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Winter Wonderlands in Second Life 2014 December 18, 2014

Hello dear ones! I managed to do a lil bit of virtual exploring the other day. I have two lovely places to show you. Enjoy the pics!

Frisland~ I love the vintage charm here.







Winter Boomland ~Sleigh rides, several photo ops, and even a ride in a mug of hot cocoa!






Now back home…Merry Christmas everyone! God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover



Fall Wrap Up in Second Life November 30, 2014

Hello dear ones! Another post long overdue. I took these pictures in SecondLife for Autumn. There’s The Bayou and The Garden of Dreams. Both are gorgeous. Enjoy! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

The Bayou

I love the rain.




Lovely Fall Colors



The Garden of Dreams


Playing Piano



The Tree in The Garden of Dreams




There are these great bubbles that take you to dream locations. Here is a cozy library.





Christmas Fun in Second Life December 21, 2013

In this post: I show my favorite holiday sims in the virtual world of Second Life.

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I know my December posts have been scattered. We will get back to normal in January, Lord willing. Meanwhile, I am still chugging along. I’ve had time to check out some neat holiday sims. I’ll start with the top:

  • A Christmas Carol simVisit Brigadoon Bay (70, 192, 21) This place is neat because you can listen to a radio drama of A Christmas Carol while exploring places from the book. You can actually go to Scrooge’s house.  The door knocker is interactive too and the Christmas ghosts!
  • North Pole Sleigh Ride AdventureVisit Streeter (20, 5, 23) Top right pic of inside the chapel and middle pic on right of the sleigh ride. The title says it all. You hop in a sleigh and explore the Christmas village with all it’s neat scenery. I really liked the chapel.
  • Christmas Town simVisit Elizabeth Town (99, 45, 70) This was my favorite place because of the big ice castle. You ice skate through and travel back in time to different Christmas movies (It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon’s Christmas). There are pics second row from the bottom too. There are a couple family friendly stores and I got a pic of a Christmas table. Not all the stores are safe though so take note. Another fun thing is the interactive Christmas parade. You get a free band uniform with instruments. I’m marching with my trumpet.
  • More links below the pic…


  • London City ChristmasVisit London City (102, 113, 23) I can’t say London city is family friendly because I haven’t been there enough. I had a brief visit because of the amount of traffic and lag. The picture of the snowman and me holding hot chocolate is from there.  It is a pretty place to stroll around. Maybe I will check it out again on a quieter day.
  • Yuki No Yume (A dream of snow)Visit Sand Bar Island (117, 155, 27) The beautiful snowy pic on the bottom right. This is a Japanese winter wonderland that’s perfect for photography.
  • Winter ScenesVisit Dizza (204, 222, 22) The bottom left pic of me making a snowman. Winter Scenes is a quiet and lovely place to explore. I took more pictures but you can probably tell that I’ve been saving on space.  Anywho, there is a cozy cabin where you can read by the fire and stargaze through a telescope.

Lastly, I encourage you to check out the virtual ballet “The Nut”. It’s based on The Nutcracker and is a joy to see, granted you’ve got a good graphics card. It’s playing live on Wednesdays and Sundays. There’s more info at the link below. Also I’ll include a link to my blog coverage from last year.

Last year’s Virtual winter post:

Well, that’s it for now. I have a bunch of posts to get to you and I’m sure I will before the new year.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: If you can’t see the play in Second Life then go to Youtube and search “The Nut Ballet Pixelle”.


Virtual Friday: Childish Places October 25, 2013

Hello dear ones! Today we are exploring the sims Electrobit City and Childhood in Second Life.  These virtual gems will have you feeling super nostalgic! 🙂

First, we begin with Electrobit City.

Visit Electrobit City (117, 102, 195)

I really like this sim. It’s like being able to jump into your Nintendo from the 80’s.  You can actually visit different Mario-esque worlds and play the game…well sort of. You can jump on blocks and trees etc but so far there aren’t any bad guys to smush. You can collect coins though and if you fall in the wrong spot you are considered dead. You’re then sent to a dungeon. No fear. You can teleport back up to the home base.


