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What do we do with Jesus? April 2, 2012

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Today (well yesterday now) was Palm Sunday. Our Pastor made an interesting point. When Jesus came came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey all the people said Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!. They wove palm branches and praised him as messiah and the new King. Hosanna actually means “Save us “. The people expected Jesus to save them from the oppression of Rome and they wanted Him to save them right away. But Jesus came the first time as a suffering servant. He came to save people from their sins and to transform us from the inside out…..not to wrestle with earthly governments. When Christ comes the second time He will come as a warrior and then set up His kingdom of peace.

But the interesting thing our Pastor said was that the same people who shouted “Hosanna!” also shouted “crucify” later. When the people realized Jesus wasn’t going to do what they wanted Him to do or be who they wanted Him to be…..well they were ready to kill him. How often do we treat Christ the same way? When we don’t get our way and Jesus doesn’t fit who WE think He should be……what do we do with Him? Do we go from shouting praises to screaming “It’s not fair, God!”? Are we ready to throw him to the side? Are we not also guilty? I know I have been….several times. I praise God for his mercy & grace because it’s so easy to mess up.

So as we prepare our hearts to remember the Resurrection and celebrate this holy week……picture yourself before the Lord. Are you singing praise or saying crucify? And is your praise conditional on Christ doing what YOU want Him to do? May we never forget how privileged we are to be able to go before Holy God…it took the blood of HIS son…..may we never take HIM for-granted. Our own agendas fall away in the presence of our High King. Father God, may I always remember this…..

God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “What do we do with Jesus?”

  1. nikky44 Says:

    It was palm Sunday, and I went with my children to Church. I was so disappointed to see how the ceremony became “a fashion show” instead of prayers. people were just there to take photos, and talk showing their new clothes!

    • amberdover Says:

      Yes sometimes people put more into the ceremony than into the one they’re supposed to be celebrating. It’s sad 😦 But as long as you and your children are celebrating in truth that’s what matters. Hopefully God will convict the other people. ((hugs))

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