are way too many pieces and the directions are vague. However, Michael did get to play paleontologist.  I hid the dozens of fossil parts in his moon sand box. Then I gave him a brush and some tweezers to excavate the area for fossils.

Disney Countdown8 032

It was so cute. He thought he was the greatest paleontologist ever and he kept saying “This is hard work”.

Disney Countdown8 033

For dessert we had fossil pudding.  I adapted a recipe I saw online. I crushed up oreos and sprinkled some on bottom and on top. I layered vanilla and chocolate pudding and put plastic dinosaurs between the layers.

I didn’t decorate much this week and completely forgot about the dino cut outs I had from the Dollar Tree. So I set them out with our treat and they were nice to look at for a bit. Ha!

Disney Countdown8 034

Disney Countdown8 035

Disney Countdown8 036

Disney Countdown8 037

Disney Countdown8 039

  • And here are some random pictures from our week and weekend.

Remember we got sun burnt? Well, it happened at a man made beach we like to visit. It’s a big lake. Michael and I wore sunscreen but it didn’t help much at all. Still despite a painful week, we did have a good day the Saturday before. The pic is too small but you can click on it to enlarge. You can also see our trip to the Butterfly center nearby. Chris and Michael are holding butterflies. Also we have Michael and I playing in the water but it looks like we’re doing the “Where the Wild Things Are” dance.

Callaway Beach

Here’s a bigger picture but the right side will be cut off on my blog. Yeah, the sun burn didn’t show up until hours later.

Callaway Beach

  • So I had planned on giving short Bible lessons to go with the Disney stories since our regular devotion book for 2nd grade was finished. But it didn’t happen. I wanted Michael to consistently spend time with God anyway, so I found an old kid’s devotional of mine and I made up this devotion basket. I hope to add prayer sticks later (sticks with prayer list names on them).


  • It was neat because I did this devotional book on and off as a kid. I even used it in High School. I found a page marked with the year I “dated” God…my senior year. Actually it was the second time. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about: well, it was something made popular by Acquire the Fire, a teen ministry. Basically you make this vow to God that you’re not going to date people and that you’re going to “date” God meaning spend that time getting to know Jesus. Yeah, it sounds a bit strange and most of my peers were like “whaaaat?”
  • 002 I took the vow the first time to honestly break up with a guy and often compromised my vow. I learned the hard way that any vow made with God should be taken very seriously or there will be some butt whoopin’ discipline. The second time I made this vow I had learned my lesson. I didn’t date my senior year. I focused on growing in the Lord and also on becoming a woman worth marrying if God had that for me. I prayed that God would bring my husband at the end of the year if he wanted me to get married (bold I know but God had also told me that I wasn’t going off to college because of marriage. He surprised me with that my junior year). I was surprised that my hubby was someone I had hung out with all through high school. Everyone was surprised God had brought us together. We seemed so different. Chris was the goofy loner guy that had staring contests and liked to moon people. I was “Bible girl” and I think most people thought me a prude (they never got to know me well enough). I’m very passionate about my Jesus and I think that scared some people. Over the years Chris and I have both rubbed off on each other. We balance each other out.

While I’m sneaking in stuff about me lol, here’s a simple but pretty dress I got from Walmart real cheap. The white shoes look a bit silly but they are comfy and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them at Disney. Now if I had a red wig I could pose as Ariel. I would so coordinate my wardrobe to Disney princesses (modestly) if I could. Maybe I’ll think of something for our trip if I’m not too pooped to party.  Chris’ Yellow Power Ranger behind me….okay okay really he named it Sponge Bob but I think my name fits the Jeep better.


  • I love how creative Michael is without me telling him what to make. He made his bear a robber’s mask out of paper. Then he set up a little bank. Oh my it tickled me pink!

Disney Countdown8 012

Buzz and Woody are prisoners. Oh no!

Disney Countdown8 013

Now Buzz is really in jail!