Most of this sim is under construction. I can’t wait to see Electrobit city when it’s finished. The creator can really do so much with a sim like this.  It’s neat to be able to explore the inside of 80’s games and have very little limitations.  Now if only there were objects and people inside those Mario castles. That would be awesome!


And we end with “Childhood”. This artsy sim was created by the Mysterious Wave team. This sim is more of an exhibit. So I don’t know how long it will be up. Take a gander when you get a chance ;).

Visit Childhood here:

Visit The Dark Swamp (52, 105, 27)


You can find large statues all around here that represent childhood memories. Look how huge the avatar statue is compared to me. The artist who made these did a very good job.


My favorite part was the carousel.


Childhood Carousel

Bubbles…bubbles…. everywhere!


Well dear ones, it’s time to go. I hope you get a chance to explore these whimsical sims. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Virtual Friday: My Place September 19, 2013

Hello dear ones! Today you get to look inside my virtual home. It’s not fun being homeless in Second Life.  I must have a place to change in privacy and to gather my thoughts while exploring. It is so embarrassing to teleport to a strange sim and accidentally end up in the middle of craziness. If you don’t have a home to teleport to then you’re just stuck until you figure out where to go.

I’ve lived in many homes during my 5 (almost 6) years of being a virtual citizen :). I’ve lived in tiny apartments all the way to large plots of land where I had my own “amusement park” of sorts with hot air balloons and rideable dinosaurs. I try to make each place unique. I think the most fun I had was when I lived on a farm and planted corn and raised chickens. Well, I’ve got a new home again and I’d like to show you around.


Anywho, let me take you on the tour. My virtual home isn’t that different in taste as my real life home. I can afford nicer things in Second Life that’s all. Though I’m a child avatar my decor is somewhat more grown up than it is at my real home. I’ll always be a big kid. I’m pretty proud that I have “Sting”  (a replica of the dagger from Lord of the Rings) in RL. And I have dolls galore…that’s my real life home. So there’s not a major disconnect. Who I am flows pretty well from rl to Sl :).

front of house

I seem to like blue houses, The outside is similar to my last two houses but it’s much bigger inside. I’m allowed to have lots of prims so I was able to decorate more than usual. Here’s everything all empty.


The Living Room~ I hope you click and make these bigger. I love this fireplace and how it has an ocean theme. I would so put candles in my fireplace if I had one in rl. I also like the candles in the glass jars and the black bird wall clings. If you see the picture bigger you can look at all my little pictures of my SL experiences over the years.  The small pink piano really plays :).


A pink couch and a coffee table go together nicely as well as the candle in the jar. Those candles are fun to put everywhere. I had to put up my own blinds. I really value my privacy in the virtual world.


Near the front door I have a tree decal with more pictures of my SL life.  You can even see Chris’ avatar when he came on SL a couple of times.  My mom and my best bud Julie even visited me in Second Life. It was a great way to visit with my mom when she was in Texas. We “virtually” hung out :).


If you go straight you will enter the kitchen. I really enjoy this room and my mini furniture.

kitchen set

I just have to show you this kitchen set up close. I bought the pictures separate as a pack. The sayings are too cute.

kitchen set

You’ll see that i have a theme with the sparkly lights. This breakfast table takes up lots of prims but it’s worth it. The window view is spectacular as well.



Now from the other angle…I’m really into these wall clings. I’ve got a cat in a tree to the right and in the back I have Audrey Hepburn with a quote. She’s one of my favorite actresses.  You can get a small glimpse of my reading nook near the back door.


My reading nook

So near the back door I have an adorable little space that’s perfect for chilling out. Oh how I’d love to have this nook in real life.  But in a way it does feel real. That’s the thing, in Second Life I’m putting real time and money into the virtual world. I’m really experiencing the world although it’s a virtual space. I bump into real personalities that are hiding behind avatars. So it’s very real in one sense. I have real memories of places. For instance, that picture is one of my favorite pictures and though it’s just an image in Second Life it’s still mine and in my own personal spot of the virtual world. It’s in my “house” right now as I type and though I’m not “home” others could go to my virtual house and see that picture at anytime.  So it’s existing without me even there. That’s pretty far out, huh?


