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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Back to School? Plus copycat McNuggets recipe (healthier!) July 29, 2012

Note: In this post ~ Back to school organization, shopping, and lunch ideas. Also simple hair style ideas from Pinterest.

Hello friends. As you know, we are a homeschool family. We actually school year round and take breaks in between. So we haven’t had a big break from school. Schoolwork is lighter for Michael during the summer though. Our schedule will get a bit tighter come August. So in a ways we are preparing for back to school.  Also Michael will officially start second grade/some third grade.

Sooooo Chris put up a couple bulletin boards and I organized the homeschool room. Now it’s a bit more functional. Pics below (click to see them larger):

I don’t have to pack lunches for my son but since my husband Chris works and goes to school…I pack his lunches. So I’ve worked on getting organized in the kitchen as well. I found several lunch ideas on Pinterest. I’m trying to balance the meals with the main food groups and to have more diversity than sandwiches.

This is a great list of ideas:

So I made these  copycat McDonald’s Nuggets. They are a lot healthier too. I left out the MSG. Recipe here:

Note: if you don’t have a deep fryer then be careful. I fried mine in a deep pot on the stove. I didn’t think about it smoking and we ended up having to open all the windows and doors.

This was filling for both supper and lunch: Pigs in a Blanket & chips w Spinach artichoke dip

I love homemade Spinach artichoke dip! Link to old post with it:

Awhile back I did a post on money saving tips. I shared a list of freezer meals and I actually used that list.

Well, to be honest I only liked one or two of the freezer meals. Note I am very picky and I like fast food too much. Still the freezer meals just didn’t work for our family. They may work for others but not for us. So this month I came up with a list of our best meals over the years. You’d think after almost 8 years of marriage that I’d have this supper thing down. Anywho, pictured below is my list. I had many staple ingredients already and our grocery bill was below $250 for the month. We have plenty to keep us going. We just have to practice self control because we’re all addicted to fast food.

Note: the breakfast casserole was a new thing I found on Pinterest. It was a fail. We didn’t like it at all and it went to the dog & cat. The rest of the meals are family favorites though. I have a few soups we use in the fall too. This is just the list for this month and possibly the next.
Not all of these work in the slowcooker or as freezer meals but most of them are quick and easy to whip up. The chicken Rockefeller did work in the slow cooker. The texture was different but I added rice to help with that. Anywho, I made several deserts ahead of time and froze them. I used the cobbler recipe I shared with you awhile back to not only make Peach Cobbler but also Pear, Blueberry/Strawberry, and Apple Cobbler.

Then I made a few Cherry Pies for desert that night. I’m really liking smaller sweets….eat some now and freeze the rest for later.

Also mini vanilla/rum cakes ( I ran out of vanilla extract and had to use rum extract). Everyone said it was good. I like the frosting in a can. It makes it easy to decorate.

We also got our kitchen in order (for the most part). My Step-dad Kim brought us some long shelves. The hubby sawed them in half and they became spice racks…which freed up cabinet space.

Lastly, and completely random….I’ve been looking for easy hairstyles. I found a site on Pinterest and tried a style. This style is great for those days you don’t have time to wash your hair. Here’s a pic of my attempt and below is the site for instructions :).

The Simple Updo

The Classic- pony tail with a spin

(my hair didn’t look as lovely as the lady in the video but it worked okay)

PS: This may sound gross but it’s useful when you’re a busy mom… powder works wonders for greasy hair. My mom taught me this trick. The powder soaks up the oil….just make sure you don’t put too much. You don’t want to have white hair lol 🙂 (Edit: I just realized they had this tip on the link I gave you. Well, honestly I heard it from mom first and have used it many years.)

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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  1. Ann Says:

    Great tips as usual….love you…goodnight…….

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