Disney Countdown8 014

Now this is one reason I do like Summer break. I get to see Michael play more and learn while he’s playing. Learning happens everywhere and though I do believe kids often need direction with learning, I also believe they learn on their own too. It’s been so weird around here with several rainy days, sickness, and just too much lounging around. I feel so lazy though I know our Summer break is very short compared to most. Full blown school will hit us soon enough. I also think we are getting tired of the count down. We just want to go to Disney already! LOL I’m praying that we can get reservations last minute and that a hurricane doesn’t hit. We’ve already moved our vacation up by a few days. Obviously, I don’t want a hurricane to hit for other reasons too.  Worrying that a hurricane will ruin our Disney trip is definitely a first world problem.

  • But on a serious note please pray for the weather and our visit with family (my Granny’s neighborhood has had gang troubles and this is a ritzy part of our small town). I hope we get to go to the Drive in. I love doing that when we go home. It’ll be great to see how my Granny likes married life.  About six months ago she married my step Dad’s father. My parents were married before that so it’s okay. LOL sounds like a backwoods soap opera but they are truly happy and so sweet together. My Granny has been single ever since I was one year old and my Gran-daddy died. It’ll take some getting used to to realize she’s married.
  • Also please pray for my health as I drive. I have scoliosis and arthritis and other frustrating issues that make long trips hard. Usually Chris drives out of town and it’s been that way since I started semi-passing out while driving (always pulled over in time). I’ve been better and have figured out that it’s a potassium and sodium issue. A french fry or banana gets me going again. Note: potatoes actually have more potassium than bananas. Still, I’m nervous to be driving so much myself.

Not sure why I’m asking now. The Disney trip isn’t quite here yet. But maybe you could start praying now. No matter what I hope the storm to the East dies down. Thanks for reading! Love to you all!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Join us next week, Lord willing, for # 9 on the count down: Aladdin, The Lion King, & Winnie the Pooh!

Disney Pinterest (email sub. please come to my blog to see the link)


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Toy Story, Tangled, & Cars July 22, 2013

In this post: Crafts, food, and games with Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars! Welcome to Disney Countdown #7!

Disneycountdown7 097

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. This past week was our first official week of Summer break (no workbooks). Michael had lots of play time with a neighbor, we visited the local splash pad, and I caught up on a Korean drama lol. But besides having more time on our hands than ever, we also enjoyed some of our favorite Disney and Pixar movies. Just come to our house and you’ll see that Toy Story and especially Cars are favorites. We’ve got Cars curtains and bed sheets…even a Cars t.v. So this week on the countdown was easy peasy.

First, check out last week on the countdown(#6):

We began with Toy Story 1 & 3.

Disneycountdown7 098

The themes were easy: Space and the Wild West. I was going to split the days up. One day for Woody and the other for Buzz but they ended up meshing together. I turned the homeschool room into a play area. Basically, Buzz’ spaceship landed in Woody’s western town.

Disneycountdown7 006

So I simply reused our starry plastic cloths from last week for the sky. Then I put a yellow plastic cloth and a green sheet down for the ground. A red cloth covered our craft supplies. I also drew a “saloon” on a white sheet and covered some more of our mess. Who says you have to clean up for a mess?! 😛 You can’t see it in the pics. I drew a desert scene with cactus on white wrapping paper and taped it or tacked it to the wall. I used cardboard to support them.

Disneycountdown7 011

Buzz’ spaceship above, is a sheet looped around a pool noodle formed into a circle. It’s hanging from the closet bar. I used markers to decorate the sheet like his ship. I draped the bottom of this sheet around Michael’s reading pool. So it’s a nifty clubhouse almost. I taped red and yellow tissue paper to the pool for fire. Blast off!

Disneycountdown7 017

Michael’s cowboy hat came from the Dollar Tree and I taped on a yellow paper star for a badge. Seeing a pattern? Yes, the Dollar Tree is great for everything! Thankfully we already had Buzz and Woody dolls.

Disneycountdown7 010

The jail above was simple. Chris used his knife to cut out prison bars in a project board. I took a piece of another cardboard and taped it on top. Then I just wrote “Sheriff Woody’s Jail”. Except I spelled it wrong…oops. LOL well, that’s embarrassing.