I’ve got a cup of coffee on the table and several books. Some of my virtual books open up to real books that I can read online.  I have my “hippy” guitar which represents me pretty well…though I’m not a hippy…more like a free spirit.

Come back to the living room and instead of going straight you’ll take a right down the hall. On the left is my dressing room. It has no windows so it’s perfect. I brought out the glitz and glam factor with more twinkling lights.


Mirrors don’t actually work in Second Life but they are still pretty. A pose stand always comes in handy. You can get them at most stores for free with your clothing or hair purchase.


The vanity is a bit big I admit.


The room across the hall on the right is for ballet.  I was actually a ballerina for a short time in high school. But those days are behind me, in real life that is. I have a pink tutu and pink ballet slippers on the wall. The ballet bar comes with different moves and it’s fun to play with.


All the way down the hall to the end and on the right, you’ll see the playroom. Okay…so I don’t have my own playroom in real life.  I don’t play with my Barbie dolls anymore. I guess Sims and Second Life are my virtual doll houses. So I guess in a sense, I kept my childhood vow that I would never quit playing dolls lol. Oh don’t look at me that way. If you’re a fellow writer then you are doing the same exact thing in your head…playing dolls ;). The plots just thicken as adults.


I love this picture in the play room. My faith is apparent even in SL. I choose to be true to who I am the best I can whether in sl or rl.


At the end of the hall across from the playroom is my bedroom. It’s such a peaceful and lovely place. In real life I wouldn’t be showing you much of my bedroom because it’s always a mess (husband+ bedroom= never ending mess).  Well, it may surprise you but in this home I never have a mess ;). I’ve got my SL Bible on the table. It really works.  The butterfly decal on the wall reflects my inner child very well. Oh, the bed has poseballs for jumping, sleeping, and reading.


Here’s where I have my writing desk. I also have big pictures on the wall of some of my favorite SL pictures as a kid avatar. If you’ve kept up with my blog then you may remember those experiences. The desk has several poses for writing, reading, and even sleeping.


I almost forgot to show you the park next to my house. You may have a heart attack from too much cuteness. Yes, I have a giant bunny next to my home. At least he’s friendly.  Again, that’s the nice thing about being a child avatar and living in a family community…it’s so much safer. You don’t have to worry about vampires and zombies trying to kill you or other weird SL citizens.  Yeah, I’m not into all that.


Anywho, that’s the tour. Last year, I visited some neat places  during the Fall. I’m not sure if they are still there because of course sims shut down and start up all the time. Very few sims are steady. But you can check them out if you like. Here’s my post from last Autumn:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Virtual Friday: The Indie Art Town, Ghostville September 13, 2013

Hello dear ones! I have a sweet sim to show you today. Ghostville has no ghosts. It’s actually named after the artist and it’s creator Cica Ghost (her SL name I’m sure).  All of you fellow Second Life and virtual explorers, I have not forgotten you.

heart flowers

It’s been super busy around here in rl (real life).  Also I virtually moved again. So I set my new place up before I went exploring. Then I got a new wardrobe. Anywho, my avatar is set so I can start exploring again. PS: remember you can click on these to see them better. When I post big pics it always cuts off the picture. Maybe one day wordpress will have more size options.


I’ll show more pics of my new place next week. Now on to Ghostville.  The SL Destination Guide describes this sim as having an indie-child style. I’ve never heard of such a thing but I guess it fits. Ghostville definitely feels child like, with stick figures popping up everywhere.

You can visit Ghostville hereVisit MetaLES (234, 145, 32)

When I got there I was greeted by a pleasant rain storm…of hearts (the cute kind, not the bleeding ones).


I found animated pictures of stick figures in all the photogenic areas.

Happy Couple

And there are plenty of places to take great photos.


stick people

The details are beautiful


It felt like I had stepped into an artist’ journal.

The Wall




clock 2

The artist, Cica, left her mark.



Ghostville is a pleasant sim where you can relax and think happy thoughts. I recommend you pay a visit.


Well, thanks for joining me again as we explore Second Life and occasionally other virtual worlds.  I hope to show you my place next Friday. It has it’s own indie appeal. I think you’ll like it. Every time I move I try to decorate my new home differently. Meanwhile, I’ll try to explore more cool haunts ;).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Weekend Special: Creative Parenting, Man of Steel, & Virtual Oceans June 30, 2013

In this post: A weekend combo of Virtual Friday, Media Saturday, & My Family Rocks! Sunday. Come visit virtual oceans with me as a mermaid in Second Life. I’ll review the new movie Man of Steel. Also, Lisa Whelchel’s book “Creative Correction” and how it’s helping us.

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I know my posts have been few lately. I ask for your prayers. Many of you know that I found out I don’t have Ehlers Danlos (what my Daddy had). I have found out that something I do have, Endometriosis, can actually cause a lot of the symptoms I’m experiencing. The more it grows the worse I feel and mine can’t be lasered out because of where it is.

I don’t like or trust most main stream meds. So I’ve started taking a natural progesterone cream that’s supposed to help shrink things. I can tell it’s doing something because of my fake pregnancy symptoms. It’s worth it to shrink the endo. though. I’m just even more fatigued than usual. I’m just having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. So please keep me in your prayers and also about the inflammation in my joints (mainly my fingers). That’s been particularly bothersome lately and I hate feeling limited & weak (a pride thing I guess).

Now moving on, below is a pic of my yard in Second Life. My avatar got a new hairdo and clothes. But we will get back to Second Life later. First, I want to share this awesome devotional I’m doing.


Some of you may remember Lisa Whelchel from “The Facts of Life”.  Anywho, she’s now a homeschool mom and housewife. She wrote this great devotional called “Creative Correction”. I’ve been writing a lot about parenting lately. Michael is in a new stage which I’ve found seems to happen at age seven. So it’s not unusual that we are having new challenges with him and because of that our parenting methods have to change with the stage. I am all about heart based parenting. I don’t want my kiddo to look good on the outside but be a mess inside. I want to help him develop character by pointing him to Christ. That’s harder than it seems because I have my own failings and often I feel I am exhibit A of how not to act. I’m often asking for Michael’s forgiveness. If Michael sees anything in my life of value I guess it’ll be that God is merciful to me and that I do have a repentant heart. I am trying.

So I’m on this journey to learn how the Heavenly Father parents and how that translates to human parenting cause obviously I’m not God and I’m not allowed to make some of the parenting choices he makes. The whole “I brought you into this world so I can take you out” thing only applies to God lol. And I’m very thankful that stoning is not permitted under the new covenant. Though the New Covenant story of Ananias and Sapphira brings chills to me.

NemoLilMermaid2013 057

“Creative Correction” is a great resource for this adventure I’m on. Lisa points to God’s word and helps us see how the Heavenly Father parents. She also gives several tools parents can use ranging from scripture to activities and parables. The pictures below show an object lesson from the book.

You need several big stones (or in our case pecans), rice, and a jar.

First, Michael filled the jar with rice and tried to fit the pecans on top. He wasn’t able to fit all of the pecans.

Peter Pan  Tinkerbelle Disney Countdown 002

Then he filled the jar with pecans first and they all fit. He was able to pour most of the rice. The lesson is that when we put the big things first (like spending time with Jesus, school work, and chores), we are able to fit the little things in too (like video games and t.v. etc). But if we put all our time into the little things that don’t matter much we usually don’t have time to finish the important things. Also it’s a message to put God first and how he helps us order our day. This can also be an object lesson for money and spending.

Peter Pan  Tinkerbelle Disney Countdown 003

These object lessons and parables are so much easier than harping on issues over and over again. When Michael is being negative I just say “look for the pony, son“. That comes from the story of the optimist and his brother the pessimist. The pessimist gets toys for his birthday and sits around and complains about having to read instructions and get batteries. The optimist gets horse poo and dances around because he knows with all that poo a pony has to be around somewhere.

Lisa lists several scriptures that I haven’t thought to use before. I can vouch that scripture really works. Slowly but surely I’m seeing how the repentance corner is affecting Michael. He used to say “I can’t change” all the time. Now he’s been saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13 KJV). It is a slow process but focusing on the inward man takes time. It’s all about looking at the big picture…not just wanting outward obedience in the moment.    I am learning a lot about how God parents me as well. I find I have some of the same struggles that Michael does but on a deeper level.