Disneycountdown7 015

I printed out a “Wanted” sign and drew Mr. Potato head. I also drew a big Mr. Potato head and used magnets for his body parts. 

Disneycountdown7 012

Disneycountdown7 018

We had pizza one night and I made this nifty Pizza Planet menu. I simply printed the alien on green paper and glued a yellow star and the Pizza Planet logo on it. The cowboy hat cookies are actually the pirate cookies I made for my Pirates of the Caribbean date. Yeah, the ones that looked smooshed.

Disneycountdown7 001

We’ve got this Toy Story game where you “fish” for aliens with the claw while they move up and down.  We played that a lot.

Disneycountdown7 020

We read this neat Western book “Hannah Mae O’ Hannigan’s Wild West Show”.

Disneycountdown7 021

Here’s a peek at Michael in the “Space Ship” reading a book on Saturn. That trip to the library for Beauty and the Beast is still paying off. We got several books and I keep renewing them online.

Disneycountdown7 022

We looked at our Space lapbook from last year’s space study. You can check out the first link in our Space series here:

Disneycountdown7 024

The alien game pieces got to play in Michael’s homemade Moon Sand box.

Disneycountdown7 026

Michael put together a big space puzzle.

Disneycountdown7 035

This turned into more alien playtime. They each had their own planet.

Disneycountdown7 036

We learned about the Pony Express in the book “Ride Like the Wind”.

Disneycountdown7 038

I made star shaped sugar cookies that we decorated yellow for Sheriff badges.

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Disneycountdown7 040

I took the easy way with pre-made dough. I added yellow food coloring to vanilla icing and put it in a ziplock bag. I snipped the end of the bag for the icing to come out. Nana came over and had some too.

Disneycountdown7 041

I took our “Gandalf” stick and put a paper bag on it. I added paper ears and yarn hair to make a stick horse.

Disneycountdown7 042

Here’s Michael “lassoing” the horse. Note: yarn makes for bad rope.

Disneycountdown7 045

I had a hard time getting a decent picture. Below is a flashlight with black paper taped on it. I punched holes in it to look like stars.

Disneycountdown7 047

Memory Verses for the week as we talked about friendship and not being jealous. Remember, Woody was jealous of Buzz. This was traced. Michael isn’t that good at cursive yet.

Disneycountdown7 107

The writing assignment was “If I Was a Cowboy”.  I simply printed Woody on our writing paper.

Disneycountdown7 106

Next came Tangled (Rapunzel). I’ll admit this was more for me. Michael and I came to a compromise since we will both be enjoying Disney.

Disneycountdown7 100

Despite the movie being “girly”, Michael enjoyed most of it. I tried to find crafts that were “boyish”. Michael is in that stage where everything is split as being boyish or girly. It’s annoying but oh well. So the table was set for me I guess. The Duck Coasters represent the Fuzzy Duckling Pub from the movie. I used contact paper and construction paper to make them.

Disneycountdown7 058

We colored and cut out yellow suns. I made a banner out of purple triangles with suns glued on them. I strung it up between chairs. I put a Dollar Tree lantern behind the tower. I found the tower on Disney’s family site. You can find it on my Pinterest. I’ll put the link at the end. I didn’t have yellow yarn so I used yellow tissue paper for the hair.

Disneycountdown7 056

Flynn’s Wanted Poster~ Michael had to draw his nose. That’s a running joke in the movie.

Disneycountdown7 105

Chameleon party blowers for Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet. The head is foam. I didn’t have party blowers. So I glued the head on a straw and used tissue paper for the tongue.

Disneycountdown7 071

Pipe cleaner Pascal. This was hard to make. Michael’s version looks way better than mine did.

Disneycountdown7 067

The food was yummy and different. Rapunzel’s favorite dish is Hazelnut Soup. Well, I didn’t buy hazelnuts….rather I had hazelnut creamer. I had originally planned on adding the creamer to mushroom soup for the flavor but someone (cough* Chris) took the soup for lunch. So I had to use cream of chicken. I added potatoes to it for texture. I wouldn’t eat the soup every day but it wasn’t bad.