Wondering what the repentance corner is? Read this post:

Anywho, if you get a chance I encourage you to check out Lisa’s book. It comes with video sessions as well but I didn’t buy them.

  • Media review for Man of Steel

Man Of Steel Cast 2013

(By Eva Rinaldi  Uploaded by MyCanon (Man Of Steel Cast) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons )

The fellas and I saw “Man of Steel” for Father’s Day. My first impression is “amazing! Stinkin’ awesome!” But the adrenaline rush is gone and now I can give a somewhat decent review.

Positives: Super Man has great character. He makes a hard choice in the end that has some long time fans disappointed but I feel he had no choice. I won’t spoil it for you.  Clark Kent’s adoptive parents are very loving and his Dad makes a great sacrifice for his son. There’s also this wonderful message about how to deal with bullying and being a bigger man. There is nothing sexual in the movie unless you count a guy making inappropriate remarks to a waitress (which Super Man defends the lady). Super Man isn’t perfect and has weaknesses so he is not godlike (something that I worried about).  Lois Lane and Clark Kent both make hard decisions and side with their morals over their fears and pressure from others. So when it comes down to it, Super Man puts all the other super heroes to shame when it comes to integrity and goodness. I would much rather my son emulate Super Man than Iron Man or Spider Man.

On that note, if you’re one of my readers then you know I believe media can be used as a teaching tool. I believe parents should talk to their kids about what they watch and listen to. We can shape the messages they receive subconsciously from media. So though I think Super Man is a better hero I want my son to ultimately try to be Christ-like. So we did have a talk about how Jesus is real and He is like the biggest super hero because He is God and He is perfect. Michael and I talked about the differences between Super Man and Jesus.

Negatives: The action scenes are super intense and in my opinion too intense for most kids (especially littles). My son is probably too used to action scenes (from Avengers and Lord of the Rings etc). So it didn’t bother him at all. When he was younger we used to watch the old Star Trek series as a family. Man of Steel was one big adrenaline rush and from the previews/commercials to the action scenes it was all about testosterone. LOL It’s definitely a man’s movie though obviously women can enjoy it as well. The villain is very dark and doesn’t care if he wipes out the human race. So there is violence and lots of it. Also there are probably a couple of curse words sprinkled here and there. I honestly can’t remember any of them but you can check out and read a detailed review.

In conclusion, Man of Steel is a great movie but I’d keep the littles home until they are mature enough to handle the intensity and the thematic elements (like genocide). Upper elementary and middle schoolers should be fine and I’d recommend this movie above the other action movies this Summer.

  • Mermaid exploration in the virtual ocean of Second Life

backyard So I decided to become a mermaid and show you some great underwater worlds in Second Life. It was extremely difficult to find a modest mermaid outfit. The one I’m (my avatar lol) wearing actually doesn’t have a tail. It just has pants so I used a different tail. The sand skirt and the scaly top is very modest. So the combo works for a modest mermaid. Now I can’t guarantee that these sims will always be family friendly and that everyone will dress modest. Heck…even The Little Mermaid isn’t modest. But for the most part I ran into few merpeople and the ocean bed was pretty secluded.

Here’s my hat with little baby mermaids and sea shells. I’ve got a scaly tattoo on my face. Most little girls like to pretend to be mermaids in the pool and this grown up little girl is no different ;).

mermaid top

You can see the great seahorse necklace if you click on the pic below.


  • Cave Rua Water Gardens

Visit Rua (160, 202, 11)

This is a small place to swim but there’s a good bit of plant life and some interesting statues.

mer hat

Cave Rua Water Gardens

Cave Rua3

Cave Rua 2

  • Safe Water Foundation: Mermaids of Phantasien

Visit Mermaids of Phantasien (122, 126, 3)

Now this is a great place to swim but you will probably run into more merpeople here. That can be a good thing if you’re looking to reach out to others but if you’re trying to avoid seeing immodest dress and role play that involves Greek/Roman mythology then it’s best to proceed with caution. There is a calendar with a list of events so you can choose the best time to explore.

Safe Waters Foundation

The Safe Water Foundation supports merpeople and underwater life in Second Life. I’m not sure what they are safe from though….virtual pirates? The Phantasien area has a neat underwater play area. There’s lots to explore here.