Disneycountdown7 064

I braided crescent rolls like Rapunzel’s hair. I forgot to buy bread sticks but it worked.

Disneycountdown7 063

I made Honey Yogurt Blackberry Tarts for dessert.  I took pre-made pie crust and put it in a silicone heart mold.

Disneycountdown7 060

This is the crust after I baked it.

Disneycountdown7 061

I mixed vanilla yogurt, honey, and blackberries together for the filling. It was tasty after it chilled a bit.

Disneycountdown7 062

Tangled inspired Michael because for the first time ever he wanted to do my hair. So then I got tangled! Be very scared. I’m brave to show you this…no makeup too.

Disneycountdown7 072

This is why little boys shouldn’t do hair…

Disneycountdown7 079

Disneycountdown7 075

I put the original Rapunzel story on Kindle and read it to Michael that night. It’s quite a bit different from Tangled…and boring if you ask me.

Michael’s buddy came over earlier that day and they played with water balloons. I finally figured out how to show pics without revealing identity…a black bar…duh Amber.


I almost forgot. Michael and I played “Mother Gothel May I?” and “Mother Gothel Says”. Mother Gothel is the witch that raises Rapunzel. You should be able to guess what games these are. We just changed the name a bit.

The last two days were full of Cars. We watched Cars 1 and 2. Michael was allowed to play his Cars 2 video game a lot. I raced him a couple times too.

Disneycountdown7 096

It’s awesome the things you can make out of cardboard. I made this car out of  a box and. Then Michael painted it.

Disneycountdown7 082

He wrote “Dinoco” on it. A Cars reference.

Disneycountdown7 103

I made a stoplight and a stop sign out of toilet paper tubes and boxes.

Disneycountdown7 110

Here’s a pool noodle marble racer. I simply split the noodle in half and glued it together. Then I used tooth pics and string to set up the starting line.

Disneycountdown7 085

Disneycountdown7 084

A parking garage from toilet paper tubes and a cereal box.

Disneycountdown7 086

Michael went to the “Drive in” to see Cars 2. Here’s Michael and the kitty in his cardboard car.

Disneycountdown7 088

Disneycountdown7 089

The car wasn’t big enough for him to use as a car. He put his pillow in it and it was more like a cushiony seat. The car hop (mua) delivered popcorn and a drink. I had left over popcorn boxes from our circus theme during our Time Machine Unit:

Disneycountdown7 101

I ordered Disney pins that we can trade at Disney World. Are they real or imitation? I have no clue. But I figured Michael wouldn’t care either way. It’s nice to have a bunch of pins for our lanyards even if no one wants to trade.

Disneycountdown7 102

I decided to give Michael certificates for this past school year. Second Grade was a lot of work.  So he got a certificate for passing second grade.

Disneycountdown7 108

And he got the honor roll for keeping an “A” average. Homeschool is different from public school. We don’t make a big deal about grades. So it wasn’t a big deal to him but I’m proud that he did so well in math and reading. He got perfect on almost every spelling test. I don’t want to give him a big head but that’s great work.

Disneycountdown7 109

I need to start doing this each year so I can put it in his yearbooks (which I’m going to work on soon).

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Tune in next time  (Lord willing) for a “boyish” Princess week (Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty).

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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Tarzan, Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck July 16, 2013

In this post: Fun, food, and crafts with a Disney-fied camp “in”. Puppet snakes & a flashlight safari. Bug goodies and more! Here’s #6 on our Disney countdown!


Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a great week. Sorry this is late! Last week we combined our Disney movies with a camping theme. We called it “Camp Dover”. Tarzan, The Jungle Book, And Tom & Huck went well with our outdoorsy theme. We had lots of fun. Come, I’ll show you!

Take the link below to countdown #5:

It’s been incredibly rainy this season. I had planned to have our camp indoors anyways so I set it up in the living room. I hung a blue plastic cloth on the wall and decorated it with paper stars, bug cut outs, glow in the dark jungle animals, Michael’s moon night light (that only comes on when it’s dark), and a sign that said “Camp Dover”.


I hung a tent rain top from the ceiling and put a cloth with stars on it as well. I covered the sofa with a green blanket (that kept falling off as you can see) and I taped a pretend fire on top. The fire is made from toilet paper rolls and tissue paper.


I got this sleeping bag poem craft from here:


Michael camped out in the living room for three nights. We got the jungle themed lanterns from the Dollar Tree.



The first day we watched Tarzan.


We had “camp food” like hamburgers and BBQ sandwiches.


I read this book about a Sunflower and then…


We went to look at ours, which was pretty pitiful.


This flower turned out nice though.


That night we sang campfire songs. Michael’s posing. Chris and I actually played the guitar. We had so much fun singing the songs in different ways. Michael loved singing things the “Country” way (meaning with an exaggerated Southern accent…worse than our natural one).

I found lyrics and chords here:

I was thrilled that I could actually play some of these easily.


Our dessert was S’mores of course ;). Can’t camp with out them.


Michael agrees :).


I tried to take pictures in the dark. Here you can see the fake moon.


Michael with a flashlight. You can’t really tell the stars are glowing (I painted them with glow paint). I also strung up some leaf lights.


Since we watched Tarzan, we played Flashlight Jungle Safari that afternoon.


I turned out the lights and hid several stuffed animals in different rooms.





Michael had to find them with his flashlight. We took turns hiding them. This pic is too funny because he kept going past the monkey when it’s out in the open. You can’t tell because of the flash but it was a bit dark in there.


That night we went outside to play hiding seek with flash lights. I didn’t get any pictures because I was so busy hiding. It was a lot of fun. We finished the evening watching two more Disney flicks “Mulan” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2”. If I had the time I suppose I could’ve whipped up a Chinese themed day for Mulan but that would’ve been too much.

The next day we watched The Jungle Book.


Michael made these snake finger puppets found here:


That night we told stories with shadow puppets.


Michael added dramatic music to his show. 😛


Just had to throw in this cute pic of Chester snoozin’ in Michael’s reading pool. This was the last week of “Summer” school (light book work). Michael read “Pelts and Promises” for his devotion time.


Proof that a seven year old can do his own laundry ;). I have him sort them into piles first. His drawers are labeled pants, shirts, and pajamas. Underclothes go with the pajamas. He can wash and dry too. Now if he can master cooking and a budget then he can move out next year ;P he he just kidding of course! You take me too seriously!


That night Michael listened to “Camp What-a-nut” on Adventure’s in Odyssey (a very kewl radio show). You can get it here:

We ended with Tom & Huck and bugs. I had some messy fun planned for Tom & Huck but we didn’t get to it. Michael did make a raft out of Popsicle sticks but never got to sail it and I didn’t take a picture…sorry.

Since we were talking about bugs, I thought “Thumbelina” to be an appropriate book to read. She’s as small as one.


That got us into the proper thinking for Michael’s writing assignment “If I was a Bug…”

If you look close it says that Michael would bite and tickle his Dad if he was a bug. 🙂


So this was a simple themed food. I made box cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put plastic bugs on top.


I actually don’t like food that looks like creatures. I would never survive a Halloween party without hurling. I had a hard time eating my cupcake that had a plastic fly on it. I’m a very visual eater. As a kid, the cafeteria spaghetti always reminded me of worms. So I never ate it. But boys are usually into this gross stuff. Michael loved the bugs.


I forgot to show this to you last time. I got this tooth brushing calendar from Crest and Oral B. I magnetized it and put it on the fridge.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 012

I found this snack and drink cup at Family Dollar. Seriously, Disney is everywhere. It’s kind of creepy…in a happy way.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 010

Michael and I went to see “Epic” as a Summer reading reward a couple weeks ago. We took these sweet pictures in the photo booth. I hope we’re always like PB & J….in a healthy way of course :).


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars!