Safe Water Mermaids of Phantasien

Like ruins and shipwrecks…


Here’s a nifty castle that someone lives in. You have to message them to get a tour. It has an octopus garden by it.

Octopus Garden

The colors and the realistic sea life are just breath taking.

crossing place

Bernie’s Hideaway is a cute underwater club. You can sit at the table and talk with merfriends…or in my case, fish.

Bernie's Hideaway

You can dance in the big blue. The dances are made especially for mermaids and were very fun. You may wonder how virtual dancing can be fun…well it’s never been hard for me to put myself in a character’s place….whether I’m reading a book, watching a movie, acting in a play, playing video games, or exploring virtual worlds. You should ask my Hubby how seriously I take Nancy Drew games. I MUST solve the mystery! Role players won’t find it hard to pretend.

Dance 3

I love this pic. I just want to start singing Disney’s The Little Mermaid. “Up where they walk…up where they run…” Yes Mom, I still pretend to be Ariel.

Dance 5

Part of your world!!!!!!!!!!


Anywho, I’m done ;P. So I hope to have more underwater worlds to show you next time and I’ve found more educational places to visit. I only get on Second Life a couple of times a month. I hope no one’s shocked. I don’t spend all my time in the virtual world. I have school to teach and a house to clean… a bunch of crazy animals to take care of (I mean the cat and such…not Chris and Michael he he he 😛 jk honey….testing to see if you actually read my blog lol.)

So maybe I’ll get the time to do massive exploration one day. 

I hope the reviews etc have helped or entertained. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: I love getting sweet comments. It means so much to me. If you have resources that you want to share or just want to say hi and chat…please drop me a comment. 🙂


Virtual Friday: Photogenic Treasures May 3, 2013

In this post: Two spots in Second Life where you can take great pictures, Hazardous & It All Starts With A Smile. Both have a vintage feel, one a bit melancholy and the other cheerful. Join me for another tour of the virtual world of Second Life.

Hello dear ones! Before I start, I wanted to show you my new home in SL. I change homes a lot because honestly I forget to pay the rent and get evicted. It’s not a big deal in the virtual world  but I usually try something different afterwards. Well, it’s been a long time since I had my own land. Usually it’s very expensive but I found some cheap land in a very isolated sim. I’ve yet to meet any neighbors. I was able to add my own house and landscaping…even nature noises.

View from my window

view from window

I found this great kiddie house.

new tv

It’s nice to have a safe place to think and escape from psychos. Like I’ve told you before, not every place is safe in Second Life. There are crazy people. It really is like another world because you run into people from all over the real world….some nice….some perverted and mean. Make sure you go to g-rated sims to socialize because people are required to act decent there.  Another great place to socialize is The Fire Escape. It’s a Christian club and they have themed dances and great dj’s all the time. Besides that, artsy places are usually classy.  Even a couple of Jazz clubs are safe.

Fire Escape

Okay, on to some great places for photos. First, let’ check out Hazardous. It’s a bit melancholy but beautiful and very artistic.


You can visit it here:

Visit Misali (165, 165, 195)

When you get there it’s just a floor suspended in the air.


But then you fall…


There are signs everywhere. This one says “Dare to jump in?”. I’m an avatar so why not! I jumped into the well.


in well

Inside is an art gallery. You can click on the pic to see it larger.

Bottom of well

This sign says, “Warning: Child avis left unattended will be sold to the circus.”

child av

Let’s watch an old movie…

old movie


Everyone needs a rusty truck.



Love the swing. Hazardous is a peaceful place to take pictures and feel like you’re in the country.


#2 It all starts with a smile

This chipper spot is made for photography. You can visit it here: Visit Onyx Isle (81, 80, 26)


Here’s the building.

it all starts with a smile

This is the cutest photo wall.


Mmmmm icecream…


This place is great for self portraits. There are so many poses.




You can even stargaze :).