Disney Countdown # 7


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Robin Hood, Mickey Mouse, & Brave July 8, 2013

In this post: Olympics with Robin Hood & Brave. Also a sweet Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ice cream party! Crafts, food, and fun coming your way! This is #5 on our Disney countdown. 

Disney Countdown 5

Hello dear ones! Welcome to week #5 on our countdown. You can read #4 here:

What a rainy week it’s been especially for an Olympic themed week.  If you read my Sunday post then you know we had Family Olympics. I’ve been tying in fun Summer themes with Disney. Olympics went well with Disney’s Brave & Robin Hood. Both feature archery and that happened to be in our competition. We also had a fabulous ice cream party.

We began the week with Robin Hood. Here’s Michael playing with the arrows Chris made. He looks the part with his green hat.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 015

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 014

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 017

Tuesday Chris was home part of the day. He helped Michael make these hamburger and hot dog portraits.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 019

Here’s Chris’ hamburger picture lol :).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 018

I was up the night before prepping for our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ice cream Party.

  • The Set Up

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece~ 3 styrofoam balls painted black, a styrofoam cone, sparkly pipe cleaners, and paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 001

  • Another Mickey Mouse Centerpiece ~ styrofoam balls painted black, a red cup, and a yellow ribbon.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 002

  • Mickey and Minnie Silhouettes~ I painted cheap wooden frames red and then I modge-podged paper silhouettes onto them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 006

  • Disney World Silhouette~ I did the same as above but I added Disney stickers and I glued a ribbon on top.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 009

I found a paper Mickey clubhouse on the Disney family site. It came with Disney characters. Michael helped me with it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 029

  • The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ This was actually very simple. I bought cheap colorful plastic cloths from the Dollar Tree and I hung them from the ceiling to make the back drop. I made a paper Mickey symbol and wrote “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on paper. I taped them both to the cloths. The hanging ice cream cone is actually a pool toy found at the Dollar Tree.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 027

Music ~ I found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse station on Pandora. I use Pandora for so many of our parties.

The Eats

Ice cream of course! 😉 We didn’t get a chance to make it homemade but we had Neapolitan ice cream. Our topping selection included

  • marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate syrup
  • whip cream
  • gummy bears
  • The guys added coke to make floats, though it was in their bowl ;P

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 034

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 035

I love it when Chris smiles…sigh.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 037

Michael is dressed as Goofy.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 038

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 040

Crafts & Play

  • Ice cream Picture~ Michael made this with paper. Later we glued sprinkles to it.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 031

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 046

  • I read the book Mickey Meets the Giant. We also watched several Mickey cartoons and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I’m supposed to be Minnie.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 043

  • Homemade Play-dough Ice Cream

You can find the recipe on my Disney Pinterest that I’ll put at the end.

First, we made this play-dough out of flour etc… We added food coloring for flavors and peppermint extract to one of them. We also added glitter but you can’t tell.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 048

Michael scooped the “ice cream” into a paper cone.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 051

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 052

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

I love these and the materials were only a few dollars. We bought black head bands at the Dollar Tree (catching the trend lol) and black stiff felt at the craft store. I cut the ears out and glued them on to the head band. The pattern is on my Pinterest link.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 049

Minnie has a bandanna bow sewed on. Think how much we will save at Disney with our OWN Disney ears :).

  • Mickey Mouse Club certificate~ also on my Pinterest. I showed Michael what the clubhouse looked like back in the 60’s and in the 90’s….when the mouse-keteers were kids.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 054

  • Disney Character word search, Mickey’s fill in the blank tale, and a cutie catcher (with Disney quotes instead of fortunes).

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 057

The next day we watched Brave. The Summer writing assignment  for this week was “Being brave means…”

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 055

I just printed the mom (bear) from Brave onto lined paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 058

Our week ended with the Family Olympics. You can see more pictures from it here:

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 082

We made our torch out of toilet paper rolls, a paper plate, and tissue paper.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 061

Each family member had a flag to represent them.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 083

Michael got to compete in archery like Merida and Robin.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 112

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Tarzan, The Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck.

Disney Countdown #6