Well, that’s it for now. I have an exciting post coming soon. I’m branching out into something completely different. Second Life is user created and a piece of artwork itself. But SL is more than a world of pretty places (granted some places aren’t worth seeing in it). It’s also a way to reach people and to teach things. So in the weeks to come I hope to go into the educational aspect of SL and how SL is being used to help the hurting.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Virtual Friday: Almost Wonderland April 19, 2013

Hello dear ones! Today I take you to “Almost Wonderland”, a somewhat darker Wonderland but not too dark. The style is strangely beautiful. Wonderland has always been strange anyways. You may remember that I did a post on  Mimsy Manor: The Lewis Carroll museum (he wrote Alice in Wonderland) awhile back. You can read that post here:

I could’ve dressed as Alice again for this sim but I was having too much fun rockin’ my vintage owls.

Visit Almost Wonderland here: Visit Eldritch (182, 191, 24)

dark Wonderland

The neat thing about Wonderland sims are the special teleportation doors.

Almost Wonderland

I decided to follow the rabbit and down the hole I fell…


The hall had some cryptic writing on the floor but nothing  real scary. It was filled with doors like in the book. Many doors had pages from the book in them.


At the end of the hall there was a big door with several small doors inside it.


This led to the room with the bottle labeled “drink me”. Of course avatars can’t really shrink in SecondLife. You click on the bottle and it teleports you to another room where everything is big. So you have the appearance of being small.

drink me


From there, you crawl through another door and climb down a stack of books.


Overall, Almost Wonderland is a beautiful place. You can see the checkerboard on the hill.


The mushroom plants are interesting.


Lovely gems.


Now, here’s where it gets creepy. These plants…

weird eyeballs2

follow you.  As weird as it is, I appreciate the genius of the person that created these. My husband (the computer dude) says it’s not that hard. But I think it’s just cool. See….the eyes are looking at my avatar. Weird but neat.

weird eyeballs

There is a tea cup ride.


I did get a little worried when I saw the spooky tea table. There was a skull on it and you can see in the background of this pic that there’s a grave. It’s for the March Hare. I’m not sure why. Maybe I missed something in the books. I’ve seen other Wonderland stories where the march hare died. Or maybe the grave was for the Door Mouse. Now I’m confused. Anywho, this and the eye plants were the creepiest things in Almost Wonderland.

too creepy

So while there are darker elements to this Wonderland, it is still an overall lovely place. I can appreciate the creator’s work. It’s art. You can buy Wonderland furniture in the store. I thought this set was cute. I like the hat on the chair.


Here’s a close up.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: If you visit Almost Wonderland please leave me a comment. Thanks!


Virtual Friday: The Joy of Steampunk Museum April 13, 2013

Hello dear ones, today I take you to a lovely marvel of the virtual world. Come with me to Second Life and check out “The Joy of Steampunk Museum”.


You can visit the actual museum in Second Life at this link:

Visit Steampunk (116, 112, 25)

I’m laughing to myself a bit. My best friend Frodo and my music minister have both said before that I was a bit Gothic.  I think they confused my eclectic style with something else. I don’t like skulls and I don’t dress mainly in black.  I absolutely hate horror movies. I wouldn’t even call myself emo.  Now, steampunk and vintage maybe. I could go for that.  I like the Victorian and punk look mixed.

But steampunk is more than fashion. It’s a fantastical world inspired by science fiction. Think of Sherlock Holmes and H.G. Wells….Jules Vern…The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…Atlantis.  Think of everything ran by steam. Big steam powered air ships. It is a lovely world of gadgets and automatons. These dreams are possible in the virtual world and there are several steampunk sims. I’m not sure if they are all family friendly and I doubt they are. But you can get a glimpse of what they are like at the Joy of Steampunk museum. There’s even a map of all the steampunk sims.

steampunk sims

Here is a picture of a snail shaped steam airship.

steampunk museum 2


steam punk museum

Inside there is a Tesla coil that acts as a transporter. Beam me up Scotty ;).


It took me aboard a larger airship with many levels. Here is the massive library.



This small airship looks like a dragon.

air ship

Lovely stained glass windows.3


You can also go under the sea and visit Captain Nemo’s Submarine (from 10,000 leagues under the sea).

Nemo's tunnel



You can click on the pics to see them bigger.


Nemo’s  time observer machine.

time observer

The museum was a lovely place to explore. If you check it out please leave me a comment :).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover